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Mold me, snuggle me fuck ready, kiss my lips, suck my tongue, lick me–neck to clit, consume me to pelt moans to night’s air. Cover my mouth with your thick shaft, share precum with my tongue tip while yours rides my slit–clit bit, suck me more, cum us moan, tongue-fucked pour.

Tickle me with your pickle and I’ll clap on your lap…rhyme me a riddle and I’ll pluck your fiddle…slam me a ram and I’ll kiss your middle…tide me a ride on your slick wet hide…and in you, I’ll confide…like a pussy who sinks on your side.. Belt me to your Cock like a sock–U MF.

Bend me, my hand tremble on your cock–I want you so bad.Touch me, I quiver at my lips, want you at them hard, succulent, loaded like the sun is packed with rays. Spear me spanked, my titties yanked by the suck within your kiss. Birth me wet, spread my juice–bounce my clit to cum. Join me on Twitter

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