The Lil’ Birdie’s Lover Told Me This Story…

“You coming, or what,” he asks standing in the open car door, bouncing, ready to sit his cushy tushy sweat pants in the driver’s seat.

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Hot love story between a man and a woman blond curls with brunette roots


“I’m coming, I’m coming,” I say as I check the lock to make sure it locked for me. “Geez, had to let the dog in and lock the door, ya know.” I adjust my purse strap over my shoulder as I shove my keys in my giant suitcase of a purse. I fluff my blond curls to make them bounce more as I jog down the steps.

“Come on, it’s locked. Your OCD is showing. Let’s get this ride going.” I hop off the last step as he asks, “You hear from Macy?” He runs a hand through his dark wavy hair, then trails it down the middle of his chest and stomach to rest on his boner, which he grabs and jiggles for me, sending me that fuck me look of his with his eyes as I get close.

I grin as I step up to him, our bodies flush together. He smells like mouthwash as I kiss his mouth. I glance down, I love to see his boner in sweat pants, it’s so fucking obvious. I run my hand over his hardon, pushing his hand off as I stroke it, because, really, it’s mine.

“Yes, she’s staying there to play for the afternoon, she will be home later when Alex is home. Carly’s dad will drop her off. So, we are good to go.”

I look around to make sure no neighbors are seeing me stroking his cock. All good. I flick a blond strand of hair off my eyes with a jerk of my head as I slip my hand inside his warm soft pants. I adore the contrast of the soft fleece on the back of my hand and his hard cock on my palm and fingers, his dick packed solid with hot skin stretching blood. I give him a mini handjob while looking into his bright blue eyes that might as well be sky.

He grunts his approval behind that grin of his, eyes twinkling with pleasure like morning sun.  He nods towards the passenger seat. “Get in so you can ride,” he says with a deep-throated growl.

“With fucking pleasure, Sir,” I say, almost skipping to my door like a kindergartner as I rush to the passenger side of our van. I hop in and don’t bother with the seatbelt, because I ain’t staying here long, I giggle.

“Giddy to ride, aren’t you, my little Birdie?” He secures his seat belt and turns on the engine as I grimace.

“Don’t call me that, you know I hate that,” I glare at him as his eyes twinkle at me. “Besides, I’m not going to sit on you if you do.”

He laughs, looks over his shoulder as he backs out of our driveway. “You don’t have me believing you for a damn second, my little Biridie love.”

I cross my arms over my boobs, making sure I visibly cup and repeatedly squeeze my left breast so he can see, and be jealous. I grunt my annoyance at him as I sneak glances his way to see if he’s watching me feel my boob up.

“Those tits are going to be in my hands in two minutes once we hit the freeway, so tease all you want, those puppies are mine, and soon.” He licks his full red lips.

Fuck I love those lips. “Nope. I’m getting my lips on you first.” I give him a naughty smile.

“Oh, really now?” he asks with a sudden fling of zest zapping towards me out of his eyes.

I crawl my arms across the distance between our seats and lay my head in his lap, my legs flush against the passenger seat.

“Oh, before the freeway, huh?” He chuckles as he takes a tiny peek down at my face, just inches from his hidden hard cock. “Brave Lil’ Birdie.”

I silently fume at his insistence on calling me Lil’ Birdie. Maybe I should bite him. I hook a thumb on each side of the waist of his pants at his hips and say, “Lift up.”

He raises up slightly and I slip his pants down over his ass enough so the waistband is around his upper thighs, presenting his cock ever so nicely to my face. He widens his thighs as I take a long lick from the bottom of his balls up to the tip as he moans. I do it three times in a row.

“Fuck,” he says. “Careful, give me a sec here so I can not cum on your face already.” He fidgets, mumbles, “Gross things, disturbing thoughts … dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies.” Then he sighs.

“Already? What the fuck? Did you not jerk off this morning?” I roll my eyes even though he doesn’t see me. I ignore him and take his whole cock head in my mouth, flicking my tongue all around the curve of his cock head, rubbing the smoothness with my tongue as I taste his yummy precum slithering onto my tongue. A surge of wetness spills out of my pussy, soaking my panties.

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man driving a car, hand on steering wheel




“It’s those damn yoga pants you have on, I’ve been eyeing up your camel toe and tight ass all morning so I’m fucking hot as fuck right now.” He slams on the brakes, so I glance up. “Fuck! Dead puppies, dead puppies!” he screams into the tinted window. “And steak with loads of maggots.”

I laugh, my mouth still engulfing his bulging cockhead. I smile too big and saliva drips out my mouth and dribbles down my chin, drizzled with precum no doubt. I giggle as he moans his protest, but I’m relentless and suck his cock, moving his cock tip to tickle my tonsils. He plays with a handful of my curls, which I love.

“Fuck!” he yells as he accelerates to the point where I can tell we’re entering the freeway, his outburst sends another rush of fluid out of me to mess up my panties. “The smell of poop and the ghastly aroma of fish guts on Rusty last summer when she rolled her fur all over the dead fish on the shore.” He sighs and tries to buck me off, but I keep sucking. “Pasty white ass covered in pimples and moldy cheese on my tongue. Rotten fuzzy pizza sauce that feels prickly in my mouth.” He moans. “No tongue, no mention of tongue.” He gasps. “Fuck!”

I come off his cock then run my tongue all over his shaft, rubbing his protruding vein on the backside with my tongue, feeling up the solidness of his cock that I want inside my pussy.

I draw away from his dick and move over to sit in the passenger seat to give him a break. “I’ll help. Macy’s diapers when she had that C. Diff infection as a baby.”

“Oh dear, God!” he groans. “That helps a lot. Remember that? Holy fuck was that bad.”

“I know, right? The whole room smelled like it even after we threw the diaper away.” I glance at his cock, wondering if I went too far sucking him. Hope not. “Dog shit slicked all over the yard after winter.”

His shoulders relax. “More. I need more. Feed me the grossest images.”

I giggle as I slip my pants and panties off, throwing them in a heap on the dirt-covered floor mat, wish I had washed that off after our last snow thaw because it’s slathered in dried muddy snow. I reach down and toss my clothes to the much cleaner captain’s chair behind me.

“Well, that’s not helping,” he says as he glances my way with a smirk, then returns his gaze to the road.

“That dead frog we found in the pool shed, the one that was petrified into a black little statue. And dead bloated frogs in the pool, guts seeping out their mouth like tiny white bulbs. Larva of bugs wiggling through dirt. Dead bloody snakes.”

“More,” he says taking a deep breath. “I need more.”

“Umm, the smell of the garbage can last summer after we threw out all that old meat in the massive freezer clean out.”

This makes him wretch, his face contorting into a grimace. “Fuck, remember that?”

I giggle at the look of utter displeasure on his face. He’s such an aroma wimp.

“Alex when he threw up all across the room and sprayed the entire carpet and walls. And you had to clean it all up because I was holding the puke bucket for Macy.”

He gags. “Fuck, I hate vomit. Okay. Good job. Now I’m ready.” He grins at me, his eyes flaring wide open before blinking again.

I clap my hands with glee and then crawl over towards him, planning to sit squarely on his lap. My pussy salivates as I quickly position my body to lower myself to sit on him. I tremble with excitement as my labia lips grace his rigid cock head as I press my body down onto him, his hard blunt cockhead penetrating my vagina deliciously as I lower myself down with a giant groan.

“Fuck yes,” I say as I slide all the way down his shaft, taking all of his cock inside my pussy, balls deep, causing him to let out a delicious moan.

“Nice ass,” he groans out as I take all of him in me deep as I can again. He sighs. “Mmmmmm. Fuck.” I feel the ecstasy of his expression in his voice. “Rub my tummy with that ass, will ya?”

I take over the wheel as we speed past a minivan. “Slow down, you’re pushing way too hard on the pedal.”

He slips his hands into my shirt, his breath blasting the back of my neck in rapid puffs as he finger crawls his hands up to cup my breasts. I ride his cock up and down as he plays with my tits. “Oh, my Gawd. I’m so switching to cruise control. You can’t control your foot worth shit right now.”

I flick the cruise control switch and ready my foot to slam the brake if need be. I keep the wheel steady, glancing right and left to see if any cars are near, but none are at the moment. I smile because I can multi-task.

“Oh, I know,” he groans. “How can I with you fucking me like this?” He pinches my nipples as I slam myself down onto him. “Fuuuccckkkk.” He thrusts his cock up into me. “You feel so fucking good, oh my Gawd!”

His fingers meander across my ass, down my pussy lips to my clit. He presses his thumb against my clit, his wide thumb large and calloused from hard work roughing up my clit.

“Sweet baby clit, I’m gonna ride you to cum-town.”


Hot Love Story in a Truck an Erotic short fict

My moans fill the car, bouncing off the windows as he relentlessly milks juices out of my clit with his thumb rubbing. He pinches it slightly and I cry out.

His fingers, the rush of him fucking me and me fucking him as we drive throttles me quickly towards an orgasm. I bounce on him hard as he periodically thrusts up into me as down the freeway we soar. I’m panting, pounding his cock with my pussy, I gasp as a whimper pushes its way past my lips.

“Oh, yes, baby, yes,” he says. “Cum on my cock. Do it. Love. Do it Birdie.”

My blood boils a bit at the nickname but I push past it and fall into the release of cuming, my body curling towards the steering wheel, my toes bending into the soles of my tennis shoes as they curl. My characteristic moan that gave me the nickname threatens to pound out of my mouth as I finish cuming.

Damnit, I can’t control it.

“Umma mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm,” I coo, just like the song of a chickadee bird chicka dee dee dee dee dee. I hang my head for a second as the orgasm wave finishes washing over me, my clit super sensitive and he knows this, so he pulls off of it for a moment which I’m grateful for as it’s just too much feeling to be touched post cumming. I quickly return my eyes to the road to make sure we don’t smash into a car.

“Yes, Birdie, yesssss.”


Lil’ Birdie moaning

He rubs my hips and travels up the sides of me to cup my breasts, squeezes them, rubs my erect nipples. Then he moves his hands up to the tops of my shoulders and presses me down, I grip the wheel hard and turn my body rigid, my feet pressed against the floor as I know this move of his. Then he thrusts up into me in rapid in and out successions, holding my shoulders firm, squeezing my whole torso between his pelvis and his hands, exerting strong pressure on my shoulders.

He moans. I moan.


driving on the freeway


A truck comes up on our left and I glance over. The driver peers in at us trying to figure us out I’m sure. Even though the window is tinted, he can most likely see a bit of something, maybe motion if nothing else. I look forward then glance back at him. He’s about parallel with me, but higher, and I can see a giant grin on his face, somehow, he seems to be able to see us.

“What the hell? That man seems like he can see us,” I pant out. “How is that possible?”

“I don’t know, but they aren’t totally blocked out you know,” he says between gasps. “But, don’t worry, he can’t really see us though, I’m sure.”

He lets out a growl which causes my clit to lurch with an electric jolt. Fuck that’s so primal. I fucking love when he does that. I glance again at the man as I bounce and he’s clearly watching us, trying to discern what’s going on. Damn, that’s hot. I want more.

“Take off my shirt,” I say to my lover. I never wear a bra when we do this, and now I’m even happier I don’t have one on.

“Really?” he says. “You’ve never let me do that before when we drive-fuck.”

I pant. I’m getting so hot, horny hot with that man watching. We both stop thrusting while he removes my shirt. My tits hit open air and the nipples harden further. His hands go right to my nipples to pinch, flick, mess with them. I let my eyes do a full-on bedroom fuck me look, allowing a smirk to consume my face as I turn towards the window and roll it down, giving the man in the truck full view of our fucking, my fuck me face, and my tits flopping as I ride my husband’s dick down the highway.

I glance ahead for safety then back at the man in the truck. His eyes are wide, his grin is wider and he’s nodding, a delicious lusty look belts out of his eyes. He has already rolled down his window as well.

He watches us fucking. “Fuck yes! Woohoo!” he yells. “Ride him, baby!” He nods at us and gives a thumbs up. “Fucking hot!” he yells out. “Gorgeous tits!” His cab is a bit higher than our van so he’s gazing downward at us.

I slam down on my husband’s boner, the sloshing sounds of our fucking wet and sloppy sounding.

“Wow,” my husband says. “This is certainly hot and voyeuristic. Well played, Birdie.” He grips my hips so I stop riding and he thrusts up into me so hard I might split apart.

I look the man in the truck in the eyes and lick my lips. To this, he nods and lets his hands leave his steering wheel only long enough to do a quick clap. “Fuck her dude, fuck her hard.”

I lean my head back and let out a giant moan as he thrusts himself into so hard it sends shockwaves through my clit and pelvis. I’m riding the crescendo of another orgasm and I drop one hand to play with my clit. Driving one-handed, I rub my clit with vigor while trying to watch out for cars. I must have this orgasm and this truck driver watching is raging me towards it.

I notice he’s driving one-handed now too, his arm pumping so I know he’s beating off. Fuck that’s hot! This causes a fresh gush of wetness to leak out of me as my lover propels me into another orgasm peak. He fucks me and fucks me until I’m launched into the mother of all orgasms, my mouth falls open, head goes back as my cuming-bird-call-whimper moans belt out. I glance over and watch the truck driver’s face. It reveals his cuming with a clear and obvious expression of pleasure that seems like it matches my own.

I grin at him after I’m done body crunching up from cuming and he grins back.

He yells, “Thank you for the fun!”

“My pleasure,” I scream back with a wave, my tits flopping as he fucks me up from below. He’s going so fast I know he’s about to cum.

“Uh, uh, uh, ummmmmm,” he shouts out as I feel a gush of hot wetness fill my vagina as he lets his load blast my insides. “Mmmmm,” he groans out. “Mmmmm, fuck yes that was so damn hot him watching us like that.”

“I know, right? That was unbelievably hot.” I wave at the truck driver again as we take our exit off the highway. He waves back with a giant grin still on his face. “Damn. We need to do that again.”

He snorts. “Only if we find the right guy who won’t call the cops on his.”

“Oh, he got a show alright and he totally got off, I could see him stroking his cock.” I crawl off his lap and sit in the passenger seat, slipping my shirt back on, then grabbing my pants to slip my legs in.

“You’re the best wife ever,” he chuckles as I put my seatbelt on.

“You better fuck me like that forever, got it?”

“I swear I will.” He parks the car in the grocery store parking lot and we both grin at other.


white van with dark windows



I hope you enjoyed this hot love story of drive fucking.

Thank you LIl’ Birdie’s lover for sharing with me:)


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