Adult Stories of the Everyday but Erotic Nature: Grocery Store Tease Short Story

You get to tease Ruan…go on…place yourself in this fantasy and enjoy.

We are driving to the grocery store. You slip your hand in my shorts and find I’m commando again today. You tell me I’m a naughty girl & I just laugh. You fondle me and make me so wet I’m afraid everyone in the grocery store will see and think I peed my pants.

“Stop,” I say.

You get an evil grin and say, “Nope. I’m gonna make you wet so your cunt lips slosh as you shop.”

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Short Erotic Grocery Store Tease by erotica author Ruan Willow


I try to pull your hand out, but I cannot, I’m basically your prisoner. I slap your hand but that makes you work harder at my pussy. You bring me to the slippery cliff of an orgasm, and I drop on it hard like soft cheese to a sharp knife, lean my head back against the headrest, softly I moan.

You pull up to the grocery store door, hand still in my pants finger fucking me as people walk out of the grocery store. I glare at you with a gleam in my eyes.

“Oh, that feels amazing!” I say. “I’m just going to get a few things, but I really want to let you fuck me in the back of the car right now and I wouldn’t care who fucking saw it.”

You pull your fingers out of my pants, dragging your wet fingers up my belly and sticking a wet one in my belly button.

I giggle; you smile.

I lean to get out of the car and you give my ass a swat as I go out. I give you a little smile, shake my ass because you can’t reach it now and I zip into the grocery store like the minx I am.

I’m at the vegetables when I get your first text: buy cucumbers, eggplant, carrots, parsnips, all the chilled long vegetables.

I just laugh.

The lady next to me smiles.

I collect all the phallic vegetables you have requested. I giggle as I bag them up and toss them in the cart. I walk to the fruit, and indeed my pussy is so wet I slosh. I wonder if anyone else hears that? I cringe at the thought. I fear people will see a wet spot and think I’ve peed. I squeeze my thighs, but that almost gives me an orgasm, so I stop. I look around to see if anyone is looking at me. One woman is and she looks at me like I’m a weird freak.

You text me again as I reach the peaches: I’m gonna spank that ass with your cum all over my hands when we get home.


peaches in the grocery store adult stories grocery store tease erotica

Yummy peaches in the grocery store…


I gasp because those words send an electric jolt through my pelvis… fuck….as a naughty smile opens wide across my face. My tits grow hard as I look up and there is our neighbor, Aaron, and shit, my naughty smile beams out like it’s meant for him. I feel my face flush. I can’t stop my smile’s flirty shine and he grins back at me. Fuck me… he’s always had this look in his eyes like he wants to fuck me hard, like bend me over the outdoor kitchen counter and fucking-fuck my pussy from behind.

I nod, “Hi. You shopping?” Damn, No shit Sherlock, but I have no brain at the moment.

He says. “Yes.” A giant grin splayed across his face. His dark curls are spiraled with gray strands and it’s sexy as fuck on him.

My cheeks flush deeper as you send me another text:

Slap slap your ass like the naughty girl that you are, daddy’s gonna make your butt red.

I gasp and cover my mouth with my hand. My naughty grin gets bigger behind my hand; I can’t stop it’s spread. I bite my lips together to try and hide my naughty smirk. My whole clit and labia feel swollen, walking around commando heightens my wish to fuck as my labia lips brush against each other as I walk. I just want to run out of the store and sit on your boner right in the car.

The neighbor man is now by the potatoes, he sneaks a glance at me and his grin is fucking naughty as shit. I imagine a threesome with him and me and you, I feel a wet slippery gush slide out of my pussy again. I bite into my lips harder as I gather up tomatoes and avocados for making tacos, wondering lustily if that kind of thing would be possible.

I bite my fucking smile so hard as another text comes in from you loaded with sexual emojis:

a peach and a hand and water droplets. FUCK…me.

I can’t even…I nibble my lips as I walk, my ass cheeks jiggle, there’s just enough room for a bit of jiggle in my tight shorts. I glance around to see if anyone is looking at my bouncy ass.

I walk to the pasta aisle and get supplies for spaghetti. You text me again and its more emojis,

a pink heart, taco, heart, eggplant, flames, kissing face, lightning bolt, and water drops.

I giggle and the lady picking out olives next to me grins at me. Shit, I ain’t giggling about sunshine and teddy bears lady, but I smile back anyway, stifling the naughty beast in me as best as I can.

My heart starts to race, I close my eyes, my breathing increases as I imagine you slapping my ass and pounding into my pussy after I’m done shopping. The torment mounts me as I imagine you mounting me from behind in the back of the car, rock hard boner crushing into my clit boner, making me moan grab my own tits, I pull…I moan for real, lean my head back, feel my face relax into an full on orgasm face, but as I do…a voice says, “Excuse me, can I get a jar of spaghetti sauce?”

My eyes pop open and I realize I have a full naughty grin on and an orgasm face in public. The older gentleman grins at me…hot damn this sucks. I stifle a chuckle.

I back up, labia sloshing in extra wetness, & fuck, my shorts actually feel wet now. I smile at him, but naughty smile takes over and shit, he naughty smiles back to me. My cheeks flush a deep red as I flee the spaghetti aisle.

I bite my smile hard as I rush to get some milk and cheese. My pussy is betraying me, just oozing out my juices, my tits are tingling hard nuggets rubbing against my bra.


You text me again: This time it’s a real picture of your boner touching the steering wheel.

I gasp and say, “Oh dear God.”

And a woman next to me glances at me, I try to wipe my face clean as I might actually cum right there in front of the milk fridge. The woman has giant tits and a beautiful face. I give her my orgasm face and she actually laughs at me, but moves on.

I text you: I’m going to fucking kill you.

You send me back a laughing emoji.

I mutter, “Fuck,” under my breath as a woman with twin toddlers comes near me. She glares at me. Oops!

I rush towards the checkout because fucking screw this shopping list, I need your cock in my pussy right the fuck now.

You text me: I’m gonna fuck your tits in the car, then your sweet cunt in the back and suck your clit until you scream, fuck your pussy from behind with your big tits smashed against the cool window, your fat nipples rubbing on the glass.

I gasp and my eyes widen as I reach for the cucumber in the cart.

The cashier asks in a whiney voice, “Are you okay, ma’am?”

I clamp down on my lips with my teeth and grind them in to erase my smile. I nod to her because I can’t fucking talk. I imagine how I will murder you when I get to the car. I slap all the food onto the conveyor belt. My commando cunt lips slip across each other as I walk the cart to the end of the belt. I’m positive everyone can smell the scent of my precum on me.

After I pay, I run out to the parking lot and search for you. I spot our SUV to my right. The truck back pops open for me to load up the few bags I have, only a few, because who the fuck can shop like that?

I get in the car and your boner is out.

“I couldn’t even shop you fucker. Do you know how hard that was?” I’m smiling, sorta fake pissed.

You say, “Let’s go the parking lot at the park and fuck.”

I decide to not kill you as I nod because I want to do that too.

You drive, boner out, I suck you, give you road head as you drive. Your moans drive me to suck harder and deeper. Your skin smells like the fresh soap in our shower. We don’t make it to the park. You pull over on a side road where there are no houses. I climb into the back of our SUV and you spank my ass as I crawl quickly to the back like I’m stealing something. You grab me and force me onto your lap as I laugh. You yank my shorts off to bare my ass and order me to take my shirt and bra off. You spank me as I squeal and squirm. I can smell the dirt on the floor of the car as my ass cheeks jiggle under your hand, as the fingers of your other hand migrate to my wet pussy as you spank me.

I moan as this gets me just wild and often makes me cum.

But before I can, you flip me over, my head dips back between the seats, and you finger fuck me and suckle my clit at once until I cum, my vagina pulsating on your fingers. You tell me to lay my face on the back-row seat, which makes my ass stick up in the air. I glance back at you as you strip. You fuck my pussy from behind until I come so hard I almost can’t swallow my own saliva I’m shivering so hard.

Then you cum and we collapse on the back seat, leaking all over the damn place like the messiest fuck.

“Well, that was fun,” I say, and you nod and smile.

“Do that to me again in the grocery store, though, and I’ll fucking kill you.”

You just grin. And fuck, I know you’ll do it again to me the next time.


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