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Neighborhood Sex Secrets Erotica Novel Book Blurb:

Alexa has missed out for long enough. Life with her ex had stuck her with a vanilla sex life. All the deep, dark fantasies she had hidden away began to bubble up once she became single. Her journey toward sexual freedom skyrocketed when she learned about neighborhood sex secrets at a pool party where she was suddenly calling two neighbors ‘Daddy’. As she melted into the secret sex world emerging before her in the seemingly boring square mile of homes, she deliciously found herself assimilating into the hidden underworld of an alternative lifestyle.

Her sexual explorations exploded as she let go of traditional societal conventions and chose to take chances. Instead of playing alone in her bedroom, she began to live out the raunchiest depths of her fantasies as her new partners set out to help her fulfill her sexual bucket list. Alexa spread her wings doing taboo acts in real life that, until then, she’d only watched on a screen or lived merely in her dreams. Her Daddies became her guardians, deliverers of her desires, and directors of sexual heights she never thought were possible.

But then her new world gets threatened. Someone doesn’t want her in the new triad of Daddy, Daddy, and good girl. Not only can the good guys turn bad, but bad guys also come back, and only the protected good girls can withstand the storms. Through it all, she finally understands one thing for sure, she is most definitely a good girl, and good girls have the most fun when they follow their ‘Daddies’.

A Daddy Dom/submissive story of control and submission that flourishes as mutual sexual freedoms. The book contains elements of mild BDSM, multiple partners, exhibitionism, experimentation, cheating, and lots of pleasure. ALL acts are consensual and characters are 18 and over. Enjoy a story of fantasy later-in-life exploration into open sexuality. “Daddy” is used as a term for leader.

Enjoy this erotica novel excerpt!

Chapter 1


I nestled into my new soft cushion on my deck chair and drew in a breath. There was beauty everywhere I looked. The trees looked more gorgeous in their bath of sunlight, the grass greener than seemed possible, and the sky was the bluest I ever remember seeing it. I sipped my coffee with a new savoring. Today was going to be another good day. The good days were stockpiling up now and I was beginning to believe this new way of life was real.

My phone buzzed with a notification. A reminder of the neighborhood pool party popped up. Kyle and Mandy were throwing another adult-only pool party. When Mandy used the word ‘adult’, it had sounded like a porn movie in the making, only I knew that was wishful thinking. But wouldn’t that be fucking amazing! But, regardless, it had made for great masturbation fodder last night before bed that’s for damn sure. Not going to happen in this vanilla neighborhood, that’s the bleak reality.

“Maybe I need to move,” I whispered to my phone screen as wild dog barking from my dog announced someone was about to appear on the path behind my house.

I zoned in to see who the poor victim of my dog’s barrage of barking this time would be. Two dogs I recognized and then a petite dark-haired female form came into view. Miranda. That woman took more walks than any person in the neighborhood. Her figure reflected her incessant drive to walk and work out. The woman was fucking scrumptious.

I had often thought it was all the testosterone in her house that drove her out of it on more than one walk a day. I couldn’t begin to imagine her life. Mine was enough to fathom. My two boys had weathered the divorce quite well, both of them choosing to be with me but being forced to go to my ex’s. But lately, they’ve been coming home a day early. No court could force them to stay. It wasn’t jail, but more of an obligation my ex expected, which of course turned off my boys from staying with him anymore. At first, he had complained to me, blamed me, as usual, for pulling the boys back to me, as if I were their puppet master. That was his yearning. Not mine. I preferred my boys to be free spirits, and truly, I supported every little speck of such in them. I was determined they wouldn’t end up trapped someday. I strove to teach them they didn’t have to be.

Miranda waved to me. My eyes ran down the perfect curve of her hips to her thighs. She was round and soft without being overweight, positively and deliciously feminine without even trying. Allen was indeed a lucky man to have her. I admired her strength, her spunk, her empowered ways. If I admitted it, I took impressions of what she said and how she carried herself and tried them in my own skin. And it had made me feel amazing. That woman was feminine power on high beam. She owned it. And I’d wanted to taste her for a long while.

She waved again before she disappeared out of sight.

My phone buzzed with a text from Kyle asking if I was coming to the party. How curious. Why would he text me? Usually, it was Mandy who texted me. She must have asked him to text me, I didn’t even know he had my number. I glanced at their backyard. I could see a portion of Mandy and Kyle’s yard from my deck. I’d be the first to admit I’d watched Kyle swim alone on one of his many swim workouts. The man was exquisite.

I texted back.

Me: Yes I’m coming. Do you guys need anything specific?

I had already filled in with a reply of yes to the invite that I’d bring a dessert.

Kyle: Great. Mandy is having me double check with everyone. Can’t wait to see you at the party!

Ah, that made sense. The text was a bit of a letdown. If only I could find a man like Kyle. But then, who needs a man? Given my impression of what a husband was, from experience, there was no free will there. What I’ve got is freedom now and I’m not just handing that off to any old ordinary person who wants in. That person would need to be special, perfect—like crystal perfect. Someone I couldn’t imagine living without. Someone I’d give up this freedom feeling for. But would that be right? I dreamt of a relationship where I never felt trapped. Where his love was unconditional enough that I could be who I am for real, and not be someone living inside a plastic sheath that on the outside had to look like how he wanted me to look and act. Fuck that.

I guffawed with disgust.

I watched Pumpkin zoom across the yard, her tail wagging like crazy. Once again I was so happy, he hadn’t fought me for the house. Likely, he had not wanted to clean it, because he had never wanted to when we were married, so him alone in it would have meant he had to clean it because I wouldn’t have been around as his slave. That was my theory anyway. Which held true when he had enough money for a house, but chose a condo instead where he not only didn’t have to mow, he didn’t even need to plow snow because the association did it. He was lazy and content to lay around getting fatter while everyone else did everything for him.

I shuddered. Why is he still occupying so many of my thoughts? I need to stop this cycle. He’s gone. He shouldn’t be bleeding his vile presence into my brain as his shadow. At first it was hard. I kept expecting him to walk into the living room, to barge into the bathroom while I was in it, stalking the wall, shimmying along it to wherever I was to spy on me. That feeling had waned thank goodness, but it had taken way more time than I’d expected. My therapist had told me this would be the case, I had refused to believe it until I was living it. And of course, she’d been right.

Pumpkin flew up the deck stairs, her tongue out to the right side of her mouth as she panted heavily. Her eyes were bright and full of joy. She was in her element and her soul flooded out of her eyes she was so jubilant.

I rubbed her brown head. “Aw, sweet girl. Having fun down there?”

She wagged her tail heartily in answer. She stopped panting for a split second to lick my hand.

“That’s a good girl.”

“Mom,” Alex said through the screen door. “I’m going to Jenna’s.”

“Hi, Alex. Okay. Have fun. Tell Jenna ‘hi’ for me.”

My son was a hottie. It was weird to see girls like him, knowing he was the heartthrob of his grade. All the girls pined for him. Watching him on the football field had become a fan club pastime as teen girls swooned over my baby.

I smiled at him. “Oh, don’t forget to give Jenna that bag.”

He nodded but the smirk on his face deepened. “When do I get to know what you are giving her?”

I let out an explosive laugh. “Not until she decides she wants to tell you.”

And secretly, I hoped it wasn’t that time yet, but I had a sneaking suspicion they were already beyond that. In many ways though, I wanted him to know what it was because then maybe he’d prioritize Jenna’s pleasure, and not just take his own from her body and call sex ‘done’. I’d tried talking about sex with both my boys, but neither could stomach the conversation with me, so I had to abandon it, fearing that with our ass poor sex ed in the schools, they were only getting their sex ed from porn. Fuck, I hope not.

“Fine. You two are mean.” Despite his words, he was still smiling. “I’ll be home for dinner.” He waved and was off.

“Bye, honey. Have fun.” Part of me hoped they’d use what was in that bag together, part of me feared it. But either way, I was happy to be able to give the toy to Jenna, now that she was eighteen years old. I desperately wished someone had educated and empowered me as a young woman.

Me purchasing her the gift had been unexpected, but I’d come to realize he loved that Jenna and I got along so I went for it. Especially since her own mother was a tool. I really connected with Jenna. And hugely so recently over a cup of coffee while we waited together for Alex to get off of work. I’d broached the topic of masturbation with Jenna, only from her prompt, and because she was now eighteen. I’d never have brought up such a topic, but the desperation in her eyes as she’d told me why her mom took her phone away for the past week made my blood boil. Societal views shaming pleasure are a disgrace.

“You mean to tell me your mother took your phone away because she caught you masturbating? Are you serious?” The knowledge hurt, and I knew the pain well.

Jenna had nodded her pretty head, misery claiming her lovely face, her straight long blond locks dancing across her bare shoulders. “And it’s not the first time she’s shamed me about doing that,” Jenna had said with deep sadness in her eyes.

I was grateful I didn’t see shame in her eyes.

“Sweetheart, can’t you lock your door?”

She shook her head slowly, a hint of panic growing in her gaze. “I have no door lock.”

“How about a chair up against the door?”

“I tried that once, Mom freaked. Thought I was like killing myself or something. She got Dad and both of them were pounding on my door demanding I open it.” She sighed and fingered the napkin she’d already twisted into a little paper log. “Then they’d had to talk with me for three hours about safety. Geez.” She snorted with a roll of her green eyes. “I have no desire to kill myself, but they seem to think all teens dream about death.”

She let her napkin unfurl as she dropped her eyes to the table.

I needed to help this poor girl. “Will you let me buy you something? Do you have any hiding spots they wouldn’t find things in?”

Her eyes lit up in alarm first, then curiosity took over.

“Yeah, I have a few spots I can hide things in.”

“Good. I’m going to buy you something now that you are eighteen. Something I wish my mom had bought me when I was your age so I could have learned about my body. See, I was shamed for masturbating just as you are. It harmed me for years. I’m talking all my life until recently. I didn’t know much about my own body. I certainly didn’t know much about my own clit. Our sex education is a crime against humanity and totally downplays female pleasure.”

She blushed at the word. I didn’t want to scar the poor girl, but I wanted to help her not live a life of shame as I had, trapped by what others thought about sexuality.

“I’m going to buy you a wand. And this is the perfect sex toy, because, if your mom or dad do find it, you can say it’s a muscle massager.” I grinned at her as her face blossomed into excitement.

“Oh, I’ve seen those on porn.” She recoiled shifting her shoulders backwards after she said it. Her excitement switched to being ashamed, sending her body into a wave as she fidgeted in her seat.

“It’s okay, Jenna. Porn isn’t evil. I watch porn.”

I immediately sympathized with her, the relief that flooded her face next soothed the shamed girl that still sometimes sat at the bottom of my gut. Sadly, that still at times claimed me.

“Will you accept this gift if I buy it for you?” I wanted to touch her hand, give her some human comfort of skin on skin, but I also didn’t want to freak her out. Talking sex toys with her boyfriend’s mom had to be a bit weird.

“I’ll answer any questions you have. And if you don’t want to ask me anything, that’s okay too. But please, let me do this for you. It hurts me to see a young girl like you not know her own body and be so restricted in exploring what God gave her to enjoy. We were given a clitoris for enjoyment. It’s the only human organ that is meant solely for pleasure.”

Her interest was clearly piqued as she relaxed her shoulders, and her face. “I read something online about that. And my friend Missy recommended a podcast about women’s sexual empowerment to me. I’ve been listening to it.”

“Fantastic.” I clapped my hands. Damn, this felt good. “I’ll order it today. And then you can start playing, even if you can only use it in the middle of the night.”

“Yeah, that will likely be it, or when my parents both go into work. Or when they play bunko.”

“Take those moments and run with them,” I assured her with a generous nod.

The light laugh she exuded was fresh as the outside air. “Thank you. It’s crazy that my boyfriend’s mom is the person giving me my first sex toy.”

I had wanted to tell her to use it with Alex, but I knew eventually that would happen, so I didn’t need to be the key to turn on that chain of events. I had just wanted to be someone who started Jenna down the right path to learning about her sexuality, because clearly, her parents weren’t going to do it. I was what most would call a liberated mom, I guess. Even though my boys had never been willing to talk about sex with me, after my husband had moved out, I had laid a male sex toy on both their pillows before they had gotten home from school one day. Neither of them ever had said a peep about it. Maybe they had thrown it away grossed out by the cringe factor of their mom buying them a sex toy. But at least they knew from that, that I was not only okay with them masturbating, but I encouraged it.

“Jenna, I just don’t want to watch another female wait until her forties to explore her sexuality. That’s what I’ve done and it’s a tragedy.” I shake my head. “All those wasted orgasm-less days.”

Jenna had laughed with delight in her eyes, which I cherished as I gave her a hug as Alex walked through the door. He had impeccable timing.

Another notification hit my phone and I glanced at it. It was an update on the party from Mandy.

It said: ‘Come early for a cocktail hour to enjoy a tequila sunrise!’

I meandered back into the house. Time to make dessert for the party. I’ll skip the early bird plan and have a glass of wine here first instead. At home it was much more enjoyable anyhow.

I ripped the foil off the top of the bottle as I gazed at the half-eaten loaf of banana and blueberry bread. I loved feeding my boys, now that they are older, it’s one way they let me spoil them that comes only from me.

I poured myself a glass of wine with a sigh. My social life might be limited to lame neighborhood parties, but at least I wasn’t sitting home alone with my sex toys and a bottle of wine every night. Well, wait, maybe that wasn’t so bad. I snickered remembering my monster orgasm last night, which I’m free to have in my own bed now that he’s finally gone.

The thought of mingling with a bunch of couples made my stomach turn though. Most were nice, but many also had loads of judgment in their eyes every time they looked at me. Mark was a charmer. He was a social butterfly, ‘the good guy’. The whole neighborhood saw him as a great guy, which made me the bitch for leaving him. They didn’t know the real Mark. Only I knew him. He’d saved his nastiness for me and me alone. His vile snake-ness lurked behind that happy guy face, and when he decided to strike, he was pure evil. No veil of smiles and jokes could shroud his true nature from me then, not once I’d been the victim of his biting insane attack spirals, which had worsened with age. My best friend had been right, good guys know they are good, they don’t ever say it. Mark said it all the time, often in jest, because of course he was ‘a good guy’, but there was no real joke there, nor truth.

I sighed as I pulled out my mixer. Baking was an easy way to fill up my day when really what I wanted would have involved sex in every room of my house. Kinky sex. Wild sex. Passionate sex I couldn’t even imagine yet. Sex I saw in porn, sex I fantasized about, that pushed my limits, sex that felt taboo, and likely was. I needed a man who loved sex. Period. Are there any other criteria? I wasn’t sure yet, all I knew was I wasn’t wasting another day not living as the sexual creature I was, even if it meant I’d do it all alone.



Chapter 2


Kyle was one of those men who just looked like he knew how to fuck, and fuck well. He had a sleek body that tapered to a real waist that drew my eyes to his crotch every time I saw him. I often wondered if I turned him on or if he had just been blessed with a perpetual boner.

Today was no different.

His wife Mandy loved throwing neighborhood pool parties. She was a sexy, trophy-type-looking wife with big fake tits, no belly, and caked-on makeup, which I imagined she must scrap off with a paint chipper every night.

Being more natural myself, I figured Kyle had no interest in me because he’d picked her to marry.

I was wrong as fuck.

I slipped into their perfectly manicured backyard through the perfectly painted white fence door. Their picket fence was more of a wall, being six feet and wrapping fully around their ginormous backyard. As I sauntered in, the black sheep divorcee of the neighborhood, I got a few disdainful glances, just as I expected. Mostly from the snooty women, and none from the men.

There were at least twenty-five people here already. ‘No kids’ the invitation had said. In the back of my mind, I had hoped that meant sex fest, but most of these prudes probably couldn’t get past their fantasies of it.

I sighed and grabbed a red Solo cup of dark red liquid with bits of pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries bobbing it in. I swished down a swallow and grimaced.

Kyle’s laughter made me turn my head.

“Like drinking melted jolly ranchers, huh?” The twinkle in his eyes sent a twitch through my clit. His scruffy face held a five o’clock shadow that I couldn’t stop imagining tickling my thighs.

“What?” I was stupid for a moment. My jaw fell open as my eyes darted down his shirtless body to the bulge in his swim trunks. Perpetual boner man. Mandy was lucky as fuck.

He wasn’t just shirtless, he was more than half-naked and I couldn’t stop staring.

I forced myself to close my jaw and wiped my mouth with my fingers. It’d been way too long since I’d enjoyed a real dick.

I gave an awkward laugh. “Yeah, pretty much, but laced with a gallon of vodka.”

“Yep, Mandy’s specialty. I swear she works out just so she can drink this sugary slop.”

I patted the small cooler hanging from my shoulder. “I have back-ups.” I smiled because he was smiling at me.

My mind drifted back to the game night last night. He’d been there too. The brush of his hand along my ass cheeks as we both had been in the kitchen getting snacks had been my masturbation fodder last night. My heart raced as I once again imagined he had done it on purpose, and not just as an oops. I reasoned that a swipe could be an oops, but a grab, well that was a clear message.

“I like your bikini. Bright pink is very nice on you.” He ran a hand through the gray patch at his temple as he winked at me. “It suits you perfectly.”

His eyes dwelled on my D cups. My heartbeat raged.

“Thank you,” I said, enjoying his eyes roaming my body.

Mandy skittered over to us. Her boobs bounced and she giggled. “Kyle, come with me. I want us to tell Molly and Steve about our last conquest.”

Kyle nodded at her, but when her back was turned, he rolled his eyes and stuck his finger in his open mouth. He followed her, which I’d imagine made sense on some level.

I picked at my second plate of food and searched for a decent soul to talk to. There were only a few guys I actually liked talking to, but their wives always seemed to ruin it by hovering and gossiping about bland shit, so I just stood with my plate of fruit and nuts and watched couples play in the water. One couple was clearly fucking in the corner, so I watched them, which did nothing to quell my burning need for cock.

Maybe I’d just leave and go home and fuck myself with my new big pink dildo toy. I’d enjoy fantasizing about Kyle stripping off my suit in the pool shed and fucking me to a cummy messy pulp against the extra floaties they always kept in the corner. I imagined bouncing on them as he rammed into me from behind, my bare-skinned tits squeaking on the plastic.

I tossed my plate in the garbage and turned to leave. But something shiny caught my eye, glinting from the window of the pool shed. I squinted. The distraction helped to squelch my raging lust, at least for the moment.

I took a few steps closer. Whatever it was, it was being waved around by someone inside and it was catching the sunlight. The door opened slightly and Kyle’s head peeked around the big white door.

The head of his bare, swollen cock popped into view next.

All the air left my lungs as I gasped.

His hand appeared like a claw on the edge of the door, his finger beckoning me with a come-hither motion.

“Oh my Gawd,” I whispered. I quickly glanced around to see if maybe he was meaning to get Mandy’s attention, but she was over on the other side of the pool, talking excitedly with her hands. Her minions nodded and cajoled along with her like good pets.

I glanced back at the pool shed, thinking I must have imagined seeing Kyle there. I’d dreamt of that more than once and with how horny I was, and being a bit buzzed, I was sure I’d been seeing things.

But no.

He peeked around it again. Thrust his dick in the air and then pulled it back behind the door.

I resisted the urge to run to him, expose him for being a mirage. I strolled along, casually walking as my heart threatened to beat right out of my chest. I was panting already, and my pussy lips felt wet as they slipped against each other with each step.

He stuck his dick out the open door again and yanked it back quickly. The teasing look in his eyes was delicious.

I stole along the bonfire pit, gingerly passing the two couples sitting in the chairs, chatting. I avoided their eyes as I moved past. They were only ten feet from the pool shed.

My heart flew to my throat as I entered the little house. I half expected to find it empty, proving my imagination had fooled me.

Kyle stood next to the pile of floaties, naked, dick fat and thick, and standing up like a rocket reaching to launch.

“Holy fuck,” I muttered and left my mouth open.

“Wanna?” he asked with a flick of his head.

“How … ?” I stammered.

He took a step towards me. Then another. And then three more. He reached around me, which made his bulging cockhead press into my belly as he shut the door.

“You could make good use of that open mouth,” he said with a snicker.

He didn’t even lock the door, but pressed his hands on my shoulders.

Shock froze me in place. I wanted this, but how in the actual fuck was this happening? I dropped to my knees and took his cock tip in my mouth, as if this was what I had expected.

He groaned out as I sucked his head. I lost my hesitation as I tasted his erection. It had been over a year since my divorce, and even longer since I’d had cock between my lips. It felt so good to have dick in my mouth again. Something wild and primal groaned into existence deep inside me as I savored his taut flesh.

I moaned as I jerked him off while sucking as hard as I could. It was like I was watching us from above. This was surreal. My disbelief transformed into craziness as I rode him hard with my mouth like a mad woman. I sucked his cock like I’d never sucked anyone’s cock before in my life.

The groan he released told me it’d been a while since he’d gotten a blow job.

“Oh fuck,” he sputtered as his hips moved.

He grabbed my arms and pulled me to stand. Our mouths collided. A hot, wet kiss sent my want for him sky-high.

He cupped my breasts in his large hands. He squeezed.

I yelped.

He kissed down my neck, making his way toward my breasts.

“What are we doing?” I asked breathlessly. “We can’t do this.”

He popped my right tit out and consumed it with a satisfied grunt. He sucked my hard nipple for thirty seconds, then muttered, “I just need a taste of you.”

I writhed against his suckling, his cock dancing along the bare skin of my tummy. My mind drifted to Mandy and why he hadn’t pulled her into the pool shed to fuck.

It was true that Kyle was at least ten years older than me, but that just turned me on more. There was a good chance he could have fathered me, at least from a breeding standpoint, if not more. Our age gap was intoxicating, but ever since I’d become single at forty, the thoughts of older men had gifted me so many orgasms, more than I’d ever try counting.

His hands migrated down my hips, then he grabbed both of my ass cheeks so hard I squealed.

His eyes were staring at me so intently, with such passion, it fueled my already frenzied mind.

“Yes,” he said with force as he devoured me in a French kiss.

Our bodies tangled. I ran my hands from his shoulders to his biceps, back up to mess up his lush hair.

We kissed, writhing against each other, moaning and groaning. We sucked tongues as if our neighbors weren’t just outside the walls stuffing their faces and chatting about stupid unimportant shit.

But this was important.

“Fuck, I want you,” he said fervently.

I’d have laid down with my legs spread just from that sentence alone. I hadn’t heard such a wonderful thing since my twenties. My mind reeled; it was at war at once both with joy and confusion. But there was no way in fuck I was stopping.

I pulled back from him, bit my lip, and smiled. “I’ve wanted you for years, Kyle.” It was so freeing to say it out loud.

He smiled a deep smile. “I know.”

I swiped my palm along the precum oozing out of his cock, deftly spreading it around his firm skin.

He moaned and slid his fingers into my bikini bottoms. I threw my head back and moaned as he tickled his fingers along my lower lips. The rapid motion of his fingers along my wet folds got me gyrating my hips. Fuck, that felt amazing.

His eyes were so hungry for me that they set my passion ablaze. A strange urge to bite him bloomed in me.

“Fuck me,” I said between my pants. “Please.”

He chuckled. “Beg me some more.” His eyes twinkled as I’d never seen them before.

I stifled a laugh. He was clearly too horny to be serious. So I played along.

“Please, fuck me. I want you inside me.”

His grin grew bigger. “More,” he demanded as he began to finger fuck my sopping wet pussy.

“Please, I want your big dick slapping the inside of my walls. Fuck me.”

“Fuck me what?” he asked with even more gumption in his voice.

“Fuck me hard.”

He withdrew his hand from my hot, wet cunt. In one swift motion, he flipped me around and bent me over the pile of floaties.

I gasped in shock as my face smashed hard into the bouncy mattresses.

He fondled my ass and pressed his shaft against the crack of my buttocks.

“Fuck me hard, what?” he said with arrogance.

His coercive, stern tone sent a shiver down my spine. I moaned as he rubbed his palm along my labia.

The phrase was on the tip of my tongue and, as he rammed his fingers into my slit, I uttered the words I longed to say. “Daddy. Fuck me hard, Daddy.”

He released a slow, satisfied chuckle. “Yes, baby girl. Yes.” He left me untouched for a moment, then I heard the music outside get louder. “There. That’s perfect,” he declared. “If I’m going to make you scream, we need a cover.”

“Oh, fuck yes,” I moaned out. I couldn’t contain my glee. I was going to get fucked. And by Kyle. My excitement came out as a series of whimpers.

He intended to fuck me indeed. His passionate grabs delivered the promise of his words as he pressed deep into my flesh. He continued to finger fuck me as I wiggled on the pile of floaty toys, my fingernails digging into the soft squishy plastic. He pulled his fingers out and tapped my thighs.

I obeyed and spread my legs further apart. He spanked my clit with his open palm and I screamed out.

“Good girl,” he said compassionately.

His words made me shiver, they gave me pride as I let him bring me closer to orgasm. He hit my clitoris hard and fast on repeat.

He leaned over my ear and I savored his skin all along my back. He whispered, “You a clit junkie? Or do you need G-spot too?”

I nodded, then said, “Yes.”

He laughed and smacked my clit into a big orgasm. I screamed again as I peaked. My body shuddered and twitched as the contractions traveled from my pelvis out to my body.

“Good girl,” he said again, which threw me into another peak of the orgasm.

My body jerked through another rise to a climax. I gasped and panted as he massaged my clitoris.

“Now I’m going to fuck you hard. Be my whore?”

I nodded emphatically. I already was that.

He pressed his mushroom head inside my cum-soaked opening and we both groaned out. He wasn’t gentle, but pounded me like he was desperate.

I grunted as his body smacked into my ass. His sounds drove me insane.

“More,” I begged, my voice sounding like some other woman’s.

He fucked me harder. My feet kept slipping on the wet concrete floor and my full body weight now pressed the pile of pool toys down. He rammed into me with so much power and stamina, I was hurled into another orgasm.

He quickly withdrew his cock from me and his cum splatted across my ass.

The door of the pool shed opened and I gave a little cry.

I didn’t want to glance back for fear it was Mandy.

“You are late,” Kyle said like he wasn’t a bit sorry.

“I couldn’t get away. Miranda kept jabbering on about the deals she got at Sam’s.” I knew that voice. My mouth fell open as I finally had the nerve to glance back at the speaker.

It was Allen. The neighbor from down the street who had seven kids with his wife, Miranda. His downtrodden look broke my heart. The image of his wife walking her dogs behind my house earlier flitted through my brain. I wondered what alternate universe I’d just fallen into.

He chuckled heartily as his expression went from annoyance to amusement. “Fuck. I missed it, didn’t I?”

I stared at the two of them. It felt more like a dream than reality.

Kyle licked his cum off my ass, then helped me to stand up.

I slumped against him as all the feel good hormones swam in my body, unable to stay upright alone.

“Oh, babe. You okay?” he asked like a good Daddy.

“You fucked me into a stupor, I guess.” I smiled and gave a single flighty guffaw. Calling him ‘Daddy’ hadn’t felt fake. I suppose he’d have to prove that. Maybe I just wanted it so bad that I just gave myself permission to claim it. I could back out.

“Don’t look so shocked, Alexa.” Allen ran his hand down the mound at his crotch.

I shook my head and didn’t mask my bewildered look. “How can I not?”

“Nice tits,” Allen said with a nod. “I’ve been hungering to see those for years.”

I snickered. “Where were you guys when I wanted to open up my marriage?”

Kyle blurted, “Oh, I asked Mark once if you two were into that. He said, ‘No way.’ So I let it go.”

My mouth fell ajar. More betrayal. I had asked Mark to open our marriage years ago and he had refused. “Are you guys open?” I asked, aghast.

Allen smiled. “My wife is vanilla, but she lets me sleep around. She knows we have different needs and wants, so she allows me to play outside our marriage, but we love each other and want to stay married.”

I tried to wrap my brain around how they had so many kids and she let him fuck others. And more about how she didn’t want to join him. “I have so many questions,” I stammered out.

His response was to grin deeper and rub his hands together.

“Wow,” I said as my eyes drifted to Kyle’s satisfied face. It felt amazing to help a man come again.

“I’m not open as in open, I’m open in the dark.” His expression told me all I needed to know.

I gasped. “So last night was a come-on?” My brain was still slowly catching on.

“We had the plan to pull you into the back room and ask you,” Allen said with a giant lecherous grin. “But you left before we made the move.”

“I told you we should have texted her,” Kyle said as he squeezed my bicep.

My heart did a somersault. I glanced down at Kyle’s dick, which was still erect. He held me steady, which was comforting since I was still shaking a bit. My mind scrambled, wondering who else they’d propositioned for threesome sex in the neighborhood. My brain stalled. Wait a minute. Threesome sex happened in my neighborhood? My confusion paralyzed me as I scanned Allen’s body and eyes for more answers.

Allen pulled his dick out of his swim trunks and began to stroke it.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off the thickened manhood in his hands, nor the desire in his eyes. It was all hypnotizing me.

Dumbfounded, I stared at his hardon, then met his gaze.

“Care to play again?” he asked, his eyes hopeful. The suggestive leer he gave me would have convinced me if I hadn’t already been in.

“Yes,” I said without any hesitation, and a smile.

“Very nice,” he said appreciatively with a rapid stroking of himself.

What’s one more married dick inside me at this point? If I was honest, I wanted Allen too. Yet I was even surprising myself as I yearned for his cock to pierce my slit as well. Dr. Seuss flitted across my brain. Not ‘thing’, but dick one and dick two. The ridiculousness of this ‘who scene’ thought that had popped in my head almost made me laugh in their faces. I shouldn’t be thinking of children’s books in such a moment as this.

Part of me worried Mandy would come looking for us, but most of me didn’t care. Would Miranda really be fine if Allen fucked me? I was already the outcast. Now I’d be the outcast who was sexually pleasured by two of the neighborhood’s married men. The me of five years ago would have never done this, but who I’d become ran headlong in.

I guffawed. “So Miranda knows this is happening?” I swirled my finger in the air in a circle to signify us.

Allen nodded with a devilish grin. “Yeah, and she also knows I will pleasure the absolute fuck out of her later because of it.” His jubilant laughter filled the shed. “She’s no dummy. That woman gets what she wants and then some.”

“Not a bad deal at all.” I raised an eyebrow, wondering if he was really telling the truth, and more importantly, if I could ever convince her to join us.

Allen pulled me to him and kissed me as Kyle pressed himself snugly to my backside. It was foreign to have these two men on me like this, but I welcomed all the yummy taboo of it. This was a fantasy come to life. Would I regret it later? Most definitely. But I was doing this. Fuck yes, I was doing it. The rush of both of their bodies pressed to mine left me breathless and weak.

Their grips roamed me and, for the first time in my life, I enjoyed two sets of masculine hands along my skin. The booze had worn off, but the euphoria had taken over. I writhed between them as they mauled and kissed my flesh. Our combined moans filled the pool shed as the music blared outside.

I glanced out the window at all the guests of the party and smiled lasciviously.

“This is fucking delicious,” I said with a groan.

They both laughed and agreed.

I ran my hands through Allen’s mostly gray hair and dragged my fingers to his beard. I tugged on his whiskers as he fingered my pussy. His fat fingers felt amazing inside me.

“Oh, my Gawd.” I leaned my head back against Kyle as he fondled my breasts, pinched and tugged on my nipples. I reached up to caress his face as Allen knelt in front of me.

He pressed his face between my thighs as Kyle braced me from behind, still playing with my nipples. His tongue explored my pussy lips and then he locked onto my clit with a hard suck. He massaged my hips as he ate me out to a huge orgasm. His whiskers along my skin were even more enticing than I’d had imagined.

I sighed, though I wanted to scream. I sucked in a deep breath and slowly let it out. In a moan-filled voice, I asked, “Who needs to get married again with you guys as neighbors?”

They both laughed heartily, Allen’s laughter sending arousing vibrations along my clit as I came hard against his mouth. He slurped at my pussy, eating my cum out of me.

As if they had planned it, Kyle raised me to my feet and Allen pressed his mouth to me. I could smell my pussy on his beard and taste me on his tongue.

We kissed as they mauled me like a rag doll between them. I’d never been so touched in my life, and it was intoxicating. Kyle swiveled me to face him and we kissed before Allen pushed on my back.

After I was bent over, I took Kyle’s cock in my mouth as Allen entered me from behind. No discussion, no rational thoughts left my mouth, though they lingered like an ignored itch on the edge of my consciousness. It was like being drunk and knowing it, but still reaching for that next swallow of beer.

They spit-roasted me into another orgasm as my body flopped like spaghetti between their thrusting hips. They’d need to carry me out of here at this rate. They could tell guests I had drank too much and had passed out. Damn, I was good at dreaming up excuses. But this was our secret, and none of their business. I closed my eyes and savored them taking their pleasure from my body as they gave it back to me as good. They both came hard as skin smacks and wet sloshing sounds filled the shed.

When I opened my eyes, Miranda was standing at the window with her phone held up. I was startled, but the appreciative look on her face immediately eased my worry. She was loving what she saw. I tried to process it as they pulled their wet cum-soaked cocks in and out of me.

They finally withdrew their dicks from me. Allen saluted his wife. She raised her eyebrows, pointed at Allen, then at herself, then left.

“Wow, just wow,” I muttered. “I had zero ideas of this.”

Allen sighed heavily. “Epic fuck, Alexa.” He was still fully dressed in his Hawaiian shirt and khaki trunks, only his dick was out and dripping.

I immediately wondered if he came in me. What had occurred in the last few minutes was fuzzy. I’d been so overwhelmed I hadn’t noticed where he spewed.

“Don’t worry, I’m clean and I’m fixed.” He held up seven fingers. “After boy number seven, we needed to shut this breeder down cold turkey.” He shoved his deflating cock back into his suit.

I stared at him, aghast. I had my two boys. I couldn’t imagine seven. And, apparently, he had women on the side. “Well, we know you are virile, so it’s a good thing you’re neutered.”

Kyle snickered.

“Hey, I’ve got balls.” His belly shook as he enjoyed my humor. “And I get tested regularly, so I’m healthy.”

My brain flitted to what his insurance claim processor must see on a regular basis and I stifled a laugh. Though his admission of sleeping around with Miranda knowing eased my worry, there was still Kyle.

“And I haven’t fucked anyone in a few years, besides Mandy. Guess I was waiting for you to seem ready.” Kyle grinned deeply. “And Mark to be out of the picture.”

“I’m suddenly really happy I didn’t move after the divorce.” To be sought after by one man was exciting, but two? “Mmm. Wow! Now I feel special.”

“Oh, just you wait. Daddy has a lot in store for you, baby.”

The look in Kyle’s eyes gave me no doubts that was true. But Daddy statuses were earned, so I’d read, and he’d only tapped his toe in at this point. I’d play along for now, but there was too much missing to verbally agree.

That didn’t change the fact that his words lit a warm fire in my gut, which I had desperately needed on those cold winter nights alone in my bed.

“Oh, we’ve established ‘Daddy’ already, huh? What’s that make me? Can I be ‘Daddy’ too? Or two?” Allen chuckled in his usual jovial way.

Immediately my mind went to a gay couple, so I sneered, “Of course, but do my daddies fuck each other too?”

They roared with laughter.

“Not yet, baby girl, not sure we’re those kinds of daddies.” Allen snickered.

I didn’t care. I just knew my life had just gotten infinitely better. A glimmer of hope. Plus, the possibility of reaching a sexual bucket list goal of mine swelled into potential existence … vaginal DP. Why not dream big at this point? I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream.

“You are a delight and I’m loving that look on your face.” Allen clapped his hands. “I predict we are going to have lots of fun together.”


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I was going in blind into this book and I am simply overwhelmed.

It pairs education about female pleasure with pretty well described scenes (MF/MFM/MFFM/FF). It’s boiling hot!

I loved to read about the journey of a divorced woman, finding her way into her own sexuality, being brave and sharing her experiences with another female character.

To me, as a young woman, it was mind-opening, because I also discovered things I didn’t know yet although I’m pretty open-minded and love to explore and evolve.

Thank you so much, I didn’t know I needed to read a book like this!

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I really enjoyed this one. Yes there is a lot of sex in this, which is the point right 😜

I loved Alexa’s sexual awakening and I wish we could all find Daddy Dom’s like Kyle & Allen! There was lots of fantasy exploration and lots and lots of O’s

While there’s a bunch of spice there is still an underlying story about relationships that I’m sure many will resonate with

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