My new novella series is launching on Valentine’s Day 2022! I’m so excited about this fun sex play series! It’s really a fun one and so loaded full with sexy fun sex games and challenges for the couple. Enjoy this excerpt from my new novella series of sex games and edging.

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The Kitchen Sex Challenge erotica excerpt

(erotica excerpt by Ruan Willow)

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Anna and Brad had fallen in love and married quickly, as older people tend to do. What they both want in addition to their love is playful sex, complete with his and her edging. Brad gets off on getting Anna off, much to her delight.

A day of play is Brad’s plan, to seduce, excite, and pleasure his new wife into a state of passionate frenzy that will culminate in a delicious end when they eventually collide their heightened lust. Until then, Brad intends to tease his wife with voracious edging and explosive orgasms as many times as he can entice her to. It’s an all-day sex game that starts with the kitchen sex challenge, which each partner intends to win.

The Kitchen Sex Challenge:  affiliate The Kitchen Sex Challenge: (Book 1 A Day of Play)

Dedicated to all lovers who play. This is an excerpt from the full novella. This is the first book in the series. The audiobook will be released soon!


The rolling pin clunks to the floor, narrowly missing my right foot. Damn lucky. That would have hurt. I wiggle my toes, the silver of my toe rings glistening beneath the blaring kitchen track lighting, the little fake jewels that I love stealing the most shine. One of my favorite gifts from my bachelorette party last month. Smiling, I recall Lana handing me the little gift bag, which also contained a sex toy, not the usual gift from a daughter to a mom, especially for a second marriage. But she gets it. Her beautiful blue eyes were all a twinkle as she placed the gift in my hands. That was more of a gift than anything that day.

And honestly, that had helped ease the pain a bit. Every day the pain of leaving him had haunted, but that had ultimately been squashed by the agony that would have come from staying. It wasn’t that George had been overtly abusive; it had been the million and one small things he did to manipulate. His ever-present reach for perfectionism had been what had made me a prisoner. Death by toothpicks, spiked ones that sneakily held tiny shards that, over time, made giant gashes. Little comments of disapproval and rampant, pervasive disappointment can choke a woman to near death after twenty years.

A shudder runs through my body as I hug myself. Being single at forty-four wasn’t what I had expected of my life.

But meeting Brad had changed all that.

My smile peaks at the thought of him, yet it’s a bit wistful as I swipe the flour specks off my feet, littering the dark wood floor beneath in white specks. Stubborn flour. I rub harder to clear my now white speckled red toenails as if the snow-filled sky had blown into our kitchen. I glance outside and Maxi is jumping in the fresh snow like she’s living popcorn, taking bites of snow the same way she attacks a treat. The backyard is one big snack for her.

I glance towards the staircase. Ugh. Still no sign of Brad yet. Maybe I need to go upstairs and just grab him by the cock and drag him down here by his morning wood. I giggle. He’d most likely love that. Something my ex would have abhorred because it was out of routine.

I grab my phone and check for a text from Brad. Nothing there either. He needs another naughty pic.

I shake my head. “Up way too late for work last night, my love,” I mutter to the empty kitchen. Though I know even if he didn’t sleep, he’d come down those stairs with a smile. Something that I value more and more each day.

I blow up the picture I sent him an hour ago via text. My boob hanging out the side of my apron, nipple in full bloom erectness, complete with my areola bumps announcing themselves, my hand on the curve of my hip showing off my recent manicure, my lips in a generous pucker. I had my thigh raised, partially lifting the apron over my groin. He must still be asleep to not have responded to that pic. I snap a picture of the bareness between my legs and send it to him.

“That all oughta bring him down here quick when he finally opens those peepers up,” I mutter to myself.

Back to work now. These cookies won’t make themselves. Hell no. In fact, if it weren’t for the tradition, I’d skip it, being it’s now January and the holidays are over. They are such a pain in the ass to make. So meticulous and painstaking, having to cut each damn square, load it, and fold in every other point tries my patience every Christmas season. But I gotta make these cookies, too much of a tradition to skip, even this year with the craziness of the wedding at holiday time and all. And, really, too damn tasty to not make. Tradition is tradition, even if it happens in January. I know somewhere Grandma is smiling.

I lean down to pick up the rolling pin, pissed that now I need to wash it again. Something fatter than a finger slips between my butt cheeks and I jump up, squeal, and drop the rolling pin again. It clunks loudly on the hardwood floor once more.

“Oh!” I whip around and immediately notice the little pink rubber whale-looking kind of thing in Brad’s hands. His handsome face is set in the largest grin possible. “Oh damn. You scared me. What is that?” I give him a sly grin.

“Good morning, Anna, the love of my life. It’s a toy. A new one. For you. For me. For us.” He pulls me into his arms, his dark full lips in a full grin in the middle of his graying goatee. His eyes twinkle as his mouth swells into that sexy smile I can’t ever resist.

“It looks like a whale. Bath toy?” I grin, biting my lip as he presses his boner to my belly. “Been waiting for you to wake up. Did you see my pictures?”

“Yes. Gave my morning wood a boner.”

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