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Hi there! I’m excited you are here! Want to give me a voicemail or message? Check it out! Now you can! Click through this link to leave me a message: Leave a Voicemail Message for Ruan Willow

How can you leave Ruan Willow a message?

I’m really excited to add this layer of communication with my fans! I’m excited to connect with you all in this way! I will answer your voicemail on the podcast, but I won’t use your name. If you prefer that I don’t use it on the podcast, just say that in the message. I’m really excited to see where this goes! You can suggest topics for the podcast via this route as well. Let me know what you want to hear on the podcast in your voicemail. Or just tell me how you are feeling, give me feedback on my content, or just any message works, or even just say ‘hi’! I love this idea because I love the idea of interacting more with fans of the Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow podcast. I’d love to hear your voice as well. So much fun can be had with this new feature!

Oh Fck Yeah with Ruan Willow Podcast

Never listened to my podcast? Here’s the link: Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow Podcast

Here’s the quick little trailer for the podcast: Trailer for the show

And here’s the player to listen right here:

You can also search on podcast apps for Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow or Oh Fck Yeah with Ruan Willow. I’m also on Youtube: Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow Podcast on YouTube I’m adding more episodes to the YouTube channel all the time.

Ruan Willow Podcast: Oh F*ck Yeah with RW

Again here’s the link to leave me a voicemail! I can’t wait to hear from you! https://www.speakpipe.com/ohfckyeahwithruanwillow