Sexy Bonfire Firefly Game

The bonfire flame-fingers lick the black, dancing in gyrations, stabbing the brisk air with pointed shafts of flame, their tips jealous of the simplicity of the stark night, and smothering out the blackness in flashes as they bounce. Somehow the fire is making me hornier, making me want to lick you in those hidden thickened places I can see mounded in your jeans, wanting your thrusting to stab into my already throbbing pussy; I’m almost salivating for you to fuck me.

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I steal a sideways glance at you as you sip from your can, your pouty lips parted and wet. Part of me wants to skip the foreplay of the bonfire and shove you back on that reclining chair and ride you like a damn horse with repeated hot bounces on your boner, so jam-packed solid with hot blood. I never underscore the sheer underestimation of vengeance your dick has on me for having the audacity to be a wet cunt, it’s best called fucking lust even though it’s mutual, I know you have the power over me no other man does. You’ve got me by the mane and tail, and you know it.

My ass is yours.

I smile as I glance at your crotch. You grin at me from behind your beer can and I know just what’s on your mind, you have plans to fuck me, which thrills me and sends an electric shock of want through my pelvis ending at my clit. She waits in mounting passion as I feel her thicken at the thought of your cock penetrating and pulling moans from my hot mouth. I take a sip my wine, deciding if I maintain patience or pounce on you. The wine burns my tongue and throat because you fed me your hot spicy salsa on spicier tacos this evening, you know how to please me. My chair molds to my ass as I shift and I watch you sneak a peek as I adjust fully in my chair. Since you look, I lift an ass cheek for you to see me better.

“Like the view?” I ask with a smirk, I know I’ve always had a nice ass, you’ve told so many times.

“Yeah, but I know how to get a better one.” That same grin got me out of my pajamas in the middle of the night last night and you know it. “I’ll just take those pants off and have a serious look at your ass.”

“I think you should remember it just fine from last night.” I twinkle my eyes at you, the flames licking your face, casting shadows making you look like a joker, a devil, and a horny fucker, speckling your beard with flickering shadows. I give you my come-fuck-me face and lick my upper lip then bite it. “You wanna play?” I raise an eyebrow. I don’t care that we are in the backyard and neighbors could see our bare asses fucking in the grass, let ‘em look.

“I’ll play with your ass any day, and every day.” You place your beer on the makeshift tree stump that is your side table. “I’ll lean you right over this stump and fuck you by bonfire light.” You tilt your head at me. “You know I will.”

I smirk. Chuckle. You aren’t wrong. Throughout all of me, I want that too. Fireflies light up behind your head, bouncing above the grass like balloons as if someone is tugging on the strings attached to each them, making their little lit up asses bounce and dance.

I point behind you. “Look at them. The lightning bugs. They light up signaling they are ready to fuck.” A delicious idea grips me, and we can play it in the dark. I pull out my phone. “Wanna play horny firefly?” A sexy bonfire firefly game. Yeah. Fuck yeah.

You lean forward as you smirk, elbows on your knees, hiding your boner from my sight.

“Hell yes,” you say through your sexiest naughty grin. “Do tell. What are the rules, babe?” Roleplay gets you every time.

“We use our phones and light them up periodically, like fireflies trying to find each other in the dark so we can fuck.” The thrill of you chasing me thickens my clit, wets my pussy as I slide my thighs against my bald labia, giving me a slice of yummy pleasure, my own secret foreplay, helping my slickness along.

You jerk your head upwards. “You know I can smell you.” You sit up and place your hand on your cock. “I’m in. I’m gonna hunt you down and fuck you so hard.”

That sends shock waves through me as your words mount me and fuck me themselves, my clit inside my pelvis lurches, I can’t wait for our fucking. My cunt drools as I strip. You strip too, revealing your cock shaft as it’s reflecting the red from the bonfire. The head of your penis a blood-stretched bulb I want to rub my tongue over, suck before you pound it into me, but I ready myself to run instead. A flash of precum appears, fuck I love that, and I love to be chased and conquered; you know this so I can feel your grin must be lashing against the night air even though it’s too dark for me to see your face.

“You better run,” you say as you turn and your hard cock sways, taunting me wanton for its rub. “I’ll give you a thirty-second head start.”

Only thirty? I freeze, your intent to hunt me sending a lurching spasm through my internal clit, a chill down my spine. I’m wanting your dick in me so bad, I almost suggest skipping the game again, but I don’t. I sprint, my tits flopping, oh yeah, this is why I wear a sports bra when I run. I suppress a laugh as they hard slam down, flop-flop, my nipples peaked and erect combined from the cold air and the excitement of you, my nips made into solid little pinecones aroused also by you readying to chase me. I let out a giggle as my titties swing.  I grin hoping you can see them, my pale skin shining in the moonlight. I turn slightly to give you a profile peek as I run.

“I see you,” you say. As I fully glance back, I see your phone lit up from across the yard, I am way ahead of you. From now on I will be silent, in prey-stealth mode.

Since you saw me, I turn on the flashlight of my phone and flash you with it, my hand slightly shaking with anticipation that you will charge me like a fat-dicked bull. I press my phone to my fleshy tit to silence its bright light. My heart falls to my feet as I pad quickly along the cold wet grass, knowing my ass will be riding it soon as you fuck me against the masses of the lawn’s slick tiny blades. I suppress a squeal as I hide behind a tree trunk, pressing my tits to the rough scratching bark, wetness surging down my thighs. I flip by back to the tree, leaning in ever harder against the chunky bark, the bite of it indenting the skin of my back. I let out a big sigh. My mouth tastes like wine, the air tastes like sex as I draw its deep coolness into my lungs. I can almost smell you your lust is so strong. My heart is thudding against me as I hear your footsteps coming closer. My pulse quickens as your prey and I flee for the next tree, wild as a dementor, careless as a dream.

My erect tits harden further, mounding up in protruding puckered skin, revealing bumps across my large areolas. I touch the gathered skin at the base of my nipple, the part I know you love to run your tongue over. I caress the bumps of my left areola in the moon’s shine, teasing myself knowing soon my nipples will get you. I want to whisper to them soon they will be your hot sucking mouth, but I dare not speak or you will find me too soon.

I do a quick flash of my phone and you growl. That sends a rush through me. I turn the flashlight off as you give another growl, which sends the promise of an orgasm as an electric zing down my clit. I drop to the ground, the wet grass licking my breasts as I lay flat on my stomach, the bald mound of my pussy nestled in the cold moist grass as I lay still. Wetness dribbles out my lips as I pop up and crawl to a nearby bush. I sit, my hot pussy practically singeing the grass beneath it as I peer through the bush branches, watching you hunt me like a rogue wolf. Your silhouette enlarges my desire, your cock standing tall as ever, swaying slightly to and fro as you stalk me under the moon’s light.

“I’m gonna get your ass and it’s gonna be all mine, little girl. Along with that wet pussy, I can smell your musky sweet scent, baby. I can find you by scent alone.” I know you are not wrong.

This terrifies me as you creep closer, though you are stalking me, your light is telling me where you are. I stand in the cool air, ready to sprint away like a gazelle, but, then, I don’t see you anymore, you’ve doused your light. You have disappeared. My heart races faster than star shine hits my eyes as I gaze up into the star-stocked sky. I dare not light my phone up now when I don’t know where you and your cock are. I suck in a slow breath, hold it for a second and begin to release it, the anticipation of seeing you appear combined with the brisk air thrilling me to full-grown goosebumps across my skin.

“Aw, shit … ” I whisper in a whimper. Where the fuck are you?

You grab me around the waist lifting me, swinging my limbs all in the air as I scream louder than I thought I could. You sit, dragging me with you. You handle me like I’m a rag doll as you flip me over, placing me across your lap, your hard cock pressed against my right hip. You lightly spank my ass as I squirm and squeal on your thighs, you have me pinned down with your right arm firmly on my back as you slap me with your left. Each spank, light tantalizing slap of my ass sending light shock waves through my clit, a delicious sensation you taught me.

“Naughty girl trying to hide from me when you were supposed to be signaling your horniess to me.” You slap my ass again several times as I gasp, but the last time you cup my ass cheeks with both hands, slide your fingers down them towards my pussy. You run them over my lips and clit. “Ah, you are so wet, baby.” You push three fingers into my vagina, and I moan, writhing against the width of your hand as you finger fuck me. As I wiggle, my tits and face rub the moist grass. You press your thumb onto my clit on your next finger penetration and I let out a cry like a tiny cat stalking a mouse at night. “Prime you up good here, my babe.”

I can’t speak, the combination of you finger fucking me and pressing my clit renders me speechless as moans take over my mouth. I want you in me so bad, but I know if I say it, you will just spank me again, so I succumb to speechlessness and let my moans portray my want to you. I finger my right tit, pinch it, pull it, this makes you chuckle.

“You like this,” you say it not as a question, but as you know it to be true.

You flip me on my back, the cold grass cooling my spanked cheeks, which feel blushed pink. The coolness of the ground making me gasp and arch my back up, raising my tits higher in the air, hungry for your mouth. You lean over and lick one tit, then take it full in your mouth as I groan, you suck hard enough to feel my heart beating beneath. You begin to spank my clit with your hand, which I love so fucking much, and the sound of that slapping ramps me up as I moan, and cum spills out of me quick within mere seconds, causing you to bite into my nipple. I move my head back and forth, letting the cool grass dangle along my cheeks, one after the other as I swivel my head with pleasure. You pull at my tit, teeth still lightly gripped on my areola and I yell out, close my eyes as I finish cumming.

You release my tit, I glance at it, your mouth having carved it to the shape of a raspberry, and you pull your hand out of my pussy. You step away, seem gone in the darkness, even with the moon shining, and I almost let my lip out in a pout. I dart my eyes about, you return, standing above me, your chest and face slightly glowing in the full moon’s light as you step closer to me, you bend, causing a shadow to fall over your cock as you kneel between my legs. I almost giggle with joy as you tease your cock head against my pussy’s lips.

“Please, please fuck me,” I whisper while I know you are mixing your precum with my cum that has lavishly coated my labia. “Please, I want your lovely dick in me now, under these stars, this moon. Now.” The brightness of the moon lights the muscles in your shoulders, and I so want to run my hands over them.

I’m writhing my ass into the wet grass, grinding almost down to the dirt as I wait impatiently for your dick to stop teasing me and stab into me like the sword I want it to be, diving into my pussy searching to kiss the top of my vagina. I gasp with desire. I want to scream.

I’m gonna beg again, I know it will fall out of my lips like a super moan. “Hmmm … ” is all I can manage as you rub your boner on my clit. I’m incoherent, frozen as you stimulate my clit. “Please,” I manage.

I gasp as you begin to penetrate me, it feels so good I almost cry, you’ve teased me that hard. You enter me slowly, but, you get impatient and lose control, begin to pound into me so hard I feel gritty dirt searing the skin of my ass, smearing it with wetness and probably a little mud.

“Yes,” I whisper as I close my eyes, a voluntary blindfold for me that intensifies the raw fucking you are giving me.

You are pounding so fast into me, fucking me speechless, launching me into an ever-heightening orgasm, I can only moan and whimper as you force me to cum again. I release it with a giant groan, which makes you pound even harder. Then you remove your dick from me.

“Moon me, baby,” you say in a voice I would never even want to argue with because I want you to fuck me.


Sexy Bonfire firefly game moon

I know what you mean, of course. I crawl onto all fours, cum dripping down my thighs, and I wait for you to mount me, my limbs all slightly shaking still from my last orgasm. Your hands grip my hips, you sway me back and forth, I know you just want to see my tits sway and gaze at my asshole. I let you because it makes our fucking even hotter as I know I’m giving you exactly what you want to see. That’s hotter than a wet fuck, and I want it to be. You lay your cock between my ass cheeks and rub your boner against my butthole. I moan as one of your hands leaves my hip because I know you are grasping your dick, readying to enter me now. I hear you rub your dick, beat off for a few seconds and I grin, you can’t resist it. I almost laugh.

You rub your cock along my pussy lips, then guide your dick into my vagina. Your hand finds my hip once more and you dig your fingers into the flesh of my hips, holding me still like a fucking post, and you start to pump, spanking my ass cheeks with your body. I groan as the shockwave of you slamming into me ripples all the way to my clit, you go deep as I can feel your balls slam into me. You growl, then groan, I know this is your favorite part to have me this way. You fuck me, making my pussy make her best being fucked quaffing sounds, my mouth groaning, moaning shouts towards the ground. I rise in another orgasm, I travel up its luscious boney pleasure, my heart entwined with my lust for you, and I climax once more.

You groan again, signaling you are close to cuming, I know you’ve been waiting, hoping to pleasure me to the max. I sigh as your load wets me wholly inside and it begins to leak out, crawl down my thighs in mini rivers, dribbling to my knees. We both collapse against the now frigid grass. It tickles me as you drag me to you by my arms. I lay my right check on your hot bare chest.

You sigh. “You make an excellent firefly, I found you pretty quick.” You chuckle. “Even though you weren’t lit when I found you.”

I smile and slide my top leg over your thigh, your rough hair sweeping coarsely across my shaved skin. “I know, right?” I finger your beard which makes you grin.

“Shit,” you say.

“What?” I ask, removing my hand from your hairy face.

You sit up. “Our damn phones, how will we find them in the dark?”

I laugh. “You’re right. Crap.” I begin to crawl, feeling all around in the grass, hoping for a phone to jump to my fingers.

“You keep doing that and I’m gonna have to fuck you again.” Your smile coming hard and evident at me merely through the tone of your words.

I wiggle my ass as I crawl, and you sprint over and spank it.

“Hey,” I say. I feel along the wet grass. “I found one,” I say as I sit bare-assed in the grass, hiding me from your slap-happy hand. “Damn. It’s yours.” I laugh. “Figures.” I crawl again, aware you are watching my ass as I crawl, showing the moon above my recently fucked ass.

“How is that ass so fucking sexy?” you ask from behind me.

“Dunno,” I practically moan. “It just likes to wink at you, I guess.” I finally find my phone and sit, bare ass in the grass again. I flick on my flashlight and light you up, your boner has claimed round two, glistening proud and hard with our mixed cum in the moon’s rays. I take a deep breath, soaking up the air around me that smells like you and our cum, wet dirt, and bonfire smoke.

“Indeed, it flirts with me no matter what you do.” You chuckle, smirk, pull me close.

I know you love my ass.

Your breath quickens as you let out your bear growl. In my ear you whisper, “Let me eat you, beautiful, by the light of the bonfire. I want to make you cum again by the fire.” You grab at the skin on my back with light finger massages, and kissing me, plunging your tongue into my mouth, caressing my tongue with yours. I hungrily suck your tongue, which will soon tongue fuck my pussy by the light of our bonfire.

You nibble my lip, then whisper, “You are so damn delicious.” You scoop me up and carry me like a baby towards the bonfire, my clit tingling the whole way there, ready for you again.

Abstract boob art by erotica author Ruan Willow

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“Sexy Bonfire Firefly Game”, an erotic fictional short story by Ruan Willow.

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Sexy Bonfire Firefly Game, erotica with heart.