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In the ever-evolving world of video games, visual novels stand out as a unique and immersive experience, blending the art of storytelling with interactive gameplay. In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Gywnne from GSE Studios, a trailblazer in the field of visual novels specifically designed for women. This is a new and exciting way to enjoy fiction stories! I had never even heard of this type of thing until I met Gwynne. We had a fabulous chat!

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Podcast Episode with Interview on Visual Novels

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What exactly are visual novels?

Gwynne’s journey into game development is nothing short of inspiring. As a stay-at-home mom with a background in business, she ventured into the world of visual novels, driven by her passion for storytelling and her desire to create games she would have loved to play as a teenager. Visual novels, often described as illustrated novels with interactive elements, provide a rich narrative experience that resonates deeply with players.

At GSE Studios, Gwynne focuses on crafting visual novels that cater to a female audience, working closely with indie authors to bring their stories to life. Her first game, “Heart and Soul,” is available on platforms like Steam and Itch IO, and her upcoming release, “Keepers of Estrella,” promises to be another captivating addition to her portfolio. These games are not just about making choices; they are about experiencing a story where every decision can lead to different outcomes, making each playthrough unique.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation with Gwynne is the importance of narrative in any form of media. Whether it’s books, movies, or video games, a compelling story with well-developed characters is what truly engages the audience. Gwynne’s visual novels are a testament to this belief, offering players an escape into beautifully crafted worlds where their choices matter.

Getting the Word out about visual novels:

Marketing and reaching the right audiences are a challenge many indie developers face, and Gwynne is no exception. She shared insights into her strategies, from participating in festivals on Steam to leveraging social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Her dedication to her craft and her willingness to learn and adapt are evident in every aspect of her work.

For those interested in exploring visual novels, Gwynne recommends platforms like Steam and Itch IO, where you can find her games and many others. She also highlights the importance of community and collaboration, encouraging aspiring writers and developers to connect and share their work.

In a world where video games are often seen as a male-dominated space, Gwynne’s work at GSE Studios is a refreshing and much-needed representation of women’s voices in gaming. Her visual novels are not just games; they are stories waiting to be told, experienced, and cherished. She strives to work with women.

So, if you’re looking for a new and engaging way to experience storytelling, dive into the world of visual novels. Check out Gwen’s games, “Heart and Soul” and “Keepers of Estrella,” and let yourself be transported into a world where your choices shape the narrative. Happy gaming!

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Quotes from Gwynne at GSE Studios about Visual Novels

🗣️ Quotes from Gwen

“At GSC Studios, what I do is I make visual novels, which is a type of video game that some might question whether or not it’s actually a video game, because it’s essentially an illustrated novel.”

“I make games specifically for women and I like to work with women wherever I can.”

“The heart of it is the story and the characters and watching that come to life with these illustrations.”

“I think at the heart of all media, really, no matter what it is, is stories.”


“I think the ideas that I wanted to make were just games that I would have loved to play as a kid, as like a teen especially.”

“I have the mindset going into this of like, I might not make money, you know, like it. I think indie game developers, the median for how much money you make on a visual novel is like barely over a $1,000.”

Targeted age groups?

“I would say probably between 20 to 35. My games are a little bit more mature in the subject matter.”

“I think overall there’s definitely the demand outweighs the supply because you have a hard time finding developers who want to make those games and be very like, this is an explicit game.”

Gwynne also shares in the interview where to find erotic and explicit gaming content.

Quotes from Ruan Willow, Podcast Host

🗣️ Quotes from Ruan Willow

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“It’s an escape, it’s entertainment. It’s something to engage your brain and enjoy.”

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