I’m pleased to announce I have my first story live on the amazing Literotica website about swinging for beginners, Never Say Never Swing. I will publish a short snippet here and then you will need to click through to Literotica to finish reading this first time swinging story.

Two couples go from just friends to friends with benefits as they are seduced into the swinging lifestyle by their friends, who were already secretly living it. The story includes first time experiences with not only swinging, but anal sex, mild BDSM, and truth-telling in the depths of their deep dark sexual secrets. Enjoy reading about their mutual sexual pleasure as they explore and spread their sexual wings and expand the realms of their sexuality. Experience it with them as they literally explode their fantasies to life, erotic romance, swinging couples style.

People are complex, so characters are therefore complex, and we all do things that don’t make sense. But they sure have lots of fun!

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Swinging for Beginners: Never Say Never Swing

Never Say Never Swing free erotica ficiton story

“Shut up,” I say as Kyle passes me the cheese and cracker plate full of those stuffed blue cheese olives I could literally eat the whole jar of in one sitting. His beyond handsome face overcome by teasing look and reeking of a full-on impending taunt. Bring it on, you sexy fucker.  I take an olive, then another, and both go right into my mouth with a saucy grin.

“What? Whatever do you mean? I bought these just for you, Karley,” Kyle says with a grin, his top lip flattens over his perfect top teeth yet still manages to stay full, a part of him I’ve always wanted to suck. He runs his hand through his dark thick hair as his wife Miranda stabs him in the ribs with her index finger as she walks past. “I know what you like by now.” His eyes follow his wife to her seat next to me.

“All for Karley, huh? I’m second choice to offer those olives too I see.” Her teasing grin turns into a full bite of her lips together, her mouth clamped shut as she tries to smother a laugh.

“Oh, no, I didn’t mean … “ Kyle’s eyes flare open as his mouth goes from a wide circle to a snicker. “No, my dear lovely wife, have some.” He extends the plate to her, just grazing the tips of her long, painted fingernails.

“Thank you. Good to know I matter too.” Miranda gives me an intense look, full of her usual sass. Her arm raise showing off her slender flat abdomen.

I grin at her as I allow my gaze to fall to her breasts, that look especially perky in her red tank top, her delicate silver chained necklace dangling a trio of silver teardrops barely into the spread of her little cleavage. A gift from her husband last Christmas with each child’s name carved on one per drop, her usual adornment ever since she received it. Her breasts are pruned into pushing her near erect tits out, so either she’s deliciously not wearing a bra, or it’s paper-thin.

She glances back at me as she chews the olive and I avert my stare from her boobs, but I suppress a laugh inside my gut because I’m pretty sure she caught me tit-staring. Girl crush. My cheeks flush.

I eye up the olives in my hand, somehow more made it there without my barely acknowledging it. I look beyond Kyle to my husband working in the kitchen. “Dean, you need help yet?”

My husband is sprinkling a myriad of spices on the chicken breasts, and one large portabella mushroom for Miranda. His hands fly up in the air as he glances my way, his graying blond hair flops as he shakes his head.

He asks, “Where is the garlic salt? I thought I put that on the list. Did you buy more Karley? And I’m all good thanks. You sit. My day to play chef.”

“Um … no. I don’t recall buying garlic salt. It wasn’t on the list.” I pop an olive in my mouth and watch Kyle’s ass as he walks to the fridge for more beer. A more grab-worthy man butt I’ve never seen before in all my life.

“It was on the list. I remember adding it. Damn it. Do we have garlic powder?” Dean digs in the spice cupboard, his clumsy hands knocking out at least ten spices, whereas mine would have probably knocked out only four. “Damn, you bring way too many spices home from work,” he mutters.

“Don’t complain. They are top-notch spices for free. But I think we should have garlic powder. Then you could just use regular salt.” I watch Kyle bend over to dig in the fridge just before I lock eyes with Miranda. Damnit! She caught my roaming eyes again! Glad to know I’m the only horny perv here. “I should give you a few spices, Miranda. I have so many duplicates now.”

She nods. “He has a killer ass, doesn’t he?” Miranda smirks as she swirls the last bit of beer at the bottom of her bottle and tips her head to drain it down her throat. “I’m switching to wine.”

I nod meeting her eyes and do a swipe of my upper lip with my tongue. “Mmm hmmm.”

Watching her leaning back again for the last drop, her long graceful neck stirs something in me, a something that feels suddenly more like credible want. Someday I will get my mouth on that neck, and those perky tits of hers.

My cheeks flush again at my perving on her, which is odd given I’m a bit drunk, but perhaps it’s because I was more imaging my lips on her than because she caught my eyes on her husband’s butt.

“They are talking about your butt again, Kyle.” Dean shakes his hand.

“Easy over there on the saltshaker, Dean. We don’t all need higher blood pressure.” I shove my folded arms up, pointing both fingers at him, which makes my boobs bounce as I scold him. “You especially. His blood pressure was off the charts last time.” I raise an eyebrow at Miranda. “Don’t need my fucking you giving you a damn heart attack from your BP being off the charts.”

“Get off my case. Losing all that weight reduced it.” He flexes his right bicep as he shakes his head while holding my gaze. “And really. Give me a fucking heart attack, please,” Dean jokes. “There are way worse ways to die than with your cock in a pussy.”

“Oh, my Gawd! Stop it,” I holler trying not to laugh, matching the bite of my lip to Miranda’s, our usual pact to not laugh at my husband’s bad jokes.

She loses it and cracks up, so I just give up and laugh too.

“No fuck,” says Kyle. “Death by sex, what a way to go.” He shakes he head making his hair fall in that sexy as fuck way before he pries off the bottle cap with his teeth.

“Kyle, you know where the can opener is!” I yell at him with wide eyes.

“Damn, that man will chip a tooth one of these days doing that. Then we will have another fake tooth to buy. We already need to buy Jackson two once he turns seventeen. Damn hockey puck.” Miranda takes a beer from Kyle and attempts to open it. “Aw, shit, right. Need an opener. Wait I was gonna go for wine but one more can’t hurt. Right? Thanks, babe.”

Kyle grabs for it across the table. “I got ya.”

Damn that reach. That man has some long strong arms.

“Oh no, you don’t. Just sit there and look pretty for Karley. Tell her she’s beautiful. Flash her that smile.” She jerks the bottle far away from him. As she stands up her tank top creeps up her abdomen as she spins showing a sliver of perfect porcelain belly skin.

Kyle gives me the sassiest pair of fuck me eyes, raising his eyebrows at me.

If only that were fucking real. Meow.

My eyes flick to Miranda’s movement as her ass tick-tocks in those damn short denim shorts as she strolls into the kitchen. She stands alongside Dean peering at his spice sprinkling, their hips touch for a slight second before they both bounce apart. They are saying something but it’s in a whisper that I can’t comprehend.

Kyle waves his hand in front of my face. “You the official ass watcher tonight.”

I scoff. “Not my fault y’all have asses that curve like sin.”

Kyle laughs, a naughty smirk sliding across his face. “I could say the same for you, lovely thick sweet cheeks.” He raises an eyebrow at me as his grin suggests everything I want and more.

“Yeah, yeah. I don’t have a small butt. I know. More butt talk is happening over here. You two are missing out,” I announce. “Who wants to get in on the butt talk? Mine’s big and round, take a picture.” I lean in my chair and point at my ass before I give it a slap.

Miranda shakes her ass at me from the kitchen before retrieving the bottle opener from the cabinet above the wine rack. She dances on her tippy toes and lowers her heels down as she flicks the bottle opener up. Her silence capped with a, “Humpf.”

She will probably stay in the kitchen to avoid butt talk. My internal snicker turns into a real smirk.

“I’ll gladly talk butt talk with you, Karley. And you have a fine ass. It’s not too big, it’s juicy. Good juicy. Dare say I love it. Sorry Dean, not sorry.”

“Say what?” he calls over his shoulder as Miranda joins his side again, her hand on the small of his back.

I let out a haughty laugh as I flick my naughty look to meet his own. “Oh, is that so. It certainly could use a good round of handiwork.”

Kyle clasps his hands and taps his entwined fingers on the table. “Oh, I’d love to give you a round or two. Or twenty-five.”

“Well, Dean ain’t too into that unless it’s doggy in the pussy.” I clap my hand over my mouth. “Fuck! I said that out loud, didn’t I?” Geez, maybe I’m drunker than I realize.

“Huh. That so.” Kyle’s eyes fill with a lust I’ve never seen him reveal to me before.

I take a deep breath in quickly, my body jerking from the intensity of his gaze. “Well, sounds like you and me should go into the next room and explore that.” A huge smirk spreads my face as I chuckle shaking my head. “Sorry.” I wave at my glass with a sigh. “I need to eat.”

Kyle’s face falls and it’s like a slap across my face.

Oops. Went too far that time. My hands both go up. “Oh, I’m so sorry. That was just a joke, Kyle. I’m drunk. I shouldn’t have said that. Damn wine is making my brain flooded with hormones again.”

He remains stoic, his face suddenly as white as the napkin I’m twisting into a little log.

My eyes fall as I let the napkin unfurl on the table.

“Well, honestly, I’d be up for that,” he whispers.

My throat falls into my gut as my gaze flies up to his face. “What?” I ask, my voice shakier than I’ve heard it in years.

“Actually, Miranda and I have this fantasy. And it involves you and Dean.”

Oh. My. Fuck. I can’t swallow the saliva that has pooled in my mouth, I tense my lips together before actual drool falls out the corner. “Shut the fuck up. Are you being fucking serious right now?” My heart racing, I lace my hands together, so I don’t show him they are shaking.

Miranda appears out of nowhere. “Yes, he is. Very. And so am I.” She glances at my husband who is now out on the deck hefting the huge chicken breasts onto the steaming grill. She rests her hand on his shoulder. “You two ever consider swinging? We’ve been wanting to ask you two for over … about six months, but we didn’t want to ruin our friendship so we’ve kept quiet, but now that you’ve joked about it, do you think you two would ever consider it? I mean, it won’t ruin our friendship if you don’t. I kept telling Kyle you are the one to ask sometime when Dean isn’t around.”

My intestines are sending drunk butterflies to stumble about my insides, I can’t seem to breathe or fathom the right way to answer.

Dean comes into the house before I can manage to speak, my mouth still ajar like an idiot. I watch as Miranda takes the pan the chicken was on from my husband.

“I’ll wash this. You sit and have a beer and chat up your lovely wife,” Miranda says with a motion of her hand towards the table, followed by a direct gaze into my eyes.

“Um. Yes. Would love to,” I mutter finally. “I think we would.” Answering too late, dumbass.

Miranda drops the pans into the sink and bends over to dig out the soap from the cabinet. “And tell her she’s hot as fuck in the sundress too, by the way.”

Dean sits down next to Kyle and grabs a salami off the appetizer plate, avoiding the toxic carb of the cracker next to it. “You are sexy as fuck in that sundress.” He’s grinning at me as the salami disappears whole into his mouth. “I do love that one on you. One of my favorites actually.”

“It’s stunning,” Kyle pipes out the second after Dean stops talking, his eyes catch mine in a lock.

Possibilities of all four of us fucking zing through my mind in an instant and I struggle to take a breath as my heart races. I begin to pant as Dean gives me a questioning look.

“You gonna faint, Karley?” Dean asks. “You look off. You need to eat, don’t you?” He extends the appetizer plate towards me.

I seriously might faint. “What? No … ” I stammer. I blink hoping it resets my brain. “I, um, I’m fine. Just maybe need some protein. Yeah.” I grab two pieces of cheese, but both end up on the circular base of my wine glass.

“You need more wine for that cheese,” Kyle says as he grabs the bottle and fills my wine glass to the top.

Way to the top. How will I drink this? I lean in and take a sip. “Generous pour, Kyle. Thanks.”

“I know wine will loosen you up and we are all about getting loose with you guys. We have so much fun hanging out with you. We’d like to do more.” Kyle lays his palm on the table.

I lust for that hand of his covering my ass cheek. I suck my lower lip into my mouth as I imagine the more being Kyle bending me over the living room couch, giving my ass a slap with that large hand and then shoving his cock into me. My pussy flares open at the thought and I let out a little cough as I feel my nipples harden against my sundress. Traitors.

Kyle’s eyes drop to my heaving chest.

“Yeah, we have a blast with you guys too. Hard to find good friends who are such a match. And damn good idea, Miranda, to send all the kids to your house for the evening. Now they are all out of our hair.” Dean grabs another salami, his newly enlarged bicep flexing his thin shirt even with the simple movements.

“Well, and since we are drinking, we wondered, Kyle and I, if we should just spend the night and the kids could have a big sleepover at ours. What do you think, Karley? Would that work?” Miranda is tossing a salad nonchalantly as if them spending the night at our house sans kids is a normal thing. “We could really have a wild drinking night and let loose, bare all our skeletons on the table in a game of truth or dare or tangle up in a game of naked Twister.” She snorts and giggles. “Dang, I just said that didn’t I?”

Dean’s eyes raise to meet mine and flare. His mouth falls slightly ajar.

I stifle a laugh.

Miranda carries the salad to the table and sets it in the middle. “There. We are feeding the chef this time. No cooking for you this meal, Karley. We are your lowly wanton to please slaves.” She knocks on the table, her petite fist making way more sound than I would have thought it could. “Think this table is sturdy enough to hold our skeletons?” Her smirk is undeniable.

Well, fuck me. These two came here with intentions to seduce Dean and I. Or am I just insane? Holy. Fucking. Shit!

Dean and I keep our eyes locked as he says. “I’d do that.”

I nod, speechless for too long. “Wait. Do what?” I cock my head as his gaze tells me. I’m a bit wine dumb. “Oh. Uh. Yeah. That. Um. Me too.” My lips part as I blink slowly. What the fuck is going on here?

“Never seen you speechless before, Karley. Honestly, we are fine with our usual hangout routine, unless you two do want to make it … something more.” Miranda sucks her lip into her mouth while giving me an intense gaze.

My brain has lost all blood, draining out all my intelligence with it to pool at my clitoris. I mean … fuck … it’s literally throbbing. I keep my eyes on Dean as I tell him with my eyes first. “I mean, Dean and I have talked about a threesome before, but never said we’d swing.” I pause and contemplate eating the cheese on my wine glass base but end up shredding it into small chunks instead. I raise my eyes to meet all of theirs. “But, really, I guess swinging isn’t that far off of a threesome, is it?”


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