Hello, this is Ruan Willow and you are listening to the Oh Fuck yeah, with Ruan Willow Podcast. I’m excited you’re here today I am doing a holiday sexual bucket list episode. So, this will be a sexy little holiday fuck. Sex by the tree at Christmas tree for those of us who celebrate Christmas and the holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which I think around the world’s everyone celebrates New Year’s Eve, right? Possibly, I would think so. But happy holidays and this is Christmas week 2021. And I talk about things all related to sex, sexuality, sexual health, and erotica and I do interviews as well. So today, I am going to do an ad hoc erotic story. What is this? Number seven maybe in my sexual bucket list series. In this series, I dream up a story, an erotic story between two or more people. Right off the top of my head while I’m sitting here at my microphone. It’s ad hoc improv erotica and I am going to do it today. I am starting with just an idea in my head and I’m going to create a story. So, if you are under eighteen it is time to leave the podcast now. This is not for you. This is an adult-only podcast because we talk about sex. S E X yes sex. Okay. Are you ready? I am. I thought of this idea. This morning. Sometimes I don’t plan things out. I just do things spontaneously because spontaneous can be sexy as fuck, and fun as fuck, right? This is what is so fun about dreaming stuff up being spontaneous, being sexy being in the moment.

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The Sexual Bucket Series Christmas erotica

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So, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to talk about you and me. And it’s Christmas time. it’s holiday time, whatever you like to call it. But we have a Christmas tree in our living room. It is all decorated with weights and is plugged in most of the time, so the tree is lit. It is beautiful and casts a wonderful, beautiful glow across the living room. It is warm in the house. I am home alone waiting for you to return from the store. You were out buying food for our dinner that we’re going to make. But first, when you get home, I’m going to be your present. And then after we fuck, we’ll make dinner. Does that sound like a lovely at-home date? Yes, it does.

I am wrapping presents for family and friends, and you are out shopping and I’m just listening to Christmas music I’m dancing around enjoying the feelings of the wonderful time of year Christmas, listening to Christmas music dancing around as I wrap gifts and put them under the tree. Suddenly an idea pops into my head. What if I were your gift? What if I stripped naked and wrapped myself in wrapping paper and laid in front of the tree so that when you got home you could unwrap me. I really like this idea.

I text you to see when you’re going to be arriving so I know how much more time I have to wrap gifts before I have to wrap my own naked body. I know I’m going to use the thicker paper because I don’t want every little movement I make to rip the paper. So, I have just the paper in my collection of wrappings. It is a thick wrapping paper that is silver with different colors of silver, lighter and darker, and some color in some shiny flair all across the paper. It is a beautiful paper and it collects the light from the tree reflected very, very nicely.

You say in your text that you will be home in about a half-hour. Perfect. I wrap a couple more gifts. And then I strip down still listening to Christmas music.

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I strip all my clothes and dance around the house holding my phone dancing to the Christmas music naked. My boobs are flopping my hips are shaking, and my ass cheeks are wiggling as I dance all over the house. It’s so much fun. I love being naked at home. It’s just fun when you’re home alone, there’s just some sexy and naughty about walking around naked. It’s just fun. It’s just fun as fuck, right?

So, I lay out the paper on the living room floor, I lay a couple of sheets in a row so I can wrap up my body. I’m thinking maybe I’ll wrap each of my thighs and then my hips, my midsection, and then around my breasts. I know it’s going to be a challenge to wrap myself, but I’m up for it. I grab the tape, and I lay down on the papers naked, my ass hits the paper with a crinkle. And I giggle and I lay back and still the Christmas music is going, and I smile as I fold the paper around my thighs. I secure it with tape around both thighs. I realize that. Okay, it’ll be like I’m wearing a skirt maybe because my pussy is going to be open. And I wonder what you’re going to do first. Oh, I can’t wait to find out. And I secure the tape around the wrap around my hips, kind of making a little mini skirt. I was smart and I laid right by the tree to begin with because I don’t know how much I’m gonna be able to move around with this paper on without ripping it. I’m just gonna wrap up around my middle, tape it, wrap up my breasts, and tape it and I’m just gonna lay here and listen to Christmas music until you arrive.

My pussy is already getting wet. My anticipation, my passion, my lust is going higher and higher with every second. I can feel my pussy. I reach under but I can’t really do it because I don’t want to touch it and rip the paper. I want you to rip the paper off my body. So, I don’t touch my pussy. But I wonder if I’m dripping onto the paper and making it wet. I shift my legs a little but my thighs and my lips kind of squished together. I know I’m a little bit wet. I can feel that. I check my phone. You’ll be home any minute. I lay there waiting for you. I want you! I fucking want you! More and more each minute. My passion is just growing bigger, bigger, bigger. I hear the garage door and your car pulling into the garage.

My heart starts to beat.

I’m so excited.

I can’t wait to be your gift.

Sexual bucket list Christmas edition male in sexy santa outfit

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I hear the door open, and you yell out, “Hello.”

“Hi,” I say. “I’m in a living room by the tree.”

You say, “Okay, I’ll be there in a minute.”

I hear you walk into the kitchen, and I know you’re putting away a few groceries. I guess I better stay still. Let’s do that so it doesn’t spoil. So, I don’t say anything but I hum the Christmas music. I cannot wait. I cannot wait. My heart is pounding, pounding, pounding, pounding. I hear footsteps coming near.

And then you lay eyes on me. Your smile widens your eyes alight with lust and passion. “Oh, I get a gift I see.” You say, “hi.”

“Yes, I’m ready for you to unwrap me. I can’t wait for you to unwrap me.”

“Oh, I’m gonna unwrap you. Alright,” you say.

You come near me, but you don’t undress but your eyes are full of delicious lust and passion. And I want you to rip this paper off me and fuck me.

“What are you going to do first?” I ask innocently.

You kneel down and you peek under the paper at my pussy. “Oh,” you say, “your pussy is open. No paper for the pussy, huh

“I didn’t know how to do it. I guess I could have done like a swimsuit, but I thought a skirt was better. So, I was like… I’m commando so I’ll make a paper suit.”

“I like it.” Your fingers start at my toes. You massage my toes with a grin. You dance your fingers up my shins and caress them lightly.

I am rolling slightly against your touch, not too much because I don’t want to rip this paper. I want you to rip the paper. So, my undulations are not as much as I would normally do. Your fingers meander up to my knees and your fingers dance around. Your fingers slip under the paper a little bit, give my thighs a squeeze. Then you travel up to my mouth and stare into my eyes and give me a lovely kiss. Our kissing starts soft and then grows with passion as our mouths collide, our tongues slide against each other. Our hissing French kissing, deep and luscious and sensual, personal and intimate.

“I want you,” I whisper into your mouth. “I want you,” You say.

Now your hands are in my hair, caressing my head as we kiss. Your hands meander to my cheeks. I’m still not moving my arms because I know that might rip my paper so I’m just lying there like a fish out of water. But I know that’s not going to last because soon I can just be writhing free and naked from this paper. You feel up my breast through the paper and give a squeeze with a naughty little grin on your face. You meander down the papers squeezing my sides, my waist, and my hips. You press a hand over my mound and look me in the eyes with a grin. You raise an eyebrow.

“Hmm. I can’t wait to taste you under this paper.”

“Oh, is that what you’re gonna do? I can’t wait for you to taste me under this paper.”

The glow of the Christmas lights twinkle against our bodies. Our skin looks warm and festive. You kneel down near my pussy, spread my legs a little and the paper rips.

“And ripping begins,” I say with a giggle.

You push your face into my pussy and lick my open skin, the parts that the paper is not touching. The paper rips a little more as your forehead presses into the paper as you reach your tongue to touch my pussy lips. You lick up my slit and dance your tongue around my clit.  I moan and I try not to thrash, I know I’m gonna rip this paper.

“Oh,” I’m moaning out as you begin to eat me out in front of the Christmas tree.

The Christmas music is still there, creating a warm, gentle yet passionate background to our foreplay that will lead to places we both want to go so bad. You continue to eat me out and every once in a while there’s another little rip of paper. I giggle as the paper rips a lot as you shove your face fully between my thighs. Your mouth flush against my pussy rips the paper rips again.

“Ooooh,” I moan.

You’re gripping my thighs ripping the paper as you grasp me. You continue to eat me out for several minutes, driving me wild, raising my passion and my desire for you.

“Oh please, I’m gonna.”

You continue to eat me out as I thrash one more time because I can’t not, and the paper rips from somewhere I have no idea where, but I don’t give a fuck.

You continue to eat me out as I slide down, rather float down from my climax. The jerking of my body made more rips as I was finishing up my climax.

I giggle. “I think some of the papers ripping quite a bit.”

“Oh, not yet it’s not,” you say as you reach up and just rip the paper off across my hips, flinging it to the sides. And you start to kiss from my pussy lips, up my belly. You do another rip of the paper so that you expose the rest of my torso. kissing your way up. You push your nose against the paper and then take your hands and just rip it right off my breasts, exposing both my breasts and hard nipples to the air.

“I love that,” I say with a grin. “Fuck yes.”

“What I present you are.” You kiss all over my nipples, sucking them nibbling them, sucking the nipple to the back of your throat, deep throating it.

I moan, “Ooooh.”

I’m free. And now I can touch you. I can move around. The paper is ripped off all except for my thighs. My thighs are still covered in ripped paper. It’s still attached, but not by much. I know when you ram into me that’s just gonna shred that paper right off my thighs. And I can’t wait for you to fuck this paper right off my thighs.

“Fuck me,” I plead.

“Oh, that sounds like a fucking excellent idea.” You press your body to mine.

I’m naked and you’re still not naked. We kiss as I start to unbutton your shirt. My hands meander over your chest, feeling your nipples hard and beneath my fingers. I pinch them. I take them into my mouth. My hands meander down your abdomen and back up. I touch your shoulders and your biceps and squeeze. I push your shirt off your shoulders to loosen it from your body. You lean back and remove it and chuck it across the room.

“Who the fuck needs that shirt right?”

My hands meander to your belly. I grip your hips and reach my hands around and squeeze your ass as you sigh and your hardon presses into my body.

“Oh, finally, I can feel your cock,” I say.

“Oh, you’re gonna feel it all right. You’re gonna feel it in a lot of spots,” You say.

You grind against me as I try to remove your pants, but you’re grinding me too hard. I can’t get my hands in there.

“Ooohh,” I moan.

You kiss down my body, concentrating on my nipples again and then dragging your tongue down my tummy to my pussy, wiggling your tongue into my cleft. Having come already once I’m pretty ripe. And I know each time I come it will be easier and quicker. You kneel and unbuckle your pants.

“Can I unwrap you?” I ask.

You nod with a grin that says, ‘Oh fuck yes.’

I sit up, my breasts flopping as I do, and I undo your button on your jeans and unzip your pants, start to shimmy them down your hips. You wiggle out. And I reach up and grab the elastic waistband of your underwear and put down, and your cock swings out in my face.

“Whoa. I love to unwrap this kind of present,” I say, as I take your cock in my mouth and I suck it swirly my tongue all around. “Hmm. Maybe my candy cane.”

“Oh, I’ll be your cane full of candy for you,” You say.

I suck your cock and rub your shaft as you moan and play with my hair. I love my hair played with so I moan.

You stand up and you remove your pants and your underwear, and I lay back and watch as you shimmy out of them. A little sexy dance that just turns me on even more. You kneel between my thighs, my still wrapped thighs. You lean above my body, dipping your head down to give me a kiss. You take your cock and you smack my pussy. You spank my clit with your hard shaft, your pre cum is still in my mouth. I can taste it.

I moan as you slap your cock further against my pussy. You line up your dick at my slit and start to push yourself into me. We both grown out, that first push is just fucking delicious.

“Oh … I’m … oh,” I moan as you start to ram into me, the paper is ripping off my thighs.

I hear it. Oh, it’s such a delicious, sexy naughty sound. I just fucking love it. You start to ram into me so hard so fast. And then you slow down for a bit and pull out. Go down and give my see a few more licks and sucks

“Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me,” I say.

You sit up. “Your wish is my command, baby.”

And you enter my pussy again and you ram into me, you fuck me. Skin smacks together each time you thrust into me.

“Ooohhh,” I moan. “Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes fuck me.”

You continue to pound into me. My mouth and my hands meander your body, grip your thighs, your hips, your body, your arms, your biceps, your shoulders. My hands are traveling you all over your luscious body. The light of the Christmas tree lights us up as we fuck and it’s a wonderful warm feeling.

“Ooohhh.” I climax again. sounding like a dove as my moans wind down into luscious sighs.

And then you climax, still pounding into me. You blast my insides with your hot, luscious warm cum. You pull out and let the rest of it squirt on my belly.

“Mmmm,” I say, and I rub it into my skin like lotion.

You give me a kiss. And then lay beside me as we lay in front of the Christmas tree. Afterglow added to Christmas tree glow. We snuggle and feel each other, touch each other.

“That was amazing. I feel so good now.

“So do I,” You say.

“Did you like my surprise?”

“I loved your surprise. Heck. Yes. That was a great idea. Fucking unwrap you every day. You are a gift to me.”

“You’re a gift to me.” I giggle as I snuggle against your body. The warmth of us together is so good. And yummy. “What you buy us for dinner?”

“I got us pasta, already made, I put it in the oven. Keep it warm. And I got us. garlic knots. And meatballs. And tiramisu.”

“Oh, perfect. And did you get anything to drink?”

“Oh, yeah, I got some wine. Some red wine. That one you like. Remember we went to the store together last week? That one that you loved.”

“Oh, good. I love that one.”

“I bought six.”

“Oh. Hey, you know what I like don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, baby. I do.”

We lay there for a few minutes before we decide it’s time to go make dinner because fucking made us so damn hungry.

I hope you enjoyed this sexual bucket list, a Christmas one wrapped by the tree. What a fun thing. I love this idea. You should do this with your partner. It’s a really fun idea. You could do a different wrapping paper every day. You could do different things, you could wrap different parts of your body. You could both wrap each other up and take turns unwrapping each other ripping the paper off. There’s something sexy about that because it can happen so quickly, right? Just one rip down and suddenly nakedness. It’s a fun sexy idea. A very sensual and festive and fun way to spice up the holidays. Wow.

I hope you enjoyed this and I will put a link down in the podcast notes to my other sexual bucket list series, the other episodes in that series because I think this is the seventh one. I think I’m right. But anyway, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. This will be my only podcast this week because I’m going to take the rest of the week off for Christmas and I probably will do at least one podcast episode next week that I may just keep it at one so that I can have a little bit of holiday time to relax as well.

I hope you connect with me on social media I hope that you will follow my podcast and give me a review. Give me a rating I would love to hear your thoughts. In that way. You can always visit me also at Ruan Willow author.com My new book, great Christmas gift, Magic In Her Kisses, an erotic age gap erotic romance woman loving woman story, professor and student. And I have other books on Amazon as well as my audiobooks that I have narrated are also on Amazon. You can find them all easily listed on Goodreads if you ever go on Goodreads. I have them all under my profile, Ruan Willow.

I hope you have an amazing holiday time and I’ve had a great year of 2021 doing this podcast for you. And I’ve really enjoyed sharing my sexuality, my stories, my voice around the world. So exciting to me that you people are listening all around the world to me, and I’m so grateful. You all are a gift to me. Very wonderful, amazing, beautiful, stupendous gift. Thank you for listening to me. I hope you have a sexy fucking day. Love ya.


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