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Fuck. I’m late. I glance at my phone and I’m a whole fifteen minutes later than she wanted me. I run my fingers over her engraved nameplate on the wall next to her door, taking the time I shouldn’t to finger trace Professor M. Lillian in the little gold plaque.

I shove my phone in my back pocket, its flatness feels nice against my right ass cheek. I touch the edge of my firm buttock and grin, I’m gonna show her I’m commando. I’m gonna do it this time. I swear.

I fluff my curls, because I know she loves them, and then knock on the door.

My heart is racing. I’m gonna do this. I am. I nod, take a deep breath. I’m just going to come on to her because I know she wants me and she’s too nerdy and awkward to make the first move. Sooooo, it’s gotta be me.

The door opens fast making a slight wind that causes her flyaway short brown hair to flop up, then fall back down, and her sheer blouse to sway back against her body. I spy no bra under there…fuck that’s hot. I can see her nipples, hard little tips under it.

“You are late, Alicia.” She is frowning with eyebrows furrowed above her dark glasses frames as she steps aside to allow me to come in. She points to her cluttered loveseat. Hmmm… maybe being late was a good idea.

I can feel her eyes on me, a relentless eye-lock with my butt as she watches my ass. I walk in and all I can think is, well spank me then, Professor.

Dominate me, you nerdy bitch.

This thought sends chills from the middle of my chest spiraling down my abdomen to send a jolt through my clit. If only… I’ve only fantasized about her spanking me in this very office about twenty-five times or so. Or in the lab, while we work. Oh my gosh. A slight blush rises on my cheeks, but I just smile.


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She points again, ordering my ass to the love seat by the window, her thin red lips in a stern line. Her lips are so firmly pressed together, I’d love to pry them open with the tip of my tongue. I’m almost drooling at the thought, from both lips.

The love seat is covered in books, notebooks, journals, and loose pieces of paper like about every surface in her office, including a third of her floor. I grab a few pens and lay them on the ground and carefully shove some her beloved books to the other cushion.

I feel her eyes on me as I turn my ass towards her and bend over to further clear a spot for my own commando butt to sit. Yeah, the ass view was totally intentional, my dear Professor, employer, oh so nerdy as fuck boss of mine. I almost giggle, but I’d really rather sit on your lap, Professor Lillian. Or have my dripping wet pussy squishing on your thigh as you spank the shit out of me. I almost groan at the thought.

When I turn around to sit, her eyes are still on me, smoldering with what looks like lust, but I can’t be sure with those thick lenses masking her eyes a bit. She needs to update those glasses, they make such thinner ones now, even for someone with such poor vision as her. I should tell her. I smile, if she were mine, I would make her get new ones. Though I sorta love these thick black old school frames she has on, makes her nerdy hot.

She slides those glasses to the end of her nose before she says, “Did you finish revising the write-up?”

I nod and stand to pass her a flash drive. “I’ve added notes if you want to make those changes. It’s really very good, Professor Lillian.”

She runs a hand through her chin-length dark brown hair which reveals a little patch of gray at her left temple. Fuck. How is even that hot to me? There’s just something about folder women …

“I’ll review it. Thank you.” She shoves the flash drive into the port on her laptop, probably so she won’t lose it in the hurricane mess of this office.

She draws both legs up to her chest and hugs them, the movement makes her swivel chair wiggle slightly, but I’m now missing the view of her tits through that sheer shirt. “You working with me today in the lab on that new sequencing experiment?”

“Yes. I can come by later this afternoon after my classes are done.” I touch my lips with my index finger in pretend thought, just to see if her eyes follow my finger, and of course, they do. I suppress a naughty grin as I stick my finger in my mouth and suck it.

I bite hard down on my desire to smile as her jaw drops slightly as I suck my finger. I keep eye contact with her and watch her close her mouth and swallow, I imagine she could be drooling.

I can’t hold the giggle in and it slips out, so I say, “My fingers taste like frosting still. I ate a frosted scone at the coffee shop this morning.”  I grin at her as her jaw drops again. “Leftovers.” I even wink at her and as I suck my finger all the way down, it sends a visual shock through her body as she jerks slightly.

She’s jittery, plays with her toes, which are unpainted and actually quite pretty. I imagine her sticking them in my pussy. Yeah, that’s making me wet as fuck.

I slowly pull my finger from my mouth while still sucking as she watches intently with her lower lip quivering. She gasps when I pull my finger out with a pop sound.

She clears her throat. “You had coffee this morning?” she asks.

She swivels her chair and grabs her mug of tea, the red tag hanging off the side of her scarlet and brown pottery style mug.

“Yep. It was delicious.” Commando pussy peek-a-peek time. I let my lips slide into a naughty smirk. I draw my legs up onto the loveseat and hug my knees as she just did, the air hits my moist pussy, fuck, I love being commando.

She is looking at her phone as she says, “Did you wash that … ” She looks up and sees my pussy on display, her eyes go side to side, and widening, and she almost drops her mug of tea.

I bite my lip as she almost throws her mug on her paper-covered desk, she sets it down so hard, some tea flies out onto the three-ring binder next to her laptop.

“Wash? What?” I ask her innocently as I wonder if my wet pussy is dripping onto her love seat, it feels like it might be.

She looks around the room wildly, rakes both hands through her hair, stands up, sits down, spins her chair to face her desk so her back is to me.

I peer over at her, straining my neck to see what her hand is doing down near her lap, and it looks as if she’s touching her pussy, which gives me a wet gush.

“I washed everything, Professor.” I’m fighting the urge to rub my pussy, and I almost lose control and do it, but she suddenly spins in her chair to face me.

“You … you … um,” she says as she pushes her glasses up her nose. “You can come when it works for you.”

Fuck yes, I can Professor. I suppress a laugh but let a naughty smile live on my face. “Yeah, I will come after my last class, so I will be here around 3:30 or so.” My suppressed laugh is obvious in my voice.

I can see her tits are still hard under her shirt. Knowing her, she was probably in such a rush to leave home, she just forgot a bra. I self-smother another giggle as I imagine how her face must have screwed into a panic when she realized she’d come to work without a bra on, and with such a sheer shirt.

She catches me looking at her tits and I just grin, blink my eyes a few times and wait for it.

“I uh, forgot that today. Yeah. I’m a bit scattered brained today.” She gives me a wry grin. “Was in a rush to get here, my alarm didn’t go off  in time this morning.” She covers her erect nipples with an arm and reaches on her desk for something. She pushes papers all over as she rampages her desk. “I left a shirt here the other day, I know it’s here. If I can’t find it I’ll … ” she says as she shoves her hand under a three-ring binder. “I’ll have to wear my jacket to lecture today.”

I stand and take a few steps towards her. “Don’t cover up. Your breasts are beautiful.”

She turns her head towards me, mouth open, eyes wide as her glasses slide down her nose again.

“What?” Her confusion is so sweet. She pushes her glasses up her nose again.

“Yeah. Your titties are fucking hot.”’

Her jaw drops further as she lowers her arm to her side. “They are?” she asks incredulously.

“Yes, very. I love them. I really want to suck on them.”

Her cheeks flush and she swallows. “You do?” Her eyes widen, her mouth goes slack.

I cover my mouth and let a giggle out. For someone with two PhD.’s, she’s pretty dumb.

I grin at her, rub both my hands on my curvy hips, then drag them up my sides to my breasts, I cup each of my big girls, one in each hand. “I’ll let you suck mine too.”

She stares at my breasts, her eyes wide, her mouth drooping open further, arms dangling at her sides as she slowly nods.

She mutters, “Your boobs are so very big.”

I nod. “Yes, Professor Lillian. And you can play with them all you want.”

I slowly remove my shirt and her eyes widen even further, which I really didn’t think was possible. Her mouth closes, making her thin lips look like something I want to pry back open with the thrust of my wet hot tongue.

I’m so enjoying this. I’ve been her lab assistant for three months now and never once have I seen this lost look on her face.

I bite my lower lip, then say, “I’m serious, you can suck my tits.” I reach into my bra and pinch my big nipples making them even harder.

She licks her lips before she says, “You are so beautiful. I love watching you move around the lab.” Her cheeks are flushed, and she drops her eyes to the ground. “I watch you, ya know.”

That sends an electric jump through my clit. “I know. I noticed. And I really like it. It makes me hot.”

She slumps her shoulders. “But you go on dates with men, right?” Her lower lip trembles and I want to suck it into my mouth and nibble it.

I suppress a giggle. “Yes. But I’m bi.” I gaze into her soft chocolate brown eyes and watch as something shifts in them.

She touches her nose, then fidgets her hand along her pink cheek, down her rounded jawline, and down to the base of her throat.

Her look of power, the one she uses during lectures to scare the fuck out of students, appears on her face. Her voice comes out powerful as if it doesn’t know she’s nerdy as fuck. “I ought to spank you for being fifteen minutes late, ya know.”

Fuck me. My heart jumps. My labia lips moisten further.

I take a step closer to her as I whisper, “I’ve fantasized about that.”

She stands up and takes a step towards her door, but then takes a step back as if she is confused and drunk as she almost falls but catches herself.

“You are the most hottest woman I’ve ever seen in real life. Your tits are so round, so big, I just want to put my face between them and shake.” I giggle at her use of “most hottest”. Her face is so flushed, her whole body is trembling. “I don’t know what to do.”

I smile and move her chair out of the way so I have full access to her desk. “Bend me over your desk and spank my ass, that’s what you do.” I bend over slightly and flick the ends of my skirt up with my fingers on the sides of each thigh. “Just peel this up, I know you saw I’m commando. My ass is easy access.” I move her laptop out of the way so if she crushes me to the desk, my tits won’t crush her laptop.

She stumbles over something, or probably nothing, and makes her way towards me. I grin as I feel her hands grasp the edges of my skirt. I get a giant thrill as she yanks my skirt up hard to expose my bare round ass. She touches both of my ass cheeks, one hand per cheek. A moan escapes her lips as she pushes up on my ass cheeks then squeezes both hard.

“Oh, my Gawd,” she says as I feel her fingernails dig into my ass flesh. “You have the most perfectly round ass.” She licks the top of my right cheek and I let out a soft moan.

“You shouldn’t have been late. That was naughty, Alicia.” Her left-hand leaves my cheek and falls on my back as she shoves me forward onto her desk. “Really naughty. I’m busy and you wasted my time.” She presses my back, smooshing my breasts into her desk, flattening them as she forces my chest hard onto her desk.

She keeps her hand on my back and slaps my ass hard with her other hand and I wince.

She chuckles. “You are a bad, bad girl, Alicia, and I’m gonna spank you hard, give you a red butt.” Her voices quivers at the end of her sentence at “butt”. She smacks her hand on my ass over and over again, groaning as she slaps.

I moan, my face resting on a pile of papers, my head turned to the side. I smell cinnamon, old paper, and hints of soy sauce. The bottom ring of the three-ring binder under my chest presses into my right tit and rubs it with each spank she gives me.

I’m wet as fuck. Her spanks send ripples jolting through my clit as I relish her hand on my ass with each spank.

She grunts, then says, “Bad girl, bad.” She slaps me again and again. I love that skin on skin slapping sound, it makes me shudder, shiver, gush.

Get it all out, Professor. I wonder if she’s ever done anything like this before.

She is wild with her spanking and groaning until she stops and grinds her pussy mound against my ass. “Oh, I’ve made you so red.” She grinds against my butt and then runs a finger along my puckered anus. She pokes at it and I suppress a giggle as she doesn’t go in, but just kinda taps it. She rubs it, then dabs at it again.

“You are so sexy. I love your bald pussy too. Yummm. And oh. You drive me crazy with those curls of yours.” She lays her chest on my back and shoves her hands into my curls. She fondles them as I moan.

“I love having my hair played with,” I say it in a breathless whisper, so she won’t think too hard and stop.

She grabs a hunk of my hair and pulls me slightly off the desk with it. She spins me around while still holding the chunk of my hair and bends down, licks my cleavage. She releases my hair and stares at my bra-covered breasts.

I remove her shirt and take her hard, brownish nipple into my mouth and I suck, pulling it into my mouth as far as it will stretch.

She moans as she plays with my hair, gripping and fingering my hair as I suck her tit.

“Oh, that feels amazing.” She’s squeezing my head between her hands as I work my tongue against the ridges and bumps of her areola, against the smoothness of her small breast.

I switch to her other boob and suck while pinching her other nipple with my hand. Her hands fall to the clasp of my bra and she fumbles, unable to unhook it.

“I want to see your nipples now,” she says.

I let her nipple slip out of my mouth as I stand and unhook my bra for her. I don’t remove it, I let it hang on my breasts so she can get the joy of uncovering them.

Her hands tremble as she grasps the pink bra cups with her fingers. She slowly lowers it to bare my breasts and she moans. “Oh, they are even more beautiful than I imagined they’d be.” Her lips close, open, quiver as she gazes at my nipples. “So pale pink and big.” Her hand is shaking as she runs her index and middle finger across my erect nipple, hardening it further.

“Go on,” I say as I shove my breast closer to her face.

Her hot mouth slams into my tit and she begins to suck. Softly at first, flicking my nipple tip with her tongue, then hard as she pulls my body towards her. Her hands grip the small of my back as I arch my and lean my head back towards her desk.

I moan as she sucks, flinch as she bites my nipples. “Ah, that feels so very good, Dr. Lillian.”


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She groans a sex growl, deep, almost like a man as she feasts on my tit. I moan and finger my other nipple. She rips my hand off and pinches my nipple herself, twisting and pulling it as I moan.

I’m now naked with only my skirt gathered around my waist, bunched up so it slightly constricts my arching. I reach back and loosen the zipper so it will be easy to push the skirt off my body when I stand. I hook my fingers into the waistband of her pants and push them down slightly while she sucks me. She takes the hint and releases my tit from her mouth as she stands. I lower her pants to find she is wearing lacy pale pink underwear with a little bow on the front. Little girl panties over a mound of curly brown pussy hair. I grin as I slip them off.

She tugs on my skirt and pulls it down over my curvy hips. “You are like an hourglass. I love your body.”

“Thank you,” I say. “I want to suck your pussy. Will you sit?”

She nods, a confused look overcomes her face as she lowers herself to set her bare ass on her swivel chair.

I spread her thighs apart as I kneel in front of her, the skin on my ass still tingling from her spanking me like a fiendish rogue. She grabs and squeezes my breasts one last time before leaning back in her chair. I grip her thighs and pull her ass forward so her pussy rests just off the seat of her office chair. Her pussy lips are glistening out a drippy ooze.

I do a single lick from near her ass cheeks to the middle of her pussy where I wiggle my tongue back and forth to tease her labia lips. She lurches and twitches and moans, thrashing more like a stiff-armed robot than a human being sucked. I suppress a giggle, even her movements during oral sex are nerdy, and I love it.

I moan. “Mmmmm, I love your pussy’s flavor.”

She twitches, jittery as fuck. I slosh my tongue around as her juices drool onto my tongue. Her wetness is growing as I lick up the rest of her pussy to her clit. I run my tongue up her clit.

She jerks slightly. “Oh my … fuck!” she shouts as I run my tongue over her clit again and again in rapid flicks. She moans and writhes on the wiggly chair, but I hold her thighs firm between my arms to keep my mouth smashed into her pussy.

I come off her cunt for a second. “Mmmmm, yum,” I say before I dive back down to her slit.

I lick in a circle as she whimpers and moans as if I’m murdering her. I gently push my tongue into her slit as she groans and grips my head, shoving my face further smashed into her pussy. The hot exhale from my nose bathes her clit. I jab my tongue into her vagina to tongue fuck her rapidly as she moans. I return back to her clit and lick it, once, twice, three times. Then I take her full hardened clit into my mouth and suck. Then, I lick each of her inner thighs before returning back to her pussy.

She paws my head, pulls my hair, messes it up to a look that will make me look freshly fucked for sure. I groan against her pussy as her legs begin to twitch and I know she’s about to cum. Her moans are climaxing to almost begging whimpers as she murmurs, “Oh, please, more. Please. Please.”

Fuck, I love her begging.

I ram three fingers into her pussy as I suck, and she bucks against me. I keep her pinned to the seat as I suck even harder and her legs jerk and twitch as she moans. A wash of her fresh cum floods my mouth. Her cum smells musky sweet as I suck it all, it’s slightly bitter, a bit like a lemon tastes.

Time for a kiss buttercup. I stand and straddle her lap and lean towards her face. Her lips are closed so I lick them, then wiggle my tongue into the crack of them to coax them fully open. I hold her gaze as I rub my tongue on hers, suck her tongue, then close my eyes as we massage each other’s tongues and lips with our mouths in a deep French kiss. I suck on her lower lip and let her pull it out slowly as I suck. Her hands are in my hair again as we kiss, I grip mine onto her bareback and we kiss for several minutes, just kissing, and moaning, sounds of sucking and light groans escape her hot mouth.


women kissing hot lesbian kiss

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She sits rigid-like and pushes me up as she stands. She forces me to the ground, my back on several scientific journals with a novel under my head. She spreads my legs apart and hovers breathing heavy above my pussy. Her hot breath makes me shiver.

She sits. “I, um, I’ve never done this.” Her voice shakes as she lowers her mouth to my hot wet crotch, then she moves away again. Her hesitancy is hot as fuck.

I finger my pussy lips. “Just lick, suck, stab and spend lots of time on my clit.” I point to my clit with a grin. “Here,” I say. I lay back and finger my nipples, pinching them and twisting slightly. “Just tongue fuck me, Professor Lillian. Just like I did to you.”

She still hesitates.

So, I say, “Just tongue fuck me, Professor.”

She nods, furrows her eyebrows, presses her lips together with a determined look like I’m something to conquer. She leans in close to my labia, her hot breath steaming into my slit. Her tongue falls quivering over my cunt. She draws in a deep breath and flattens her tongue to lick my pussy in a wide lick. Then she flickers her tongue along my labia from my clit to my butt cheeks and back again. Her tongue tip gingerly pokes into my slit before she hungrily thrusts her tongue into me rapidly, causing me to buck and writhe against her mouth, my pussy follows her guide like a river is forced to bend along its path.

She groans these deep guttural sounds that drive me wild. My hands grip papers and I squeeze them, I miss a sheet to squeeze in my fists right about now.

She grips my ass and meanders her groping hands to my hips.

She then plays with my bald pussy with one hand, pushing on my fleshy mound, jiggling its fleshy hill as she roams her tongue to add her saliva to my clit. She flicks her tongue several times which causes my orgasm to climb. She encases my clit into the hot cave of her mouth, and she sucks my clit with her whole mouth flush against me.

My hands fly to her hair and roam about her scalp as she sucks me. I groan and wiggle, moan against the stillness of her office air and let her tongue drive my pussy to a solid and thick almost cuming. She slurps and sucks with such vigor my orgasm reaches full heights as I whimper and whine, protest and relishing as I cum in a blasted gush, my legs drawing up bent, toes curling, like what happens when I cum every time. Her mouth rides me good like a breeze hugs rolling hills, dragging leaves and tangled thin branches along like tumbleweeds to caress the lush ground.

The good professor has successfully eaten me out, making me cum like a hose.

She lays her head on my belly, resting between my legs and I play with her hair as she hugs my right thigh. She kisses it and snuggles in.

We stay this way for about ten minutes, snuggling, not moving. She rises to stand and extends her hand to help me up.

Her eyes are soft and wild at once and she throws her arms around me in a big hug. I kiss her shoulder and she nuzzles her face into my hair.

“See you later today,” she whispers in my ear.

I nod.

We separate and both get dressed. She adorns her jacket to cover her tits better, she must have her lecture soon. She gives me a small smile and says simply, “Thank you.”

I nod, grin and wave on my way out her door.

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