I’m super excited to announce that my new erotic romance novel, Magic In Her Kisses, is available now on Amazon! My book is full of sex, blossoming with romance, and quirky fun-loving playful acts of BDSM between the two women. I narrate this excerpt on the podcast in episode 103. I’m also excited to announce that Leilani Lei has agreed to play the role of Maddie (the professor) in the audiobook and I will narrate the full book in addition to playing the role of Alicia (the college student). This book grew from a fantasy I had which started in college when I was in a similar situation as Alicia. Want to win a copy? For a limited time, I’m running a giveaway where the winner gets to pick if they get a digital copy of the book or a signed paperback copy. Enter the giveaway at the end of this excerpt for your chance to win! Full details at the end of this post.

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Magic In Her Kisses Erotic romance novel by Ruan Willow


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Magic In Her Kisses: An Explicit Woman Loving Woman Age Gap Erotic Romance

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Magic In Her Kisses: An Explicit Woman Loving Woman Age Gap Erotic Romance

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Magic In Her Kisses: An Erotic Romance Novel

Here’s the blurb:

College student Alicia fantasizes about her hot nerdy teacher, Dr. Maddie Lillian, her thoughts drifting to steamy office hour hook-ups as she listens dreamily to the professor’s lectures. After getting a job as her lab assistant, Alicia finds her wishes swelling into thoughts of being spanked in her employer’s cluttered office, though she wonders, being as clumsy as the woman is if she could coordinate such actions. She decides to act on her fantasies and begins seducing the brainiac.

Much to her wonderment, the determined professor reveals herself to be a surprisingly eager, if adorably inexperienced, dominant BDSM lover—so much so that, despite Alicia’s presumed distaste for spanking, she soon finds herself yearning for more play.

Delicious forays into sexual exhibition, fueled by the taboo nature of their entanglements, lure both women into forbidden union after union. What started as being all about the guilty pleasures of hardcore sex gives way to the magic in their kisses, sparking a sweet, caring romance that neither expected.

Unfortunately, not everyone approves, and Alicia’s mommy issues soon rage. Just as the two are beginning to realize what they’ve found in each other, there isn’t enough magic in the world to save their love, demanding the empowered young seductress find a new way to be bold.

This book contains kinky explicit lesbian sex scenes.

Listen to me narrate this excerpt on the Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow Podcast:

Erotica Excerpt: from the book Magic In Her Kisses

From Chapter 7:

“I love tiramisu!” I squeal as Maddie sets the cake on the table. I clap my hands and almost smack my wine glass over in my exuberance. “Oh, shit. That would have been bad.”

“I made it.” Her face beams proud like a mama, though not my crab shack of a one.

“I can’t wait to try it. It’s a definite favorite of mine. I’ve never tried to make it. It seems like it’d be hard to do.”

“It’s not bad.” She swings out a knife and I flinch, but she doesn’t even notice my wince, or gives no such indication that she does. “Show me those double D’s bare and I’ll give you a slice, little girl.”

I chuckle as I begin to slip out of my shirt with my eyes afire. “Naked dessert, huh?”

“Nope. Just you. And no bra. Leave your pants on. Bare tits only.”

“Damn. Alright.” I won’t lie. Sitting at the table with a bare chest in the candlelight is turning me on big time. It’s kind of like I’m being naughty somehow and that rages my lust to flaming. I still get a thrill from the taboo nature of being my professor’s fuck toy.

My nipples harden immediately, as they always do whenever I remove my bra. The sudden exposure to air always makes them super erect.

“Oh, Gawd yes,” she mumbles with a once over of my chest as she hands me a slice of cake. She scoops a forkful off my piece and presents it to my mouth. “For you, princess kitten, my fuck doll to use and please every single day.”

I smile at her with my eyes while licking my lips before I open my mouth. I let her place the bite of cake on my tongue as we hold our gazes tight. I close my lips hard as she pulls the fork from between my hard-pressed lips. Next, she scoops up a dollop of frosting on her finger and smears it on my right nipple. Her mouth is on me instantly to slurp it off and I moan against her strong suckle. The rich flavor of the cake on my tongue and the aggression with which she’s mouthing my tit sends my senses soaring into overdrive. She chews my nipple lightly, which elicits a gasp from me.

“Fuck,” I mutter as she presses her teeth into my flesh a bit more. I need to grab the reins here or she will have me in a sensuous stupor in no time. “Let me eat it off your pussy. You need to come.”

She comes off my breast with a mouth smack. “No.” She scoops more frosting and paints my other nipple with it. “You are doing the show. Then we fuck. This is just dessert.”

“I see I’ve lost say in this plan.”

“That’s right. I bought all those outfits. I’m in charge.”

“You always are, Maddie.” I lean back against the soft cushion of the chair, my head tipping as she molests my nipple with her hangry mouth. She’s ravaging me so robustly I am approaching orgasm. “I’ve heard of women orgasming from nipple play, but that’s never happened to me.” My sentence comes out dreamy, almost as a moan itself.

She lets my nipple out of her mouth with a pop. “I accept the challenge. But that’s for another day. Now. More cake.” She gives herself a bite, then brings a fresh morsel to my lips.

“Mmmm. This is so good. I can’t believe you made it.”

She drops the fork. It slips off the table and clatters to the ground.

“Oh, pooh,” she says. A devilish grin takes over her face, and her eyes match. “I’ll just have to switch to my fingers.” She grabs a hunk of cake with her bare fingers and brings it to my lips. If she weren’t so clutzy, I’d think she did that on purpose just to feed me with her fingers.

The taste of the cake off her skin is even more incredible than off the fork. I suck the crumbs off her warm skin and lavish my tongue around, collecting all the frosting as she withdraws her fingers from my mouth.

“Every speck, kitten. Get it all.” She shoves her fingers back into my mouth and I suckle her long enough to be sure I’ve gotten it all. Our eyes never leave our joint gaze.

“You taste amazing. Want your clit in my mouth, Maddie. Please?”

She shakes her finger at me. “Want another spanking? I said later.”

I chuckle at her. “Yes, ma’am.” I gasp. “And no ma’am. My ass is still on fire.”

She sighs. “I said no more spanking today and I meant it.”

She rises and saunters over to the counter. As she glances back at me, she trips over nothing but catches herself by smacking her hand on the granite countertop to steady her body. She shakes it off and continues on. She pulls out a washcloth and wets it in the steamy water streaming out of the facet. The sound of the water is soothing, so I allow my eyes to fall closed for a split second. When I open them, she is right in front of me. The kitchen light catches the salt in her hair and makes it sparkle like strands of a halo. Her expression is a bit maternal as she swipes the warm wet cloth across my breasts. “Sticky,” she murmurs softly. “Clean you up.”

Her touch is gentle, yet firm. Her downcast eyes focused on the job of cleaning me up is something I’ve rarely felt from a lover. It’s arousing and comforting at once. She takes tender care of me as none of my other partners ever have bothered themselves to do. It’s intoxicating. Our gazes meet and her eyes shine with a glow that I can’t quite place but want every day because it makes me feel so special.

“Thank you,” I whisper. It’s just unexplainable, but something nags at me, it’s like I don’t mind being vulnerable in front of her. I crave it.

“My pleasure,” she says. I believe her. It’s in her eyes.

The music she has playing is soft and sensual. She’s lit candles throughout the house, which she didn’t let me see as she prepped for our dessert. She made me stay in her office until she had lit them all. I was not to touch myself sexually. It damn near took thirty minutes and I was a mess the whole time, but I read my textbook, absent-minded as my effort was. I got through the imperative section. My pussy throbbed and ached for her the whole excruciating time.

“Let’s move to the living room.” She takes the remainder of the cake and places it under the plastic cake container cover on the island, next to a lit large three-wick candle.

“I never knew you had so many candles. They are beautiful. Love the glow they make throughout the house.”

“I went through a candle fetish for self-care a few years ago. Kinda went berserk.”

I chuckle. “Oh, knowing you, that is not surprising.”

She mock glares at me then raises an eyebrow. “Oh, really?”

I crack up. “It’s what you do, Maddie. But I love it.”

“Humpf,” she says in mock anger with a flutter of her eyelids. “I research everything I do to the letter.” She fusses with her glasses but doesn’t bother to wipe off the smear of frosting in the right corner of her right lense.

“Absolutely you do,” I say as I stand, the movement making my tits bounce.

“Fuck, I love watching you walk around naked.”

“I’m not naked,” I say with a seductive grin pointing to my pants.

“Not yet you aren’t,” she says with a gasp. “Jiggle them for me.” She pauses. “Please.”

I bounce and my breasts gyrate up and down across my chest; I shake, and they dance back and forth.

“Fuck me, you could have been a porn star with your body, you know.”

“I’m your porn star,” I say with a twinkle in my eyes.

She clears her throat and whistles. “Damn fucking straight you are.”

I cock my head at her. “Oh, I’m anything but straight.”

We both laugh as we meander into the living room. I pull her hand as I walk, turning back towards her exaggeratedly to give my body extra motion that sets my tits oscillating, my ass cheeks bouncing.

“Those things are driving me mad,” she mutters in a wanton voice.

“Good.” I nod at her. “My deep dark secret plan is working.”

“It ain’t so secret!” She heckles me as she plops down on the couch so hard it makes her feet flop up.

“Get comfy for the show,” I call as I scan all the lingerie and bikinis she has lined up. My mouth gapes open wide as I fully span the perimeter of the room. “Fuck. We bought a lot today, didn’t we?” I scoff with a hand over my mouth. I suddenly feel very guilty that she dropped such a humongous wad of cash on me. “These are in a specific order, aren’t they?”

She nods with a smirk. “Fuck yes they are.”

I gaze at the first one, and it’s the lace-up bodysuit with snaps at the bottom of the crotch that she picked up first in the store.

She clears her throat. “That one you try on first, then it gets placed in the lineup again. Wherever I place it, that’s where I think I will be ravaging your body, so this is a fluid game to see how far I can last before I fuck your brains out.”

I guffaw. “It might be a short show!”

She gives me a high and mighty haughty expression with a fluttering of her eyelids, a firm purse of her lips, and a gaze toward the ceiling. “I plan on edging my lust for many minutes tonight, thank you.”

I’m loving this game. The crotch of my leggings feels damp as I bend over to pick up the black bodysuit. The acknowledgment that she’s full-on staring at my ass as I’m bent over is such a turn-on. Her breathing is heavy as I shift my hips before I straighten up. I swivel with the bodysuit in my hands and drop it on the floor. Hooking my fingers under the waistband of my leggings, I shimmy out of them, exaggerating the swing of my hips as I work them off and down my legs. I bend over so my heavy tits fall forward as I remove the leggings from my ankles. The move wets me further.

“Fuck,” she mutters as she adjusts herself on the couch as if she’s uncomfortable.

I imagine she’s thinking of fucking me from behind with her strap on as I stay in this position. With a grin, I start vigorously shaking my boobs back and forth.

“Well, fuck. I’m gonna go find my strap on if you keep that pose for much longer. Fuck. Me.”

Knew it. I giggle and touch my full lips, shove my index finger in my mouth and suck it, pull it out slowly, while remaining bent over.

She sighs and throws her hands in the air. “I might lose this contest.” She looks pissed, but she loses that look as a smirk appears.

I raise one eyebrow at her, my desire to drive her wild raging further inside me, from deep in my torso. “I didn’t know it was a contest.”

“It is now. Whoever takes the first step for actual physical contact is the loser. The other one, the winner, gets to pick what we do first in tonight’s fuck session.”

I will win. Of this, I have no doubt. “You are on.” She’s going down.

“I am challenging myself, and you to self-restraint.” She nods and folds her slender legs beneath her. She pushes her glasses back up her nose. “Let’s edge our lust.”

“We need to go glasses shopping, you know. You need an update on those.” I rise to stand and shift my body to make my tits sway. “Ever considered contacts?”

She furrows her eyebrows at me with a quizzical look. “What do you mean? They work great. I can see just fine.”

I chuckle. “Maddie, a new style and a pair that aren’t constantly traveling down your nose.”

She rolls her eyes at me. “These are just fine.”

“Aw, come on. It will be fun.”

“Maybe.” She raises her chin at me. “I want to see you in that bodysuit. Quit stalling. Your masterful seduction is going to make me lose before you even get one damn piece on.”

I send her a hot and horny look that causes her to slump on the couch. “Damnit,” she mutters, closing her eyes. She drops her head back and whispers, “Earthworms. Snakes. Rotten meat. A skunk’s stink.”

“It won’t work, Maddie. Once you open your eyes, you will be right back in the same spot. Or further along.” I’m winning already.

“Puke. E. coli. Feces. Maggots.”

“Ugh! Now you’re just grossing me out! And making it so I will win and not you,” I say, laughing.

“Hmmm. True. I’ll say them in my head. I don’t need to give you any advantage here.”

“Maddie, that’s one thing I love about you, you don’t do anything half-ass.”

She lets out an exasperated sigh. “You. Said. Ass. Stop it!”

In a sing-song voice, I say, “Ass. Ass. Ass. My ass. My naked ass. Ass. Ass. Ass.” I turn around and point my ass at her and shake my buns, dance around, then bend over. “Come get my ass, Professor Lillian,” I taunt like a brat. “Smack my ass.”

I glance back and she’s trying to not look at me, but one eyelid is open.

“This isn’t fair. I take it back. No contest.”

“Nope. Too late. You can’t. I won’t let you.”

“Fuck me,” she mutters under her breath. “I’m supposed to be in charge.”

I snicker as I turn around exaggeratedly. “Are you?” I bend over to pick up the bodysuit. I balance and slip one foot in without a problem, my yoga practices coming in handy as I gracefully maneuver my leg through the leg hole. “Such a nice set of easy pussy snaps on this piece.” I tug at the crotch.

She snorts, throws her arms wide, and rolls her eyes. “I’m gonna fucking lose, aren’t I?”

“Yessssss,” I say with the longest ‘s’ sound I can muster.

“You sexy ass snake.”

I slip my other leg in and drag the bodysuit up my legs. “You said ass,” I tease. “I know what I’m going to make us do too.”

Her eyes pop open and she straightens up her head to gaze directly at me. “What?”

“You will have to wait and see.” I secure the bodice over my breasts, which barely fit inside the tight suit. I tighten the laces as much as I can, but my full cleavage and two inches of each breast show through the laces, even though I’ve tightened it as much as possible.

“Gawd. Just look at your body in that. Holy fucking shit. I knew it the moment I saw it that it would be just killer on you.” She drags a hand across her mouth as if she’s wiping away drool.

“You don’t like the idea of not being in charge, do you, Doctor?”

She snarls. “Oh, being sassy like that will get you over my knee after we are done, though.”

I chuckle and turn, shaking my ass at her. “Gonna spank my ass in this outfit?” I snug the string up between my cheeks. In the poutiest voice I can muster, I say, “But you said no more spanking today, good Doctor.”

She makes some weird sound that gives me the impression of a pissed-off donkey.

I strut around the living room, loving that every second she’s fighting the urge to rush me and tackle me to the ground. I prance, pretending to look at all the lingerie while trying to sneak peeks of her gazing at me. Her lusty leering rages up my desire as usual. I end my jaunt at the next lingerie item. I’m sideways to her and bend over to pick up the red sheer nightie with an open back and matching panties.

I straighten up and peel down the right side of the bodysuit. It’s so tight my breast pops out as I force the fabric down. She gasps and growls. I grasp my breast and pull it up towards my mouth. Shoving my nipple in my mouth, I suck, and she groans out.

“Fuck, oh fuck me. I didn’t know you could do that!” Her jaw drops and remains there as a jealous look steals over her face. “I want.”

I pop my mouth as I come off my tit. “You will.” I yank out my other breast and suckle it to her groans.

“Not fair. You are taking advantage of this contest situation.”

“I’m just having fun, Professor.” I bite my lip. “Fun with your game.”

“You’re just being a tease on purpose. Brats get punished.” She folds her arms under her breasts, her face set in a pout.

“Hey, you were the one who said you wanted to edge, remember?”


“There’s that ass word again.”

She pretends to get up and charge me as I giggle.

“This is fun. Usually, you get to tease me. I’m enjoying stringing you along while raging up your lust.” I point my finger at the ground and move it up and down. “Sit down. I’m not done here. I’m just getting started.”

“Baloney. Malarkey. Bullshit.” She snugs her arms tighter under her pert breasts, a cross look on her face. I pull the fabric taut. My pussy wets at her hard nipples. So, she’s ditched her bra at some point.

“How you gonna fuck me tonight, Professor Lillian?” I yank down the bodysuit as quickly as I can, which is basically a struggle to peel because I didn’t loosen the laces. Once I have it off, I fling it at her and it lands on her head, partially covering her face. I giggle with extreme glee as she doesn’t move a single muscle to move it.

“Hmpf,” is all I get from her.

Only a tiny patch of her left eye is visible, so I know she can still see me. “Time to go red. Are you seeing red yet, Professor?”

“Fuck yes I’m seeing red, sweet pea.” She grumbles, “This bull is gonna pound your pussy like a moose in heat.”

I chuckle as I slip the top over my head and do a twirl. The nightie swings out as I spin. “Oh, I like it!” She pulls the bodysuit off her head slowly as I slip into the sheer lacy panties. I show her my back and, when I face forward, she has the crotch of the bodysuit at her nose.

“Smells like you.” She licks it and then sucks on the crotch. “It’s like trying to eat an aroma, like getting just a crumb of the cake, but I’ll take it.”

“The pre-crumb is the best.” I laugh at my joke as Maddie, much to her chagrin, laughs with me.

“I have to admit, that’s a pretty good one.”

I make it through two more outfits before Maddie rises and drops the bodysuit in line to be the next one in the lineup.

“Oh, is that so?” I ask with a raised eyebrow above a triumphant look.

“Yes. It is so. And yes, you will win.” She plops back onto the couch with a whimsical expression. She shoves her hands into her armpits like she’s pissed, but her face is anything but. “I’m so curious what you have in mind.”

“Well, I will tell you it involves you coming in my mouth like a hose.”

She scowls.

“That’s not the face you are gonna make when I’m done with you.” I fuss with the stretchy purple mini dress full of many holes. It is a tough one to get on properly, and Maddie takes great joy at watching me struggle to get it situated on my body. I know in mere moments I will just strip off.

“I love that purple thing. Perfect to place a hole over a nipple. I want to take you out in public in that with a trench coat over it. Would you do that for me? It would be so hot.”

“Sure. I’d do it.” I imagine wearing this and flashing her over and over again in public. Mm. The idea is making me hotter. I lean over and gyrate my body, making my tits swing as if she were fucking me from behind.

She lets out a slow breath that she ends with a whistle as I strip the purple dress off. “Killing me,” she says as she shakes her head. “Just killing me.”

I straighten up and slip my right foot into the leg hole of the bodysuit. I can’t get it up over my breasts, so I have to untie the laces to loosen them. She twitches as it takes me a few minutes to loosen it enough to get it up.

She rushes me like a hungry cheesed-off bear the second I slip it over my breasts. I don’t even get to tighten it before her hands are mauling me. Our mouths crash and we kiss passionately for several minutes as our hands grip, squeeze, knead each other’s flesh.

She kisses down my neck and sucks at the base of my throat before trailing her tongue down the mound of my right breast. She nudges the fabric off my breast and, once she gets it down enough, it completely slips off to bare my breast. Her mouth is on my nipple so fast I gasp as she devours it like she’s starving.

“I need you,” I whisper between moans. “Need to fuck you silly.”

When she comes off my breast, she’s panting like she ran. “So, winner, what are we doing?”

Want to read what Maddie and Alicia do? You can find out in the book. You can buy it in the affiliate link below.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt from my erotic romance Novel.

Magic In Her Kisses: An Explicit Woman Loving Woman Age Gap Erotic Romance


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