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Truck Stop Romp


Erotic Short Story Truck stop by erotica author Ruan Willow


I park my car and watch you hop off your motorcycle in the fleeting light of the sinking orange November sun, your black leather pants and jacket on you like your second skin. I get out of my car as I watch you, you are hot as all fuck. As you walk towards the truck stop entrance, your swagger tells me you fuck good, something in the way you move, your sure step, the tautness of your muscles, the pounding strength that pelvis must-have.

Watching you move sends jolts through my clit as I imagine you fucking me. I smirk at myself, calling a random man “you” just because I want him. I put a hand over my eyes, mocking my own sheer silliness. But I’m so horny, so I allow my fantasy as I unveil my eyes to watch you from my where I lean against the hood of my car. Your dark hair matches your black leather and the sunglasses that bind your eyes, I watch you remove them before you step inside and I’m aching to be under the gaze of those eyes. I ponder your bike you left at the curb and wish I could be ridden by you as it is, wild and caressing your balls as you ride. I shake my head, being jealous of a bike is ridiculous, but I imagine how that hot ass of yours would look from behind while you fucked me bent over something, like maybe your bike. Fucking scrumptious as heck.

I shake off the fantasy because that shit just doesn’t happen anyway. I head towards the gas station to buy my drink and snack. I have three more hours before I reach home and I can’t wait to eat Mom’s pumpkin pie. Tomorrow Thanksgiving will be good. It will be so nice to be home again after the past few crazy weeks I’ve had.


Truck stop at twilight Erotic romance stories for adults truck stop romp


I saunter into the truck stop. Inside, I see you eyeing the burritos and rolling hot dogs. I cringe wondering if you will actually eat that shit. I suppress a giggle. As if you can feel my eyes on you, or my silent giggle at your expense, you turn, way too quick for me to avert my eyes and you catch me staring at you, which elicits this naughty grin from you that sends thick chills right through my clit, the electricity actually thickening her.

I avert my eyes to the many shades of gum on the rack. I don’t want gum, but suddenly it’s easier to look at than you, even though gazing at your roughness, your brusque around the edges bad boy vibe is a bit too easy on my eyes and deliciously saturating the crap out of my pussy at the moment. I’m wet as fuck. I’m commando and that makes me wet in the first place, but you, you are adding in some solid gushing action. I let my eyes leave the packages of blue, green, and pink gum and lift my gaze. You are full-on staring at me, unabashedly. Your grin like that of a bold thief ready to take something you want regardless of the consequences, which is the aura you give off, which is just sexy as fuck and gives me full body tingles.

My eyes fall to your crotch, how could they not? Your boner is loud through your pants and I almost lurch back at the shock of your blatant horniness as you nonchalantly stroke the tip through your pants. I hold your gaze and I think my eyes give my desire for you away because you begin to walk towards me. I gasp inside.

Fuck. I think you can see the raw desire in my eyes. I know you do and now I’m trapped by your realization, by your intense gaze. But, at the same time, it makes my heart pound like a damn jackhammer, which, that’s the wrong word for me to think of right now because it’s making me even wetter, and my pussy quivers for a hand on her. I squirm and fidget under your staring, fingering a blond curl because that’s what I do when I’m nervous. I can almost taste my desire for you, like how the deep rich aroma of coffee brewing is almost taste-able.  Somewhere in me cries out that I want you to fuck me, and I shush her, because good girls don’t just fuck strange men in truck stops whom they don’t know. I feel my cheeks heat in a blush at that thought, and mostly because I want like heck for it to actually happen.

You walk over to the aisle next to mine to face me, a display of candy between us. I don’t know what you are studying on your side, but your eyes leave the lock we share and fall to whatever is on the shelf before you. Perhaps you are looking at bread loaves or chip bags. Instantly I care, which is stupid. I shouldn’t care where your eyes fall, we are strangers.

I glance at the chocolate bars and Skittles and Starburst packages, then allow my gaze to rise again, only here I get a shocking jolt of pure lust from your eyes as you intensely stare into mine like you can smell my wet pussy from across this metal aisle rack. My heart is thudding, flooding my toes with heat like a full-on rush of hot, plush dropped cum wetting my toes like in the last fuck I had, which was way too long ago to be in any way acceptable.

I imagine my eyes tell you how much I want you because yours are telling me how much you want me. I unleash a naughty grin, and narrow my eyes slightly, then flick my lids open. I feel my nipples harden against my t-shirt because I decided against a bra today. I watch your eyes travel to my chest, your grin widening, you rub your beard and chuckle. Oh how I know that kind of grin, it’s because I have quite large nipples, which are quite obvious in this thin t-shirt.

My heart might just pound out of me, it’s practically shaking my ribcage as we share this eye lock. Your eyes are already eye-fucking me, a message undeniable as I run my hand through my curly blond locks, ending by touching my chest, just above my generous cleavage. You watch, with a wanton look in your eyes that makes me want to give my hair to your large calloused hand, thick and muscular from hard labor no doubt, and from probably gripping those motorcycle handlebars every day of your life. I want those hands on my hips and tits. Like right fucking now.

Again, I am envious of that bike that rides your crotch every day, vibrating your balls and dick to hardness no doubt, as the wide-open of the interstate lashes your cheeks. I can’t help but wonder if you’d fuck me if I asked you too. I open my mouth as if I will ask, but freeze, I open without words coming out, only hot breath as you nod towards the back of the store.

I can’t breathe as I look to where you are nodding. My heart skips, almost stops beating as I see the bathroom sign hanging off the ceiling like some beacon for a brothel. This is not something I’ve ever done, but fuck, it’s been a masturbation inspiration for me many times to fuck a random sexy man in a truck stop.

Could I do this for real?

You take a step towards the back of the store and continue to slowly walk along the aisle. I’m frozen in place as you gaze back at me and grin, cock your head, smirking like I know what you are insinuating.  And yet, I totally fucking know what your nod and walk are insinuating and it’s making me wetter by the second. The idea of doing this is making me horny as fuck. The idea of fucking a hot stranger at a truck stop is what some of my wet dreams are made of. For real. I take a step and your grin widens, your white teeth making your sexy grin pop. You nod again at the sign. I accidentally give you fuck me eyes, I am helpless against your hot molten chocolate brown eyes that promise me some kind of a wild fuck. How are we here together at the same time?

I follow your lead, your keys jingling like my beacon, I obediently follow, my commando lips helping friction rub me even wetter as I walk. My heart is racing, I glance around to see if anyone will see us go in the bathroom together. No one is looking. I hold my breath, then let it romp as fast as my heart is beating as I follow your lead towards the bathroom. Part of me fears you are a serial killer and mean to chop me up in the bathroom with a pocketknife hidden in your pocket, but something in your rosy cheeks and jovial full lips tells me all you want is a fuck, same as me. So, since I want it too, I take the risk and fully step into that bathroom behind your tight ass. I reach out to stroke it as soon as the door shuts.

You chuckle, it’s a deep one that stirs and warms my insides like chili on a cold fall day, thick and hearty fulfilling. You let me feel you up, both of your cheeks in my little grabby hands, before you turn around. I blush slightly as you take a step towards me, reach around behind me and push the button lock on the door handle. Our eyes link together as unbreakable as this train wreck course we are already on.

“Hi,” you say, your voice as sexy as I expected.

“Hi,” I say, mine quivering a bit.

We don’t need names as you step closer to me, pressing your body fully to mine. You slip your hands around my hips and each hand grabs a butt cheek and squeezes hard making me gasp.

“You have a very nice round firm bubble butt ass. I wanted to touch it the second I saw it,” you say, and I wonder how you even saw my ass because my front was always facing you. I grin as I know men somehow have talents to check out women even when we don’t know you are checking us out, a talent I never mastered.

“Thank you,” I whisper as you massage my ass, soft at first than ever hardening in intensity, which further charges up my sex drive like it’s a crank.

Your boner is wedged against my gut like a thick metal rod, yet somehow it feels even harder than metal. I almost drool imagining you thrusting it into me, and I wimp out and release my grip on my groan. It fuels your wanton eyes as I let the thrill of this settle along my goosebumped skin. You deflate your lungs in a moan that reassures me you want to fuck me. My chest rising and falling fast as you open your mouth to speak.

My lips fall open as if I will speak, but I don’t as you actually ask me, “Want to fuck?”

I can’t speak, the shock of those words has stolen the possibility of any sensible communication from my hot moist mouth. I widen my eyes, then smile, signaling my agreement, I can only nod as words are too hard right now. You slip your hands into my shirt and run them over my erect tits, drawing moans out of me as you pinch my nipples. I gasp as you pull them away from my body, gently at first, then harder as if you will pull them right off my breasts, somehow your fingers know exactly how to manipulate me into a hot fuckable mush. I feel a wet gush moisten my pussy as I release a soft moan.

You ram me with your mouth. You taste like mint and beef jerky with a hint of this morning’s coffee mixed in, your tongue hot as your tongue strokes mine. I put my hands on your chest and feel your muscles beneath, feeling shocked you are kissing at all. I suck your tongue and lips hungrily, oh how I’ve missed kissing.

Your hands maul my back, almost breaking me apart from myself, I meld into your body like cum wraps around as it consumes a thatch of hair. We kiss for thirty seconds before you take off my shirt, tossing it to the floor.

“I like your bra-less panty-less self.” You growl. “That’s fucking sexy, baby.”

I still can’t seem to speak as I wonder how you know I’m commando, it’s like you have eyes all over me when I never saw you even look there. Your masculinity has some odd power over me, and I’m deliciously convinced this is going be an awesome wild fuck I’ll never forget, as random as it will be cum-inducing, I’m almost most of the way there.

My nipples are hard like mini pinecones, you notice my glance at them and instantly your mouth is on them sucking my whole nipple, aroela included to the back of your throat, stretching them long with your massive sucking. The strength of your suck causing me to gasp and moan as I begin to lose control as your tongue and throat massage my nipples hard the way I like it. I tangle my hands in your hair.

You plunge one of your hands down my pants, your fingers feeling how wet I am, you moan out a sound that sounds like you think it’s fucking yummy.

You release my nipple from the hot tumble of your mouth and state the obvious, to my delight, “Ummm, you are so wet, my baby. I love that.” The last part comes out more like a growl.

You grind your leather-covered dick against my soft bare stomach and I want your dick in my mouth, even if just for a moment. I take my shaking hand and unzip your pants, keeping eye contact steady until I pull your boner out, I let my gaze fall to your engorged shaft and I betray myself and moan.

You chuckle, which you clearly like to do, as I bend over and take your cock into my mouth, my lips quivering. I lick your shaft up and down, running tongue along the tautness, relishing the packed hardness of it against my soft tongue. I dive my mouth on your boner and suck hard with my cheeks as I ride my mouth on you. You grab the mass of my hair and pull suddenly, then lifting my hair up, getting me to stand.

“Not so much,” you say with a laugh. “Or it’ll be over before we move on.”

I grin.

I am aware that some time has passed, and someone may knock on the door, the thrill of which ramps up my enjoyment of this, even more, imagining someone standing on the other side of the door as this fucking hot stranger pounds his hard dick into me. The thought of it alone almost fills my pants with my cum.

I can manage a word finally, I say, “Right.”

“Ah, you aren’t mute after all.” Your laugh is one that would make a pirate jealous, and a girl just gladly spread her thighs wide for. I imagine you’ve fucked hundreds of women in truck stops just like this one while you were on the open road, and the idea of that thrills me more than it should as I let you lead me to the sink. I grip the sides of the porcelain, and I breathe a sigh of relief it’s clean as you bend me forward over it.

You slowly peel my yoga pants off my ass, which hardens my clit more. Your rough fingers feeling up my ass as you groan, you don’t miss a spot in your travel around my big ass. Wetness dribbles down my thigh, you snatch it with your fingers and I watch in the mirror as you next stuff them in your mouth and suck. No one has ever done that before so it sends tingles up and down my clit so fast, I almost feel like I can’t stand anymore.

“Mmmmm,” you say in that voice I’m fast coming to yearn for. You slap my ass and I watch my own eyes widen in the mirror. “You naughty girl letting me fuck you in a truck stop bathroom.” I glance at your eyes reflected in the mirror, you clearly love my naughtiness and you get this glint of power in your eyes as you slap my ass over and over again.

I’ve never been spanked before, but it’s sending shockwaves to rattle my clit with each slap, so I don’t complain, though my skin is tingling and so are my nerves as I wonder if those in the hallway can hear the slap sound of your hand hitting the skin of my butt. Wetness is dripping down my thighs like I’ve never experienced before. Your hand swipes it and you slap me once more, the wetness from my wet cunt you spread across my ass cheeks.

“That’s pink enough for this hardon,” you say which causes a shudder to run throughout my whole body as butter runs down a hot corn cob. “Pussy or ass, baby?”

I am silent, but I must speak before you decide. “Pussy,” I whisper. Yeah. I want the clit slamming for sure.

“Your wish is my command,” you say followed by a groan. I watch in the mirror as you swipe more of my cunt’s juice and spread it on the tip of your cock.

As the head of your lovely penis enters my pussy, I groan because that first widening push of penetration is always so delicious. You slide yourself in and out of my vagina slow several times, then you begin pump so fast and hard that I fall forward, placing my right cheek on the mirror. My nipples lick the cool mirror with each thrust you pound into me, my cheek rubbing the mirror.

“Oh, please fuck me hard,” I say in a voice that sounds more like a moan.

You growl and pump harder, slamming my clit to yummy realms of ecstasy. I love that slapping sound, it charges up my enjoyment even more. I whimper and moan as my orgasm is mounting all my reason and I forget that I’m being fucked by a stranger in public restroom, long enough to release my cum and wet your cock.

You growl and it grips me in the gut because it’s such a fucking primal sound. “Mmmm, good baby,” you whisper as you lean in towards my ear.

I hope you’ll give me more. As you thrust into me, your abdomen spanks my cheeks that feel definitely still red. Another orgasm rises again in me and I moan way too loud for a public restroom, and your hands grip my hips harder like a damn vise as you pound into me. My bald pussy rubs the cool porcelain sink, smooth upon wet smooth makes for a slipperier ride for you as you ride me over this sink. I move my hands from gripping the sink to the mirror and place them flat on the coolness of it. It counters how hot my body feels. My orgasm peaks as I moan again, almost yelling out in ecstasy as you ram my upper body against the mirror.

I can tell you are about to cum and I wonder where you will do it. I want you to cum in me, but that might be a really bad idea since you aren’t wearing a condom, which I realize for the first time during our wild fuck, oops, it’s like my brain is drunk I’m so stupid horny I forgot to insist on that. You pull your dick out and I sigh with relief as you spill hot cum on my ass cheeks. You pump your dick with your hand and press it against my ass to draw out all the cum, some flies at my hair and some speckles the mirror. Fuck that’s sexy as fuck. I shudder and then sigh.

“Wow,” I say with a giggle.

“Yeah, it’s been a few days,” you say.  You step away from me and grab toilet paper. You gently wipe your cum off my ass cheeks.

I almost laugh because it’s almost tender the way you gently wipe me clean, which makes me smirk with how hard you just spanked and slammed against my ass. You smile at me and part of me wants more, but I know we are just horny strangers fucking each other like truck stop whores. You hand me some toilet paper, so I wet it and wipe the mirror as you scrub the cum out of my hair.

“Your hair is gorgeous, by the way,” you say.

“Thank you,” I say with a smile.

I pull my yoga pants up, then you hand me my shirt. You kiss my forehead as you zip your pants.

“Thanks, sweet darlin’. It’s a damn pity to cover that ass up.” You grin. “May all your roads lead to the best fucks.”

I nod smile back. “Likewise.” You turn towards the door as I say, “Oh, and I like your bike. I was jealous when I saw it that you get to ride her all the time, it made me want to have you ride me.”

You laugh loudly, which startles me to a jump.

“I know, I saw you eyeing me up in the parking lot, hon.” You rub your hand across your crotch, I’m sure caressing along the deflated boner my pussy romp just drained.

My cheeks blush, which is an odd thing to have happen, given that your dick was just riding my cunt like a wild bull.

“Oh,” I say, yeah, my blush deepening, feeling sheepish an understatement. I change the subject the best I can and say, “Thanks,” I say. “I needed that.”

“Me too,” you say as you open the bathroom door and walk back out of my life, but leaving me satisfied to the core.


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