Would you like to advertise your product, website, or books on my website and/or podcast?

Please pursue this page to learn about my advertising opportunities.

Opportunities I offer for Advertising & etc.:

First off below in the graphic is what I offer and for advertising on the Oh Fck Yeah with Ruan Willow Podcast

My podcast ranks in Apple podcasts in 12-22 countries a day worldwide.

I am also on Podcorn so you can send me a message for ads there as well. Or email me at

advertising opporunities

The $30.00 USD level for the 2-minute ad on a podcast episode will get you more social media exposure because I will post your product/book to social media a minimum of three times. Podcast ad only is $15.00 USD. I will include links to your product and website in the podcast notes as well.


On-Site Ads:

Level 1: 3 months for $50.00 USD. This booking includes on-site ads, sponsored tweets, and inclusion in gift guides.

Level 2: 1 month for $20.00 USD. This booking includes on-site ads, sponsored tweets, and inclusion in gift guides.

Sponsored Posts:

Level 1: Free product as a gift for me. I will consider advertising your book/product on my social media if it fits in my current content schedule. IF it happens to fit into my schedule, I will consider doing a blog post review as well.

Level 2: Free product as a gift for me plus $50.00 USD. I will review your book/product on my website in a blog post and advertise it on social media. I will also include your product in gift guides. I will give my honest opinion. All will be marked as no follow and sponsored per Google Guidelines.

Podcast and Blog:

If you’d like your book/product to be on both my blog as a review and on the podcast as a review the fee is $100.00 USD. Again I will be honest and all will be marked as sponsored and no follow. I will definitely consider doing this for free product alone if I happen to have the time to do a review. This will be dependent on openings in my current schedule so please just email to ask me.

Please email me at for any and all advertising opportunities.

Thank you!