Improving Your Sex Life: Tips from a Sex Education Coach

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Sex Life and Other Tips from Men's Sex Coach Sebastian Harris. Spice Up Your Bedroom with men's sex and relationship coach Sebastian Harris.

Spice Up Your Bedroom Game with Sebastian Harris: Boost Testosterone & Pleasure Tips

Discover how you can please your partner and boost your testosterone levels naturally with tips from Sebastian Harris, a sex education coach for men. Learn about the importance of communication, exploring new things in the bedroom, and creating a relaxed and trusting environment. Tune in to the podcast episode for even more insights!

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TLDR: In this podcast episode, Ruan Willow interviews Sebastian Harris, a sex education coach for men. They discuss topics such as female sexuality, male sexuality, and how to improve your sex life. Sebastian shares tips on how men can please their partners and increase their testosterone levels naturally. He emphasizes the importance of communication and exploring new things in the bedroom. Tune in to the podcast to learn more!

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Topics of discussion in the episode:

*Men and Sexuality…women too!
*Sexual health is a part of mental health
*Common emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks for men & their sexuality
*Guilt and shame and culturally created negative thoughts about sex (common in Americans and some other cultures)
*How men can make women come better in bed
*How cortisol levels impact sexuality
*Women’s sexuality and anatomy
*Sex toy usage to spice up your bedroom
*The Magic Triangle: Ways Men can improve their testosterone
*Aging and testosterone, how to maximize testosterone levels
*Unconventional methods for couples to enflame their sex life
*The most important aspects of making a woman squirt
*How being judgmental hurts relationships and prevents you from living out your own fantasies with your partner
*Why men should read erotica
*Role plays
*Why the American way of life is hurting our sexuality

Understanding Female Sexuality

Sebastian Harris discusses the importance of understanding female sexuality and creating a relaxed and trusting environment for women to experience pleasure. He highlights the need for open communication and addresses common misconceptions about women’s sexual desires.

Breaking Taboos and Communication

Ruan Willow and Sebastian Harris explore the cultural taboos surrounding sex and how they affect our ability to talk openly about our desires. They emphasize the importance of breaking these taboos and having honest conversations with our partners about our needs and fantasies.

Pleasing Your Partner

Sebastian shares tips on how men can please their female partners. He emphasizes the significance of emotional connection, trust, and relaxation in creating an environment conducive to orgasm. Sebastian also discusses the role of sex toys in enhancing sexual experiences for couples.

Ruan Willow’s Recommendations on Sex Toys, Products, & Podcasting

Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Ruan Willow asks about ways to increase testosterone levels naturally. Sebastian explains that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, and stress management, can help boost testosterone levels in men. He emphasizes the importance of taking care of one’s physical and mental well-being to maintain a healthy sex life. So, wink wink, make sure you make working out a priority and your sex life will improve!

Exploring New Things in the Bedroom

The conversation takes a turn towards exploring new things in the bedroom. Sebastian encourages couples to be open-minded and willing to try new techniques, positions, or sex toys to enhance their sexual experiences. He emphasizes the importance of consent and mutual satisfaction in any sexual exploration. He also gives specific non-traditional ideas to add spark and fun to a couple’s mutual sex lives. Do them together!

Tune In to Learn More to Spice up your bedroom!

If you’re interested in improving your sex life and learning more about female and male sexuality, tune in to the podcast episode with Ruan Willow’s interview with Sebastian Harris. Discover valuable insights, tips, and advice from a sex education coach who has helped hundreds of men transform their sex lives.

Unlock the secrets to a fulfilling sex life! Tune in to the podcast episode for expert advice and insights from Sebastian Harris, a sex education coach for men. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your sexual experiences and please your partner.

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One Sentence Key Highlights

– Sebastian Harris, a dedicated sex education coach for men, shares his expertise on the Sexucation for Men podcast.

– The potential for women to achieve profound sexual pleasure and orgasms is immense, given the right partner and stimulation.

– Men can elevate their partner’s sexual satisfaction by fostering a comfortable and trusting atmosphere, engaging in open dialogue, and catering to their partner’s wishes.

– Introducing sex toys can significantly enhance sexual encounters and help couples realize their fantasies within a committed relationship.

– Lifestyle modifications, such as consistent exercise, nutritious eating, and stress control, can lead to increased testosterone levels.

Guest Info

Sebastian Harris can help you spice up your bedroom game! Check him out!

Meet Sebastian Harris, the voice behind the Sexucation for Men podcast and a sex education coach who has revolutionized the sex lives of countless men through his private coaching and comprehensive courses. His unique approach emphasizes the importance of a supportive and open environment for sexual discovery and communication.


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– Sebastian Harris’ coaching sessions and courses

Fun Facts

– The clitoris boasts over 10,000 nerve endings, nearly twice as many as the penis.

– A correlation exists between obesity and reduced testosterone levels.

– Engaging in regular physical activity, maintaining a balanced diet, and effectively managing stress can naturally elevate testosterone levels.

Action Steps to Spice Up Your Bedroom and Make it Amazing!

– Cultivate a serene and trusting space for sexual exploration with your partner.

– Engage in candid conversations about your sexual wishes and dreams.

– Consider bringing sex toys into your intimate moments.

– Commit to enhancing your physical and mental well-being by exercising, eating healthily, and managing stress.

Listener/Reader Challenge

Initiate a transparent and sincere dialogue with your partner regarding your sexual desires and dreams. Together, discover ways to satisfy these within the confines of your relationship.

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Dive deeper into the world of sexual enlightenment with Sebastian Harris’ Sexucation for Men podcast. Take the next step in transforming your sex life by booking a private coaching session or signing up for one of his insightful courses.

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