Welcome to my sex toy review! I’m an erotica author, podcaster, and sex toy reviewer. In this article, which goes along with the podcast episode on Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow, I’m celebrating over 10,000 views/downloads! I’m ecstatic to have so many interested in my podcast worldwide! I just started my podcast just over three months ago so I’m very excited to have this success so early on. Thank you for listening!

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Sex Toy Reviewer: Reviewing 5 Sex Toys

I’m a huge connoisseur of sex toys. I believe in their power, their ability, and their unique capacity to help both solo players and couples to reach climax. The amazing thing about sex toys is that they are all different and will stimulate you in different ways. This is not a competition. NO ONE should feel they need to compete with sex toys. They are machines. We are humans. They are an enhancement to your intimacy. They are a tool to improve your sexual experience and your partners. Sex toys are a means to improve your intimacy. They are means to improve your self-care and help you reduce the stress in your life. So don’t be scared to try them. You may just be very pleasantly surprised.

Some people think sex toys are just for women. Not true. There are many designed for men as well. Check out the affiliate links below to find some. And honestly, even if a toy is designed for a woman, that doesn’t mean a man can’t try it on his genitals. Try it. You might like it and you never know until you try. Lay it along your shaft, press it to your head, your balls, or even your anus. Men don’t need to not participate. Don’t let labels fool you. A sex toy made for a woman may be just as enjoyable to you as a man. Let’s think outside the box and get to pleasuring ourselves! Woohoo! Let’s do it!

Why do I share?

Why do I share my experiences? I’m not afraid of my sexuality, I prefer to celebrate it! And well, I have a healthy handle on humility. I can laugh at myself, poke fun at myself, poke other things at myself (sorry couldn’t resist that joke given this topic!). I’m sharing my sexuality because I want to enhance yours. I can about you having good sex. Helping you, while having some fun, is my ultimate goal! I want you to get off. I want you to have fun … alone and with a partner.

So in this podcast episode, I actually try the toys live. You can hear my real reactions and then I give a rundown of the toys including specifications, pros, cons, and more. And yes. I was naked when I recorded it. Yep it’s true!!! A follower friend suggested I do this for a 10K celebration and I decided to go for it. So here goes!

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Straight up Dildo

The first toy I use on the podcast is a straight-up plain, large, dildo with a suction cup. This particular dildo is designed quite well. The suction cup is large. The dildo is realistically lifelike. It suctions well to a metal folding chair. One nice thing about dildo use is that the clit is open for the addition of a sex toy for directed clit stimulation at the same time. A good suction cup is important in this type of dildo and this one has it. It’s a large dildo and is likely to give cervical pleasure due to how far it can be inserted and ridden.

Thrusting Dildo Vibrator with Heating

sex toy reviewer sex toy image

sex toy reviewer reviewing thrusting dildo with suction cup shown

This is a unique sex toy because not only does it thrust, it heats up. This is a realist clitoral and G-spot stimulator that is realistic with veins and ridges. This sex toy is made by Leyuto Flamingo. I so do really enjoy this toy because the thrusting action is quite nice as the heating function.

At the time of this review, it is reasonably priced at $31.99.


  • 7 speeds, powerful vibration
  • comes with a remote control usable up to 49-60 feet away
  • can control modes on the unit itself as well as with the remote
  • waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • easy to clean, easy to use and easy to charge
  • suction cup (this be larger as I often break suction)
  • comes in discreet packaging
  • heats up for 5 minutes then stops
  • has a squishy and realistic feel
  • size is 8.5″ by 1.57″ by 1.57″ with insertable 6.3″
  • body-safe soft silicone outer covering
  • low noise
  • use it alone or with a partner


  • lint and hair sticks to it easily so be careful where you set it down
  • suction cup is kind of small so it loses suction easily

Ruan’s uses

I enjoy this toy, being a sex toy reviewer is fun! I love the uniqueness of the thrusting and the heating. Remember to long press the power button for heating function. This works great suctioned to a metal folding chair as I did during the podcast. Yup! That’s how I did it and it was hot! I’ve also used this toy while laying down by securing it with the inside of my thigh. This is a great toy that I do recommend and enjoy. I do enjoy this toy also when I apply a second toy to my clit, in fact, that’s the best way for me. I need both clitoral and G-spot stimulation to come easily, or on occasion just clit but never just G. Every woman is different!


Flamingo Leyuto affiliate link

Thrusting dildo vibrator heating

Clitoral Licking Vibrator

One of the best adult sex toys for women and men to enjoy alone or together. This is a great petite yet powerful toy.

clitoral licking vibrator sex toy reviewer



  • stimulates vagina, clitoris, nipples, G spot, anus
  • simulates a tongue in action
  • pretty pink color
  • nice cover
  • comes with a bag for storage
  • high-intensity high-frequency vibrations, 10 vibration modes
  • made of silicone
  • easy to clean
  • dustproof for a healthier experience
  • low noise
  • rechargeable with a magnetic USB cord
  • ergonomically designed (great size for holding in your hand)
  • 4.84″ by 2.24″
  • waterproof for bathtub or shower
  • use it alone or with a partner
  • nice for men as well on penis, balls, head
  • great for foreplay
  • comes in discreet packaging

This toy is reasonably priced at $27.99.


  • none that I have found

Ruan’s Uses

This clitoral vibrator is amazing! I really love this one. I did a video on Twitter of this toy and it made me giggle because it looks like fish sticking out its tongue and vibrating it. The action of the little tongue is quite nice…understatement….on the clit. You can press it harder or softer to the clit depending on your desired level of strength of pressure. I also really enjoy this toy. It literally makes me thrash about and say nonsense words when I press it to my vaginal opening lol! No kidding!!! The tongue action against the outer and internal clit is very powerful and very quick in its ability to bring me to climax. It’s fucking amazing! Clearly, I recommend this toy!


clitoral licking vibrator

Wearing Panty Vibrator

As a sex toy reviewer, I try out many toys. This one is so petite but quite powerful. It is an easy one to walk around with while using.

wearable panty vibrator clit sucker sex toy reviewer


sex toy reviwer reviewing wearing pany vibrator sex toys for women



  • multiple frequencies with app control possible with customizable vibrations solitary mode, music mode (set it to a song), delimit mode (touchscreen), and interactive mode
  • 9 sucking patterns and 9 vibrations patterns for intense stimulation
  • rechargeable with a magnetic USB cord
  • clit sucker, nipple stimulator
  • 2 bumps designed to stimulate the clit and the G spot
  • petite ergonomic design for women to wear inside panties so it’s just perfect for using when out and about on a date for fun with a partner
  • 3.5″ by 1.7″
  • quiet motor especially when flush with the skin
  • comes in discreet packaging

This toy is reasonably priced at $36.99.


  • none that I have found

Ruan’s uses as a sex toy reviewer

I really enjoy this toy. The little drum that hits the clit is quite enjoyable. It just nestles in so nicely in between the labia lips and targets the clit. Simply flip the toy around for multiple uses. I’ve used this toy while walking around and while laying down. I really do recommend this toy!



wearable panty vibrator

G spot Vibrator Sex Toy

This is a great toy and very versatile in that it can be used solo or during sex and both partners benefit from the vibrations. This toy is unique in that it is flexible and can be used to stimulate the clit and G spot as well as the penis or the G spot and the anus. The part near my thumb rests on the penis.

sex toy for couples G spot vibrator sex toy reviewer



  • G spot vibrator great for couples or alone
  • stimulate clit and G spot and penis or G spot and anus
  • 10 powerful vibrations ranging from steady to strong pulsations with two motors
  • wireless remote control up to 10 meters away
  • medical-grade silicone so it’s made with body-safe materials
  • waterproof
  • discreet packaging
  • magnetic charging with a USB cord
  • flexible to 270 degrees
  • shaped like a U


  • none that I have found

Ruan’s Uses

I enjoy this toy. It’s great fun alone or with a partner. I prefer clit and G spot stimulation with this toy. I definitely recommend this toy.


Funejoy sex toy

Thanks for reading my review! Visit my podcast to hear me… I wear these live!

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