There are so many great sex toys and adjuncts to enhance both sensuality and sexuality, but I don’t recommend them all. I’m discerning. Some are good, some are bad, and some toys are simply edgers only. I have several go-to sex toys that I go to all the time. Plus, I’m sharing other collaborations of companies I work with. So, check out this post to get my, Ruan Willow’s Recommendations, for pleasure and work, scroll down for access.

Plus, I’m sharing podcast tips and the services I use in content creation and companies I collaborate with.

This post contains some affiliate links which will earn this podcast advertising fees if purchases are made through the links. This is at no added cost to you the consumer, but proceeds of sales go to support this website and business, so thank you for the monetary support if you do make a purchase.

Ruan Willow's Recommendations on Sex Toys, Products, & Podcasting

Ruan Willow’s Recommendations on Sex Toys, Products, & Podcasting.. APPROVED!

Sex Toys that are Ruan Willow’s Recommendations

I suggest women try the Zumio for external clitoral stimulation. It’s the best toy for targeted clit pleasure. I’ve tried the darker purple, the blue, and the black. All are fantastic, but the head of each of them is different so they do provide a different experience.

The purple one is nice and is more of medium sized head. This was the first one I got of the Zumio line and I loved it. It provides very directed and intense clitoral pleasure and it brought me to climax quickly. I did end up suffering the loss of function with it and the company said they’d give me a replacement, however, at the time, they were out of stock with the purple one, so they send me the blue one.

The blue has the largest head of the three I’ve tried. This gives more diffuse vibration and fuller coverage. It’s just as wonderful as the purple one.

The other one I’ve tried is the black one. The particular model has a smaller head and delivers very pin-pointed intense sensations.

Reasons why I love…

There are two reasons I really love these toys: they helped me map my clitoral pleasure spots showing me which parts of my clit provide the most intense pleasure and they can easily be used with other toys and during sex (especially doggy) because of the slender handheld pen-like design.

Warning though: Be very careful of the sex toy’s head

The tip can be fragile. I clean it by using either just water or soap and water, and drag it across a cloth to dry it rather than swiping the tip with two closed fingers. In doing this, I actually pulled the head out of the purple one. The tip had been loosened already, but ever since that happened, I’m more careful with it.

Plus, use the cover. Once I stuck the toy in my pocket without the cover, and I bent the tip. The cover provides protection for this toy’s head. It’s very important to actually use the cover I’ve found to preserve the integrity of the toy.

Zumio Clitoral Sex Toys for Women

zumio sex toys

Kiiroo Sex Toys

I work with Kiiroo as well in collaboration. I really enjoy their Pearls. They are intense slender toys that have a long lasting battery life for satisfying play times. I love the maneuverability and easy manipulation of these toys for women.



Pearl 2+

Pearl 2+



There are many groups/companies/products I recommend in addition to the ones listed above.

Many of them are also on this post: Get the Ruan Willow Discount

For men wanting a more lifelike sex toy, they should consider a sex doll. This adds more enjoyment for many in self-pleasuring and is a great option for those wanting a more realistic play time.

Female Sex Dolls: Female Sex Dolls

Beautiful Sex Dolls: Beautiful Sex Dolls

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Ruan Willow’s Recommendations for Podcasting

I use the podcast platform Buzzsprout. I’ve enjoyed working with their platform so far. I enjoy the ease of publishing, the ability to have a subscription level (want to subscribe to my exclusive level of the podcast? $3 a month, click here: Subscribe here ), and the ability to earn money with ads. You can join with my affiliate link here: Buzzsprout

Here’s the podcast episode I created about podcasting:

Following the link above lets Buzzsprout know I sent you, gets you a $20 Amazon gift card if you sign up for a paid plan, and helps support my show.

Why Buzzsprout?

I’ve enjoyed working with Buzzsprout and use their magic mastering option to polish the audio file to make it sound better. You can choose the plan you want and upgrade for more minutes or just pay for extra minutes if you go over your plan’s minutes allotment. The other thing I love about Buzzsprout is their soundbite option where I can select a segment of the audio file (up to a minute) and they will create an MP4 audio file for you. Then you can take that file and download it to your phone or computer/laptop and use it to advertise your podcast on social media.

Starting a podcast is pretty simple. You just need equipment: a good microphone, an interface unit, headphones, a computer/laptop, a pop filter, and an external hard drive is nice too (but not essential). You will also need a space to record in. If you don’t want to invest in a foam-lined sound room space, you can record in a walk-in closet. The more clothing in the closet, the better. You want to cover hard surfaces in the closet as much as possible with fabric to absorb sound so you don’t sound echoey.

Podcasting equipment:

I love my Focusrite interface.

Focusrite is very responsive for any issues with the units failing or not working. I’ve had to contact them for a warranty issue twice (I have two interfaces), and both times they were very responsive and helped me fix my problems swiftly.

I adore my Audio Technica microphone.
I use a simple cheap pop filter cover over my microphone.

An external hard drive is nice to store all the large audio files if you don’t want to fill up your computer or laptop. This is an extra item though, it’s not essential.

If you want to get fancy, here is the boom I use and recommend.
Using a boom to house your microphone will cut down on extraneous noise such as if you were to bump the table. It nicely attaches to your desk/table and moves up and down in a scissor-like motion.

Episode on Buzzsprout about Podcasting

And here’s a player of the podcast:

I also use the Cleanvoice ai for assistance in editing audio interviews for my podcast and also the Headliner app. Access my friend referral join link here (you joining gives me a temporary perk, thank you!) Promote your podcast with audiograms with Headliner App

The editing software I use is Audacity, with the ACX plugin, these are free, and Isotope editing software RX8.

I hope you have found this helpful in your journey.

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