Sex Gifts for Valentines Day Gift Ideas: with a focus on the enjoyment of sex

In this post, I’m sharing sex gifts that will enhance your sex life, both solo and with/and for your partner. Let’s get hot in this discussion of sex toys! I’ll share my tips, feelings, and experiences with these toys. I am a huge promoter of sex toys! I love sex toys. I believe they are beneficial to all people and all couples. Make your sex the best it can be! This post contains sex toy reviews, a discussion on massage oils (edible and non-edible), and some ideas for experiences because we tend to remember experiences more than we remember item gifts.

The exception to that is sex toys.


Because …. sex toys give participants an experience to remember.

This website uses affiliate links. These links give Ruan a kickback for advertising. The opinions expressed here are 100% Ruan’s honest opinions. She owns the sex toys suggested in this post and recommends them for enhancing sexual relations both for the solo player and for sexual play with a partner. This post is intended for adults 18 years old and older. Please do not continue to read if you are under 18.

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Sex gifts for Valentines Day

Sex Gifts For Valentines Day: Sex Toys

I’m going to talk about 9 sex toys. I own all of these and have experience with them. Now … I actually own 24 sex toys and counting. Yes, as I said above ….  I’m a huge promoter of sex toys because they greatly enhance the sexual experience, both for solo play and with a partner (or partners).

I’m highlighting my top four favorite toys of all twenty-four sex toys I own. Mostly I choose rechargeable toys over the ones that use batteries. I don’t want to run out of batteries for playtime. No. Thanks. Hell no. Now the first tip of all these toys, use a bit of lube. Water-based lube is the best for all of these toys.

Hint-hint: buy lube too.

I like these two lubes. My favorite is this first one because not only do I love the consistency of it, I love the bottle because you can lay it down and it doesn’t spill out onto the bed, even when you lay it uncapped on its side. I have both of the following lubricants right now. I keep repurchasing the durex one below because I love it so much. It’s good for massage as well.

Durex Massage & Play 2 in 1 Lubricant Soothing Touch, 6.76 oz

The second one I like is a bit messier because it’s drippy. It’s great for lubrication, but it’s a bit sloppy to use because of how it drips. But just plan ahead with a towel, or just ignore any spills while you have fun and you will be fine.

Astroglide Liquid, Water Based Personal Lubricant, 5 oz.


Sex gifts for Valentines Day

Let’s heat things up…


Okay! On to the fun part! The Sex Toys!

    1. Mary Sucking Vibrator toy by Tracy’s Dog. This toy rocks. It blew my mind the first time I used it. Blew. My. Mind. Okay. Like I give it 10 out of 5 stars. Mind-blowing. It’s purple, so I love it already because I love purple things. What is it? It’s a wearable vibe that is shaped like a V. It is a clit sucker and a G spot stimulator at once. You can walk with it on, it won’t fall out, it’s deliciously snug. It’s a bit loud so it may not be a great one for in public. It’s stellar. Outstanding. Life-changing. It has tons of positive reviews from women. They aren’t wrong. The controls are on the unit itself. It can be used solo or of course with a partner. It’s strong. Very strong. And reasonably priced. Check it out: Tracy’s Dog

Powerful Vîbraraters for Wọman with Sụction Oral Clìtorals Sẹx Tọngue Lîcking and Sụcking Stìmulator Bụllet Vîbatorator for Wọmen Pleasure Tracys Dog Clìtorial Sụcking Tọy

  1. The simple massager wand. Oh, the power of a simple wand. It’s shaped like a cock of course. It can be used on other body parts, but the clit and vagina are the best spots in my opinion. Of course. This toy makes me cum. Every damn time. It’s often my go-to. Now not all wands are created equal. I have the Shibari mini halo. I have two of them. I like it that much that I knew I wanted a backup in case my first one ever died. If I only had one toy, this would rival the Mary Sucking Vibrator toy I just mentioned. I have another wand from another brand and it totally fails in comparison, like it’s a joke. Affiliate link for the wand:
  2. Adorime G spot rabbit Vibrator. This toy is my favorite. I know I’ve said that about the other two I just mentioned, but this toy is the most versatile toy I own. It is utterly stellar amazing. It’s shaped kind of like a Y and the top part of the Y is circular and has ridges at the tips of the circular Y head. Those ridges. Oh. My. Fucking. Gawd. Killer. This toy is also the best self thruster toy I own. It’s so ergonomically shaped that it’s literally perfect for my hand to thrust with. I reviewed this toy on my website so you can check for that as well at Sex Toy Review: Rabbit Vibrator and Couples Sex Toy. It’s just the most versatile for solo play and partner play. It works for the penis as well. I have a follower friend on Twitter who tried this toy per my recommendation and both he and his wife loved it for solo play and partner play. It can be used as a double penetration toy because the circular head can fit around the base of the penis. While it’s great for women, the circular head is also great for men for stroking. For mutual pleasure and all-around pleasure, this toy is the best choice I’ve come across. And it’s not too expensive either. It’s the perfect choice for sex gifts for Valentines Day because it’s so fantastic for both sexes. Adorime G spot rabbit vibrator

    Rose vibrator clitoris sucker and rabbit vibrator

    Rose vibrator clitoris sucker and G spot rabbit vibrator both by Adorime…a very good combination.

  3. The rose clit sucker by Adorime. This toy takes me from calm to Whoa! Holy fuck in a matter of seconds. This toy is strong. So be careful. I’ve pressed it down too hard because I lose control, and I have gotten a sore clit from it. Oh, poor baby clit! So I’ve learned to control myself and not press too hard. It’s literally an amazing toy. For women who love clit stimulation alone, this is killer. Killer I tell you. Killer. The suction is unmatched. Strong. Delicious. Immediate. Amazing. It’s also tailored to females because it looks like a rose and it sits on a pedestal to charge, so it even looks pretty.Rose vibrator flower vibrator clitoris sucker charging When I use this toy, I also have something in me because I need both G spot and clit stimulation to cum, and usually, I have the toy I just previously mentioned in me. To read the full review, click here: Rose Vibrator Clit Sucker Toy Review Fashion Sexy G-spot Female Massage jacket2 in 1 Clitòrial Stimulàtion Rose-Shape Toys for Women Funny Suction ạdọrịmẹ Pussy Licking Toys Women Suck Clǐtorǐal Suckǐng Toys for Women Couple-T-Shirt


Sex Toys for Couple and multiple partner play

Partner play is so fun with sex toys. The teasing, the flirting, the edging that these toys make possible is insurmountable. Drive your partner to his/her orgasmic heights this Valentine’s Day with these sex toys.

    1. Nora by Lovense: Nora is amazing. I love Nora. Nora is great for solo play or couple play, either at close range or long distance via a phone app. Great for pleasuring your partner in the same room or over a long distance by controlling the toy from a long-distance away. Seriously. It really works and it’s totally amazing. The app has the ability for sound, pictures, and texting. The rabbit vibrator is fabulous because it provides G spot stimulation and clitoris. To read my full review, click here: Rabbit Vibrator Lovense Nora Review
    2. Lush 2 by Lovense: This is a wearable vibe toy. It works like Nora at close range from a phone app or from a long-distance away. It is fully controllable by the unit or by the app, just like Nora. This toy gives off a soft hum so it might be noticed but it’s not overly loud either. It’s a great toy that can be worn around the house doing chores, cooking, or out and about at a restaurant, on a walk, or at a bar. Anywhere! I will say bending over with this toy in is a special treat. It’s small and looks like a whale, but the tale runs along the clit.
    3. Impulse Vibe. This wearable panty vibrator is a silicone toy, like all the others, and it’s a pulsating vibrating vibe with a remote that sits nestled nicely in tight panties. (Affiliate link to this toy made by Urnight: Impulse Vibe Urnight Sex Toys wearable pantry vibrator with wireless remote ) This toy is also classified as a butterfly vibrator or egg vibrator. It does have a remote for the partner to run the show and tease, flirt, and edge the female along. Yum! It is a bit loud so best for at-home use. It feels amazing when sitting or bending over because it really presses the toy flush to the pussy–read the full review here: Panty Vibrator Sex Toy Review for Couplesimpluse vibe sex gifts for valentines day for couples
    4. Partner vibrator: This is my newest toy and it’s a clitoral and G spot vaginal massager for women solo or it can be used for couples. It’s made by Treediride. It comes with a remote. It has three motors, one for the larger portion and each finger has a motor. Any combination works. It is suggested for vaginal or anal use. It’s water-resistant. It’s small so it’s perfect for travel. This toy is pretty quiet and my favorite way to use it is when walking because the two fingers rub back and forth across the clit as you walk. It’s delicious.partner vibrator sex gifts for valentines day for couples LInk to learn more and purchase: Partner Vibrator


Sex gifts for Valentines Day

Sex Gifts for Valentines Day: Massage Oils

Massage oils are a great gift that both partners can enjoy for Valentine’s Day and long after.

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus bath, body, and massage oil smells absolutely amazing. I love it! It’s great for massage, moisturizing, and sex.

Flavored massage oil is the best. Maple Holistics makes some of my favorites coming in Berry, Tropical (my fave), and vanilla dreams. It’s all-natural sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil with vitamin E and natural flavoring. It’s cruelty-free and vegan and made with pure oils. It’s awesome!

Mango Kiss me is another great massage oil, also made by Maple Holistics.


Give your partner the gift of an experience this Valentine’s Day.

Experiences make for great gifts. They are memorable and fun and often are remembered much better than items. Here are some ideas:

Decorate a white fitted sheet. Grab a sharpie marker and make your own game board on the sheet. Add sexual acts to each square, such as kiss cock, lick pussy, French kiss, massage ass, nipple sucks, and the end can be full fucking. Add in whatever kink you want, BDSM, nipple clamps applied, or even take a shot of tequila. Buy those big dice for your gameboard and use fun sexy pawns such as sex toys, lube, or panties

Coupons for sexual favors are versatile, cheap, and fun. A great easy simple way to improve sexual intimacy between the members of a couple.

Dessert in bed… that always leads to sex, right?

Outdoor sports such as skiing, golf, or a batting cage are always a great idea.

Of course, restaurants and movie theaters. Right now, many movie theaters are offering private showing where you can rent out a whole theater for yourself for a reasonable price. Can you say sneak in a public round of sex if you have the theater to yourself? I sure as fuck can, yes please!

A hot air balloon ride is refreshing and fun.

A weekend getaway is always good and sexy. Intimate. Special.

Bowling. Yes, bowling, pizza, beer, perfect!

Professional massage, either solo or couple massage. You can’t go wrong with a professional massage.

I hope you found some helpful tips for purchasing gifts for your lover this Valentine’s Day.

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