Shape your sexual encounter into something even more luscious with a wedge sex pillow. A sex pillow can provide the perfect angle for intercourse or other sexual acts. It can easily facilitate those hard to maintain, yet desired positions. This blowup wedge pillow for sex is a huge asset to lovemaking. Why? It creates a supportive structure to help prolong sexual relations and make certain positions more comfortable for both partners. The help it provides is such an enhancement that sex without it becomes lacking when it’s not used. Get this pillow. So many great positions are possible with a wedge sex pillow. I love reviewing products like this that enhance relations between sexual partners and helps their mutual sexual satisfaction blossom.

I have this pillow and I was gifted it. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own I assure you. This website uses affiliate links. Please see the disclaimer page in the menu. This post is for 18+ only.

Learn how a wedge pillow for sex can Improve Intimacy in your relationship

My Opinion of this Wedge Pillow for Sex

My rating: Five stars for this pillow! wedge sex pillow

Why? Here you go, in one sentence.

Using a blowup wedge pillow for sex will improve intimacy and sexual relations with your partner as it optimally facilitates body positioning.

I really like this pillow. It isn’t necessary for sex, of course, but it’s a fabulous adjunct to sexual relations with a partner. The tapered edge goes near the belly and the wide part raises up the pelvis. I like how it feels to be laying on it during sex. It just feels sexy to be propped up, very arousing indeed, allowing you to present yourself up for your partner.

It is easy to store as it’s not too large when inflated. I can blow it up quickly and easily if I had previously deflated it. It flattens pretty fast though if I don’t want to store it blown up. It fits nicely in a drawer alongside all my other sex toys. If you don’t have the space to store it, taking a few minutes to blow it up prior to use is not a hindrance, but could even be used as an excitement builder as you make sexy eye contact with your partner while you blow it up. Make this preparation a part of your foreplay for more fun!

Good Quality and Adjustable

I love the quality of this pillow. It holds up to a good pounding. I admit I was a bit nervous when I found out it was filled with just air. But, I’ve found it has not sprung a leak from repeated use. I actually now think having it filled with air is better than other types of fill because it won’t ever squish down but retain its shape because it’s filled with air. The amount of air is easily adjusted as well, just blow less air in for a squishy feel, and blow it up full for a more sturdy pillow.

positioning wedge pillow for sex

sexual enhancement wedge pillow for sex


wedge pillow for sex sexual enhancement product

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How to Improve Intimacy with a Wedge Pillow for Sex:

The pillow helps with body part alignment. When relations flow smoother, the enjoyment factor goes up for both participants. Sexuality is enhanced and that’s a very good thing!

What Positions are Improved With this Pillow?

It’s such a simple concept to add a pillow into your intimate relations with your partner, but the benefits are huge. The pillow makes for good angles for smoother more sustainable penetration, especially from behind.

This pillow is perfect for the prone Doggystyle position, where the receiver is lying on it belly down. This pillow props up the rear just perfectly for easier penetration. It’s also great for the one receiving because the receiver’s body is more stable and not rocking back and forth with repeated movements. Honestly, it just feels more erotic too because it’s as if the receiver is presenting himself/herself for the thruster. This knowledge of a better presentation is also very hot and arousing for both partners.

Another position this wedge pillow for sex is helpful for is when the receiver is bent over the bed edge, or couch edge, or even a table edge. Entry by penile penetration is easier with the pelvis tilted upwards.

The receiver can lie on his or her side and prop their leg up on the wide part of the pillow for another position option.

This pillow also enhances missionary and reverse cowgirl as well. Just slip it under the pelvis and joining together is even easier and more pleasant, and you will find it’s easier to sustain positions for the duration of the encounter.

A little BDSM?

Get creative! This pillow could be useful in many sexual positions as well as spanking play.

The Wedge Pillow is great for Oral Sex too

This wedge pillow is a great positioning tool for oral sex as well, for both men and women. It easily helps prop up the body and support it to elicit optimal oral pleasure for both partners. Better angles, more support, and increased fun all lead to greater sexual satisfaction and intimacy between partners.

Care for the Pillow

I have found it easy to clean this pillow off if it gets soiled while being used. Fluids or lubricants can easily land on the pillow. Washing it with a warm wet soapy cloth cleans it right up. I have not had any problems with liquids staining the pillow either. I would allow it to dry prior to folding it up and storing it to prevent any mold or bacterial growth from occurring.

This pillow is easy to deflate and inflate. I love the ease with which I can use this pillow. It’s a quick job to get it ready if it’s deflated. It is easy to blow it up just by mouth even, no pump needed. Store it inflated in the closet or deflate it and easily tuck it away in a dresser drawer.

Would I buy it again? YES!

I fully recommend this pillow to add to your collection. I actually have two of these pillows because having more than one of a good tool is never a bad thing!

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Wedge pillow

on wedge pillow for sex position body for better penetration

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Learn How a Sex Pillow can Improve Intimacy

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