Hey there! I’m Ruan, an erotica author, podcaster, audiobook narrator, and sex blogger. I have some fabulously great ideas for Valentine’s Day date ideas! There are so many ideas for Valentine’s Day date ideas, from cheap and free to purchasing an item for a gift or an experience. Scroll down for all the hot sexy delicious ideas for juicy yummy fun from free & cheap to purchasing something. I’m sharing a wide range of ideas! These are so much fun and such sexy ideas! Some you can enjoy as a single solo person on Valentine’s Day, and others are meant for a couple (or more!).

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Erotic Audiobooks: Enjoy Solo or with a Partner

Listening to an erotic audiobook is great fun for getting you both in the mood for intimacy, or for yourself to enjoy a masturbation session. Listening to an erotic story is so sensual, can give you new ideas to try on your own, provide great fodder for your fantasy life, and provide you with an entertaining experience. You can listen over and over again to your favorites and get so much pleasure from them that you won’t want to stop listening 🙂

I have over 40 audiobooks published. Some are short quick erotic short stories, and others are longer books. I do have free copies to give away for those interested in review copies. I’d love to hear your thoughts in an honest review if you enjoy my books! You can find them in the links below.

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Audiobooks are a great way to enhance time with your partner and perhaps a way to introduce them to new sexual ideas you’d like to try out.


Why not celebrate your own personal sexuality on Valentine’s Day. Make yourself a delicious meal. Buy yourself some candy or a gift, maybe a bottle of wine or favorite alcohol, or coffee. Then make a night of it! Enjoy what you bought or made for yourself, then listen to the audiobook, get cozy, and get yourself off!

Masturbation is a great stress reliever, gives you wonderful hormones to bathe your entire body in, it’s refreshing, and it’s fun! Having orgasms is the best way to celebrate yourself and do some self-care time. Do it today and every day!

Listen to a sexy podcast!

Here’s mine, I have well over 200 episodes to choose from: https://ohfckyeahwithruanwillow.buzzsprout.com

Read Erotic Books to each other: Enjoy Solo or with a Partner

Reading a sexy tale aloud to each other can be a very sexy and intimate activity. Your partner will enjoy where you act out the story and where you add inflection. They will enjoy your facial expressions and voice as you read. There are so many erotic novels and novellas and short stories out in the world, you will easily be able to find topics that turn you on. This activity is a great way to usher in sex for the evening. Read as much or as l little as you want, then get busy yourselves!

You can check out my books in this link–Ruan’s erotica short stories/books/novellas: https://linktr.ee/RuanWillow

Some of my books are free as an ARC on BookSirens and Story Origin App. Check them out on those sites.

Sex Toys!

One of my favorite topics when it comes to sexual pleasure is enjoying sex toys! This is a wonderful and satisfying sexual activity for solo/single people as well as couples and multiples. The vast array of sex toys now available on the market today is both astounding and exciting! I’m a happy promoter of such pleasures. Honestly, the sky is the limit for how much fun and sexual heights you can attain while utilizing the various sex toys. I have well over 40 sex toys myself. I have a very hard time saying any sex toy is bad (unless it falls apart that is), and that’s because even the weaker toys are great edgers. Work those toys! Even the weakest toy is the first step to enjoyment and climax!

Check out my website that lists deals and discounts on sex toys here: https://ruanwillowauthor.com/get-the-ruan-willow-discount/

I have sex toys that I know are edgers, and sex toys that I call finishers. The finishers are just that, I know I can climax with them. I have several sex toy review posts on my website, scroll down to see them. I will list them at the bottom of the post.

Some of My Favorite Sex Toys

Some of my favorite sex toys are made by Zumio, Kiirroo, and Lovense. I also adore the clit sucker air pulse toys.

See my reviews here: Best Vibrator Clitoral Stimulation

Best 6 External Sex Toys for Female Pleasure

Rabbit Vibrator Lovense Nora Review

Rose Vibrator Clit Sucker Toy Review

Lush Sex Toy Review Remote Controlled Vibrator

kiiroo sex toys

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Pearl sex toys & more:
Pearl 2+

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Couples’ selection

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MysteryVibe Toys: https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1520869&u=3101443&m=91254&urllink=&afftrack=

Sex Games!

Find the Twister Sheet game at comfybedsheets website.

Check out Etsy. I found awesome sex game ideas there, which really surprised me. I found sex game dice, naughty tokens from a grab bag that guide your play, a sex position game with scratch-offs, and sex furniture. There are also harnesses and other sexy & kinky types of clothing and lingerie on Etsy. Check them out and see what erotic things you can find there! What’s great about Etsy is you know you are supporting a small business, just like me! Plus you get an awesome sexy fun game or product to enjoy!

I just became an affiliate for the Game of Love Sex Game Bed sheet company. Oh. this is so much fun! Get a load of this!

The bed sheet is a game board. It comes with washable markers, a die, a plush game piece to move around the bed, and access to the idea vault. What’s the idea vault? It provides ideas for the game! Access gives you ideas for what to write on the game board. It comes in queen or queen size and at this time it sells for $55.00.

Find it here Game of Love Sex Game Bed Sheethttp://www.mygameoflove.com?afmc=m8

No money? Make your own game sheet! Write on a fitted sheet with a permanent marker. You won’t be able to change your game board, unless you do another sheet, but maybe you won’t want to!

Food Games and Sex

Enjoy simple food games in a sexy way. How?

The grape game!

How to play:

Combine red and green grapes (off the vine) in a bowl. Mix them up with your hands so they are fully mixed.

Designate what each grape means. For example, drawing a red grape means supple her right nipple. If a green grape is drawn, supple her left nipple.

Close your eyes and pull out a grape. Feed it to your partner. Do what the color tells you too!

You can make up your own rules and change them up for extra sexy fun!

Guess what flavor sex game:

Grab many different foods from your pantry or fridge. Here are some suggestions: Nutella, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, butterscotch syrup, whipped cream, and various jellies.

Dab them on various parts of your body and see if your partner can guess what they are when they taste them blindfolded.

Edible Lubes

There are many edible lubes on the market. Purchase several and do a taste test as you orally pleasure each other.

Here are a few of my faves:

Check out my other Valentine’s Day post here: Sex Gifts for Valentines Day

Other ideas:

Well, there’s free porn of course. Or try out Frolic Me. I write erotic stories to go along with the sensual sex films created by the woman-owned and run company Frolic Me. Their films are so sexy and sensual and it’s ethical porn, because you know the actors are getting paid.

Watch a movie at home naked.

Set the alarm for a three a.m. sex or masturbation session. Will you be able to sleep;)

Use sex toys on each other blindfolded and see if the other person can figure out which toy it is.

Go to a movie and touch each other under a blanket. Build up the anticipation for sex!

Go out to dinner. Order in. Make a complex or gourmet dinner together! Make sure you have yummy drinks too!

Paint each other’s skin with watercolors or edible powder or gold dust.

I hope you enjoy my ideas and have fun!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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