Haunted House Foursome: Adult Stories Erotica

I gaze at my phone and scroll my Twitter feed as some chattering men get in line behind me. Yeah. Chattering. I stifle a giggle. They are joking with each other and talking non-stop like little kids. I do a quick glance and count three very drunk chuckling men, and they are sexy as fuck. My heart starts to race and my cheeks heat because one of them, the really tall one, has an undeniable chub in his jeans. That ramps my already huge horniness even higher.

Well, fuck. I swallow, let the breathe out of my lungs.

I take another quick glance and each of the men are double fisting clear mugs of some sort of lemonade drink with wedges of lemon in them.

Waiting alone in this long line for the Butch the Butcher haunted house just got tolerable, Gina and Abby are taking forever getting our drinks though. But this way, we can move forward in the haunted house line but still get to drink. It’s genius and it was my idea.

It’s getting dark now, making the old run-down house look even creepier, trees in the distance give me icy chills. They look stark yet alive, poking at the sky.

Haunted House Foursome Adult Stories scary trees

Photo credit:  Ståle Kvale

I sneak a peak at the boner man’s crotch again. Yep. It’s still fucking there. I’m practically salivating I want to rip his pants off and ride him right fucking here in the middle of the haunted house line. I bite my lip.

No, Alicia. You cannot do that, I tell myself. Shaking my head, damn, I’m horny enough to fucking do it though, haven’t fucked in over ten months. I smirk at my phone, if only the dude knew I’d let him ride me like a damn dementor right now.

Listening to them, but trying not to look like I am, I finger a blond curl.

The boner man says, “What we in line for again?”

He’s so tall, would love to have him bend me and fuck me from behind, which might be a challenge for him since I’m short. Ha ha!

I smirk. He’s so drunk he doesn’t even know what they are in line for. Laugh out loud. His sexy deep voice is making me wet. Fuck, I’m so horny as fuck. I just stand a few inches from some men and it makes me start to ooze. Pathetic.

I do a sideways glance at them, I can’t take my eyes off his hardon, and boner man smiles at me, I smile back. Whoa… fuck he just made my clit zing.

We hold our gazes and I freeze as he deepens his sexy grin. “You know?” he asks me.

I turn to fully face him and he takes on this nasty naughty grin that churns up my gut.

I touch my hand to my right robust breast, he watches me touch it so I rip it off and shove my hand in my pocket. “Um… Yes, it’s the Butch the Butcher haunted house.”

He nods at me. “See, she knows. It’s the butcher house.” He takes a swig of his drink, his eyes are chocolate brown and soft, and sorta like the best fuck me eyes I’ve seen in months.

Geez I’m such a slut…I gaze at his dick again and he catches me. Fuck! I gasp.

“Ben, you knew that, you jackass, you just wanted to talk to her.” Those lips, I just want to suck.

The tall one, Ben, chuckles. “This a ride?” His blue eyes pierce the cool October air, I could get lost in those pools.

I hear this…want to ride me? Fuck, wait, what? “What?” I manage.

“Is it a ride?” he asks again, then licks his lips.     

“Nope,” I say as I touch my own plump lips. He watches me as I rub my finger across them, so I smirk. “Haunted house.”

He matches my smirk, runs a long-fingered hand through his dark hair, then fingering his beard he asks, “It any good?”

“Never been in it,” I say with a little bounce on my toes, which makes my girls jiggle, and his eyes widen. Oops.

A woman dressed as a bloody construction worker comes over our way. “No alcohol in the haunted house, so make sure you finish those before going in guys.” She nods, her blood-caked ponytail bobs.

“Oh, fuck,” says the third man, as he stares at both full mugs. “Damn, we’re gonna have to chug.”

Hispanic, and fuck, he’s hot, and he’s got a smile on him that could melt my pants off in about three seconds.

He looks at me and extends one of the mugs my way. “Want to help me not waste this? This line is going crazy fast.”

I can’t say no to a drink right now. My heart pounds as I accept it.

How could I ever say no to that face? I take a deep sigh into my lungs and squeeze my thighs together which presses my warm bald, hell yes, labia lips together like wet juicy slices of mango, a slight shift is all it takes to make my pussy drool a bit more. Uh huh, there. I grin, nod at him for the drink. “Thanks,” I say. I need some alcohol and like now to settle my desire, though if this drink is vodka, it will probably make me hornier.

“Yeah,” I say, as I lick my lips and grin. “I’d love to help.” I take the mug from him and our fingers touch. I glance up as our fingers graze, and there is clear heat in his eyes, which makes my heart jump and a surging zing through my clit. Aw fuck, he’s sexy and I’d like him to ride me hard on a path to nowhere, like right fucking now. Ugh! Cool it Alicia! I actually frown at myself.

I take a deep breath, then a sip, yep, vodka. Vodka and lemonade. I haven’t eaten dinner yet so this drink is going to hit me like a ton of bricks. Where the fuck are my friends anyway? We are going to be in the haunted house in no time.

I take another large sip, damn, this tastes way too good. “This line is going pretty damn fast.” I tip the mug back for a large gulp.

“Yes, it is,” the Hispanic guy says. “Thanks for helping me out with that drink. You looked like you could use one. You going in alone here?”

My heart is fluttering, and my breathing is getting fast standing so close to him. A vision of him thrusting his cock into me slams my brain, and my cheeks flush. “No, my friends are getting us drinks, I thought they’d be back by now.”

He grins at me, fuck, pretty sure he noticed me blushing with that smirk. He nods toward the haunted house. “You can walk through with us if they aren’t back in time.” His eyes drop to my cleavage in a obvious stare he doesn’t even try to hide from me.

My heart jumps, shit, he likes my giant cleavage, but who the fuck doesn’t? Gawd, I’m practically a damn porn star with these tits hanging off my front.

This intense gaze makes my heart race. Yeah, fucker, there’s a lot of cleavage to notice, I know dude, laugh my ass off. I almost laugh aloud as he leers at me. I don’t mind it a bit, as tingles mash through my clit, begging for a rub. Actually turns me the fuck on.

I turn slightly to watch the kids in front of us who are joking around and pretending to send some sort of foam disk to the top of the haunted house. As I turn, the line moves forward so I take one step, but the kid in front of me doesn’t move along with his group so I stop abruptly, and I feel a hand bump, bounce off my right ass cheek. I glance back at Hispanic man behind me, give him a naughty smeary grin.

He gives me one back and it’s a damn sexy one. “Oops,” he says fighting off a chuckle. “I’m so sorry.” He’s got some kinda pirate vibe going on, hot AF.

My cheeks heat and I laugh it off. “Not a big deal at all.” Fuck I wish he’d have grabbed me. Sadly, it is a big deal having a man touch my ass for the first time in months and it’s making my pussy gush. I’m so wet right now it’s fucking ridiculous. I can’t help but wish his palm had been facing my ass cheek and he had squeezed. But who walks palms out? I take another sip of the lemonade vodka, then a giant gulp. I need to be drunk like now to get through this. Shit, I hope they don’t notice I’ve soaked my leggings, or maybe I do…

“Wow,” he says, nodding at the almost empty cup in my hands. “Ben, you might need to supplement this lady with your extra here, she’s about on empty.” So, Ben, aka obvious boner man, glances my way. He’s so tall, like over a foot taller than me. Okay, breathe Alicia, breathe. I take a quick glance down, gasp, yep, his boner is still pushing his pants out. He rakes his hand through his dark hair, his blue eyes bright even in this dimming sunlight.

Ben immediately extends the opaque drink to me grinning, fuck, I think he saw me looking at his dick. “Here, all yours.”

I laugh, I chastise myself, do not think about his pulsing cock, but I can’t not and it’s driving in my pelvis churning up my clit with jolts. I can’t have it. I know that. “Oh, that’s ok. You drink it.” I wave my hand at him, flutter my eyelashes, damn, they are really charming me about out of my pants here.

He shakes his head and I can’t help but watch his full sexy fucking hot lips as he says, “Hey, I’ve got one right here to finish, so you take this one. We are almost to the front of the line, so you’re doing me a favor, you would be helping me out by not wasting my money. So, here, it’s all yours.”

I take it from him, and Hispanic man takes my empty after I drained it of the last sip. “Well, thank you and thank you.”

“You are so very welcome. And I’m Ben by the way. That’s Jack, and he’s Andy.”

OH, I know you are Ben, boner man.

Hispanic man, I mean Jack, cocks his head at me. “And you are?”

“Alicia.” Fuck I’m getting drunk fast having not eaten any dinner yet. “And I’m really here with friends, I’m really not a loser here by myself.”

Jack laughs at me, ha, a little too hard there buddy, cause, you know, drunk as a skunk, yeah.. He gives the full length of me a full stare up and down and back up again. “Ain’t no way in hell you are a loser.”

His insinuation is clear, and oh I know it, I’ve got big tits and a nice ass, so yeah, I get your drift like an avalanche, Jack, and with an almost real live cum gush. I gasp and he takes in my gasp with just this rotten shitty lust-filled horny naughty grin.

Oh. My. Gawd. I’m breathing so fast and he watches my chest heave. Fuck. Holy fuck me.

In my buzz, my naughty grin betrays me. Alicia, stop it. Fully letting my naughty grin live. Like I’m fucked before I’m fucked. I bite my lips together and he chuckles at me. I do the silent laugh, copying him, but trying hard as fuck to suppress it as I glance at the ground. Damn I want to fuck him. Fuck. I want to fuck all three of them. My cheeks heat bright red as the realization of this slams into me.

“Wow, what’s that grin about?” Jack asks with his arms up.

Aw shit. I can’t be a poker face right now to save my damn life. Shit. Fuck. Shit. Fuck. I just know my face is telling him exactly what I’m thinking so I pull out my phone to save me and text my friends.

WTF where are you? Hot fucking guys in line with me. Hurry. I hit send as my heart pounds.

I ignore his questions even though he’s staring me down with a grin, waiting for an answer. I attempt to change the subject.

I touch my curls and pull one making it spring back in place. “Where are my friends anyways? Geez, they’ve been gone forever.”

I get a text back from my friend: This line is giant, we are still in it. Just go through the haunted house if we don’t make it in time and we’ll meet you at the exit. We need drinks.

I can’t disagree with her, but for me, I’m getting smashed on drinks from these men I don’t even know. I won’t need the damn drinks in about ten minutes if they keep feeding me their extras.

I let my gaze fall to each of the three of them. And fuck. I want them. I’m not supposed to want them, but I so do. I want all of them, yeah, I totally fucking want all three of them. Like now. My clit is literally bouncing against my yoga pants, just throbbing practically licking the wet of my pants and this vodka is making me really drunk so I’m accidentally staring them each down too long and I know my fuck me eyes are coming through, even though I’m trying like hell to mute them. That boner is still staring at me…

I bite my lip, hard.

I shift my gaze into my drink, which I’ve now sucked down except for the tiny layer of liquid at the bottom that pools the lemon wedge. I swirl it and down the rest. I glance up and notice Ben and Jack are exchanging a look. I know that kind of a look. It’s one that needs no words, but I know exactly what they are thinking and fuck me, I’m thinking the same damn thing.

I couldn’t. Could I? NO. I can’t do that. Not a foursome, especially when I’ve never even done a threesome. I can’t do twosome to foursome. Right? Fuckingno.

My heart pounds in my chest like it’s fucking me from the inside.


Haunted House Erotic Story for Adults

Jack shoves the third extra drink into my hand and removes the empty.

I sigh. “Fuck, I’ve had nothing to eat, you guys are getting me smashed here.” I giggle because it’s really damn funny suddenly. Fuck me eyes are flip-flopping between the four of us, me as the wet ping-pong ball that I know would be hard slapped between the three of them. Oh the terror I’d feel with the three of them fucking me … I gasp and feel a bit faint.

Fucking all three of them, the thought is making both my mouth and pussy drool. I mean flat out fucking drool. The last time I fucked was so delicious, so I’m just wet craving this right now and it terrifies me. What would they do to me if we were alone right now? The thought both petrifies and excites me, I almost let out an audible moan.

I bite my lower lip to keep the moan in, tasting my cherry lip balm as I run my tongue over the bit of lower lip that is now inside my mouth. I release the bite I have on my lip and take another sip. I watch them watch me drink. Their facial expressions almost tell me they are mentally getting off on my facial expressions as I savor the drink and relish the intensity of their attention.

Fuck. Just fuck.

The line moves forward, so I turn around and take a step. As soon as I stop moving, I freeze as a palm lands on my right ass cheek, and squeezes.

I choke on the sip of vodka lemonade in my mouth and then spit it out. He, which he I don’t know, releases my ass, but I instantly want his hand back there, I want it crawling down my ass to meander to my pussy. Like it’s a physical want in my pussy to be fingered, caressed, hand mounted for a clit spank right now.

I turn with a deep gasp, followed by a giant naughty grin. Immediately I can tell by his face it was Jack who had his hand on my ass.

“My bad,” he says with an apologetic chuckle. “I’m sorry. Really, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have…I… ”

I put my fingers to my lips and lightly let out a “Shhhhh…. “ and I give him a nasty naughty girl grin. “Don’t tease me.” I whisper it and his face, it’s priceless as he realizes I actually liked the grab, his face relaxes as do his shoulders and he laughs like a giddy little kid.

“Oh… “ is all he can manage to say.

I basically chug the drink. Ben hands me his own drink and boner man takes my empty. “Here, have mine.”

This makes me laugh. “You are trying to get me drunk, aren’t you?”

Andy, the blue eye man-boy with the slight pouched belly and goatee says, “Trying? I think you are already there.”

He’s not wrong. Not even a bit. I sloshed. So sloshed, sloshed, which could be a very bad thing, especially going into a haunted house. I might be terrified and freak out. Or worse. Puke on the damn monsters. I’ve got that nice drunk high going though, where puke seems impossible, but where everything else seems totally possible and I’m invincible as a genie without the bottle.

I laugh and don’t hide it.

I hear several chuckles behind me.

One-word lives on the tip of my tongue if they ask, and it’s yes.

We are nearing the entrance to the haunted house so I slam the rest of the drink. People are piling up close and then there is a hand on my ass cheek again. If he crawls that hand forward, he’s gonna feel how wet my yoga pants are, which makes me giggle. He presses against me and I feel his boner pressing into my back and I let out an audible gasp.


Haunted House Foursome Adult Stories old rundown scary house


This time it’s Ben on my ass. His boner is high on my back being he’s so tall. He leans forward, curing his body over mine like a big C, and whispers to me, “This okay?”

Awww. What a gentleman. Ha! I must be insane right now.

I nod. Yep. I’m totally drunk, I’m calling a man–gentleman, a man I don’t know who is literally grabbing my ass, and sticking his boner on my back in a haunted house line, surrounded by a shitload of people, waiting to go into a butcher haunted house. I actually laugh out loud.

“You like, huh?” he asks quietly in my ear, he’s so tall, he just towers over the top of me to reach my ear.

All I can do is nod. Two different men touching my ass when no man has touched my ass in months. Fuck. Fuck. Just fuck.

I look around wondering. There are so many people crammed together, but I’m sure someone in this crowed sees how close he is on my big ass.

He whispers in my ear again, “You have one of the best asses I’ve ever seen in my life.”

This sends chills through me. Chills I should be disturbed by being he’s a stranger and could be intending to kidnap and chop me up like the fake butcher will probably be doing inside this haunted house.

We creep in to the haunted house as a chunk, a group of people both excited to go into the haunted house, yet a bit terrified, well at least some of us. I’ve never seen this one so I’m a bit on edge, plus I’m drunk as fuck, plus I have a hand on one ass cheek and a cock plastered to my back like the damn handle of a hammer. Or a butcher knife. Ha!

I take in a deep breath and let it out as a sigh as Ben repeatedly squeezes and releases my ass cheek. He grinds his boner above my right butt cheek. This is making me hotter than I’ve felt in years. Maybe it’s just the vodka, or this situation, but my lust is like mounting me so hard I want to bite into something.

A loud scream, shrill and jarring pelts through the air, then sounds of grinding of metal on something hard. I should have jumped, but I’m too drunk for that.

Once inside the haunted house, heavy metal music is blaring and I can’t even make out the words, but the beat is hard and harsh and wild, I’m fuzz-brained, this shit is too the crazy—what’s going on in my vodka blanketed brain?

Ben wraps his left arm around me, snuggling it under my big tits, which are hard nipple points now, I can feel them pushing, stabbing into my thick bra, fuck they are so hard they must be visible to every person here. How could they not be? He is suddenly leading me to the opposite side of the hallway, away from the crowed, he wades us through the people as if we are one, guiding me as if I’m his steering wheel.

My heart is pounding so hard, it’s matching the flashing lights and pounding bass of the song. Bam bam boom whizz bamm bamm flew quoosey…

He’s pushing me towards an opening in the hallway covered by a black sheet. As he’s ushering me through the sheet, he asks in voice both forceful and yet somehow sweet, “Want to fuck?”

I have no words. None. I can’t do this, I know I can’t, but every cell, every drip of blood and cum and every bit of sparkly girly lust is screaming at me to do this very thing I should definitely absolutely stupendously fucking-NO not do. I can’t do this. No way. NO HOW and fuck no. Decided no.


My labia lips are so warm and swollen, basting each other there, rubbing as I walk, wet slicked and begging to be touched. Against my better judgement, which, nah, this is the best decision, I want it, I lean back and whisper to him, “Bring your friends.”

I almost choke.

He immediately releases his hold on me and I turn slightly to see him gathering both Jack and Andy and motioning them to follow me. The strobe light is making me feel faint as I stand there, I miss Ben’s body stabilizing me. These men might have to hold me up if they want to fuck me, I’m vodka tipsy, which is bad. Vodka makes me do naughty things, every damn time.

I laugh because that’s damn funny. An odd thought occurs to me, where will they put their awesome skull mugs if they fuck me? Will they lose them on account of me? I giggle. Why the fuck I care I have no idea. But it’s making me giggle, a little girl. A naughty little girl, clearly, holy fuck, am I really gonna do this shit?

My heart is pounding, my pussy is wet, damn soupy I’m so wet. I can feel my heart beating in my pussy it’s thumping so hard.

The craving to be touched is almost as palpable as the screams from people who are getting the pants scared off of them by butcher monsters and fake bodies wrapped in opaque plastic wound up. I take a step into the room and my naughty grin is taking up my whole face. I can do this. I want this.

Before I can change my mind, not that I want to, two sets of hands are on me and it makes me groan with instant gratification, two are on my breasts, from separate men, rubbing over my hardening nipples and two are on my ass, I don’t know who, gripping, squeezing hard, then one finds my wet soaking pussy with a man groan that chills me to my core it’s so primal, all hands and fingers rubbing and I might die the moans are leaving me breathless, so breathless I’m gasping deeply for air.

The fake fog from the haunted house piles over the top of the wall to my left as I’m solidly mauled from all angles, the fog above only visible when the light of the strobe light lets me see it. All three men are around me, groping, rubbing, and I’m a mess of moans, and hands, so many hands, and I’m in a damn dream.

The beat of the music is reverberating in my chest with pounds and male screams, female screams, and words I can’t make out, my thoughts are boggled, chain-fucked before I’m fucked and I think, either I don’t know the words to this song because singer is screaming or because I’m drunk or because I’m being felt up by three hungry hands that are matching my hungry lust like I have no answer for.

I let them hold me up as I might fall, I lean into their wanton hands like trees lean on wind.

I glance around the room and the strobe light lets me see it in snippets. Fake bodies are wrapped in plastic, giant plastic pigs are hanging from the ceiling on chains, machetes and giant hatchets are piled in one corner. Bloody half limbs litter the room like they belong.

They, collectively, they are they now, these men I don’t know, they remove my shirt and unhook my bra so fast it’s almost as if they snapped their fingers to get them to fly off like a damn wizard. The image makes me giggle which makes him grin, which one? I don’t know or care, I just like the smile.

A woman screams out louder than the music as one of the men grazes my right tit with a groan, a man-growl groan, yeah, damn I’ve missed that sound.

If they weren’t touching me, I think I’d fall, so I’m grateful for their hands for steadying me and mauling me into near orgasms. A mouth is on my right tit, another hot man-mouth lands on my left tit and both begin to suck in semi-unison like a damn milking machine on cow udders. The left one has a beard which tickles my breast as he suckles. I’m reminded that boob sucking is an art.

I moan as yoga pants get pulled down from behind me. He, faceless he, pulls them down to my ankles and steps on them in between my feet. I lift my feet as he pushes the pants off completely. His bare cock nestles in between my ass cheeks and he rubs up and down, groaning, praising the plump roundness of my ass cheeks. I almost need zero effort to stand as the three of them are holding me up in the triangle of them.

Woozy doozy, downright loosey, fuck me boys…. I almost giggle but I can’t get it out over my moan.

My nipples are being stretching to the back of both men’s throats, almost alternating in perfect unison as if my tits are getting seriously milked like that cow at the fair, should I moo?, omigosh lol, and I’m moaning so loud I’m completely grateful for the loud music and the scared screams of all those walking through the haunted house. Every so often there’s a loud shrill yell and a loud bang on metal followed by a chorus of screams. It repeats almost like on a timer, part of the act no doubt.

The man behind me, who I think is Jack, leans me forward slightly so I grab both men on my tits, wrapping my arms around around their heads snug, smushing their faces into my generous breasts. What if I’m smothering them?

Jack’s boner is at the tip of my ass cheeks and I freeze as his dick almost enters my asshole, but I flinch, and he stops. I gasp and groan as one of the men on my tits begins to finger fuck my pussy. I moan softly, full and ripe, but almost fall soft because I’m so happily overwhelmed.

“I have lube, is it okay?” I hear from Jack behind me.

I’ve done this before I can do this. I sigh and nod my permission.

He lubes me, then pumps in my ass so hard I feel dizzy. The hand on my pussy is spanking my clit while shoving two fingers in making me cum in a mad gush around his hand. I’m seething, surrounded by stimulation, dizzy on fucking and lights and sounds and hands and sucking and fingers and….

“OH, MY GAWD!” I moan.

He growls, man on my tit, the sound muffled around my nipple that is in his mouth. He releases my tit and I glance down to see he sucked it to a hard point.

“I saw you were commando and I wanted to touch you so bad,” one of them says but I’m so drunk and high on my own precum wave to be able to decipher who says it.

Moments slur together like mist on the sun’s rays.

“Yum,” he says in a loud voice that’s too loud even in this loud haunted house. “I want to lick your bald big mounded pussy.” He grabs and massages my mound as I moan. He slips a finger along my clit and rubs. “Umm, so thick, so wet baby girl. So good,” he murmurs in moan-like voice.

He rubs and rubs and my orgasm is filling up the whole inside of me like all the points of a bonfire collected in one dancing flame, power and beauty in one steady stream, ready to dance out of my clit like how river water mumbles loudly, yet majestically random, as rapids over giant slanted rocks.

“Your tits are huge and so beautiful,” Ben mumbles before licking my nipple like an ice cream cone. “Gawd, your nipples are so big and perfect.”

His words bathe me like an orgasm itself.

He licks the bumps and ridges of my areola as I moan, I want my tit in his mouth again but I can’t form the words other than to say, “Ple… ” and I totally fail on the rest.

I gasp. Shit. Terrified of being double penetrated and if I were sober, I know I’d run from the room screaming, at least I always imagined I would, but I’m loving this way more than I ever imagined I could. I always thought I’d be too overwhelmed to cum, but that’s not happening, it’s so lush instead and I’m about to fall off that cliff and let my cum pelt the fingers that are finger-fuck-riding in me.


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Photo credit:  Ståle Kvale

I breathe a sigh of relief as Jack pulls his dick out and comes all over my ass. I feel him wipe it off with his arm. Ben, blue eye man, ever-present boner man, tall man, comes off my other tit and is fumbling with his wallet. I watch him in snippets of light as cum is slipping between my ass cheeks as I presume it’s now Andy who is grinding his cock against my ass.

“Pussy?” Ben whispers in my ear. He lets my hands roam his face. I touch every part before I can understand my own answer. He patiently waits and my heart does a little dance that he cares what I want.

I nod. “Please, yes, please,” I beg in a whisper, which I’m sure he can’t even hear with how loud it is in this haunted house.

I lean back against whoever is behind me as Ben grabs my thighs and lifts me up. As he tickles my pussy, then enters my pussy lips, I moan and tip my head to the side, leaning into Andy’s shoulder. I think it’s Andy. With his dick fully in me, Ben walks the three of us to the wall until Andy’s back is against it and he begins to thrust into me.

My world is colliding with this haunted house in a stream of constant hard metal screaming, actual screams, moans and groans from the four of us and I’m free floating, needing barely any muscles to keep myself upright because they are all almost fully doing it for me.

I’m a tiny ragdoll, slutty cum-sockl, almost flopping to the floor, delicious wet, each scrumptious hard fast pound into me bringing me up so high I must be up at that ceiling floating amidst the dark and the cobwebs, the stale air, but their similar height and strength hold me astoundingly upright as they pound and gyrate, slam into my body and I’m cuming again as I let out a loud scream, my pussy so stimulated I almost can’t take the enormous delightful pleasure they are giving me. It’s like when I’m holding my vibrator right directly on my clit, and all over me, washing myself in a massive fuck massage. I moan… like someone is murdering me. Appropriate to a butcher haunted house, I scream, adding to the chaos of the butcher house, no doubt. I’m not usually a screamer.

Ben kisses me and I moan against it, I haven’t been kissed in so long I almost cry it feels so good. I shove my hands in his hair and play with it as he kisses me. He pounds me so fast our mouths slip across each other as we scramble and alternate sucking each other’s tongues. When his tongue rubs against mine, it sends electric jolts through my clit. GAWD I love kissing!

Ben removes his mouth from mine and takes a step back while still holding my hips, and then I shudder as the double penetration happens and I feel as if my world is being split apart then slammed back together like liquid puzzle pieces that keep changing shape, yet somehow still fit together like the picture tells it too. Like two wrongs that somehow are right, yet they are ripping me apart and making me whole as I moan and come against the thrusting fuck rage of them. I’m falling, like a scraped up dream pillowing, plowed, rough, brilliant, sweet, wet-sopping-glittered against the deepest of nights. Moon fucked, sucked like it’s pulling the stars to its brightness, I orgasm, then cum.

Jack is grabbing at my tits and pulling and twisting them, and I imagine I will die from pleasure in the next thirty seconds, instead I cum again.

“Someone kiss me,” I moan. I don’t know how they will make it happen, but I want it.

A mouth finds mine and as the flashing light shows me it’s Jack kissing me, I feel Andy coming inside my ass, his hot cum dripping out as he finishes his pump, his body shaking against mine. He stays there though, being a wall for his friend to fuck me, fuck my pussy against. I almost laugh as the thought of the cliché that…that’s what friends are for… sing songs in my head. But I can’t laugh because Jack’s tongue is in my mouth and I’m sucking his tongue like it’s the oxygen to my blood.

Ben’s cock is still rock hard and the solid shaft of it rubbing against my labia and slamming my clit is making me moan like I’m being killed butcher-style, just like one of the haunted house victims somewhere in these walls. My scream sounds out and I had no idea I could even make that sound. FUCK is that really me? Ben growls that kind of man growl that I love during sex and he pounds harder, which I didn’t think was possible, but he bounces on me the way I love.

Jack leaves my mouth and Ben is going full bull on me, pounding my pussy as I groan. I’ve never in my life been fucked this hard and I’m sinking into it like the sun sinks into its sunset, with pinks and blues and threads of reddish orange and every color that could color sound if color could be made into sound, like the way the ocean horizon swallows the sun whole to make room for the dark. My body shakes, convulsing as I cum so hard I almost can’t draw in a breath or feel my heart make her beats.

I had no idea I could moan and scream that loud during sex, I sure as fuck do now. The three of them together pushed me further into ecstasy, further than I’ve ever been pushed into before.

Ben is cuming and I suddenly wonder, what if we will get caught?, I smirk, a little late for that worry, dumbass. I grin as I glance at my tits that are like mini pinecones stabbing the air as he finishes pounding into me, to have me cunt drain his dick. I sigh like I’ve been rolled in a fuck tornado, yeah, that’s what it feel like, a fuck tornado slurring whirl and grab of hands, thick rough finger pinches, hardcore teases and hard thick fat cock rubs, of softness, and horny hardcore hardness, of varied textures—smooth skin, firm rough thrusting tongues, squishy, and three mountains of head hair for my fingers to climb into.

I realize I’m fully naked but none of them are, oddly funny to me, even though it shouldn’t be, and I giggle.

“Holy fucking wow,” I say with another giggle. “We just did that.”

Ben lowers me to the ground, and I wobble as he releases me to stand on my own. I can’t quite stand alone after that so I begin to fall, someone behind me catches me and steadies me. Ben grabs my arm to help steady me too. How are three men who fuck me also gentleman too?

I shake my head.

“I got you,” says Jack. Now that I’m not being fucked, I can focus on who is who more fully. Damn drunk brain, I shake head  again, to help it remember to stay out of that drunken fog.  Andy hands me my shirt and bra. I’m confused at first. We are done already? I want to ask if we can do more. I don’t want to be done, but then I remember my friends are probably waiting for me.

And, fuck, what did I just do, let them do? What I just did with these three men slams into me, cutting right through my drunkenness to sober me to my core. Fuck. What the fuck did I just do? I’m shaking as I slip my shirt on, I have no clue where my bra is but Ben picks it up and hands it to me.

“This first, love,” he says, and I see his smirk in the flashes of light. “Not that I want you to wear it, though. You’re beautiful without it.”

I grin. “Wow. Guess you guys really fucked me stupid.”

They all think that’s funny and chuckle.

“That we did,” says Jack.

I finally gain some muscle memory and slip on and hook my bra. “That was beyond amazing. I’ve never done anything like that before,” I confess, just standing there with only a bra on. I’ve literally been fucked stupid. Andy helps me put my shirt on and I laugh as he’s dressing me like I’m a child. “I think you’ve succeeded in scrambling my brain.” He hands me my pants and offers his arm for me to hold on to while I steady myself to put them on. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” Jack says. “And no, thank you.”

I don’t know what to do, hug them? Thank them? Say nice fucking foursome and bye? It’s almost funny. I don’t know, so I say, “I have no shoes or purse.”

They help me locate all those random pieces of my life, as if all together they should help me make sense of what I just did. But none of it makes sense, yet somehow, I could care less. My pussy is throbbing, as is my ass and my tits feel worked over, but I’ve never felt so alive in my life.

We don’t say anything but melt back into the hallway with the mass of the current horde going through the haunted house. The four of us fuckers melt into the people like butter on hot ass.

A few times I falter, and one of the three of them assists me as we make our way through the butcher house to the exit. We get to see what all those sounds were coming from as we wander on through, some of them make me want to puke.

At the exit, they each touch my in some way, Andy touches my shoulder, Jack touches the small of my back, and Ben touches my cheek, all just before the darkness of the haunted house ends and the dark of the night begins, lit by the street lamps, magically illuminating my way over to my friends.

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