This story is a work of fiction. It is fantasy erotica, not fantasy as in the genre, but in that, it’s a work of fiction that I have developed into a story from a fantasy of mine I created in my head years ago. I’ve used this scenario many times in my fantasy life in many different ways. I hope you enjoy this sexy steamy naughty INTENSE story. It has been brewing in my brain for literally years (funny, not funny, haha!).

Sucking Nipples at The Licking Sip Coffee Shop

Lana peered around the corner from the back room, her leggings pooled at her ankles like cuffs.  Many tables full of patrons already. Is he here yet?

The droning of machines filled the air as they spilled brown drink delights into cups. The freshly ground coffee aroma rich and thick plugged her nostrils full. Full enough to block out the shock wave of aftershave that usually hung in the coffee shop like a near-toxic fog. Her brain now associated the smell of coffee with her swollen erotic feelings, swelling enough to seek popping. She smiled a naughty smile. Gonna get fucked. Fuck, fuck, fuck yeah. Pounded today. Her clitoral bits blissfully sent out a twitch.

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Sucking Nipples at the Licking Sip Coffee Shop

Sucking nipples at the licking sip coffee shop whipped cream



The cool air brushed her now bare buttocks as she adjusted the waist of her skirt below her belly button. The saliva thickened in the back of her throat as she tried to swallow her lust down to her gut.

I need him here today.

“Order for Michael is ready,” Celeste waved her arm towards the blue-green cup with a white plastic lid, a lone drink on the orders-up counter. She pulled her wench top-down snugging the elastic below her C cups. “Hit me.” She stretched her arms wide pushing her peaked breasts out, her head back.

German wenches. Harley’s pick for uniforms without a single hesitation for the coffee shop waitstaff. The owner gets what the owner wants. Right? A truer fantasy of her husband’s never played out so well as when he had chosen the costumes: white top off the shoulders, a circle of fabric clung to the women’s biceps, the elastic edged fabric of the top needing just a quick tug down to bare breasts. Big ones. Small ones. Saggy ones. A cups. He didn’t care. He loved them all. But most of all … all the nipples.

He had insisted on the ruffled short skirts so going commando meant the lower ass cheeks were visible below the ruffles even on the skinniest women. “Spank bait,” Harley had said as he had bent her over the table to fuck her from behind in the crisp new German wench outfit, christening the first day of business at The Licking Sip a mere three years ago. His cum had clung in thick drip lines down the insides of her thighs as she had served the first customer a simple deep rich cup of straight-up boring black coffee. The lucky first patron’s eyes had never left her breasts as she handed him the hot cup, his skin crinkling around the gleam of lust in his eyes. A warm feeling had bathed Lana. She liked to be used and this was gonna hit her sweet spot every day she worked. Her libido tweaked, she went about the first day of business to be sucked, fucked, and spanked like a good girl.

Lana’s eyes fell to her friend, her coworker, her confidant. Lerise was in a precarious position slightly bent over a table occupied by three men, all eyeing her up like centerfold meat. The man nearest to her had his hand raised above her ass. He delivered one spank before Lerise briskly shuffled off.

Nora nodded and finally pointed the whipped cream can downward hovering above Celeste’s erect giant pink nipple. She had the kind of nipples porn stars would die for. Can’t plastic surgery your way into a good nipple, as Harley always says.

Lana stacked a loose pile of scratch paper in front of the register, her stomach growled. She had forgotten to eat real food after swallowing down Harley’s cum this morning. She shrugged. “Aw, fuck it.”

The scream of the pressed nozzle of the whipped cream can blended quickly into the eruption of cheering sounds in the shop, making it more like white noise than a promise to suck. The clapping slammed her ears as shouts rang out. Skin slaps rang out across the room. The whole shop buzzed with lusty growls and hoots.

Someone’s getting fucked. Most likely Lerise.

Upon entering the shop, Lana had seen Lerise near one of her regulars, who’d usually grab her and fuck her right up the ass like he was giving her a tip. While Lana cringed, the memory popped in her head of when Lerise had admitted one late night over tequila shots as they had cleaned the big coffee pots that really, she loved it more than she ever wanted to admit. Lana had bit her lips together so hard the secret would never escape.

Lerise’s top was missing, not that she appeared to give a fuck where it went as her body was gyrating from his hard thrusts, her wild hair danced. He had claimed her butt once more.

Lana shook her head as she caught Celeste’s gleaming eyes. Her tits were now smothered in whipped cream, the peaks jutting out only to be smashed by Michael’s mouth in an instant, his coffee ignored on the counter behind Celeste as he mouthed the cream off her right tit, a bulb of cream squeezing out the corner of his mouth as he worked her nipple over. Michael sucked her deep into his mouth as Celeste arched her back, her head almost knocking over Michael’s coffee cup. She moaned.

Lana shifted in her shoes. These damn heels pinched her toes. Why hadn’t she chosen the usual red ones? The tile floor proved a worthy opponent forcing her to walk like she had a stick up her butt in these ones.

She glanced across the shop in time to see Lerise’s orgasm face, her eyes drooping shut, her perky pointed tits jogging across her chest as Fernando wildly fucked her ass from behind, her fingers pressing her clit near the surface of the table. Her dark skin glistened in drip lines from her breasts to her belly, a bit of white cream still smeared across the bulge of her right breast. She cried out and there were cheers as Fernando leaned back to give her ass a few more smacks. His body gyrated like a jackhammer against her butthole until his body shook with a massive groan.

Lana shook her head as she tied an apron around her waist, its frayed cut edge just barely an inch longer than her ruffled skirt on the front side. She was to start behind the counter making the coffee drinks and would rotate to the floor in an hour. Lerise had done her job and the cups with lids were lined up for the rush. Good girl, Lerise.

Lerise pulled a Ziploc baggy from the waistband of her skirt and held it open for Fernando to drop his condom in. She slid her fingers across the seal with a grin. Fernando gave her ass another smack as she stood there. He pushed a wad of money into her palm with a devilish grin. Sitting next to his friends he looked like the pirate of the group amongst clean-shaven businessmen, men who probably fucked their secretaries bent over their big dark wooden desks that housed pictures of their wives and kids. But Fernando, he fucked her every time he graced The Licking Sip with his brutish self. It was a tradition many patrons came to watch if lucky enough to catch the show.

Lerise forced a tight smile as she flung her thick mass of curly dark hair behind one shoulder. The space beneath the table proved a fail to provide her with her missing shirt, even on all fours with hands grabbing at her ass as she searched didn’t produce the flimsy white top. Fernando probably flung it like a slingshot across the shop, to be found by janitors behind a coffee bean display.

She stood and shrugged her shoulders. She and her bare top half joined me behind the counter. Her breasts round and bulging like she was walking with shiny dark hams on her chest.

“Nice orgasm?” I laid a towel over her bare shoulder, its hem landed near her right dark pointed tit.

“Fuck yes I did. That man knows how to push me face first in the best orgasms.” She winked. “He’s a pro-pro ass fucker.”

Secrets. Yes, we all held them like sweet screams in our hearts. How is every man not a pro ass fucker? I wouldn’t know. But seems a thrust is a thrust no matter the hole. “Good for you. Need a drink?”

“Earl Grey tea for Mr. Boring.” She fluttered her long eyelashes as if she were sweeping fresh air into her eyes.

I laughed. “He might be boring, but he can’t get enough of watching you get ass fucked by Fernando. I think they both have your schedule.”

She raised her eyebrows at me three times. “Mr. Boring greases my backside. Sh! Don’t tell a soul.” Lerise’s whispered words dropped Lana’s jaw. Girl is a genius at double-dipping!

“He pays you? Or fucks you?” Lana widened her eyes.

She shook her head, eyes full of mischief.


She smacked her own right hip. “I ain’t delving, bitch.” Her smirk a slap across Lana’s face.

“I’d never tell Harley, Lerise, and honestly, he wouldn’t care. He’d probably call you an entrepreneur making extra money like that.”

She walked away shaking her head, finger waving in the air.

“I’m serious.” Lana’s pussy flared as he walked in. Fuck yes. He’s here! Her heart pounded as he caught her stare and nodded, eyes afire like the devil himself.

Sucking nipples at the Licking Sip coffee shop erotica short story

Sucking Nipples at the Licking sip coffee shop erotica adult

He’s come with his friend Alex, the one who always looked like someone was pulling a turd out of his ass with a pair of cold metal tongs. Poor man, a face loved by a mama and grandmama only.

She bit her lip, so her face wouldn’t betray her internal chuckle. Darren knew her floor shift wasn’t for an hour, she had texted him earlier this morning. Curious indeed why he’s early. Her pussy opening flared as he raised an eyebrow from across the room. He grabbed his cock through his loose jeans and shook the bulge, a big fat naughty grin pillaging his face.

Well, fuck it now Darren. Please.

Celeste slid up to Lana’s side. “Harley coming today?” She grabbed a napkin and wiped Michael’s saliva from her tits.

“Most likely not.” I shrug.

She tosses the napkin and continues walking to the tit-washer, a Harley original invention, one some local illegal brothels paid Harley big bucks to make for their own establishments too, a patent will never grace its existence, but word of mouth and bought under the table is better anyways, as Harley always says. More money in his pocket.

He had said, “Ain’t no government on this planet gonna let me patent a titty-washer.” He laughed so hard he cried and wound up in a coughing fit, a lag of drool slipping out to wet his goatee.

Celeste leaned over the titty-washer and stuck her breasts in the holes of the machine. She pressed the button and the water sound whirred in the chamber as the brushes inside whirred their spin and cleaned her breasts. Harley had run a hose for a hot water line to the unit and attached a soap dispenser that leaked soap into the water when the button was pressed. It was like a foot soaker bath but for boobs instead. Harley proved to be a genius because now it was really easy to wash our tits between customers sucks.

Celeste stood up, all nearby eyes on her wet breasts. Her massive hard nipples glistened even in the calming dim light of the shop. She never bothered to dry them, none of us did. The patrons loved seeing wet boobs and nips. Made our shirts wet from drips but when we got slipped extra tips walking away from the machine, so not one of us ever complained about a wet shirt. Plus, the titty-washer felt erotic as fuck, so we all got off on it, while patrons looked at our asses bent over. It was a win-win all around.

We just got away with what we did, and no one ever complained so our coffee shop held its sucking, fucking, and licking quiet, asexual as worms, we looked legit from the curb.

Nora was straddling George who was seated at the table near the bathrooms, his beard painted in cream as he mowed her creamy dark nipple into his mouth, his hands cupping her bare ass, fluffing her skirt up more as he squeezed. Her red hair shimmering like fiery rays of sun down her back.

“Nora is peddling today, huh?” I secured the lid on a cup and handed it to Celeste. “I need to suck those tits of yours today, Celeste.”

“Get in line, babe.” She smirked grabbing both tits aiming them at me, giving her head a backward jerk. “Yeah. Her shirt was down from the second she walked in, so yeah. She’s giving suckles today.”

“Beautiful. Happy customers make my Harley happy.” Lana cocked her head at her friend. “And me as a trickle-down.”

The doorbell jingled. Lana’s loins spread as a young man in his late twenties walked in with biceps the size of pineapples, and a mop of chocolate hair that needed her fingers to mess it up.

She blinked to make sure he was real. Bring this girl your wood, Sir.

She kept the hold of their mutual gaze constant for a full minute as he approached her at the ordering counter. New meat to grace the honey pot. Fuck to the fuck yes, please. Harley will like watching the video of him riding me from behind no doubt. Let’s provide the husband with live porn, youngster. Her lips sloshed together because she had just wet them. She leaned forward to take his order with a moist lip smack, though it’s not even her register post for much longer, but she’s taking him.

“What can I get you, Sir?”

His grin flexed Lana’s pile of pubic hairs. Not really but fuck, please grace me with that. Her pussy juiced herself upon her eye scan taking all of him in. What a delicious man.

“What’s your poison?” Her index finger feels up her tongue. She sucks it as she gives him fuck me eyes.

“I’ll take a campfire mocha and creamed tits.” His chest shook as he laughed, his cheeks rosy and taut above his grand smile. So jovial. Hot as fuck. “Do I actually order it like that?” He scoffed with a head jerk as his muscular hand fondled his jawline the way she wanted her thighs too. He glanced back at his friend with a wave of his hand.

“Yes, you actually do.” Lana leaned forward further, making her tits graze the computer screen. “And you can pick the tits. Any waitress with her shirt pulled down is free game for a whipped cream titty suck. And more.” She raises an eyebrow at him. “Potentially.”

“Ah, gotcha. Shirts up mean so sucky.” He glanced around the room with a quick eye sweep.

Harley, though he’s a dumbass, was really pretty smart. Easy down wench tops with elastic at the top proved as easy to pull down as they are to pull up. Police officers, unless known, politicians, unless outted, teachers, unless regulars, and all other known respectful folk, or kids, approaching the door was shirts up, otherwise, it’s tits out, unless taking a break from being sucked. On the occasion that happened, but tips were always less so most waitresses kept their shirts down.

Lana tugged her shirt lower as it had crept up her underboobs and had started crawling its own way up her breasts. Naughty mode was always really easy with a simple shirt yank. Fuck yeah. Her grin seeped naughtier.

“You are behind that counter though. Do I come back there to suckle your beauties then?” He raised an eyebrow at her as he licked his lower lip. “Yours look just my style.”

“DD.” Lana gave him a deep smile.

He nodded with a lecherous grin.”Yes.”

Her clit twitched from the lusty look in his eyes. Her pussy gaped and she resisted the urge to touch her wetness. “Anywhere you want me.” Her voice barely a whisper as his friends behind him dropped their jaws. “It’s our way here.”

“For real?” the man with shaggy red hair asks, his flannel shirt a step away from wear holes over his elbows.

“I told you, man. This place is a titty suck place, legit. Don’t you and those big ears of yours ever listen?” This sexy man who wanted her tits shook his head. “Fuck. It’s like you cotton-eared, fucker.”

Lana leaned back to peak her tits. Want those lips of yours to grace these nipples, little boy.

He rubs the giant rod pressing out his jeans. “Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. You sneak in a few strokes too, beautiful?” He chuckled with a nod as he rubbed the giant mound at his crotch. “Fuck, this place kicks ass. I heard about it, so nice it’s bald, ya know? Just as I heard it was. No coverup.” He glanced over at Celeste being spanked, bent over the table by a man twice her size, his gray beard gracing his chest wiggling like jello as he slapped her butt. “Fuck me! Spanking too?”

Lana swiveled and twerked her butt up at him. “If you want. I’d like it.”

“So, do I pay extra to suck and spank?” His eyes flared wide.

Lana shook her head. “It’s tip-based, love. We aren’t a brothel.”

Sexy Coffee Shop Erotic Short Story





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He nodded. “Got it. Honor system. Well, I’d never stiff you. Not that way, anyhow.” All three men laughed.

Lana tried not to naughty smile, but it slid out as she took his card to ring up his order.

“Fuck yes,” he muttered. “Love this place!”

Lana giggled inside. There might be drool slipping out of his mouth.

From across the room, Darren’s eyes were on her as she batted her eyelashes at the husky young man. “Where do you want me, love?”

“Back there would be hot if I’m allowed.”

His large hands made her pussy drool. Them wide and strong hooks smacking her ass, those wide meaty fingers up her pussy. Fuck yes!

“As you wish.” Lana motioned him back with her hand. She locked eyes with Darren as a little grin spread his lips open into a leer.

Lana raised her arms as Celeste readied the whipped cream can. She coated Lana’s nipples and breasts with the cream as Lerise made the man’s coffee drink. His friends’ faces were glued to Lana as she lowered her arms. Celeste moved out of the way as the big sexy man squatted down a bit and pulled Lana’s chest closer to his face. He licked the cream then attacked her nipple with a wide-open mouth, cream squishing out the sides of his mouth and dropping to the floor. He moaned like he hadn’t had tit in way too long.

Sucking Nipples at the LIcking Sip coffee shop whipped cream on skin



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Lana’s hands tangled in his thick dark waves, tugging at his hair in chunks as he grunted before sucking her nipple deep into his mouth, deep throating it. Lana moaned squeezing his scalp firmly with her fingers. She suddenly yearned to nurture this lusty hungry man.

“Aw, fuck yeah,” the red-haired man slurred from the other side of the counter. “I want that. Fuck. Need me an oral fix too. I want that dark-skinned goddess.” He licked his lips and left his mouth open slightly after showing the slight space between his front teeth.

“No shit. Wonder if they suck cock?” the other friend asked as he ran his hand down his thin frame to cup his crotch.

Nora came up behind him and whispered in his ear. He nodded with a grin. “Okay. That’s it. This is our new hangout. I can’t believe this place isn’t more packed.”

She dropped her eyes to the man’s bobbing head at her chest. The movement of his mouth on her nipple was ramping her lust up pretty damn high. His hands, his amazing big strong hands pressed her back before traveling to cup and squeeze her ass cheeks. He dragged his tongue across her cleavage, driving his tongue through the mountain of whipped cream, slurping it into his mouth as he licked. He devoured her left nipple as if it were his air and groaned out his pleasure as he sucked.

Lana sighed, his deep throat sucking sending her gut into tumbling lurches as his hands snuck under her ruffled skirt where he firmly pressed his fingers into her skin. The strength of his grip made her gasp. He finished off the cream with a tongue swirl, then a nibble on her nipple. He leaned back slightly, Lana let her eyes fall closed as he manhandled her hips. She felt floppy like a ragdoll as he squeezed and fondled her entire torso, then up caressing her neck and face. He threaded his fingers through her hair. She moaned and fell against his solid chest.

He spun her around and pushed her onto the back counter against the wall. Her bare tits slammed into the cold steel as he pressed her down flush. Bending over flared her skirt up and she felt the wind of his movements behind her flutter across her skin, then smack!

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he muttered. He laid three more spanks on her cheeks as she jumped with each slap. “Making my cock harder. Fuck!”

A whimper escaped her lips on the next spank, the vibrations of the slap spread to her clit in a twitch. She moaned. “Oh, fuck yes,” she mustered out as she laid her cheek against the cold metal, tipping her ass up as much as possible. “Spank my ass, Daddy.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, you bad naughty little girl.” Smack, smack, smack.

Her ass skin felt on fire reddened to peak color as he leaned against her, his hard cock pressing her ass like a metal rod, his chest flush with her back.

He whispered in her ear, “How far do I get to go?”

Lana felt her pussy flare. She wanted Darren to fuck her, but this man too. Fuck! He was making her so crazy horny. Want him in.

He reached under her and she raised up slightly so he could fondle her breasts. “You gonna cum for me if I fuck you right here in front of everyone? I want you to cum for me, sweetheart.”

Lana melted. She loved a man who cared if she came. For that, he might get her full pussy. She let her breathing ramp up faster as his breath flooded her ear.

He licked her ear then sucked the top curve of it into his mouth. His tongue traveled the hard bend and snuck along the nook of it down to her earlobe, wetting it before closing his lips around it. She squirmed.

His breath hot on her ear. “Can I eat your pussy first? Make you cum into my mouth, baby. Want to taste you. Mmmmmm.”

The hum of his voice sent jolts through her clitoris that further shot out to her body like the blasts of wild wind. She imagined at least one person was watching and it sent her lust into a rage.

His cock a thick wedge between her buttocks as she instinctively did a Kegel squeezing with her vaginal walls.

She cooed. “I bet that cock feels amazing in a pussy.”

He pinched her nipples with both hands as he hugged her from behind with the length of his body. “Women love my cock, sweetheart. It’s big and thick like me. I’ll make you cum. Make you feel so good.”

Sex is just sex, but even with just sex, some men had a way of intimate passion about them that made all the difference in the world. He’s such that kind of a man. She nodded.

Lana’s pussy spread without her effort as fresh wetness oozed out her lower lips. She snuck her fingers into her pussy and dipped them in. “You’ve made me so wet.”

“I’ll do a lot more than that if you let me. I have mad tongue skills, sweetheart. I’m a pro pussy eater.”

She glanced back as Celeste zoomed by with two coffee cups in her hands, a slight look of frenzy on her face as she attempted a weak smile at Lana.

Tingling all over, Lana glanced out the drive-thru window they never used and saw a man walk by. He stared in at her and the huge man glued to her back, a smirk flitting across his face. Lana recognized him in an instant. The man who often came with Darren. He’d spanked her and sucked her tits but never fucked her as Darren had, but he had often watched Darren drive pile his dick into her though. It tickled her in so many delicious places to be watched while fucked, wanted, desired. Her pussy was a wanton brat.

She let out a slow breath dragging her fingers out of her pussy. She held it up for him. “Taste me.”

His mouth closed around her fingers, his tongue dancing along her skin. “Mmmmm you taste amazing. I must have more. May I?” He cleared his throat and said in a louder, exquisitely commanding voice, like the Dom one Harley often used on her, “Out of your pussy?”

Butterflies danced in her clit. A flutter exquisite all on its very own.

The titty-washer whirred in the background as she nodded. “Yes. You can.” Her voice sounded foreign to her like it was meant to answer a different question. Strangely she thought about the load of laundry she forgot to toss into the dryer in the back. Who the fuck needs towels?

“Thank you, baby.” He lifted himself off of her and her breaths came and went easier without the weight of him pressing her down. Her legs felt weak as he knelt down behind her. He nudged his face between her thighs; his breath on her pussy sent shivers up her body.

Savoring her anticipation of his warm sucking mouth, she hummed. She obeyed the twitch of his head against her leg and spread them further apart.

She might melt into a puddle.

His nose pressed between her ass cheeks as he dove his tongue to caress her pussy. Pure lust radiated from her as he mouthed his way around her delicate fleshy lips.

She reached back and gripped her hips as a moan spilled from her mouth. “Oh, fuck!”

His tongue darted into her pussy and went further in than she thought possible while his lips quivered against her labia lips, then he mashed them into her hard, a loud slurp filled her ears. A move she had not felt before. It sent shock waves that only intensified once he traveled his way sucking to the point of what felt like hickeys along her lips towards her clit.

As his mouth met her clit, she let out a loud gasp, then a sigh followed by a whimper, one much louder than she had intended but she couldn’t stop the sounds coming out, they just piled out as if the air itself owned them.

He sucked her relentlessly, took her clit fully into his mouth. His suction was unmatched. Like did he do mouth push-ups? Fuck! Man has some mouth muscles! He flicked her clit while alternating sucking it hard and gentle, then full on hard. She lost it and screamed. Her hands caressed the metal, flailing about in search of something to squeeze.

He held her so tight to his face she was trapped, and her pleasure verged on agony as she rode that climax to the top. Her hands finally found her hips in vice grips. The orgasm took her in a mountainous crash and her body jerked against the cold metal counter, her thighs squeezed his head. The convulsions began at the edge of her pussy and spread out, one after another, so many contractions she couldn’t even count them. Twelve? Thirteen? It was almost too intense.

Choked with clitoral sensitivity, she shivered yet he didn’t stop sucking and she fought him as he slurped more from her pussy.

Her arms felt drained, her desperate pushes on the counter to raise her body worthless. “Oh, fuck. Oh, shit. Oh, Gawd,” she chanted as he continued to mouth her sensitive clit. Her whole body throbbed, even down her legs reaching her toes. The cold metal kept her from passing out.

He wrapped his arms around her legs and lifted her up, sliding her body further onto the counter.

He guided her all the way to the little window, her body arched up and her tits pressed the cool glass, flattening them against it. Her senses fought as her skin suffered the cold metal bite while her lust raged a fire inside her. His mouth never left her pussy in all of that and he continued to suck her.

How can he even breathe? Even his nose was mashed up against her skin.

She panted and whimpered as she was forced into another orgasm, her body was under his control, not hers. She could barely move other than to slightly writhe against his face. His arms wrapped around her hips securely keeping his face smooshed against her pussy as she tried to wiggle but failed. His tongue and lips rode her pussy, in and out, along the flaps of her clit.

He introduced two fingers into her pussy, and she yelled out. There were shouts coming from somewhere, but they were muffled like she was inside a closet listening to the sounds of the outside room. Hoots and hollers and claps. She was so entranced it was as if she were in a bubble.

A faceless nameless man from somewhere behind her yelled, “Yeah. Make her come again.”

She dove into the chaos of an orgasm, it’s victim, it rode her high up that hill and shoved her down it relentlessly, aggressively, her clit owned her, and he owned her clit. Her body curled, every part that could curl, her fingers, her toes, her feet, her lips, her neck, her legs, and her arms. She shook as her clit sent the spasms out to her body. Her quaking didn’t slow his suck one bit. He was a master.

He moaned and made slurp sounds.

How do those sound so loud and others like plastic bubble wrap is surrounding them? Did he slip me some drugs? she wondered sheepishly, knowing this was impossible.

He rose off her pussy and laid across her back once more, hovering his hot breath above her ear. “Can I put my cock in your pussy? Do I have your permission?”

Lana was still. Her heart thudded in her ears. She nodded with a twitch of her right hand that she immediately closed into a fist. Again, she gave him a nod.

He grasped her hips and pulled her to the edge of the counter, so it was as if he had just bent her over it. The tip of his cock pressed at her pussy lips, the throbbing of her last orgasm still ringing there. Her gasp struggling to make it out of her mouth.

Drained of any desire or ability to move, she simply let her hands rest on the cool metal countertop, her right cheek heavy against the coldness. Harley flitted to her brain. How he will love watching this and want to reproduce it. If nothing else, her husband loved to give her sexual pleasure. He had a particular craving to see her get royally fucked by another man, then taking her because she was his. She grinned imagining him watching it live right now, cock in hand hard as concrete, precum packed ready to go, and in the comfort of bed no doubt.

The big man pressed his cock in and they both groaned. The luscious penetration a few hundred licks better than any sexual dream. He slid in easily after her rounds of coming, it was almost too wet, but she knew he’d rub that out quick and the friction would become exquisitely insurmountable.

He pumped slowly at first, her lips accepting and hugging him as he rode. As he picked up speed, her body bounced off his thrusts, his big hands gripping her hips. He leaned back and gave her ass a smack.

She could feel his eyes burning her flesh, looking at her asshole.

She cooed and arched her head, the vibrations of his body smack slamming her clit with their strong wave.

He pounded and she moaned and he man-growled and grunted. The sound of their skin slapping together alone was enough to drive her closer to an orgasm.

His hands drifted to her thighs and held them so her legs were out straight.

She felt spacey like she couldn’t tell if she was lost in fantasy or if it was real until he shouted, “Oh, fuck yes!”

He growled again and rammed himself into her pussy so hard, her ass cheeks shaking from each body slap as he pounded her.

She was a meat hole. The thought made her pussy contract.

He dropped her legs and pounded her faster than she recalled ever being pounded ever before.

She scrambled to join her body to his, raised her ass up using her tippy toes. He grabbed her thighs and lifted her up so her feet could no longer touch the floor and he pounded into her so hard and fast she slammed into the rise of another orgasm.

He grunted and rage fucked her, sliding in and out so fast she felt dizzy.

Then the flood of his wetness grew inside her as he grunted.

He stopped thrusting but gyrated his hips slightly against her ass, cradling her body with his.

She squeezed her pussy to milk his cock to the max.

An epic fuck.

Her clit twitched as if it were trying to come all by itself.

Possibly the raunchiest most mind-blowing doggy fuck of her entire life. And both Harley and Darren had gotten to see it.

Plus, a whole room full of people?

Her hand flew to her mouth as she curled her body to lay on her side. Her eyes fell wide. It seemed everyone in the whole coffee shop was standing at the counter. A wall of men littered with her topless coworkers. Their faces all set in phases of sheer lust, delight, joy, and want.

It was beautiful.

The only thing that would have made it more beautiful was if somewhere her outer skin was also glistening with cum.

Speechless, she curled further into the fetal position on the counter. His juices oozed out of her as she moved like rolling an almost empty tube of toothpaste. He turned and leaned against the counter, slightly swaying as he steadied his large form against the thin metal counter’s edge.

“Fuck.” He panted. “Just … fuck.”

Lana blinked. Celeste appeared in her sight and touched her thigh. Instead of jumping, she leaned into Celeste’s palm.

“You okay, love?” Celeste smoothed Lana’s hair behind her ear, her eyes full of concern.

Lana moved her lips, but nothing came out. She nodded.

The man who had just fucked the very blood out of her brain stroked her shin. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Should she cry?

Lana tried to focus her gaze upon his face. His eyes were tender and a bit shockingly sweet after that wild fuck. “I’m okay. And. Wow. Holy fuck of all fucks.” She tried to sit up but couldn’t. Both Celeste and the man helped her sit. The metal was cold yet comforting on her hot puffy pussy lips. Fluid ran out of her pussy onto the counter as she sat erect and all she could think about was needing to remember to sanitize it at some point.

She almost laughed at that being her thought after such a wild sexual display.

“Holy fuck, that was amazing.” She shook her head as she allowed her eyes to meet all the eyes in the crowd. Her hands cradled her temples as she scanned familiar eyes and new ones until her eyes met Darren’s. He held his mouth in a deeply satisfied grin and his eyes were filled with joy.

I could think only one thing. “I’ll make you another coffee, sir. I’m sure that one has gone cold.”

The man at her side laughed. “I could care less. That was probably one of the best fucks of my entire life. You brought that out in me, sweetheart.” He rubbed her leg.

She couldn’t help but crave the idea of him coming back and doing that to her again and again, like forever.

She smiled a little smile that quickly grew giant. “Likewise. One of the best. Ever.” She slid off the counter and stood, wavering slightly as she gripped the counter. “Wow.” Their combined juices ran down her thighs.

How on earth did that just happen?

Lana tried to take a step but faltered, grabbing for the counter again to steady herself. Her whole pelvis felt deliciously swollen.

“Go easy, love,” Celeste muttered, a mama look in her eyes. “You need to move very slow right now.”

Well, it’s not like she had gotten shot! She wanted to laugh but couldn’t seem to.

Lana swayed as she got her footing and began to walk out from behind the counter. The titty washer caught her eye as she hobbled. Gratefully she leaned over it to brace her shaking body. She shoved her breasts into the machine’s holes and scrambled to find the machine’s button, but her fingers kept just sliding not finding the machine’s little indented circle to press.

A male voice from behind her whispered, “Let me help you, baby.”

Was it him who fucked her or someone else?

“I got you, babe,” he said.

Someone screamed from across the room. Was that Lerise?

“Here sweet baby.” His hand gently caressed her bare back.

That voice. The voice held something familiar.

Oh. It’s Darren. Thank Gawd it’s Darren. She yearned for his arms around her.

He stroked her hair as the brushes caressed her boobs inside the machine’s chamber, lathering up her skin before the rush of warm water. He helped her stand and she turned to face the shop. The water dripped off her breasts falling to the ground, raining also onto the bare skin of the tops of her feet.

When had she taken her shoes off? She cocked her head. “I have no shoes?”

Darren led her to a nearby chair and helped her sit. She winced as her skin touched the cool wood.

“Ow, laugh out loud,” she muttered with a sheepish grin. “He really got my ass good.”

“Tell me about it,” Darren said with a laugh. “That was seriously one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” He cupped her cheek. “I’ll go find your shoes. You sit tight.”

The man who fucked her, still nameless, coffee cup in hand strode over to her. The pounding of her body that he had caused still raged her heart inside her chest. Slow down heart.

He kissed her on the forehead and rubbed her cheek with his thumb. “Until next time, sweetheart.”

How does softness manage to live in the eyes of one with so much power?

He turned and joined his friends. Instead of getting a table, they walked out the front door.

Lana stared long after the door shut, her eyes wandering the patrons sipping coffee, one man feeling up Nora’s ass as she leaned over his lap, hovering like she was waiting for him to push her down to his thighs, her face to hit booth cushion.

Darren returned with her shoes. He slipped them on as she watched Celeste’s right tit get slobbered on by a man probably thirty years her senior. She dropped her pretty head back and her petite hands went to hold the sides of his head. She moaned and massaged his temples as he sucked. They looked simple, like a voiceless porno. Or more accurately like some masterpiece ancient sculpture created by a genius artist from old Europe, where naked was celebrated with hours of chisel carving at a block of marble.

Breathing in the aroma of lust, Lana hugged her breasts and let her eyes hold Darren’s. He raised her chin and gave her a peck on the lips.

Savored, Lana let her arms down and her breasts settled, still chilled from her wet skin, a smile spread across her face.

What a good day for the wildest fuck to land in the most ordinary of moments.

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