An Ordinary Night for Fucking, a part of my Romance Stories for Adults


Please Touch Me When I’m Naked.

There’s nothing ordinary about an ordinary fuck because fucking makes extraordinary orgasms belt out streams of cum, making ordinary become delicious.

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Erotic romance story fiction for women and men a couple in love


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“Please touch me,” I whisper ever so softly, causing you to lean towards me on the couch to hear my tender voice, your nearness causing goosebumps to rise on the skin above my bare breasts and down my exposed stomach. Your breath lingers over my left breast bathing me in hot air causing my nipple to come out of hiding and stand erect, like a sharp, hard nugget. “Please, will you just touch me somewhere, anywhere.”


You give me a naughty grin and a precursor of your man growl, which wraps my lust up into a fat hard clenched knot in my gut, causing me to slightly lurch forward, curl. Your deep brown eyes watch my little twitch with your damn sexy naughty grin growing deeper.

You chuckle and then say, “Okay, I want to touch you everywhere and re-memorize every speck of you with my fingers and my tongue.” You flick your eyebrows up at me. “I’m gonna fuck the spit right outta your mouth. I’m gonna pound your little cunt too hard.”

Your words thrill me as they give me butterflies. “I like it too hard.”

“I know you do you, little slut,” you say with widening your eyes as you mention slut. “And don’t think I won’t deliver.” You raise your hand readying to touch me, dancing all over my heaving torso, but not touching me, teasing me with where you will start.

I want you so fucking bad.

“Thanks for the welcome home nakedness, baby.”

I knew I’d please you hard with that one.

My breath catches in my throat as I anticipate your choice of where you will touch me first. I close my eyes, my willing version of a blindfold, and I wait. Your hot breath meanders above my chest. I flinch like a butterfly, jittery and skittish when your fingers travel around my hard nipple, the one your hot breath just made erect. Your fingers rub my left pale pink oval areola, traveling her bumps and puckers. You prefer her, this “left pink girl over right for no reason whatsoever”, you say all the time. I smirk. It’s odd you like my left as it’s a touch smaller than my right breast. You pinch my hard pointed left nipple, causing me to arch my back, charged lust grips my clit in luscious waves, and she, my sweet clit, lurches from inside me, begging me to beg you to pull this left tit of mine like it’s in a vice.

You do it as if I asked you to.

I relish your grab of my right tit with your other hand. You pull me from myself by my tits, this firm grab satisfies that primal chunky thing inside me that wants you as you pull both my titties in unison away from my body, as if they could leave. I cringe a slight bit as it hurts the itty bittiest, yet feels so erotic it almost makes me drool.

I arch my back further and a moan charges out of my moist lips like the way your dick hardens at the thought of me.

I want you in me but I can’t speak it as you are pulling my tits towards you, ecstasy overwhelms me with solid orgasmic tit stretching as I arch my back so far into a C shape, making my head dig into the soft couch cushion, and my pelvis slips off the couch edge.

I fall.

You release my tits to catch my ass, my eyes still closed I flinch as you grab my butt hard. You save my ass from hitting the carpet, but now you have my ass cheeks in your hands and that’s where they will stay. You massage my bubble-butt-cheeked ass, causing me to moan the way you love, the way that makes your cock twitch. I don’t need to see it to know it’s twitching to my moans.

“Baby, I love your ass so much,” you practically groan it out.

You know what I want without asking because you’ve memorized how to fuck me to get me to cum the fastest, but you don’t want that that now, you play with me, touching me, making me wait for it, again, torturing my lush lust like a loose feather brushes the air after falling off a bird, dancing its delicate way to the ground, submitting to gravity like a good sub. Foreplay it is today.

Fuck I need you in me so bad I can taste the desperate want of my pussy throbbing for your touch.

But you don’t touch my pussy yet. You squeeze both my ass cheeks hard, I gasp as your grabbing my ass and rubbing your boner on my pussy mound, which is causing my clit to swell and throb, she’s damn thick right now. You are building her thickness with each squeeze of my ass, each rub of your hard cock against my skin. “I coated myself with coconut oil all over today after my shower, just for you.”

“Mmmmmmm. Your skin is so soft,” you murmur as you float above my still closed eyes.

I murmur, “Please, oh please,” My want is bigger than the air in this room and I can’t taste anything but the feel of your touch.

I hear a text come to my phone but I don’t give a fuck as you gently dive my head back into the couch cushions as you lick the length of my left thigh from my knee to my cunt, causing shivers to belt across my body, my clit twitches inside me like a whip, a delicious fat lurch that I know will elicit my pussy into obedience to my lust as she spills wetness. Your tongue finds that wetness as you moan and lick my pussy lips. You make slurping sounds as you alternate between a suck and a lick, which drives me crazy because I know you are about to suck my clit. Your tease pattern you cannot hide, I know what you will do next. I tense in anticipation of your mouth encompassing my clit fully. I almost shiver, my eyes twitching back and forth behind my eyelids as I wait.

I open my eyes and our gazes lock as I watch you lick my pussy from my anus to my clit. You keep eye contact with me as I moan and suck my lip into my hot mouth. Your lust lights your eyes up even in this dim lamplight. A car horn blares outside as you dip your beard into the wetness of my wet pussy. Your beard hairs tickle me and the light delicate touch of them enrages my desire for you to fuck the shit out of me. Your horny gaze alone almost makes me cum, I teeter on the edge of that orgasm as your hot mouth comes at my clit as if the air is lubed, but you stop and climb up me to gently place your lips on mine. A sweet gesture that buys you mega points in my mind. I smile at you and you grin back. You know how to butter my ass up. Major points to you.

“I want to make out with you like we did on our first date.” I was shy that night.

I hard seal my lips so you can forcefully bust into them with your hot wet tongue. You nudge my lips open with the tip of your tongue, barge in coaxing my lips to widen for your thick tongue the same way your dick head nudges at my pussy lips. I can’t wait for that part. Mmmmmm. We make out for several minutes. You pull back from my mouth as I try to suck your tongue back in, but you back away. I almost pout.

“Yeah, and how was that exactly?” you ask.

I laugh. “Like you meant it when you said you planned to fuck me that night. You said that the first time we kissed.”

“Yeah, you had no fucking chance at all, I had wanted you for so long I seduced you, hardcore seduced you.”

I giggle. “Yes, you did. All those texts you sent me in the days before our first date, I was already wet when you picked me up.”

“I could smell you.”

“What?” I laugh, play with a long blond curl as you lick all over my stomach like a dog. “Am I salty?”

You smirk. You kneel on the carpet and rub your cock against my leg. “It’s true, I could smell you once you got in the car.”

“Liar, that’s not true.” I shake my head against the couch cushion. “No way.” I finger your beard, rubbing your dark chin hairs between my fingers.

“It’s true, you had this delicious musky scent and I remember you were commando, so it wafted off you like the smell of a rose.”

I laugh and then bite my lips together in sheer horror.

“And yes, I can always smell you.”

I scoff then feel up my own nipples, making them hard again.

You dive at my face, open my mouth further with your tongue and mouth fuck me with it as I scramble to caress your tongue back with mine. I hungrily suck your tongue as you repeatedly thrust it into me making me moan into your mouth. I whine as you leave and take that mouth away from me, but I grin as you trail kisses down my chest, between my big fucking tits, down the ever so slight ripple of my abs, traversing the small of my stomach, getting closer and closer to this scent you say you can smell. I mean, I guess I can smell it, but I didn’t know others could.

I play with the dark coarse hair on your head as I contemplate my smell. “Damn. So, other people can smell me too then?”

You take a moment to swirl your tongue in the small hole of my navel, which sends chills throughout my pelvis the way the wind makes my hair dance in a light breeze, in soft motions that lick the air. You tongue fuck my belly button which causes me to giggle. You chuckle and I can feel the smirk you are making in your laugh even though I can’t see your full mouth.

“I don’t know, I’m not other people, but I sure as fuck can smell you.” You give a deep growl. “Like right now, and that scent is driving me wild. I’m gonna fuck you, baby.”

Those words send zings up through me of delightful anticipation as I wonder how you will fuck me this time. I’ll let you pick it all for now.

You are a master as you steal a groan of excitement out of me as you lick down my pussy mound with the full width of your wet tongue, your mouth open wide. You skip my clit, which almost makes me cry out how I want that so bad. But instead, you lick my labia lips until I’m wet as fuck. I moan as your tongue dive bombs my clit. I gasp. I run my hands into my curls as I writhe on the couch as you relentlessly rub your tongue over my clit like a jackhammer, rubbing your thumb over it occasionally to apply more pressure. You hand slap my clit as I moan and twist on the couch, clit spanks make me gush and you know it.

I moan as you hand pound my clit and I cum like a faucet. “Yes,” I murmur in a soft voice. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, please, don’t stop. Fuck me.” You are hardcore pleasuring me this round, but I’ll get you back next time, hell yes, I will.

You keep slapping my wet pussy. The sound of my wet cunt against your hand is delicious … delicious slap, as you are slipping two fingers into my pussy with each cunt spank. As you do, I am frozen in pure ecstasy, writhing my head back and forth is all I can manage in this intense climb of my orgasm, which is rampaging the length of me up and down, again and again. I’m cuming again as you slap.

I run my toes across your thighs, letting my toes feel your leg hair and tight muscles. You show me no mercy as you now tongue roast my cum soaked clit, lashing her ever wetter, then you full-on suck her like a damn suckerfish, causing me to climax and cum into your mouth, squirt on your tongue, it gets a lashing as easy as the sun shoots her rays. Then you slip down further and put your lips on my pussy lips. You lap my labia with the fullness of your tongue over and over again as I groan way too easily. I close my eyes and just moan.

“Mmmmm. Mmmmm. I need your dick in me,” my desire mounting me as I plead,” Please, please, I need you in me now. Please fuck me.” I feel lost without you in me, I crave your fleshy hardness rubbing all up in me, on me.

Sweat drips off your forehead despite the ceiling fan as you are working so hard to please me so that I will please you back. I know how this works, and it’s only fair I suck your cock too to wash you in glorious yums. But you don’t give me a chance to suck you as you impatiently rush your cock full force into my pussy, almost dividing the sides of my body with your thick reddened shaft, separating my right from my left with each pounding thrust. I imagine that glorious red cock color of yours, it colors you when you’re boner is at its hardest. You bounce slowly in me, rocking the wetness out of me and milking yourself to precum dribble the inside of my vagina.

Then you fuck me like I always want it, slamming into my clit like a solid-solid spanking with your abdomen, bending my knees up to my armpits. I then turn my head to the side, resting my cheek on the soft fabric of the couch, biting my lip as you pound yourself into me.

Now I smell myself, I almost laugh out loud, but I gasp. It’s all almost too much, my smell, your smell, the pounding of your body driving my body to the heights of yet another climax, but it’s everything I want as you charge your dick into me like you are trying to touch my heart.

You give me a good hard fuck. I want that and you know it. You want that and I know it.

You’re pounding into me relentlessly, ramming me builds up, making feel like I’m soaring into the air like the scent of my lustful pussy before I cum like a gushing avalanche. My body shivers in the hot summer night as the fan drops cool air on us. You ravage me taking pounds to build into your own orgasm, taking yours from my pussy like the pirate you are. We both convulse, speechless, as words mean nothing at the end of a magnificent fuck. We lay breathing in the silence like night fades to morning, easy as a summer rain.


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