Hot Love Story with Half Naked Yoga

by Ruan Willow

I just want to work out then fuck, but that ain’t gonna happen. Sighing, I roll out my purple yoga mat over the already warming concrete, the chickadee birds call out their chicka-dee-dee-dee as I slip a lock of loose blond curls back into my sloppy bun. The sun beats on my face and I’m so grateful for summer Saturday mornings like this, they are like gifts in all the muddy chaos of my life.

I need yoga. Like now.

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Hot Love Story with Half Naked Yoga erotica fiction


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I inhale deeply, the sun-blasted air fills my chest. I close my eyes as the soft wind whips into my loose shorts, bathing my commando pussy with its sweet warm summer breath. It feels so luscious on my labia lips, I’m tempted to remove my shorts, I mean no one can see me in my backyard with this fence, right? Then my pussy would be full access to the fresh air. I look back and forth across my secluded yard, then slip my shorts down to my ankles, and step out of them. Sports bra only it is. I giggle. It’s fun to be naughty.

Fuck, this is liberating.

I stretch my arms up straight in the air while closing my eyes and take in a long sweet breath of summer air. I lower my arms as I slowly let the breath out and pop my eyes as I hear rustling in something over by the fence, probably a squirrel. I smirk, that pesky squirrel always empties the bird feeder right after I fill it.

I lift my water bottle off the wire mesh table for a sip, then flip my phone on to start up some music. Something upbeat but not too heavy, ah, yes, today’s hits. I glance around again hoping no one will come back here and see me half-naked, but who would? No one ever does. I’m safe.

The idea of working out almost fully nude is just luscious, sexual almost. Yum. I chuckle. Wish I could take my bra off too, but these big girls will jiggle way too much during exercise for that shit. I cup my breasts, one in each hand and jiggle them while smirking.

“My big girls, you are both a blessing and a curse,” I say to my tits. LOL Who talks to their tits? I guess I do.

I grin as I put my hands on the cushiony foam yoga mat, readying my body into position for some real yoga.

I slip into the frog pose. I really wish someone would fuck me in this position. Damn, I am a total pervert, aren’t I?

I let out a silent scoff, close my eyes as I stick my bare ass up in the air, making a V with the ground in a solid downward dog pose as my butthole kisses towards the sun, the breeze snaking around the ripples of my anus helping me feel so open and free. It’s not every often this anus sees sunlight. Wow … feels so warm in the rays of sunshine. I control my breathing, slow in, slow out, in a series of calming inhales and sighs.

The current song is basically talking about fucking in flowery language as I’m counting to sixty in this pose. The breeze touches her breath to my pussy which causes a tiny gush as I wish the song was actually happening to me.

This is damn erotic as fuck. Sun and wind kissed genitals and ass, if someone could sell this feeling, they’d be a millionaire.

Fucking hot, I’m getting wet already and I haven’t even started the leg lifts that rub my labia together, which always makes me like mega wet.

My horniness is growing pretty thick now. I sigh and try to swallow it down, instead, I try to focus on maintaining the perfect pose. Maybe naked wasn’t the best idea, I can’t focus worth crap.

As I reach the count of forty, I whisper with closed eyes, “Damn, I just need to get fucked. And hard by a hard as fuck cock.”

A sound that almost sounds like a human cough rips through the air. “What the fuck?” I ask as I whip my eyes open and look in the direction of the sound. But I see nothing. Alright, that was weird. Suddenly I’m feeling very exposed being half-naked outside in broad daylight. What if a neighbor opened my gate? I gasp at the thought.

I shake my head. That won’t happen. Never ever does.


hot love story between a man and woman, picture of a blond woman with large breasts in a skimpy sports bra

Image: Ståle Kvale

I sigh and take in a long slow breath as I finish my count to sixty. I often do my own take on yoga, but whatever, I love it so fuck off hardcore stiff yoga freaks. If it works for me, I’m doing it.

I lay flat on the mat on my belly with my arms bent, chest flat as possible with my massive tits against the matt, knees bent, my pussy almost flat on the ground in almost splits position with bent knees. I want to be able to touch my pussy to the ground, I’m getting closer and closer. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but with time I will know. Damn! My big tits get in the way of this pose though, and honestly, this would be a good pose to get fucked in too. Focus, damn it ya horndog!

I shake my head to clear the thoughts of sex.

Doesn’t work. I almost drool as I think about being fucked like this with my right cheek flush with the mat, rubbing it as someone thrusts into me. FUCK! My pussy is salivating too, I can feel her moistening further.

This workout is turning into a fantasy, I may need to stop and masturbate! I laugh at myself and sigh. Yeah, I’m a freak show alright.

I curl on the ground and make the child yoga pose resting my pelvis on bent knees under me, my forehead resting flat on the mat, bent arms under me. I lift my head for a moment allowing the sunbeams to penetrate under my eyelids, the aroma of flowers massage open my lips, my bare pussy moist like watered down honey.

I place my forehead to the mat and peek at my chest with my head curled. My nipples intrude my mood, harden, poking erect through my sports bra, underneath distractingly pink with wrinkle mounds like hardened frosting clumps on their tips, little bumps about my areolas.

I maneuver my body so I can reach under myself, wiggle my hand between my flush thighs to touch my pussy to see how wet she is. She’s sopping. I bring my wet finger to my mouth and suck myself off my finger.

“Oh, Gawd,” I hear someone say, and it comes out almost like a moan, like from a real man.

I sit up straight on my mat. What the fuck was that?

If there’s a real man here and he sees all this? I need to scurry under something, like a petrified rabbit. But instead, I go stealth mode and crawl towards the sound, my naked ass in the air as I move swiftly across the yard toward the fence. If there really is a man there, and he sees all this, my bare butt and all, shit, it’s really rather fucking hot as fuck and scary at the same time.

Could I really have a peeping tom on my hands?

I crawl past the shed and leave the cushy grass, It seems my mostly naked body is most likely hidden from this mysterious him, at least it seems like I would be because I’m flush against the fence. This is the same area the cough came from too. Suspicious. Very suspicious.

I cringe as I crawl over the rocks as I’m getting closer to the fence, the pointy rock tips digging into my flesh almost making me cry out. I bite my lip to keep from screaming from the pain of crawling on the rocks, but I must sneak up on him if I’m going to catch him peeping. I freeze as I pass the bush and see a hole in my fence that never used to be there before as if someone notched out a peephole. It’s big! Like five inches by two inches, big enough for a pair of eyes, or a damn camera lens.

Ho-ley fuck! This neighbor is a man who lives alone, and he just moved in last month, so I don’t know much about him. I gaze at the fence hole as the realization hits me that he most likely notched out that hole and has been watching me do my outdoor workouts for the past month.

Oh. MY. GOD!

This makes my jaw drop and my heart race. I manage to move forward as this shock takes full effect on my body, my pussy drips, my nips are hard as fuck, and I’ve been being watched without my knowledge or permission.

I mean. Part of me is appalled, part of me is turned on, and holy shit he really is hot as fuck though.

I grimace as I crawl across the rocks, their sharp points digging into my knees and palms as I gingerly make my way towards the hole, I hug the fence along the bushes so I think I’m hidden from his viewpoint, if he really is there, that is.

I make it to the hole and stick my finger in it and wiggle it around.

“Gotcha!” I yell.

“Oh, God!” I hear a male voice exclaim. “Fuck!” he yells, and I hear him crash to the ground.

I peek in the hole and sure enough, it’s him. My new hot neighbor.

I keep my eye level with the hole as I ask, “You like my show, do you? How long you been watching me?’

He gives a deep chuckle as he realizes I’m not entirely pissed off. He blushes, which is really rather cute, and says, “Well, awhile, maybe a month.”

The reality of that hits me like a face slap.

“I like your new addition of nakedness today, I must admit.” He clears his throat. “Sexy as fuck, you are.” He rakes a hand through his dark hair, which is as sexy as it is an obvious nervous reflex. I meet his smoky brown eyes in a locked gaze with my own blue-green eyes.

I scoff in a flirty way. “Wow. That was bold to say given I just caught your ass being a voyeur.” My pussy juice smooshes onto my thigh as I sit very carefully on the rocks. I want this fucker real bad. My heart is pounding like a million horses across wild America as I ask, “You know yoga? Want to come over and help?”

The silence he gives literally kills me. I bring my eyes closer to the fence to peek through the hole at him as much as possible and the look of shock on his face is priceless.

Finally, he speaks. “Wait? What? Really?” He pauses and I hear rustling on his side. “Well, yes, fuck yes. I’ll be right over.”

I drop my jaw. What the fuck have I just done? I’m freaking half-naked. But wait, he’s already seen me. Fuck me … what am I doing?

He opens the gate before I even stand up. What, did he run? I almost laugh out loud at his enthusiasm.

He walks through my gate to see me rise to a stand, mostly naked. Eeek! Fuck! He has on loose blue shorts that show his boner beneath like a giant stack of Oreos.

Fuck … I love Oreos. I smile because what the fuck else do I do.

“Hope you don’t mind this,” I say as I wave my arm across my belly, over my stubbly pussy. I hadn’t shaved in a few days because I hadn’t needed to and so I didn’t. No dates planned so why bother?

He clears his throat, licks his lips. “You look beyond amazing, spectacularly fuck-worthy.” He drops his eyes to the ground. “Sorry, I … “

I laugh at his brazen comment. “Wow. Well, okay then.” I walk towards my patio where my yoga mat is still so nicely laid out. I realize he’s watching my naked ass. “Shall we do yoga?” I’m not facing him so I’m letting my smirk live across my face. Damn, I wish I was drunk. My cheeks heat slightly as I kneel on my mat, my feet nestled under my bare ass. “So, you know yoga?”

He walks with his large blazing hardon towards me and it’s very hard for me not to burst into laughter at the ridiculousness of this situation. I feel like I’m living in a damn porno at the moment.

He kneels next to me, his hard cock practically staring me down through his shorts as he adjusts himself next to me. “I’ve taken many classes at the gym. I’m kind of a fitness freak.”

I swallow as a small wet spot of precum wets his shorts. I know I’m staring, but fuck, that’s hot.

I want to say, I can fucking tell based on your fucking body, but I just nod. I can’t embarrass myself any further than I already am embarrassed.

It’s very difficult to talk to someone with a raging boner. I bite my lip and force my eyes up towards his face.

“Okay, Master Yoga, give me a hard pose, and it can be one you need to help me with.” My heart is pounding so hard I can barely distinguish one beat from another. I feel my nipples harden as he looks at my breasts.

“Ever do a headstand scorpion?” He tilts his head at me. His lips are so sexy, I want to bite them.

I laugh. “Um … no. I don’t even know what that is.” Okay, he knows yoga. This thought thrills me.

“Okay, so you go into a headstand and then arch your back and bend, so your feet come near your head. It’s a very beautiful pose. And very difficult, but I will help you balance and maintain it.”

I shift my weight between my hips, I’m just nervous now. “I’ve never even done a headstand pose.”

He stands up, and motions for me to stand. “Go down, put your hands on the ground.”

I almost laugh at that, sounds really perverted. I smirk at him and he catches my drift, smirks back.

“You can do it. I’ll help steady you and hold you.” He stands with his hands up ready to hold me still.

I go up into a handstand stance and he grabs my bare legs, holding both together along his body. I can feel the full length of his boner along me and it sends a jolt through my pelvis ending as a surge through my clit, which almost makes me weak enough to crumple to the ground. I harden all the muscles of my body.

He feels my shift as he says, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”

I realize he’s looking right at my bare stubbly pussy and this almost makes me laugh until I sense him sniff me, then I start to fall, but he pulls me back up.

Oh, fuck.

“Now,” he commands in a very stern voice. “Start to arch your back and pull your feet towards the top of your head. I’ll help stabilize you, so you can focus on getting your body into the position.”

I begin the arch of my back while he supports me. He slowly bends forward as I stretch my head back to meet my feet and bend my legs bringing my feet as near to my head as I can go. We are basically in a yoga 69 pose, his face not too far from my pussy. I don’t have to exert much effort because he is holding me. The eroticism of this pose makes me sweat and breathe heavy as I stiffen my muscles to maintain this pose.

“Excellent, you are doing great. Now breathe in slowly and out slowly.” I feel his chest move as he does the same and I try but all I can think about is his hard thick shaft pressed into my gut.

He inhales against me and I imagine he can smell my wet pussy because it’s just plain soupy by this point. We stay this way for about thirty seconds before he says, “Okay, now un-arch your back and bring your legs around. I will keep my hands on you so you don’t fall as you right yourself.”

I basically can’t do it, so while still gripping my torso with one hand and leaning me onto his body, he grabs my right leg and swings it over so that I can bring both legs over until they close to the ground in front of him. He assists me in the unfolding of the pose so that in the end, he’s behind me just like he’s about to doggy style fuck me. I swallow back my desire and grin.

I stand up and turn to face him with the grin still living on my face. “Wow, I would have never been able to do that alone.” I still can’t shake this unreal feeling that I’m practically fully naked in front of this man I barely know as if we are already lovers. He just has this way about him that makes me want to trust him, so I am.

“You did awesome. I’m impressed. Have you been doing yoga long?” He takes a step back.

“For about four years, yeah.” I put my hands on my bare hips, the sun warms me, toasting my back.

“Well, it shows.”

I grin at him and manage to not glance at his hardon for once.

“Now. How about a double backbend?” He cocks his head as if assessing my willingness to try this with him even though this is our first conversation, ever.

“Okay. I will.” I give him a coy look, assessing his level of seriousness.

“Have you ever done a double backbend? It would involve both of us. It’s a two-person yoga pose.” He tries to hide his grin, but he sucks at it, but I so love that.

“Sure, sounds fun. I’m game for experimentation.” I grimace.

He clearly loves that I said that based on the grin he gives me. “Okay. So, I will bend over forward and you will be on top of me. Back to back. So, our backs are touching along one another, and I will lift you off the ground, then we will place our arms outstretched with our palms touching. The back of your head will rest on the top of my back.”

That sounds very intimate and erotic and doing this with him feels odd, but I really want to do it. “Okay. I’m game.”

He gives me a playful look and says, “I will lean forward until your feet leave the ground.” He nods. “Let’s stand back to back.”

All I can think of is my bare ass is going to be on him, and my pussy will be pointing to the sky. And, who is this man?

“I’m going to hold your hips as I lean forward, and then we can lock arms as I lift you off the ground. Then I will lean forward fully, and you will be resting on my back. Then, unlock your arms from mine. Place your arms straight and your palms on mine like we are giving a high five. Make sense?”

I nod my agreement as my heart pounds throughout my head in strong beats. Am I really going to let him support my body like this? Someone I don’t even know? But he’s got me intrigued, so I obey. I turn as he does, and line up my back along his.

My heart won’t stop screaming blood through my arteries at lightning speed as we lock arms and he indeed leans forward until my feet leave the ground. My back is burning against his as he lets out a small grunt as he hoists me up. I fear he will feel my racing heartbeat through our touching backs and know I’m nervous—and turned on as all fuck.

I try to slow my breathing as he leans forward and comes to a stop.

“Now,” he whispers.

I carefully untwine my arms from his and align my arms with his, feeling about until I can pair our palms up in a parallel fashion.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he whispers in a sexy huff.

Fuck me, this is erotic.

The heat of the sun blasts onto my bare pussy as he has my body arched towards the sky. I hear water sounds as I imagine him pussy fucking me and I swear a speck of drool just went out the corner of my mouth. I close my mouth tight, clamp it down and just focus on breathing and the feel of the sun beating on my skin, torrential sunbeams bathing my face, my neck and bra-covered boobs, my bare stomach, and pussy, down my naked thighs to my sockless feet.

My pussy feels like a faucet on full blast, I know I’d slosh while being fucked. The thought makes me start to breathe harder when I’m supposed to be slowing it down and regulating it with the yoga pose.

We stay this way for what feels like a full minute before he starts to stand up and I begin to slip towards the ground, he interlocks our arms tightly to gently ease me to the ground. My pointed toes touch first, then the full soles of my feet as he carefully lowers me down. Oh the strength of his muscles!

I untwine our arms and turn to face him once I’m fully stable on the ground. I just hug him from behind. “That was really nice, I liked it.” Weirdly I feel like I can trust him, I mean, I’d seen him going in and out of his house, but never had the pleasure of meeting him until now.

“Wow,” he whispers as he rubs my forearms. He swivels to face me, and our mouths find each other in a hot open-mouthed kiss that makes my last relationship seem like I was kissing a relative. He is profoundly hot and wicked with his tongue as he caresses my tongue and the inside walls of my mouth. I shudder as I imagine how that tongue would feel on my clit. I almost weep as I imagine what his dick looks like and how my mouth would feel on his hard blood blasted shaft.

He grinds said cock into me, which makes me moan into his mouth. His hands cup my ass cheeks and he squeezes, which elicits a moan from him, then one from me as we continue to caress each other’s tongues and mouth, massaging each other’s lips. My arms feel up his back, his biceps, the back of his neck in an ever-searching motion.

I sigh and run my hands along the front of his body. Yep, he’s toned as fuck, more so even than me.

He slips his hands under my buttocks and scoops me up by my thighs so I can straddle his waist. I cooperate and hook my legs around him, forcing my wet pussy against his clothes. I grin into his mouth wondering how big of a wet spot my pussy is making on his clothes.

He pulls back to gaze at me, then attacks my mouth with a ferociousness of lust that takes my breath away. I hungrily suck his mouth back, roguishly tongue raking his hot moist tongue, tasting his taste buds with mine. We take turns taking each other’s lips into our mouths and sucking.

He shoves his hands in my hair and threads all his fingers through the thickness, gently pulling and tugging his fingers through, then mashing his hands back into and holding my scalp. I grip his shoulders, loving the feel of his bicep, pecks, and shoulder muscles. I run my hands through his hair as he drags his fingers down my back.

I’m squeezing his torso with my legs, so it’s a giant relief when he grabs my ass and holds me up. I relax my legs as he buries his face into my chest, biting at my nipples through my sports bra, making me gasp.

“Mmmm, fuck,” I murmur.

“That needs to come off,” he says as he sets me to stand. He looks at me. I nod.

I reach for my bra but he blocks my hands.

“Please, can I?”

He raises it and my tits bounce free.

“Oh, wow,” he says, then takes a deep inhale, then lets it out. “You have amazing nipples. They are beautiful.” He slips the bra over my head and I stretch my arms up so he can easily slip it off of me.

His wide-open mouth is on my right nipple in an instant, devouring my oval pink areola into his mouth. “Mmmmmm,” he says as he sucks me. “I knew you’d taste delicious. Mmmm, fuck.”


Hot love story half naked yoga, man and woman about to kiss

Image: Ståle Kvale


I moan and hold his head between my hands as he suckles. I whimper. He slowly let my nipple slide out of his mouth, and I moan as he attacks my hard tit again, nibbling a bit on my large thickened nipple, making me release my moan. He rotates his tongue around the areola, riding the tip of his tongue along the ridges and creases of skin.

He cups my breast as he feeds me fully into his mouth as I moan out. Then he drags his tongue over to my other breast and mouth mounts it, sucking it way into the back of his mouth. His other hand steadies me so I don’t drift away from him.

He comes off my tit and asks in a husky voice that makes my clit quiver, “Tug?”

I nod because I love nipple tugging. He grasps a nipple in each hand and pulls outward as I moan, arching my back slightly against his pulling. He twists my titties, then giggles like a little naughty school boy.

I can’t not grin at that.

“Your nipples are unbelievable.” He plays with them for another minute, then scoops me up, carrying me like a baby towards the grass.

He lays me down in the lawn and moves between my legs, spreading my legs apart, nudging my legs open with his head as he moves his face ever closer to my pussy. The grass tickles my skin as I close my eyes against the bright sun streaming down on me. I turn my head to the side to get my eyes away from the sun as he dives his mouth at my pussy. My labia lips slip through his lips as he takes a turn riding each one from back to my clit. His facial whiskers tantalize my skin.

I moan so loud I know the people on the path must hear me. And I don’t give a fuck.


hot love story picture of a man

Image: Ståle Kvale



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He tickles along my wet pussy and mumbles into my clit, “You are so very wet, baby.” His hot breath bathing my clit before he suctions his mouth fully covering my clit, causing me to moan.

“Oh, fuck.”

He sucks as I moan and writhe in the grass like a she-snake bending the grass blades as I thrash and buck against his hot sucking mouth. He ravishes my clit, tongue raking, then full suction as I moan, arch my tits to the sky and he gives out this growl that makes me gush cum, my legs draw up to my body, my toes curl involuntarily. I’m gonna.

I try to pull back from him, so sensitive now after coming it’s almost too much. He backs his mouth off my clit for a moment and licks at my labia instead. My breathing starts to slow as I relax.

“Oh dear G … ,” I say.

He returns to my clit and licks her causing me to jerk my chin towards the bright blue sky, not a cloud in sight before my eyes close.

He sits up and I open my eyes as he grabs my hands to help me stand. I’m a bit weak and trembling, but he steadies me, kisses me on the mouth. I grab his dick and stroke him as he runs his arms up and down my back from my shoulders to my ass and back up, over and over again, ending in a double ass cheek squeeze.

Precum has moistened his hard cock and I want to see what his dick head feels like against my tongue. I lower to a kneeling position and he moans before I even get my mouth on the head of his shaft.

“Yes, ah, baby, please, yes,” he murmurs as I stroke him, ready to take him into my mouth.

I take the head of his cock in my mouth after snagging eye contact, his cock head skin taut, stretched to the max full of blood. I ride my mouth all over his slick head, tasting, sucking, running my tongue along the ridges, snaking it along the luscious solid dropoff of his head to his shaft, one hand on his shaft, the other I lightly messing with his balls as I allow my mouth to explore him.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moan.

I cover his whole cock head, consume it all with my mouth and suck hard, rubbing my tongue up and down his frenulum. I take as much of him into me as I can and ride him up and down as he plays with my hair, scrunching it, fingering it, pulling on pieces. His playing with my hair eggs me on to go faster, he moans as I return to the head of his cock. I suck hard on his head, rubbing my tongue all around it.

He takes a step back which causes his dick to fall out of my mouth, and he grins. “Wait, I want to be in you too.”

I nod. I wipe the saliva off the corner of my mouth and grin. “I want that so much also. So much.”

He takes a step back towards me and French kisses me on the mouth. He travels kisses along my jawline and over to my right earlobe. He takes my earlobe in his mouth and sucks it, nibbles it, then travels down my neck, down my chest, licking and suck-kissing my side boob all along until he reaches the nipple. He sucks my hard nipple as I rub the back of his head. He stands and turns me, bends me over and gently pushes me towards the ground. I grab grass with my hands as I position myself on all fours, slightly raising my ass presenting it to him.

He rubs my hips as he comes close behind me, his cock lands on my right ass cheek and he thrust rubs it against my bare buttock.

“Mmmm, fuck,” I mutter.

One of his hands leaves my hips. My heart is pounding as I wait for him to penetrate me. I’m shivering, almost fall, but he’s holding me against him. I take in a deep breath as he runs the head of his boner along my pussy, doing an extra rub on my clit. I moan and drop my head, lick my lips. I need to bite my knuckle, but they are all embedded in grass; I bite my lip instead.

He pushes himself into my pussy and the slow entrance is delicious, like the sun emerging her face in a pink sky sunrise. I moan, pushing my ass back allowing him further into my pussy as he’s pushing himself into me. It’s a joint slide in.

“Yes, please, more,” I murmur as he’s going into me balls deep.

He slowly begins to thrust into me, a hand on each hip as he begins to thrust faster, causing my big tits to swing forward and back rapidly, rocking my whole body against his boner. Fuckyessss.

The heat of the sun beats down on us as we fuck. Beads of sweat form on my forehead as my lust for him grows hotter by the second. Each pound he takes sends a shock wave towards my clit and I moan against him as he rides me hard and fast, his cock and skin slapping against my bald pussy in delicious wet skin slaps, skin on skin. That sound alone. He fucks me like an animal.

I’m near coming again, the exquisite motion of his wet rod rubbing me out to the height of an orgasm. Suddenly he stops and I almost cry because I was so close to coming again. He pushes on my hip and motions with his hands for me to flip. He nods and comes over me as I spin so I know he wants missionary. I’m so up for that.

I lay back in the grass, close my eyes against the bright sun as he comes over me perfectly and creates a nice shadow for me too. He is on arms outstretched, palms resting on the grass. He bends both my legs, pushing my knees closer to my armpits, opening my pussy wide open. He rubs his cock along my pussy mound, and he positions his dick head at my wet pussy. He pushes his boner into me as I moan and run my hands up and down his arms. I squeeze his forearms as he rides me faster and faster.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” I murmur.

He pounds into me even harder and I moan out my pleasure. The slams of his … oh fuck I’m gonna come.

My moans become whimpers, then thick gut driven groans. He moans with me, gives this deep growl before he pounds so hard and fast into me I come so hard my legs draw up closer to my body and my toes do the hard curl, and my head and shoulders pull down towards my core as the orgasm explodes then crashes until it ends.

I’m sweating profusely now in the heat and sweat is dripping off his forehead in droves onto me as he pumps into me wickedly. I groan and squeeze his biceps as they flex under my hands as he full-on fucks the ever-loving shit out of me. It’s delicious beyond all deliciousness.

I drag my long fingernails along his arms causing him to shiver.

He stops and pulls out of me and grabs my hips to turn me on my side. He lifts my upper leg and places it behind his back. I’ve never been side fucked before. He puts his left hand on my hip and rests on the other one on the ground and aligns his cock with my pussy and pushes himself into me. He speeds up the deep thrusts with a moan. He’s deep in me. I play with my right nipple, pinching it and then to my left as he rams his full self into me.

It’s fucking amazing and I don’t want it to end.

He pulls out and grips my hips and turns me to flip me into a prone doggy position. The grass tickles my breasts and tummy as a nice breeze blasts across us drying a bit of the sweat on the skin of my back and ass.

He enters my pussy again from between my flat legs and he pounds himself against my ass cheeks. The sensation opens up my pussy and his riding me fast is bringing me swiftly to another orgasm. I would have ridden him cowgirl, but he wants me this way and I love it.

He slaps himself into me over and over again, wet skin on my wet skin slap-fucking me. He groans, speeds up even faster, then suddenly pulls out and his cum shoots onto my ass and hot spray lands upon my upper back as it jerks out the cum, flinging it in sprays across my whole back. Mmmm fuckkk, so luxurious as he’s emptying his cock onto me.

I lay still, my breathing rapid and fast. He is panting as he rubs his cum into my skin all over my back and ass and I don’t move a single muscle as he does. He lays down next to me in the grass and pulls me onto my side, and close to him in a snuggle. We lay silent, listening to the birds, I had been so busy being fucked, I had blocked out all their sweet chirps.

Wet and spent, it was really my best workout ever, and it was all thanks to his eyes.

He rubs his jaw with his free hand. “Wow. I didn’t expect that to happen.”

“I know right? Totally no.” My heart is still pounding like he is still fucking me.

“I know I haven’t lived here long, but if feels like forever that I wanted to do this with you.” He has a bit of a giggle and tease in his voice as he says, “You are every bit as gorgeous as you are delicious.”

I like being called delicious, so I snuggle harder into his shoulder.

He squeezes my shoulder and says, “You really are delicious. Stunning. I’ve watched you workout a lot. You have phenomenal tits too by the way.” He clears his throat. “And I’m sorry for being a pervert peeping tom. I couldn’t help myself. You are hot as fuck.”

I grin my approval. “You owe me a fence patch by the way,” I glance at him with a giggle, “You peeping … wait … I don’t even know your name.”

We just had a nameless wild fuck. I let my jaw drop …  I let him put his dick in my most intimate spot and I don’t even know his damn name!

He laughs. “Yeah, I guess I do owe you for that. Sorry for damaging your fence. I was a little horny, and fuck, look at you. Was way too tempting to not.” He pauses. “And my name is Max.” He laughs. “I guess we should have done introductions before we let our cum meet.” He laughs.

I copy his laugh. “Umm, yes. Oh my gosh. Nice to meet you, Max. I’m Maria. You are very lucky I’m lenient and have a great sense of humor since you put that big hole in my fence, and just put your dick inside me.” I grin. “And I was horny as fuck. So thank you.”

He touches my hand that is resting on his chest. “Of that, you are one hundred percent correct. And I can’t thank you enough.” He rubs my middle knuckle. “So, that was a hell of a first date. And, so, yoga exercise again tomorrow, and dinner tonight?”

I gaze up at him and give him a joyful gaze. “Yes, and yes. Only because now we now know each other’s names.”

He chuckles. His eyes spread to an oasis that I just want to dive into…this may be something, not something, but something.

I smile at his smile as we snuggle under the blast of the sun.

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