Giantess World Erotica Audiobooks! Do you love a good sexy hot Giantess story? Do you love the thrill and excitement you get from listening to Giantess books? Do you love thinking about shrinking and getting smaller, or your partner does and you have sex? If so, I have some great stories for you!

I have some amazingly sexy audiobooks to share with you that I’ve narrated, which were written by the very talented Giantess erotica author Amber Collins. She has so many books and audiobooks available on Amazon and Amazon Audible. Giant women, small men, small women, lesbian stories, heterosexual, and amazing science fiction fantasy stories full of steamy sexy scenes. Her work is imaginative, creative, and always contains a storyline. I really enjoy narrating her work. I’m going to share some books I’ve narrated for her here in this post, keep scrolling. If you email me at ruanwillow @ gmail dot com, I may have some codes for free erotica audiobooks left for you! Imagine, free streamy romance audiobooks you can listen to for free anytime! Hit me up in an email and I will get you codes. I have many codes for the US and UK. I have codes for Audible trials with a free audiobook for those in the US, UK, Germany, and France as well. But the books are on Amazon so you can access them worldwide to purchase them by searching for them.

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Giantess audiobooks narrated by Ruan Willow

Giantess World Erotica Audiobooks!

Science Fiction/Fantasy Stories about a Shrink Ray Gun/Machine

The Shrink Ray Collection Volume 2 is a book with ten stories you can enjoy. It’s a fantasy sci-fi type book full of short stories where the characters use a shrink ray in different ways to change their sizes. Of course they fuck, but they also do lots of fun things related to their size. The stories are amazing and well written. You should check them out 🙂

The stories in this book include the following:

  • a honeymooning couple who play with the shrink ray in the bedroom and out for fun with sex
  • a story about an adult film expo where partipants shrink and get big for fun in sex
  • a dollhouse maker story set in Germany, this is a lesbian story
  • a story about five college age girls who have sex with each other and a little woman who becomes a dildo
  • an end of world story with female/female action and FFM sex
  • a stepmom sexual story, this is a lesbian story
  • a story of a workplace and a couple who use the shrink ray to enhance sex
  • a compeition sex story where many men are shrunk
  • a story where the couple grows big, so big and they have sex as giants
  • a lesbian story where the girls enjoy a sexy weekend at home alone with the shrinker, they have lots of sex!

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The Shrink Ray Collection Volume 2 Audiobook

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To purchase this book as an ebook, click the image here or link below:

The Shrink Ray Collection: Volume 2

Lesbian Giantess Erotic Stories

If you enjoy lesbian giantess erotic stories, I’ve narrated several of those for Amber Collins as well. They are very sexy stories that contain both sexy explict scenes and a storyline foloowing the lives of a lesbain couple.

1.Shrinking on Schedule, The Social Function, is a short book about two women who hookup after noticing each other on a train. The couple spends a lot of time together playing, but when it comes to a social event that is a work function, one woman seems embarrassed by the other. Things go sour as feelings get hurt until they find a way to make up. This short spicy book is loaded with lesbian kinky sex.

Shrinking on Schedule The Social Function Audiobook

Ebook for Shrinking on Schedule: The Social Function (The Scheduled Shrinking Series Book 3)

For the Audible link trial and a free book, click here (US residents, affiliate link): Shrinking on Schedule: The Social Function

For those in the UK: Shrinking on Schedule The Social Function in the UK

2. The Followup Story to Shrinking Ahead of Schedule

Lesbian fun where one woman notices the other shrinking and gets super hot thinkng about size change.

Audiobook The Follow up Story to Shrinking Ahead of Schedule

Ebook Shrinking Ahead of Schedule: The Follow-Up Story to ‘Shrinking Behind Schedule’ (The Scheduled Shrinking Series Book 2)

For those in the US: The Followup Story to Shrinking Ahead of Schedule

For those in the UK: The Followup STory to Shrinking Ahead of Schedule

Heterosexual Giantess Stories

  1. Size Thieves is a story where a couple gets very, very large and they have sex as Giants, crushing the world. It’s a great little story for fantasy sci-fi lovers who enjoy the idea of getting ginormous! Imagine fucking when you are larger than everyone in the world!

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Size Thieves Audiobook

Audible Trial with free ebook in the US for the audibook Size Thieves

Ebook Size Thieves

2. The Resizing App is a heterosexual story about resizing oneself and having sex. It’s a hot little story where the couple has lots of fun! Imagine if all you needed was an app to make certain body parts larger, wouldn’t that be a fantasy come true?

Audiobook The Resizing App

Ebook The Resizing App

Affiliate trial link:

Audible Trial for The Resizing App for US

Female/Male Giantess Stories with some mention of Lesbian Giantess Action

Ever wanted to have a sex party with coworkers? This sexy fun audiobook includes female/female sex scenes and male/female sex scenes. Late Night Size Club is a fun steamy story where five women and one man sneak into work offices for a sex partner swap party. They take turns fucking each other in offices while they shrink and grow. And only one thing will make them return to normal size. Can you guess what that is? I bet you can!

Audiobook Late Night Size Club

Ebook Late Night Size Club

I am on Giantess City, feel free to send me a message there if you’d like me to write a commissioned Giantess story for you. On the site I am Ruan Willow.

I hope you enjoy these sexy hot mega steamy audiobooks! New audiobooks releasing soon The Princess Island and The Magic and Abilities Collection Volume 8.


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