“Sucking on a candy cane like minty dick,” I sing as I dance past the tree, giggling as I grab a candy cane. I unwrap it and shove it between my lips. I twirl a blond curl around my index finger as I dance over to the sound of a text coming in on my phone. I pick it off the counter and turn it on.

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Naughty Santa gives an erotic gift woman in a naughty Santa outfit


My lover texts me: Be home at 5, Mrs. Claus.

I text back: OK Santa, I’m afraid I’ve been very naughty.

I wiggle my ass.

He texts: Good. I can exercise you across Santa’s knee.

I text back: Then do I get to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what I want for Christmas?

He texts back: I don’t think you will be sitting. How about lay?

I scoff and smirk as I rub my firm right ass cheek. Damn …

I text back: Ah! HA! Well….shit. I’m in that much trouble huh?

He texts back: Well, you know from previous years how Santa likes to spank ass.

I text back: So I’m in for a punishment, huh?

He texts back: Santa’ll kiss it all better and put oil on it

I text back: I bet he’ll put oil on it LOL

I grin at my phone over the candy cane sticking out of my mouth. I run my tongue along the length of it in anticipation of him coming home as Santa to fuck me. Damn … I fucking love Christmas time. I shudder as I imagine the beard tickling my back as he fucks me Doggystyle like last year. Naughty Santa.

He texts back: Be ready, wear your sexy Mrs. Claus lingerie. We’ve got to take advantage of this free night.

Then he sends a second text: Put the jar of coconut oil on the end table.

I text back: Yessir I will. C u soon

He texts back: Yup. Be ready and be on the couch waiting for me

I text him a thumbs up and a smiling purple devil emoji.

I smirk at my phone screen as I set it on the kitchen counter. “Naughty me, huh?” I ask the phone screen. I laugh as I pull out the taco meat. I’m going to cook it and put it in the crockpot so we have dinner ready right away once we are done fucking. “I know I plan to be ravenous,” I tell the meat as I cut open the package.

“FUCK! I’m horny,” I say to the ceiling as I arch my back. I slip my yoga pants off, rip off my sports bra. “Fuck it, I’m cooking naked.” I kick my workout pants and bra to the corner of the kitchen and bend over to rummage for the frying pan in the cupboard. I know if he were home, he couldn’t resist me bent over naked and he’d be grinding his hard cock against my ass. I smile as I recall the last time I cooked naked, we basically didn’t get to the eating of the food part.

I smirk as I shake my ass thinking of him, my man, wishing he and his hardon were rubbing my crack. I flip on some Christmas music on my phone and set the frying pan on the burner, dump the meat out of the package. It lands with a plop on the pan. I wrinkle my nose at the gross meat packaging and toss it in the garbage, then wash my hands.

Damn it’s sexy to be naked. I’m getting hot as fuck. I reach for a plastic spatula out of the utensil pottery holder on the counter and begin to chop up the meat in the pan.

I shake my naked ass to “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” as I pull open the fridge door. The rush of cold air makes my nipples very erect and hard as I shiver, which causes my big tits to wiggle. I touch my right tit to the cold door to harden the nipple further, and then I pinch it. Damn, what a flesh nugget!

“Mmmmmm,” I moan. “SO HORNY!” I yell. Maybe I should get my vibrator? No. I need to cook so we have after-fuck food ready. I hate it when I get starving post a fuck and have to then make food. I want it ready. I take a deep breath and swallow down my lust. “Soon,” I whisper. “Soon he will be home.”

I shake my naked hips to the end of the song and start to chop up the tomatoes and onions. Once the meat is all cooked and seasoned and resting in the hot crockpot, I head to the bedroom to find my naughty Mrs. Claus lingerie.

I’m digging and digging, flinging out black bodysuits, lavender nighties, thongs, white lacy bridal-looking see-through suits, crotchless panties, tights, fishnets, stockings … damn, I have a lot of naughty stuff, but no Mrs. Claus outfit in my drawer.

My phone buzzes with a text coming in, making it jiggle across the fluffy red comforter on the bed. I pick it up.

He texts: Oh, I forgot. Your Mrs. Claus nightie is in the basement under the tree. It’s in the bag and there’s a surprise in the bag too. Put that one on before I get home and sit on the couch. And btw I’m not going to talk, so it’s going to be a fun challenge fucking … a game. OK?

My heart starts to pound like I’m already fucking. He’s got me so excited now!

I text: Ok. Will do. I’m very curious.

He texts back: Trust me. You will love this.

I squeal and clap my hands. That gives me major warm tingles that spread through my pelvis and end in a bang-flash through my clit. I clap my hands again and do a little jump, making my tits do a big flop-flop as they slam against my abdomen.

I shake my head as a slow sexy smile spreads across my face. I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, bite my tongue, then dash off to the basement. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning, LOL.  I almost trip down the last two stairs. Damn, I can’t wait to see what the surprise is.

I spy a gold glittery bag under the tree that I did not put there, so I know this is it. I grab the bag and plunge my hand into it. I pull out the contents and sure enough, my Mrs. Claus outfit is in it … and a black blindfold.

Well … shit. A blindfold?

Fuck. What does he have cooked up?

I slip into the naughty Christmas-themed little suit, the fluffy white pompoms over my tits, the red velvet on my sides and the sheer black fabric everywhere else with a giant opening at the front. I slip into the black thong and pull it tight up my ass crack with a delicious smirk on my face. I’m ready. I snag the coconut oil from the kitchen dancing to Christmas music as I march about the house.

Ten minutes to five, so I tap the up volume on a Christmas song on my phone and dance around the room, swinging my blindfold in a swirl as I bop about to waste some time.

I want wine.

I run upstairs and select a bottle from the wine rack. I grab two glasses and the corkscrew from the cupboard and race downstairs so I can be ready with the blindfold on when he comes home. I almost trip on nothing on the last step and chuckle to myself, my heart racing like earthquake aftershocks just thinking about what he will do to me. FUCK YES!!

Once back in the basement, I quickly open the bottle of wine and fill the two glasses, and set them on the counter against the wall. I run to the couch and sit. Then tie the blindfold tightly around my eyes. I lean back against the soft cushion, the velvety fabric rubbing my back as I dance in place, then lean forward, put my elbows on my knees, lay down, sit up, fluff my hair. I want to peek at my phone to see the time, but then I will be breaking the rule, so I just sit and wait.

My heart starts to pound. Fuck. What time is it anyway? Shouldn’t he be here by now? I run my hands up and down my arms. My skin is so soft as I just slathered it in coconut oil after my shower this morning because I knew we had this plan for tonight. Love, love, love coconut oil.

The front door slams and my heart stops for a second, then jumps faster than before.

He’s home.

I’m counting to ten. Will he reach me by then? Depends on how fast I count.

Oh. My. God. I’m freaking out that I can’t see him coming at me.

I dart my eyes back and forth against the darkness of my covered view, beyond my shielded lids I know the black blindfold can see what I cannot.

I feel a presence draw nearer as if I can see him, but more I feel him near, though I haven’t heard a single sound. My heart is beating up my throat and blasting my cheeks and eyes as I draw in a deep shaky breath, deep as when I run on the treadmill.

I gasp. He’s here. I feel him.

A waft of mint tells me he’s close enough to touch me now. My heart is punching my ribcage like a damn gorilla, shaking the bars of my ribs. I’m so horny I can taste it. My tits are hard as little rocks. I relish the hot horny feeling crawling with swollen fingers along the inside of my skin heating me up churned and fuck-ready. I feel my nipples harden further at the thought of him pulling the nightie off to expose my tits.

Please do that … will you? I want that. Oh, fuck, what will he do?

My pussy is getting slick as I breathe faster and faster.

A finger runs across my lips lengthwise causing me to gasp deeply as I startle, then he doubles back his finger over my lips again, then dips his thumb into my mouth. He pushes his thumb all the way into my mouth as far as he can, riding the taste buds on my tongue as he rubs his thumb over the top of my tongue. He tastes salty and a slight bit tangy. I suck his thumb as he lifts my chin, stroking me tenderly with his fingers.

With his thumb still in my mouth, he licks my lips and penetrates my closed lips with the tip of his tongue, then dives his tongue in a thrust along his thumb and my tongue, mouth fucking me with both his thumb and tongue.

I sigh-moan as he increases his thrusting speed.

He pulls his thumb out and kisses me with an open mouth and a strong tongue. I almost speak as his kiss intrigues me because, somehow, he’s kissing me differently, and with a  hungry passion he hasn’t succumbed to in a long time. I like it. He’s hungry for me and it’s making me wet as fuck.

I reach up to try and find a piece of him to hold. I get handfuls of Santa suit fluff. I smile against his kiss as I remember the thrill I’m going to get with him in a Santa suit. I’m wearing practically nothing and he’s basically wearing a blanket in that Santa suit. I’ll just have to strip it off him.

My pussy begs on her own for him to touch her. She’s wet as fuck, and the want of her fills me to the point of an explosion. She wants rubbing, touching, licking, penetration, pounding, I can taste her want as it pervades my pelvis adding thick want to her plump softness as she becomes erect and spreads to fill the width of me as desire crawls up my torso. I’m so wanton-fuck filled as I draw in an inhale.

I shiver as his nearness is freaking me out as I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I’m breathing heavy as he kisses me hard again. I hear his breath going in and out of him like a pant as he draws me near, and his lips seem thicker somehow, stronger. It’s amazing how a blindfold changes how I feel him so differently, other senses are heightened from my lack of sight; it’s damn delicious.

He pulls his tongue from me and takes a step back. I grope at the air for him and I want to plead for him to come back, but I know I’m going to follow the game rules. He always knows what he’s talking about and I’m choosing to believe him that not talking is better right now. This is his show.

My heart pounds in my pussy lips, rattling my floppy fringe-like boneless skin in a quiver as I raggedly exhale.

I feel something smooth on my lips, he’s bracing my back as I slightly recoil, but he tips it and I realize he’s giving me a sip of wine. He lets me swallow it before repeating it for another sip that interrupts my smile. My grin pops back when he pulls the wine glass away from my lips. I want to say yum, but I behave. Or, maybe I shouldn’t, he’s gonna spank me anyway! I let out a silent giggle.

I sigh as I swallow, the rich berry infused red wine still lingering in my mouth. It’s delicious. The wine was a welcome flush down my throat. I hear him swallow, then a few seconds later, his wine-soaked mouth hits mine fast and hard and he devours my whole mouth and lips in repeated caresses. I stroke him back with my own lips, tasting the wine and him at once. His hands are cradling my head as he kisses me, my hair scrunched up in his hands on either side of my head.

He steals his mouth from mine as I pout until I feel his mouth traveling down my chin to my neck where he sucks lightly and trails his tongue around my neck and down to my throat. He continues to kiss moving down to the top of my right breast.

He licks the round top mound of my tit, tongue fondling it all over, his tongue flat against my skin, something he’s never ever done before, but I like it. He sneaks his tongue under the lingerie covering my nipple and snakes his tongue down towards my hardening teat. His fingers grip the white fake fur of my outfit and he rips the lingerie off my breast and devours my hard nipple with his wipe open mouth as I gasp, then I inwardly moan as he deeply sucks my nipple into his mouth, massaging and squeezing the bottom of my breast with his tongue.

Holy fuck! I’m fighting the ginormous urge to moan. He notices and puts his fingers to my lips to ensure I stay shushed. I count the echoes of my heartbeat inside my chest as I bite my lip hard trying to stay silent.

I lose and out slips a moan, I know I’m not supposed to talk but fuck it, I’m gonna moan because that feels amazing. His other hand migrates to my other boob and he rubs and squeezes it before slipping the fabric off and playing with my hardening nipple tip. He tugs slightly and I moan as he double stimulates my nipples. I lean my head back and let out a moan again as I reach up to run my fingers through his hair, but he deflects my reach and smooths my arms down my sides.

Okay, then. No hair. Laugh out loud. I grin at how ridiculous this silent fucking game is, but I kinda like it, so I’m going along with it.

I hear something crash and I almost ask what it was, but he pets my cheeks to calm me and does a little quiet whistle. Must be Mrs. Whiskers knocked something over, no biggie. I’ll clean it up later.

His hands are massaging my tits, his mouth migrating from one nipple to the other. I want to touch his hair, but he shunned that, so I grip his arms covered in the Santa suit. The soft fake fur feels so comfy against my palms.

His hands migrate to my tummy and he does a teasing swipe against my pussy mound, which causes me to gasp. Then his hands crawl back up my abdomen to my breasts where he open mouth devours my nipple like he’s eating it. I allow my right hand to migrate to his back, my left-hand squeezes the Santa suit as he nibbles on my tit, which makes me moan something fierce. I fucking love that! He tugs on my other tit, his hands either grabbing my breast for traveling my stomach, my throat.

His mouth finds mine and I kiss him. The blindfold is making me feel our kiss differently and I love it. He sucks my top lip into his mouth and slowly releases it, then he moves to my lower lip, sucking and letting it slowly slip out, then rubbing my tongue.

He backs away from me as I claw the air angrily hungrily to pull him back, but I freeze when I hear a buzz. A familiar buzz. My pink girls’ buzz. He’s got my Judy, my vibrator. I still giggle when I think of how I named her Judy. I didn’t know anyone named Judy at the time when I got it, so it seemed perfect to name my vibrator Judy.

I’m breathing so heavy wondering where he will place that vibrator on me, in me. I gasp as the buzzing comes closer to me. My body goes rigid as I salivate wondering where he will place it. It sounds higher than my pussy. His legs straddle my knees as I sit back on the couch, squeezing them together as he leans in towards me.

He sighs and it’s rather scrumptious. He places the vibrator on my right areola and begins to circle my tit as I gasp and groan feeling my nipple harden against the vibrator. My tit hardens against its motion and I cringe at the excessive, almost painful stimulation that ravages my nipple as he runs the vibrating thing all over the tip. He doesn’t bother to turn it off but tosses it to the couch as he sucks my very hardened tit. I’m sure the skin of my areola is gathered up to frame my hard nugget of a nipple.

He sucks my tit so hard I grip my thighs, digging my fingernails into the flesh as I throw my head back. My mouth is salivating, I swallow the spit down as I draw in a hard gasp.

He comes off my tit and pulls me to stand, then he seems to sit on the couch. I have no time to wonder as he forcefully pushes my back so I’m laying across his lap.

Ah, his favorite part of the Santa fuck, he gets to spank me as Santa Claus.

He lifts the nightie off to expose my ass, plucks the thong out of my crack and slips it off me. My pussy slightly gapes, spreads open as he plays with my ass cheeks with one hand while holding my back down with the other … then whack! He slaps my ass cheek with his bare open palm and it jiggles from his hard slap. He spanks me over and over again as I feel my skin redden with each smack. I ‘m breathing so heavy, he’s panting too.

He removes my Mrs. Claus lingerie so I’m fully naked, his Santa fur soft against my skin all along the front side of me, glossing its comfort across me.

His spanking hand wanders to my sopping wet pussy. He fondles and pets my pussy lips with that hand as his other leaves my back to whack my ass. He strokes my labia, stroking as I squirm on his lap from the spanks. His dick is hard as steel against my hip when I wiggle my hips towards him. He brandishes his fingers across my slick hardening clit and slides them along my pussy lips, ending with a double finger plunge into my vagina.

I’m salivating from my mouth and my pussy from the spankings and the all-out molestation he’s giving my pussy. I’m almost ready to climax already as I groan wiggling and lifting my ass up and lowering it down as he finger fucks me.

He reaches for something. Then I hear the lid of the coconut oil. He slathers a big hunk of it across my ass cheeks, the hard nugget of the chunk slowly melting into my ass skin as he rubs, soothing the red slapped skin. His hand leaves my ass, then he drops a clump of the solid coconut oil over my anus. He rubs around my butthole, round and round, then to the pucker of my hole. He pushes an index finger into my ass and fingers fucks my butthole with one hand while smearing my pussy with my own juices with his other.

He’s swabbing my pussy, kneading her with his fingers as I gyrate against his fingers fucking my holes. My moaning is climbing as I’m nearing cuming, I’m gasping for air I’m groaning so hard, so much for silent fucking. He speeds up his hand fucking of me and I let myself release, my body scrunching up, curling on his lap as my toes curl, I cum hard. Still rubbing me, I whimper as my clit is always so hypersensitive after I cum, I whine and fuss as he rides his fingers ever over my clit relentlessly.

I mewl, twisting back and forth on his lap as he leaves my clit and runs his fingers wet with my cum up over my ass cheek and onto my back. He pushes me up and maneuvers me so I’m kneeling in front of him on the carpet. He pushes my head to his lap and rubs his hard cock head on my lips.

I obey and open my mouth and consume his hard head with my mouth, taking the full head of his dick in my mouth and stroking his shaft with my hands. I can feel him resisting a moan as it gurgles in his chest, he bucks slightly against my mouth as his hands find my head. I suck him hard, my tongue riding the ridge of his head all around the back of his cock. He yanks his cock out of my mouth suddenly, which forces me to fall back to the ground on my ass.

Shocked, I sit, my wet pussy against the carpet as I almost bleat with anticipation of his next move. The buzz starts up again, I don’t even remember hearing him turn it off, and it reverberates against my chest. He pushes me to lay back and his hot breath moistens the air above my clit. I claw at the carpet, swiping down along my sides as he plunges his open mouth onto my clit while rubbing my labia with the vibrator. He sucks, licks, grazes his tongue about my pussy lips, then plunges his tongue inside me.

I buck against his sucking, cherishing each wash of his tongue along my clit. He laps his tongue down the length of my pussy and brushes his tongue along the bottoms of my ass cheeks. Turning me to my side, then spreading my ass cheeks wide, he glosses his tongue along my tight puckered anus and he sweeps his tongue over and over the ripples of my butthole, then shoves his tongue in me.

Fuck me! I moan and writhe against it as he’s never tongue fucked my anus before.  I’m weirded out yet aroused and I can’t wrap my brain around if I like it or not. I shudder as the fluffy fabric of the Santa suit tickles my skin as he licks.

He leaves me and I’m left wondering, shivering wondering, what he will do to me next? He pulls my hips up so I’m on all fours on the carpet, I sigh as I hang my head, waiting for the delicious first moment of his boner penetrating my pussy. He grips my hips as he comes close and his Santa suit thighs align with the backs of mine.

He rubs his hard dick along my ass crack, then teases my pussy with tiny pushes that do nothing for achieving real penetration. I almost whimper a plea for him to just fuck me already, but I stay silent, our rules, yes, our silent fucking game rules.

The edges of his Santa jacket rub on my ass as he continues to tease my pussy. I whimper a soft wail as he finally penetrates me, pushing himself ever so slowly into my vagina. He begins to pick up speed pounding into me as I moan. He stops and pushes my head to the ground, so my ass is up in the air. I raise it up higher presenting it to him as he plunges into me hard and I whimper as he vigorously rams himself into me.

My pussy is so wet the sloshing sound delicious as he continues to pound and pound until I’m climaxing towards another orgasm.

I moan, leaning my head back and up towards the ceiling. I sigh as a mouth kisses mine. What the fuck? HOW?

I scream into the mouth kissing me as he pounds me from behind without stopping. The kiss is so familiar, it makes me almost weep. I kiss it back and it’s him, my lover, but how? He’s fucking my pussy from behind me.

My lover pulls off my mouth as I whisper in a soft breathy voice, “What is going on?”

He whispers in my ear, “It’s okay. You’ve wanted this for a long time. It’s my Christmas present to you.”

My heart is thudding against the world and I can’t figure out what the fuck is going on. He, the other he, stops pounding me from behind and both men help me stand. I’m breathless as they line me up for double penetration, he who just pussy fucked me is now ready to ass fuck me, and he who is my lover, is positioning to pussy fuck me. I shiver, a full-body tremble with excitement and fear.

From behind, he lubes up my ass. I sense them communicating without words in my severely limited full view of only blackness. My lover suckles my tits as the one behind me rubs my ass, then he kisses my neck and I fall like a rag doll, them both holding me up. I can’t turn or stand or even think as I’m tossed between their two mouths, kissing all along everywhere of me.

My heart pounds as they both step away and I’m blind and naked between the two of them. My heart pounds as it seems way too long to be waiting. I smell something like chocolate sweetness and something with that smell is pressed to my lips.

“Bite,” my lover says.

I obey and take a bite. The deliciously rich and sweet flavor of chocolate-covered strawberries fills my mouth and I moan as I chew. It’s absolutely luscious. The sound of both of them chewing falls upon me, my sense of hearing so heightened with my eyes bathed in utter blackness.

My lover kisses me and the flavors of us both make me moan. The hard tip of another chocolate-covered strawberry is pressed to the corner of my mouth as my lover kisses me. I shift so I can suck the strawberry, then I open more to bite off a chunk and take that into my mouth as we kiss. I let the sweet morsel sit on the side of my mouth as we kiss.

He pulls back and I chew and swallow the piece of strawberry. Then he, the soon-to-be pounder of my ass, kisses me and he tastes just as delicious as a chocolate-coated strawberry too, then my lover sticks his tongue in my mouth also and I’m thrashed about in the sensation of two tongues entering my mouth. Oh, wow, to be double French kissed! I sigh against it as they do they and I almost laugh as I bet we look really crazy doing this kiss.

My giggle spreads my lips into a smile and they both chuckle as they pull back. Never been in a three-way kiss before, I lick my lips as I grin.

Mr. DoggyStyle fucker moves to behind me, I feel all his skin along my backside now, the Santa jacket apparently cast off as I feel the skin of his chest on my back as my lover grabs my boobs.

My lover asks, “You ready?”

I nod, though I’m petrified. My lover penetrates my pussy first and does several thrusts before my new lover penetrates my ass. I’m thrown into a tornado of thrusts as I struggle to grip onto my lovers’ shoulders. They pound me, front and back as I groan, moan, whimper, mewl, beg and silently thank them for fucking the absolute shit out of me.

I’m sinking into an orgasm as they ride me, and as I fall weak, I grab onto the wisps of air between us and draw air into my lungs for screaming fuel. I let out a loud wail, breaking our silent fucking rule, as I cum harder than I ever remember cuming in my life. This makes them slam me harder, I’m a floppy rag between them, a boneless shred of composure as the game of silent fucking begins to shut down as one man cums, then the other.

They slide in and out of me, even after they cum, my mouth gaped open as I recover from such a hard cum. They both stop thrusting, more secret communication not for my blindfolded eyes, and they both press against me in a two man-hug as I lean limp against each of them, my naked body sagging absolutely spent in the middle.

My lover removes my blindfold and turns me to face my ass fucker.

I gasp, my hand goes over my mouth as standing before me is our very good friend, Charlie, with a giant grin on his face.


Naughty Santa gives an erotic gift man naked in Santa hat with champagne


“Hello,” Charlie says with a goofy flick of his head. “Damn good Santa fuck, huh?”

I laugh and crumple down slightly. “Oh. My. Gosh. No fucking way.” I shudder slightly as I realize all the things Charlie just did to me.

My lover hugs me from behind. “You are welcome.”

I giggle as I lean back into him. All I can manage to say is, “Wow.”

My lover rubs my stomach and cups my tits from behind. “I watched the whole time, at first from the closet, then I moved out here. Some of those spanks were from me, by the way. You know I can’t resist that.” He laughs.

I take in a sharp gasp and let it out fast. “No fucking way.” I shake my head, my cheeks flushing as the full gambit of it all hits me. “You gave me a threesome. Best fucking Christmas present ever.” I laugh. I kick one foot through the air toward Charlie. “Nice moves, Charlie. You made me cum.”

“I know I did. I’m the master of making women cum.” Charlie motions for us to sit on the couch. “I’ll get the wine. You two sit. You both gave me a huge gift here too. I haven’t gotten laid in a few weeks and that was an epic way to break a no fuck streak.”

He hands us the two wine glasses still half full of wine, then he heads upstairs to grab one for himself.

My lover hollers, “Bring another bottle too.”

I kiss my lover on the cheek, rest my hand on his naked thigh. “Thank you. You are the best lover a girl could ever have. A double Santa fuck.”

He takes a sip of wine, kisses me on the lips as a grin forms on his mouth. “Do the same for me some time with a friend, will ya, eh?”

I laugh and nod. “Indeed. I shall try.”

Charlie returns with a wine glass for himself and a bottle of wine. He opens it and fills it up with red wine. Then he takes a seat on the couch next to me.

My lover holds up his glass. “Cheers to a three-way fucking Christmas.”

“Cheers,” I say with a giggle as I raise my glass.

Charlie raises his glass too. We all clink glasses, and just before Charlie puts the glass to his lips, he says, “And cheers to round two when we are ready.” He glances down at me. “Sans blindfold and fill in handcuffs.” He raises his eyebrows rapidly as a devilish grin plays across his supple lips.

I allow eyes to drop to his dick, he is already hard.

We all take a sip of wine as I shrink with delight between the two of them.

I say, “Wow. Simply. Wow.” I shake my head. “Naughty Santa. Both of you. I like it.”

“Indeed,” says my lover.

“Hell yes,” says Charlie. “The gift for us all.”


Naughty Santa gives an erotic gift, sex, spanking, threesome, having sex, sexual relations


Naughty Santa woman in Christmas ribbon

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