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Servicing the Handyman, A Leisurely Working Retiree, Chapter 1 in Book 4 of the Servicing the Work Men, My Filthy Hotwife Adventures Series by Ruan Willow. Enjoy this howife erotica story and be sure to get a copy of the full ebook (link below). And also watch for it to come out in audiobook (Join the exclusive level of the podcast to gain access to the audiobook now…releasing one chapter per week at Podcast exclusive subscription level on Ruan’s Patreon at or on Ruan’s Substack subscription site here:

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Chapter 1

Laney pulled up her bikini bottoms and smiled, her heart still pounding violently, like she’d just run for her life. She swiveled just in time to see John turn and wave to her through the sliding glass door with a giant grin plastered across his handsome face. They had just had the best sex ever, so she was glowing. He had meandered out to the pool on a work break and taken her in a rush of passion, bent over the garden table under the beating of the afternoon’s strongest sunrays. The earthy smell of her little gardening shovel had made for a primal experience, the natural aroma wafting into her nostrils from inches away as John had pressed her down to the rough surface of the tall table to fuck her from behind. She had just used the shovel to dig out a huge, stubborn weed in the garden before he had come out.

She glanced at her hands and chuckled at how they were still coated in black earth. She sauntered over to the garden hose and turned the metal knob lefty loosey so she could blast the dirt off her skin with the frigid blast of water. The water felt nice in the heat, cooling her a bit. Now she’d need a dip in the pool to cool down the rest of her body. After a hot sex session under the blazing August sun, she needed that to wash off the heat from the sun and the encounter with John.

Marvin was coming today to work on putting up some shelves she wanted added to their bedroom closet. Marvin had become their go-to for handyman jobs around the house. Not that John couldn’t do these things, but he was just so busy with work that these extra tasks were adding stress. Plus, they took time away from Laney. John wanted Laney to have what she wanted, but with his incessant work schedule he was finding it a challenge to keep up with her home improvements. So Marvin had become their go-to solution.

Laney bit her lip. Marvin was a very sexy older man of sixty-six, almost sixty-seven, he had told her with a twinkle in his eyes the last time he had been at the house. He had a head of white hair with remnants of dark still present at some of the ends. He had told her with amusement that he was almost full grown now that he’d gotten nearly a full head of white. Retirement had seemed to be sitting well with Marvin because he always appeared to be in a very good mood.

He held a comforting Daddy-like persona, one that blared he was capable of fixing anything, but also very capable of taking care of a woman. He was single, as far as she knew, and was enjoying life as an unattached man, or so he claimed. He seemed happy every time he came to the house. It was a happiness that seemed to come from his core, not some narcissistic phony mask, like plastic that he’d removed when not in front of others, or when not getting his way. His genuineness also shone out of him as bright as the boldest sunshine in how he always interacted with her. He was mega hot, and Laney had told John she found him sexy, so she had a glimmer of hope that someday something might happen.

Laney also knew men got better at pleasing a woman as they aged, so she figured Marvin would likely be a fantastic lover, and she yearned to taste his version of sex.

Her loins stirred as she imagined him approaching her and giving her oral, his scalp of white hair bobbing between her thighs. Her fingers meandered to her outer lower lips through her bikini bottoms. Even though John had just made her come four times as he railed her, she was ready for more. She hoped John had spoken with Marvin already and that he’d seduce her with John’s permission. It would most definitely be delicious. But John hadn’t indicated anything about it. She both loathed and loved his surprises, but only because she was impatient and horny. She just wanted it to happen, and soon.

She slipped into the refreshing pool water and sighed as the water snatched the heat from her body. Instantly, she hated the bikini hindering the flow of the water along her flesh, so she removed it and tossed it to her lounge chair.

“Woohoo! I made it,” she cheered as the bottoms hit the chaise just as she heard the gate lock latch click.

Marvin strode into the backyard wearing a pair of loose gray lounge shorts and a lime green t-shirt. She loved all the colors he wore; he wasn’t afraid to don any color, which always made him look like he was a fun guy to be around. Which, so far, had proved to be right, only Laney hadn’t been around him much other than for the business of getting the little jobs done around the house.

She glanced down and snickered. How was she to know Marvin would stroll into her backyard at this moment? He usually went to the front door.

“Oh, hey, Laney, how are you?” His eyes were warm, and his expression was friendly. “John told me to come on back. He wants me to fix your busted garden box, too.”

Laney had forgotten about the broken box, but she felt warm inside knowing John hadn’t. “Oh, very nice. Yeah, it’s the one with the tomato plants in the right back corner of the garden.”

Laney watched with scrumptious relish as Marvin’s gaze went from her to the bikini bottoms on the chair, and back to her.

His grin widened, and he released a chuckle. “Perfect day for a skinny dip.” He pointed at the sun. “Nice and hot. Hope you’ve fully sun screened.”

She loved that he was staring at her naked body in the pool and she wished her top was off too. “Yes, I did, and, yes, it feels incredible.” She swam about, allowing the water to slide along her pussy lips and ass crack. “It’s a slice of heaven to be able to do this in the privacy of my backyard anytime I want.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Indeed. You are very lucky.” He paused as a smirk grew. “And so is John.”

She wanted Marvin to get lucky too and opened her mouth to speak, but John emerged from the basement.

“Hey, Marvin, and one more thing, could you fix Laney’s garden table? It’s a little rocky, one of the legs is a bit loose, I think.”

John gave Laney a knowing glance. He had made the table ricketier by fucking her like a beast, ramming his big swollen cock into her on repeat.

She returned the look. “Oh, yeah. It’s gotten a bit more unstable recently.” She stifled a laugh while letting her salacious memories flood her face.

John mirrored her appreciation, and they held each other’s gazes. “Darn thing isn’t as sturdy as it used to be, getting used often the way it does.”

Laney laughed, loving John talking about their fuck session to Marvin without actually saying it.

“Sure thing, boss, you got it,” Marvin said with a salute and a big, happy grin. He clearly liked doing the small jobs. “Keeps me busy, and out of trouble.”

Laney wanted Marvin to get into trouble, though, with her. It wouldn’t be a John scheme if Laney knew the full story, but John had this gleam in his eye, and that usually meant glorious things for Laney. Her stomach swirled into a flurry as she let her mind start to imagine what lecherous plan might be lighting that spark in his eyes. She couldn’t wait to be in the know.

“Then, if you can move to the bedroom, Laney can go up with you and show you exactly what she wants done.” John winked at Laney as he scooped up her bikini bottom and stuffed it in his pocket.

Laney’s eyes popped out of her head when he also snatched her towel, and then started to head inside.

Whoa! What was this?

He waved the towel in the air like a flag as Laney watched, open-jawed, as he went inside.

Holy fuck. This was obviously intentional. But was Marvin in on it? Or was she supposed to seduce Marvin in the bedroom? Or was John just signaling his permission by this act, and that it was Laney’s decision of free will with his blessing on what she’d do with Marvin?

Her libido blossomed as she watched Marvin working. Would he respond well if she just climbed out of the pool naked and asked him to fuck her? Would he be aghast and scamper off, never to grace their house again? Had John briefed Marvin on her being a hotwife or was she going into this seduction cold, and it was all on her?

The unknowns were both terrifying and exciting. She knew Marvin’s eyes had roamed her before. A woman can tell when a man finds her attractive, and Marvin most certainly had given her those cues on multiple occasions. Her heart began to race as Marvin glanced her way, and then he did again.

“How did this bust out? It should be good now.”

“I don’t know, one day it just loosened, and the dirt spilled out, widening it.”

He straightened up, still wearing a grin. As he walked out of the garden, she spied a slight bulge in his shorts. She hoped it wasn’t a mirage, or just wishful thinking.

“Now to that table.” He made his way towards it and memories of hot sex flooded her brain once more.

She imagined Marvin taking her over it, pressing his man meat up her hot, moist cunt like a wet piston on full power. She sighed and shuddered. She was ready to rush him and offer her body to him, but she still wished John had given her a clearer direction. She knew he’d never be mad at her if she fucked Marvin. That was the goal, to fuck other men. John loved her being a hotwife, and getting pleasure, especially because it made her a wanton, insatiable slut, and he always reaped the fruit of it the most. Well, Laney chuckled to herself, with multiple orgasms possible, she was the one who reaped the most benefit of anyone. John wanted her as cum-drunk as often as possible. He was a wonderful man. She’d learned to climax up to sixty times a day with his help, though she recently heard on a podcast that the female clitoris is wired to circuit 286 times a day. Talk about ensuring the continuation of the species! That was a damn solid plan. So, being at sixty for her O achievements, she had lots of room to improve.

Marvin rocked the table and it moved slightly. “Yup. Just one leg coming loose. I’ll tighten it up for you.” He knelt down and looked under the table again, then stood and flipped it over. He placed it on the little drink table next to the Adirondack chairs around the bonfire pit. “Easy as pie.”

Within a few minutes, he had the table back upright and was showing Laney it no longer rocked. For now, she snickered.

She knew John might quickly unfix Marvin’s handiwork, but that was part of the naughty fun, anyway. And they paid Marvin quite well for his handyman work. It was a win-win all around.

“Okay, on to the next task.” His eyes drifted to Laney and his expression grew suggestive, almost leery.

She shivered in excitement as she swam to the stairs, ready and lusting to emerge from the water half-naked and randy like a wet, sex-hungry goddess. On a last-minute whim, she untied and slipped off her top and released it in the pool.

Marvin held her direct gaze as she ascended the stairs. Her breasts bounced slightly as she emerged from the water, then with more swing once they hit full air.

“I’ll show you to the bedroom,” she said in an alluring voice. She intended to stroll right past John, and hopefully she’d glean a bit more info from his reaction as she walked past him naked, with Marvin in tow. “Right this way.”

Laney knew Marvin already knew where their bedroom was, so this told her that John wanted her to do something. He’d done so many jobs that he’d been in every room of the house by this point, and more than once. But to Laney, the thought of guiding him through the house as he watched her bare ass tick-tock in front of him was a seduction she most certainly wanted a part of.

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