This is Part 2 of the Naughty Professor and Student Erotic Short Story; Bend Her Over Your Knee Professor

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I walk into the lab and Dr. Liilian is at her desk typing away on her laptop. Her desk is as messy and as cluttered as her office, with three dark blue pottery mugs, all with teabag strings hanging down their sides. She has taken off her coat so I can see her tits as hard points through her sheer top. Her thick glasses look all smudged and I wonder how the heck she can see anything at all. I grin at her massive nerdiness; it makes her hot in a weird way. Plus, she’s a fucking Brainiac and that’s sexy in and of itself. Her hair looks like shook her hands through it with how it’s sticking up and out all over. Her lower lips quivers and I want to suck it.

I stare at her nipples through her sheer shirt. I remember how firm they felt in my mouth earlier today and it makes me salivate. I want to feel her areola ridges and bumps against my tongue again. She’s got such sexy little nipples.

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Bend ber over Naughty Professor and student erotic story


She doesn’t glance up when I walk in, but says, “Hi, Alicia.” She then looks up at me, a stern look permeating her smudgy lenses. “I expected you a bit earlier.”

The commanding voice she uses sends an electric jolt through my clit as I relish remembering how she spanked my ass earlier because she was irritated with me for being late. Truth be told, I delayed a little bit on purpose, dawdled about on campus for an extra few minutes to make sure I’d be later than I said. I smirk secretly wishing she’d grab me, force me across her lap, hike up my skirt and spank me right at her desk.

I’ve been naughty, Professor. I kinda want to say that out loud.

I shake my curls and she watches me. Her face falls into one of pleasure as I grab a curl and twirl it around my finger. Her jaw falls slack as the want in her eyes charges at me like the shark I guess she is.

She turned into quite the dominatrix slapping my ass earlier today. She embraced that role much more fully than I’d expected. My butt still stings a bit, and wow, was it ever highly distracting in class as that sting was a constant reminder of her wildly spanking me. It didn’t matter which position I shifted too in that hard seat, all screamed bloody murder out of my skin.

Her cheeks go pink as I see a naughty grin erupt on her face. “You might need more spankings, little girl,” she says.

Her tone is so commanding it makes my pussy let out a wet gush. I’m sort of petrified if she were to spank me in the lab and a student walked in on us. But, then again, that would be hot as fuck, so I naughty grin back to egg her on. My eyes in saucy slits daring her.

Dare ya to dominate me again, you nerdy wench.

Well, if I really said that, I think I’d be over her lap get butt-slapped in a matter of less than a minute. I sought her out like a cougar this morning, and now she’s coming back at me like a damn anaconda.

I walk towards her, sashaying my curvy hips as best as I can as I say, “Oh, yeah, Professor? I think I might run from you, my ass cheeks still sting a bit from earlier, so you might have to chase me and rip my skirt off with force to get that to happen again.” My heart is pounding so hard as I realize I really want that to happen.

I stop and take a step back, daring her with my smirk to chase me, tackle me, make my ass bare. The thought of her pursuing and attacking my ass really turns me the fuck on.

I take another step back and she stands, drops the pen she had been chewing on to the desk below. She moves so awkwardly her nerdiness even showing in her stiff walking movements.

She says, “Oh, I’d catch you alright. You are fast and in perfect shape, but I’m highly determined, and … I get what I want.”

Shit, I don’t doubt that for a second, Dr. Lillian.

She’s so commanding in class that I used to get wet just listening to her lectures when I took her class. Fuck! That stern older woman bossy voice drives me just wild.

She takes a step and trips on nothing but air and catches herself on a table. She pulls something black out of her pocket.

She holds it up. “Put these on. I ran home and got a dirty pair of my panties. I want you wearing something that touched my pussy all day yesterday. I can’t wait to strip it off you and spank that amazing ass of yours.”

She flings the panties at me and I catch them in the air. I bring the panties near my nose and sniff the crotch.

Fuck! It smells just like she smelled earlier today when I ate her out. She grins at me as I inhale the scent of her panties. This is so erotic it makes my heart race, my palms sweat. I shake as I slip them on up and under my skirt, an easy add being I’m commando.

They are a little tight on me so as I walk, they ride into my ass crack. My round full ass is certainly bigger than her little slim one.

She clears her throat as she creeps toward me as I step backward. “And after I hit that curvy sweet ass of yours, you are only allowed to wear the panties and the lab coat. When the work is done, I’m gonna pamper the fuck out of you and eat you like I did last time. Finger fuck you til you cum on my hand. Then I’m gonna suck it all out of your pussy.” Her intense stare gives me the chills.

My jaw actually drops, my pussy moistens, and I freeze for one second as I let what she’s saying sink in. She said it kind of awkward like she was reading a script for the first time, so I suppress a nervous giggle. I’m rarely nervous around her, but she’s got me all jittery as all fuck right now.

Damn, she’s so nerdy and I love it! She’s turned into this … dominant she-devil, when earlier today when I seduced her, she was the queen of the nerds, awkward and as inexperienced as can be. I’ve created a monster here, but I like it.

I scramble backward, bump into a table as she starts to charge me. I let out a squeal as I drop my bag on the ground. I can hear her grunting behind me as she runs after me.

Fuck, I love to be chased. My pulse is racing.


Lesbian Erotica fiction short story


My pussy lips feel slick with wetness as I take off across the classroom in an all-out mad dash … sprinting to the back wall, dodging around tall lab tables, trying not to knock stools over in my haste to get away.

My heart is pounding so hard, saliva is pooling in my mouth, so I have to swallow it down. I squeal again as she gets close and almost grabs my arm. She lets out this growl that sends shivers down my spine. She’s become Jekyll and Hyde, skinny awkward professor and domineering sexual temptress of all my femdom wet dreams. WTF?

I reach the wall and make a run hard to the right, but there’s a box there and I trip over it, land on it belly down, hands on the floor.

It’s enough for her to catch me. Her hand holds me down on the box on my lower back as her other hand seeks out my pussy, moving her panties to the side so she can touch my vagina. I’m so wet as she parts my labia lips. She rubs the outer part of my pussy then plunges two fingers in. The simple penetration of her fingers into me makes me moan. She presses her thumb firmly to my clit and the pressure causes me to gasp. As her fingers slide into me, her thumb rubs my clit

I am breathing so fast and a whimper escapes my lips as she increases thumb pressure over my clit.

She lets out this yummy sound, and says, “Mmmmm…fuck baby, you are so wet.”

I am so excited my clit is just throbbing as she pumps into me. I’m frozen still, so even though she takes her hand off my back, I don’t move.

I almost groan a complaint when she pulls her fingers out of me. She grabs my skirt with a hand on my skirt at both sides of my thighs and hikes it up to my waist.

I was never much into spanking in sex, but with her, it makes me wet as fuck.

Her panties are soaked with my juices, clinging to my wet cunt. She presses the panties in the crevice of my ass, forcing the fabric deep between my ass cheeks. She pushes the panties in between my labia lips, massaging as she fits it in my folds. She leans down over my ass and licks the crack of my ass over the panties all the way up to my lower back. I shudder and flinch when she reaches my skin, her tongue flat against my lower back.

I’m staring at the ugly gray speckled tile floor wondering if she watched porn all afternoon because she wasn’t this forceful earlier, but very fearful as I had to seduce her. Now, I’m her damn toy. But I’m loving it.

My tits are rubbing the ground and I’m suddenly so happy I’m not bare-chested. This is so dirty naughty; I gush imagining another student coming into the lab and peering down at us. Then masturbating while watching us. Fuck that would be hot!

She licks my ass cheeks at the seam of the panties, both of them and I’m even more convinced she must have been sitting at that desk looking at porn today. She’s otherworldly inspired at the moment.

As she fingers me with one hand, she starts to spank my ass with the other. I wince, enjoying the pulse the spanks send to my clit, but wincing as she slaps my already red ass. The pull of both pleasure and pain sending my brain into a whirl.

She sits on the ground next to me and pulls on my hips to get me to move over and lay across her lap. I obey because … how can I not?

Once I’m settled across her lap, she pulls the panties to the side and gently inserts two fingers into my wet pussy. She finger fucks me rapidly with one hand while spanking me with the other. With her awkwardness, I’m surprised she can manage both movements at once. I squirm against her legs at the ever-exhilarating combination of pain and pleasure extremes she’s giving me, something I’ve never experienced before. I’m charging so hard towards an orgasm, getting damn close to cuming.

Her hands work me swiftly as she’s pumping what feels like three fingers into my pussy while slapping my ass. My face is resting, rubbing, on my hand, that’s flat against the ground because I didn’t want my cheek to touch the gross floor where countless students have walked today. Lab floors are extra disgusting.

I moan as she is now spanking my clit with something that doesn’t feel like a hand. It’s causing me to ramp up as I’m mounting an orgasm. It’s riding me high and hard and I feel it travel my clit and pussy as the arc of the orgasm ravages my genitals, then I cum. Hard.

She keeps pumping and I whimper as she puts her thumb on my clit. It’s so sensitive it almost hurts after cuming to have her fingers on it, but oddly in a good way.

She stops clit spanking me but still gently plunges her fingers into my vagina, milking my cum out with each stab of her fingers. I hear something clatter lightly to the floor.

She says, “Good girl for cuming for me.”

I twist slightly to look up at her face. “You watch some porn today or something, Dr. Lillian?” I spy a little wooden tongue depressor stick on the ground next to her. Clearly she was slapping my clit with that thing, and holy fuck did that work.

She smirks then lifts her legs up so my ass raises to closer to her face. She kisses both of my ass cheeks, then turns her face towards me. She’s got this giant shitty grin on her face.

She laughs. “A little bit. I needed to study up, so I knew more of what to do to you. And, say to you.”

I laugh as she helps me upright. “Well, you sure figured it out. That was hot. You had wet as fuck in no time.”

She chuckles. “And I’m not done. That was round one. Now take all your clothes off, including that bra, and leave my panties on you. Then you can put the lab coat on and let’s get to work.” We both stand. “I want to see those titties swinging as you work.” She nods. “Then we fuck.”

My eyes dart back and forth as my mouth drops open.

She pulls me close and I get to have her hard nipples pressed against me. She sucks my lower dropped lip into her mouth, then all out French kisses me. She’s forceful in ways she wasn’t earlier and it’s making me hot as fuck.

She lightly touches my ass. “And no more spanking. That ass needs a break.”

I scoff. “Geez, ya think?” I roll my eyes.

She points to my shirt. “Now strip, buttercup.” She crosses her arms across her breasts “I need to see your tits.”

I obey and strip everything off but her panties. She walks over to the lab door and locks it, then returns back to me. Fuck, it was really open the whole time? Damn, that’s just too hot!


Naughty Professor and student bend her over naughty sexy Lesbian erotica





She grabs my hand and pulls me across the lab to where her lab coat is hanging on the coat rack. “You wear mine and I’ll wear yours. I want your tits rubbing against the inside of my lab coat as you work. I slip the lab coat on as she puts mine on. She grabs her phone and then says, “I need pictures of you like this.”

She takes a few steps back from me and begins taking pictures of me. I do sexy poses for her with my nakedness covered, and then bare my hard erect nipples and then slip down her panties for bare pussy pics. Then I show her my bare red ass. This photoshoot is making me feel hot as hell. She bends down to try and take an undershot of my pussy, so I put my foot up on the stool so she has full visual access to me.

She sighs. Shakes her head. “Now stand and pull up my panties so I can get a camel toe shot.”

I cooperate because it’s making me seriously hot and turned on to be her model.

She grins at me and licks her lips. “Fuck you are unbelievably hot as fuck.” She pulls her nerdy glasses down her nose to the end and peers at me over the lenses. “You know this, right? You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.” She almost goes cross-eyed behind those thick lenses. “Ever seen.” She pauses. “And tasted.”

Her newfound confidence and compliments are jarring. Now I’m the one getting seduced whereas this morning, I was the vixen-seducer. How the tables have turned! Give the woman some porn and she turns into a fierce lusty lioness. I mean I saw signs of this in her earlier, but, wow, I mean, just wow. She’s blowing my mind right now.

She taps the lab table with her finger as she says, “It was an enjoyable afternoon watching all the porn and thinking about doing it to you.” She turns to the table to start setting up our experiment. “I ordered some sex toys for us too.”

My jaw drops. My eyes widen. She’s becoming a damn voracious dominatrix right before my eyes! Of course, Ms. Smarty Pants would go and study up on sex. I shouldn’t be surprised, Ms. Ph.D. Nerdy-as-Fuck-Brainiac that she is, but, still, I’m just flabbergasted.

My jaw is still slightly ajar as I watch her saunter back over to her desk.

She trips on nothing but air again, and says, “I left all the instructions on the lab table next to the cabinet for you to start on.” She clears her throat. Better button up that jacket to protect your lovely titties, tummy, and luscious pussy.”

I nod. I’m shocked to even hear her say those words to me. I feel myself slipping into being her pet. I shake my head and try to focus on reading her instructions, but my brain is flip-flopping all over the place from the absolute shock of her.

I button up my lab coat as instructed and read the note for the fourth time. I shake my head to unfreeze my brain and start on the first step she listed.

We work for the next two hours and I’m able to focus well enough to complete the tasks of the experiment. Anytime I’ve glanced at Dr. Lillian, her eyes have been glued on me. I can only imagine what she is thinking. I sincerely hope she’s done smacking my ass for the day. I smirk at the note in my hand. I’m on the last step of the instructions. And then I get to be pampered. I can’t fucking wait!

She comes up behind me so quickly I can only assume she was standing behind me watching me for a few minutes. “Almost done?”

She runs her finger along my temple and tucks a lock of my hair behind my ear. The gesture is so tender it makes my eyes go big.

I glance up at her with my widened eyes and she smiles at me. She says, “I really want to eat you out. Show you what I learned today about how to pleasure you.”

I let my jaw fall open right in front of her. Is this the same Professor who was wailing on my ass earlier?

She touches my cheek with her bent index finger and does a slow stroke down my cheek. “I want to make you cum hard.”

Since my mouth is still open, she inserts her finger into my mouth. I close around it and suck her finger. She pets my hair as I suckle and kisses me on the forehead.

She grins really big. “I want you to feel amazing, baby.” She tilts her head to the right. “Like how you made me feel. I was … just no good at it earlier. But. Now I know.”

I remove my mouth from her finger. “No, you did great, Dr. Lillian. It felt really good.”

She says, “Good, I’m glad. But I want to do better than really good.”

Her over-achiever sense is taking over but I’m certainly not going to complain about tenaciousness in this area.

She runs a hand down my back to just above my ass and rests it there. “I’ll be over on the couch by the window waiting for you.” She raises her eyebrows at me like she’s trying to be suggestive. It’s adorably nerdy as all heck.

I just grin at her and she blows me a kiss. I smirk and try not to let my expression look like I’m laughing at her, but damn, she’s adorably goofy. And yet, she’s tugging on my lust something fierce.

I finish what I’m doing for the experiment and wash the tools and glassware. I set it all in the drying rack and turn around ready to join Dr. Lillian over at the couch.

She is sitting on there in her sheer top with nipples hard as little pointed stones stabbing into her shirt. Her legs are crossed and she’s holding two glasses of red wine. The picture of her could be worth money with how nerdy hot she looks with that intense look of lust on her face. Her eyes tell me she aims to seduce me to a pile of cum, and then ravage me further to cum like torrential rain.

My pussy has been wet all afternoon, and now, seeing her with this horny expression makes my pussy let loose more of my juice. I am so wet I can almost hear my pussy squish when I walk.

She raises a wine glass up to me as I approach. “Thirsty?” she asks. She holds hers up indicating we should clink glasses in cheers.

We clink and she gives a definite geeky giggle. “Cheers,” she says.

I smirk and say, “Cheers.”

We both take a sip.

She pats the cushion next to her indicating I should sit down. But then she holds her hand up. “Wait, take off the lab coat. I wanna watch you walk over there and hang it up on the hanger by that desk, then walk back.” She holds up her free hand, motions for me to hand her my wine glass.

I slip off the coat and walk over to the desk. She makes yummy sounds like Mmmmmm and uhhhh as I walk. I chuckle as I hang up the lab coat, then spin around making my big tits jiggle. I do a little shimmy for her to make them bounce more.


lab coat hung up in alab next to a desk bend her over lesbian erotia



She sighs. “Aww, yeah. Yesssssss.”

My boobs bob as I walk, and I watch her jaw drop and stay down.

She says, “You … you are a goddess.” She takes a giant swallow of wine.

I walk slow, sashaying my hips from side to side as I walk, so she can follow, undulate her eyes to my moving curves. Her tits are hard as pebbles under her shirt. I take the wine glass from her, sit my butt, still in her panties, on her couch. I’m beginning to feel like I’m hers too. I’ve sat on this brown couch many times before, but never like this, naked in her wet panties.

She stares at me like she’s starved and I’m a damn steak. “I … um … love my panties on you.”

She’s suddenly fully fallen back into nerdy professor mode, dumbfounded and just adorable.

I smile at her and touch her thigh. “I think it’s hot I’m wearing your panties.” I laugh. “Though my ass is wider than yours, so they are a little tight.” I snap the elastic against my skin.

She visibly relaxes, shoulders slump and her eyes go half-closed. She sighs, then says, “Your ass is just perfect. Curvy. Round. Supple. Tight heavenly firm butt cheeks.”

I bring my hand up to cover my mouth as I swallow a sip and of wine before I giggle. “Wow. You make my ass sound so hot.”

She sits up straight and almost spills her wine. “It is hot. It’s way hot. Major hot … hot.” She fidgets with her glasses, pushing them down to the tip of her nose and then back up. “You are hot all over yourself. And … in.”

I give her flirty fuck me eyes and bite my lip. “Thanks. Why don’t you soak your lips in wine so I can suck it off.”

She flares her eyes wide and immediately takes a sip of wine. Then another. And another.

I wonder if she ever drinks and if she’ll be drunk from just one glass. I’d really love to see her drunk, actually.

She grips her wine glass with both hands and just chugs the whole thing.

I bite my lower lip to keep from cracking up, but my eyes give away my amusement.

She shifts her eyes back and forth before fixating them on me. She says, “What? It was good. Plus, I’m ready to kiss.”

I chuckle and take another sip of my wine, then set the wine glass on the windowsill behind me. I scoot closer to her and say, “I’m ready.”

Her hands go immediately to my tits. She grabs both and squeezes them, rubs her thumbs over my hardening nipples, then she pinches each nipple. She leans towards me and our hot mouths collide. We are kissing like mad, her hands still fondling my tits. I fondle her breast through her sheer shirt and she moans into my mouth.

She pulls me to straddle her lap. I climb on and her hands go right to squeezing my ass cheeks. I bounce slightly as she fondles my butt cheeks with both hands. Our mouths are open, tongues caressing each other. I rub my hands on her upper back as I suck her lower lip between my lips, then her top lip. She copies me and then our tongues are on each other again.

I run my fingers along her scalp then fondle her hair between my fingers. Her fingertips travel from my lower butt cheeks towards my sopping wet pussy. She snakes her fingers under the panties. She groans into my mouth as two of her fingers enter my pussy. She places her thumb right on my clit and rubs up and down.

I moan into her mouth as she fingers me. I move my hands to pinch her nipples as we continue to kiss. She removes her fingers from my pussy and presses the underwear to my wet cunt. After she’s soaked her underwear with my juices, she pushes me off her lap. She gets off the couch and kneels in front of me. Oh. My. Gawd am I turned on.

She points to the back of the couch and says, “Lean back and give me your pussy, little girl.”

I obey and lean back against the soft cushion, slide my butt near the edge of the couch. She slides her hands under my thighs, scoops my bottom to her, and brings her mouth right up to my covered pussy. She opens her mouth wide and crashes it onto me, nestling her face into the wet juiciness of the fabric. She inhales deeply and licks the crotch of the panties. The barrier of the panties is teasing me something fierce, I want her mouth on my bare skin. Her hands are squeezing my thighs, her fingernails digging into my skin.

I feel as if I might explode and every piece of me will be embedded in every speck of this lab.

She pulls a hunk of the fabric of the panties into her mouth and sucks it. “Mmmmmm,” she says, then lets it slip out of her mouth. She reaches under my butt and grips the panties. I lift my bottom up and she slips them off.

I gasp as the second her mouth hits my labia, her tongue is wiggling.

She licks up my labia lips to my clit and flicks her tongue over it several times. I grab her hair and squeeze her head between my hands. Her licks are strong and forceful which makes me moan like I’m being murdered.

She starts to push two fingers into my vagina while still licking, tongue-tickling, and kissing my clit. Then she seals her mouth fully around my clit and sucks it hard. I yell out my pleasure and dig my nails into her scalp. She grunts as she sucks, her fingers still going in and out of my pussy entrance at a rapid pace.

My eyes are rolling back in my head as I moan. Dr. Lillian has significantly improved her eating out technique and I’m nearing the rush of cuming. My moans get louder, so she sucks harder, fingers me harder until my legs are drawing up back against the couch, my toes are curling into the hard ground. I grip her head harder as I groan into a huge orgasm that hurls me into the curl of cuming.

She takes her mouth off my clit but continues to finger me as I pant.

She says, “Shh … baby girl. That’s right, cum just like that for me. Good girl.” She licks all the wetness off my labia lips while still fingering me, milking the cum out of my pussy. She sits up and scoots closer to my crotch. Her thumb goes on my clit and she inserts what feels like two fingers into my pussy.

She pumps her fingers in a few times, then curls her fingers to press on my g spot, then squeezes her inserted fingers against her thumb on the outside of me. It makes my body lurch forward off the back cushion of the couch as she squeezes and massages me between her fingers and thumb. My eyes are rolling back and then I close them as my head falls to the side. The feelings she’s giving me are unreal.

She hums, ‘MMmmmm … yes, baby, yes. Just like that.” She continues to please me with one hand while reaching up to my chin to straighten my head towards her. “Look at me baby, cum for me.  I want to see your eyes when you cum.”

I force my eyes open. It’s a challenge to focus on her, my eyes keep migrating up to roll because of how much she is pleasuring me.

She nods. “Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s it. You are close. I can tell.”

She keeps working my pussy, milking my moans out of me. When I get close to a strong orgasm, I often feel this pull, or some sort of pressure near the bottom of my belly button when I’m cum. She’s giving me that sensation right now.

I say, “Oh … my … fuck!” I pause. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck.” I’m literally panting, I let out a low growl. “Oh. My. Gawd!” My orgasm is rising.

I touch that spot on my belly as an orgasm mounts me and I’m hurled into the blast of it.

It’s fucking mega.

I whimper moan as I allow the full release of cuming to happen, then my moans slow to more like soft sighs. I’m still holding her gaze.

She releases the pressure of her thumb over my clit and I’m thankful because the pressure is almost too much for me to handle. She pets my cheek with one hand while still slowly pumping her fingers into my pussy with the other.

She murmurs, “Oh sweet Alicia, that was beautiful. Thank you for giving me your eyes during that. I feel like I saw into your beautiful soul.”

I’m still whimpering as I nuzzle against her hand. I literally can’t speak yet, I’m almost in shock. That’s the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had in my entire life.

I open my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

She laughs. “That good, huh?” she asks.

I can manage a nod, but no actual words. She leans in and lays her head on my belly. Her hands migrate to my right tit. She fingers my nipple, then moves her mouth over it and she begins to suck. I moan and squirm against her hard sucking my fully erect nipple. My whole body is hypersensitive.

She moves to my other nipple and sucks it, moans as she does. “Mmmmmm,” she says with my tit fully inside her mouth. My hands migrate her hair and scalp.

She pinches and fondles my other nipple as she sucks me. I’m finally recovered from cuming, so I whisper, “Let me eat you, Dr. Lillian. Make you cum.” I probably should call her by her first name now, seeing her mouth has been on my clit more than once, but I kinda love the feeling of authority I give her by calling her doctor.

Her mouth is working my left tit over, her tongue rolls about my tit over and under, and all over my saliva slippery nipple. She grins, her mouth still on my tit and shakes her head slightly and keeps sucking. She takes her hand off my nipple and does the no-no movement shaking her finger back and forth.

Okay, then. I grin and sigh, fully enjoying her mouth molesting my nipple. She sucks me for a few more minutes, then stands up. She walks over to her desk and rummages in a drawer. When she stands up, she has a folded clear plastic sheet in her hands.

What can she possibly be doing? Oh, well, what is this all about?

I watch her, so curious what the fuck she’s up to now. She unfolds the plastic sheet and spreads it flat on the ground. She takes off all her clothes and leaves them in a pile next to the plastic sheet. Then she walks back over to me at the couch and grabs our wine glasses. She hands me mine and we both take a sip.

She downs hers and then gives herself a refill, so I keep sipping while I wait. She smiles and tops my glass off with more wine, to the brim. She takes my glass and motions for me to follow her.

She sets both glasses on the plastic sheet, then lays down on it.


wine glasses with red wine

{Some of Ruan’s faves}


She motions her hand towards the wine glasses, and says, “I want you to drink yours off of me. Pour it on my tits, my pussy, anywhere, and lick it off. Then I’ll do you.”

The thrill of this idea sends a wet gush out my pussy. Fuck, this is erotic.

I kneel on the floor, a giant satisfied naughty grin on my face as I pick up my wine glass. I pour some over her nipples, fully coating them. The red wine runs down her the sides of her boobs to the plastic sheet below like bloody rivers.

I set my glass down and begin to lick her breasts, all over her the mounds of her, her side boobs, and underboobs. Lastly devouring each of her perfect little round brown nipples. She moans as I suck and kiss her breasts.

I pour some on her lips, watch the red drip into her lips as she parts them, down her cheeks as she grins. I lick her lips, take a sip from my wine glass, swallow it, then we French kiss.

I murmur as we kiss, “Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmn.” The taste of her mouth, the wine, the slipperiness of her tongue makes me just wild. We kiss for another minute before I pull back to sit up.

I pour some wine on her abdomen, fill her belly button with wine. I watch the red wine trail down her belly to the sheet below. I proceed to lick her entire abdomen, belly, suck wine out of her belly button, and lick her belly on my way towards her pussy. The wine is rich, full-bodied with hints of blackberry and chocolate. It’s an odd but sensual mixture with the vanilla scent of her skin.

I murmur, “I’m coming to get you, Dr. Lillian.”

She twitches, awkwardly grasping at her brown hair.

I just drench her pussy in wine. It falls down and pools at the edge of her round little butt cheeks resting on the plastic. I flatten my tongue and lick her pussy in long full lick strokes. I suck up all the wine pooled at her ass cheeks on the plastic beneath her, just slurp it right off the sheet. I return to her pussy and spread her pussy lips with my tongue, wiggle my tongue in there good and deep. I grasp her hips with both hands as I eat her out.

She moans and grasps the plastic sheet at her sides with both her hands. I grab her hips and tip her to the side, then roll her on her belly. I pour wine over her asshole and she quivers, shakes as it drips down her crack. I’m sure she is very unsure what I’m about to do. I won’t push her too far, but I lick her wine-soaked asshole, swirl my tongue over it as she twitches and moans. Then run my tongue down her crack towards her pussy collecting any drips of wine that I can.

I roll her back onto her back and re-soak her pussy with more wine. I eat her out savoring her pussy and the wine as she moans and grabs my hair. I love the soft floppiness of her labia lips against my lips and tongue. She pushes my face into her pussy as I tongue fuck her, my lower face just getting coated in her juices and wine.

She groans out a long sound and says, “Oh … my …. Oh … my … Oh …”

Her body curves up and begins to shake as I take her clit into her mouth. Her clit is so much bigger than mine, like a little appendage. I suck it hard, running my tongue all over it, caressing it between the roof of my mouth and my tongue. I push two fingers inside her and pump them fast in and out against her wet lips.

She jerks and twitches, then yells out, “Uh, uh, uh …” She pauses, then says, “Yesssssss.”

A flash of her cum coats my mouth and I suck it all up. She rocks her body slightly back and forth, and since my head is between her legs, my head moves with her, my bare ass shaking in the air.

She says, “Alicia, that was … a … amazing.” Her body is still jerking a bit.  She gives me an intent look. “My turn.”

I grin as we trade places. The sheet feels cold on my back, and very wet and sticky in places. I giggle as I touch it and then suck wine drips off my fingers. She gives me a sip of her wine in response. I smile to convey my enjoyment to her. Damn, she is pampering me good and hard.

She spreads my legs and kneels between them. She soaks my breasts in wine, licking it off my breasts all over my areola, nipples, and down my side boobs to the sheet. She repeats what I did to her by coating my abdomen, belly, belly button, and lower belly with wine. Her tongue travels all of my skin. The feelings she’s giving me are some of the most sensual and erotic of my entire life. I’m moaning my pleasure while my hands play with her hair.

She pours wine on my pussy and attacks me with her mouth. I feel a little guilty she’s making me cum again when I only made her cum once. I almost protest, but then I see how voracious she’s eating me out and I realize I should shut up because she’s having fun.

I grin and bite my lip at how she’s just rubbing her whole face all over my pussy, just fully coating her self with my juices and wine. She licks and sucks and slicks her tongue all over my wet cunt, taking my clit into her mouth, rolling her tongue all over it.

Just, aww …. Fuck!

She copies me again and licks up the pooled wine near my ass cheeks, licking my buttocks while she’s there. She returns to my pussy and sucks my clit, her fingers invade my pussy and pump me. She face and finger rides me at once until I’m gripped by another impending orgasm. I’m helpless to stop it, her willing victim.

I moan as I feel the rise of the orgasm as it switches to cuming and my legs bend up, my toes curl as she continues to eat me out as it all unfolds. I moan my way through it and slow my sounds to more like sighs as I come down off of it.

She lays her head on my belly and hugs me. We lay like that for what feels like at least two full minutes.

I stroke her hair. “Thank you. I fear you’ve pleasured me far more than I’ve pleasured you.”

She shakes her head, her cheek still on my belly. “Nope,” she says. “I thoroughly enjoyed doing all of that to you.” She sits up, her little titties bounce as she sits roughly beside my legs. “I wanted to practice what I learned today on you.” She grins the nerdiest grin and asks, “Did I do good?”

I laugh. “Are you kidding me? That one was the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. You must have studied good this afternoon.”

She grins, shakes her head. “I did not work at all.”

I laugh at her dismissal of work all day and put my hand over my lips. I sit upon the plastic sheet. I let my hand fall before I say, “We clearly both need a shower.”

She raises her eyebrows. “Shower? Now that we should do too.”

I just laugh at her, her goofy nerdy grin just priceless.

She stands up and holds out her hand to help me up. “You are a gift to me,” she says.

Once I’m standing, she pulls me into a hug. We stand still, hugging in the lab for a full minute before she takes a step back from me. She takes my face into her hands, one on each of my cheeks and says, “You are a gift I shall cherish forever, no matter how long this lasts. Thank you.”

I nod. “I’m enjoying you as well, good Dr.”

She lets my face go and walks over to her clothes. “Now, about that shower … “

I giggle, run my hands through my curls to smooth the just-fucked look out of them. “Yep, I’m in.”

She grabs her phone. “I’ll text you my address. Can you come over tonight?”

I hug my breasts and nod, even though she’s not looking at me.

She looks up when I don’t respond.

I do a silent chuckle and say, “Oh, yes, I just nodded but forgot to speak.”

A look of relief floods her face. “I know I can’t have you for long, but I’m gonna fuck you hard while I have you. Got that?”

I smirk and simply nod and turn my eyes soft and sweet, bite my lip. Then I add, “Yes, Ma’am.”

She says, “See you soon.”

I drop my arms to my sides, touch my wine-soaked and saliva-slicked skin on my hips. I say, “Soon.”

I get dressed and wave to her as I head toward the door of the lab. “Bye, for now.”

“Bye Sweetie.” She gives me a single nod.

I walk out into the hall, the stale air of the hallway hitting my nose in a rush waking me up from the all-out fuck fantasy session I just experienced. I grin the whole way down the hall, a dirty grin adorning my face that tells the world everything I just did. I just fucked a teacher in a classroom, and I’m not a bit ashamed.

Budding Lesbian BDSM relationship professor and student

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