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I’ve started a podcast! It’s called Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow. I’m just ecstatic and practically jumping out of my leggings!! I’m so dang excited to embark on this new journey of creating a podcast show! What will be my topic? Well, my topic will be all things sex of course. Please keep reading to find out more about my new podcast, or you can click the link below to listen to my first ever podcast:) I’m beaming with excitement in case you were wondering;) You can search for Ruan Willow podcast on Apple Podcasts iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora (pending)


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Welcome & Fantasies Podcast number 1:


A follower friend on Twitter, Throwthetoilet, gave me some questions to answer on my first ever podcast. I’m so excited I can’t sit still! I can’t believe it. I’ve started a podcast! Woohoo!

My answers to these questions will give you an idea of what my podcast will be about, what I will touch on, highlight, discuss, and read.

Why did I start the podcast?

The main reason I started thinking about doing a podcast is because many people have asked me for months to start one. I have the audio erotica YouTube channel, but I don’t control that and they keep deleting my posts because they say I violate their policies. So for both these reasons, I decided a podcast made sense. Not only can I post what I want when I want on the podcast, but I can also please my fans/followers/friends because they want to hear me speak and read (I’m totally honored!). The podcast gives them another way to listen. To my delight, many people like my voice so I’m thrilled to provide readings and discussions of sexy stuff using my own voice. I am pleasantly surprised that I find I’m loving doing audio reads. I really get into readings and I love to do them … like I really love to do them!

What kind of guests do I want on the podcast?

The types of guests I would love to have on the podcast include other fellow writers of erotica, experts on sex topics, and a sex therapist or coach. I’m very open to other ideas and will explore them as time goes on.

What would I like the show to be about?

I have many plans in place already, in fact, I have seventy-two ideas for podcast episodes, and that doesn’t even include reading story excerpts. If I read an excerpt from every story I already have published here and review sex toys I already own, I will already have a plan for over 100 episodes at the time of launch. That’s a lot of ideas! And I can’t wait to share them with all of you!

What will my Ruan Willow Podcast: Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow be about?

Let me tell you …

The podcast topics will be a mix of my own personal sexual experiences and my erotica fiction. I will read sexy little erotic snippets (like I do on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and MeWe), hot sexy poems and prose, and short erotic scenes. Plus, by request of my followers/fans/friends, I will also do sex toy reviews … I currently have twenty-four sex toys and I have plans for more! The more I have the more pleasure I get, so I’m totally in to add to my collection! I will talk about anything and everything related to sex/sexuality/sex tips/relationship tips. I will talk about romance and love of course too. Also, I will talk about improving sex for your own solo purposes (masturbation) as well as with a partner.

I really want this podcast to be interactive, like a radio station or talk show. This is my plan. I want to give you what you want. I will always love to get your suggestions, requests, and ideas. So please always share them with me! You can email them to me at ruanwillow at gmail dot com. Or you can message me on Twitter, Instagram, MeWe, Pinterest, or YouTube or comment on a post. I try to respond to all comments, I know I miss some so please forgive me! And do try to request again if I miss your first request.


Oh F_ck Yeah with Ruan Willow The Ruan Willow podcast


Ruan Willow Podcast Theme for episode 1: Fantasies

We all love our fantasies. They drive our sexuality. They delve into the depths of our lust, dance with our want, further fuel our desires. Let’s highlight that!

There are those fantasies you can achieve, then there are those out of reach, and there are the ones that drive us all wild with want. Our brains flip flop in between them as we dabble in fantasy mode, as we sink into sexual thoughts. As we play solo or with a partner.

In this episode, I talk about some common fantasies, those requested by Twitter followers.

Let’s get hot with some fantasy talk!

I touch on having sex in a backyard encounter. It’s delicious to fuck in the backyard at night, under the stars, under the moon. Grab a blanket or lay down in the grass and let the lush blades tickle your thighs, your ass as you rock in your mutual sex ride. Having sex by a bonfire is delicious as well. I wrote such a story, have a read of it here: Sexy Bonfire Firefly Game .

The next fantasy I talk about on the podcast is limo sex and all the fun that does along with that … hello yummy exhibitionism and voyeurism with limo sex. Stick your head out of the sunroof as your lover messes with your body below inside the limo. Yes, please!

Sex in the woods. Oh yes! So very primal to have sex in the woods. So much fun can be had fucking in the forest. Hang on to a tree or lay on a big rock, or bring a big puffy blanket to lay on.

Hot tub sex is another great fantasy to talk about. Already in a swimsuit? Easy segway to sex, but getting hot isn’t just from the water so sit on the edge and let your feet dangle as you tangle with your lover.

A meet-up! Oh yessss!

Metting someone from Twitter for a date or sexy rendezvous is a delicious tasty fantasy indeed. I wrote a short story about this topic, which ties into the next topic of having an older woman crush, such as in my MILF story. Read that sexy fuckfest story where the two lovers meet at a cabin and pleasure each other incessantly to the greatest heights of passion, orgasm, and affection. Read that story here at: MILF Sex at the Rustic Cabin

A foot fetish is another topic someone requested I talk about on the podcast. He wanted me to focus a bit of time on the role of feet in sex. Rubbing feet on genitals or having your toes sucked by your lover is very sexy and arousing. Painted toenails, footjob, toe sucking, tickles, oh yeah! The feet can be sensual and erotic too.

More? Yes, please, more.

Lastly, I talked about multiple partner encounters, female-female-male in particular, and how I have this on my sexual bucket list. Do you have a sexual bucket list? I sure as fuck do. You should make one if you don’t have one yet. Then share it with your lover or partner and tell them to add to it. Make a master fuck list!


The fantasy of being with someone you desire. Sexy is the order of the day! Delicious!

Oh F_ck Yeah with Ruan Willow The Ruan Willow Podcast


I sincerely hope you enjoy my first ever podcast and I would love it if you left an honest review. I can learn and grow if you tell me what you like. Love it! I want that! Please help me grow.

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