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Please note some titles contain BDSM, hotwife, multiple partner sex, and age gap erotica romance.

Five Erotic Novel Excerpts by Female Erotica Authors

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Five Hot Erotic Novel Excerpts by Female Erotica Authors

Servicing the Senior Partner by Lacey Cross; Four Lawyers and a Hotwife

Instead of removing any more of my clothes, he turns me around and pushes me against his mahogany desk. He bends me over the top, pressing my breasts against the hard surface. I’m laying at his workstation right in front of where he normally sits. I realize he pushed his keyboard to the side before I got into the room, almost as if he planned on me being in this position. The cold surface of the desk cools my flushed skin and I feel him unzip my skirt from the side. I should wear looser skirts, more suited for this type of “work” in the future.

The logistics of my skirt doesn’t phase him and he easily pushes it down to pool at my ankles. I feel a moment of embarrassment over my days-of-the-week panties. They were a gag gift from my husband and I love them, but this morning I tossed on Sunday because Wednesday was missing from my drawer and I was running too late to hunt for them.

Mr. Jacobs chuckles under his breath, and I assume he’s finding my Sunday panties amusing. I squirm my ass a little, wishing he’d pull my panties down and fuck me. But I’m rewarded with a sharp spank instead, hard enough to make my teeth ring, and I gasp in shock. Oh shit, I guess we’re going with the punishment option?

“Are you going to be late again tomorrow?” Mr. Jacob’s voice is harsh and his ragged breathing turns me on even more. I imagine how I look to him right now, and I try to memorize the emotions and sounds so I can recount them later to Jon.

I’m half tempted to be naughty and tell him I’ll be late whenever I want, but his stern dad hand is a little painful so I play it safe. Trying to sound contrite, I vow. “I’m sorry, I won’t be late tomorrow. I swear.”

He doesn’t respond but rubs the sting out of my ass cheek and runs his fingers over my bush, tickling it through the cotton fabric. Mmm, now that’s more like it. I press against his hand, knowing my panties are wet and there is no hiding how much I want him inside of me.

Mr. Jacobs peels my panties down but leaves them at my knees, while forcing my legs to spread wider to give him better access. I hear the clink of his metal belt buckle and a zipper being pulled down.

Assuming he is going to ram his cock into me, I brace myself against the desk. But instead of a penis, his fingers probe my hole. I moan as he pushes two digits inside of me, and he gently finger fucks me for a moment. I’m fine with being punished like this any day, but his fingers make me want more.

I wiggle my ass again, hoping he’ll take the hint, and he moves his slippery fingers to rub circles around my clit. Moaning, I realize I’m already close to an orgasm. I’ve been so turned on all day, and this whole punishment fantasy and being bent over the desk is my number one office daydream. I can’t believe this is actually happening. My boss’s fingers are flicking my bean with expertise. He’s obviously gotten plenty of practice on servicing women over the years.

Thinking about retelling all of this to Jon later is crazy hot. Is he going to want to hear that Mr. Jacobs knows exactly how to touch me? Maybe he’ll want a visual demonstration of my position on the desk. I want a hard cock pounding inside of me until I can’t think anymore.

Mr. Jacobs speeds up his fingers and I gasp. I won’t last long at this rate and I want more. I look over my shoulder at him and plead, “I need you inside of me.”

Servicing the Senior Partner: An Office Hotwife Erotica (Four Lawyers and a Hotwife Book 1)

Servicing the Senior Partner: An Office Hotwife Erotica Romance
Author Page:


Visit Lacey’s website here: https://crosserotica.com/lacey/

Carnal Knowledge by Patricia Ray

All she could do now was respond to Werner’s passion. She’d felt all evening that he was moving towards the possibility of this moment. Maybe he’d already envisioned it on the train. But what about her? Was this what she needed, what she wanted? Another man making her feel like all she wanted was to remain in his arms? Another man making her horny as hell and aching for a climax? Another man making her long to feel his cock deep inside her, rubbing against her G spot, his balls slapping against her ass? Caitlin lost herself in that uncontrollable urge to be just there in that moment. When the world is gone and only a penetrating pleasure exists. Yes, yes, yes. Make it all disappear, my love. This world is not a safe place, but we can linger in this kiss. We can prolong it. Please make me disappear into your space, into your body. I don’t care if it’s bad or lacks a future. I just want to feel like this forever. I’m not crazy. I’m not a victim. I’m here with you, and all we need is each other. All we need to do is fuck like we’ve never fucked before.
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Author website: Patricia Ray
Patricia Ray’s stories on Medium: https://medium.com/@patriciaray-author

Fantasies: Punishing the Babysitter by The Secret Submissive

“What on earth is going on here?” Henry’s cool air of authority stopped the young couple’s frivolity in its tracks. Anna remained one step behind her husband, reveling in the controlled dominance he exuded. The fear in the boy’s eyes, as Henry took a stride closer, made her want to toy with him; he was cute – young, but very cute.

“Fuck!” Dan said, stumbling back from the swing, leaving Sasha struggling, with a strap wrapped around her ankle. “You said they wouldn’t be home for hours!” he barked, scooping up his boxers and jeans in an attempt to cover his exposed body.

“My children are asleep so you’re going to get dressed, quietly, and then you’re going to leave. Is that clear?” Henry stood over the boy, resisting the urge to smirk. He remained completely silent, watching patiently as Dan tugged on his jeans and hunted furiously for his t-shirt.

“That’s in the living room, sweetheart,” Anna hooked her finger over the waistband of Dan’s jeans, tugging him to her will. Henry laughed and cupped his wife’s jaw:

“You can have your fun but you’ve got five minutes, then I need you back upstairs,” he kissed her deeply, noting Sasha’s unwitting groan as she watched on. “Only five,” he repeated clearly, seeing Anna’s excited glow. As their footsteps disappeared down the staircase, Henry turned his attention to the naked, squirming beauty before him.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Fisher,” she mumbled, looking sweet and contrite. He scanned her young body and forced himself to stifle a moan. Her arms shook slightly as she held herself up by the straps of the swing without using the lower-back support. One ankle was crudely strapped wide with a Velcro tie whilst she balanced on the tipped toe of her other foot. Her pussy lips glistened, even from a distance and the scent of her wetness filled every crook of the room. “You said you wouldn’t be home until midnight…” she swallowed hard, immediately regretting her poor choice of words“Is that a good enough excuse for being an irresponsible girl?”

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A Promise Renewed by Sabrina Oyinloye

Ally woke up to the sweet, throbbing yearnings his hands were invoking in her. She felt his hand on her breast caressing and teasing her nipples. His warm body was pressed against hers in an erotic embrace that made her breathless with intense pleasure. A soft purr escaped her slightly parted lips when she felt his hand on her flat tummy, creating a burning inferno on her skin. And then it traveled down her body and slipped in between her legs, and he gently caressed her inner thigh. She heard him moan deeply when she involuntarily moved against his warm skin. He whispered her name in heated passion and turned her body so she could face him. Ally felt like fluid in his arms, as he ignited every intense, sensual, yearning within her body. And when his mouth closed around her nipple, she cried out his name loudly in the quiet room, and jerked delicately in his arms. And then he began to suck her nipple and a desperate, aching need grew in between her legs. She rubbed herself against him, took his hand and held it to the throbbing, sweet pain at the center of her body. Then she heard him whisper in a passionate dazed voice against her earlobe.

“Damn it, Ally. Say it! Tell me you want me.”

Read a longer excerpt on the author’s own website here: Sabrina Online Reads



Author page: Sabrina Oyinloye

The Mardi Gras UnMasking by Ruan Willow

A buzz roars, a familiar buzz. Ah! My favorite wand. I can’t wait for that deliciously hard clit pressure. A shake is building in my pelvis. I moan louder to let him know that I love his plan. He’s about to make me come.

My body lurches at the first touchdown of the throbbing wand to my clit.

He presses the buzzing toy to my clit even harder while still fingering me.

I’m moaning and he’s murmuring something I can’t make out above the wand’s buzz and the music.

He says it louder, “Yes, yes, yes, baby girl, come for me. Yes, yes, yes.”

The familiar pressure point near my belly button flares, as if someone is pressing my tummy from the outside, but it’s coming from the inside of me. I fall down the climax to full body twitches as my clitoris contracts my vagina in a series of pulses I can’t seem to count, but I round ten at least. I can’t stop my body. My legs bend, and my arms curl in toward my torso. The orgasm rules me as I hunch my back, causing my abdomen to scrunch up and my toes to curl, my lips purse, my eyelids droop as I groan out the end of my climax. He loves how I look like I’m possessed when I come. My body relaxes. Euphoria settles upon me. I slow grin. My limbs fall to the bed and my panting slows down.

Simply whoa. And wow. That was damn intense as all hell.

He lines up his cock at my pussy lips and rubs the tip against all of my wetness. His light touch makes my clit flare, but I still my body, I need to resist the urge to lurch away. This will surely pass quickly. My pelvis recoils as he presses his cock to my clit. But, nonetheless, I’m not going to complain as he penetrates me. I want him in me way too much to protest. My whole pussy throbs, my legs too as he enters me.

I yell out as his hard-on fully penetrates me. Gripping his biceps, I dig my fingernails into his firm skin.

He grunts. Thrusts himself into me slowly, deeply as the slosh sounds announce to the silence how wet I am.

Mmmm, love that sound.

I’m mounting an orgasm again quickly as he speeds up his pumping, our skin slapping together in lush smacks. Being so close to my climax, my clit rages herself with electric jolts spreading into my abdomen as he begins to pound me like an enraged animal, the fast hard pounding I love. I moan and whimper, fuck yes, I’m nearing the deliciousness of another orgasm.

He stops and withdraws from me, then pokes on my hip bones with his fingertips. I know that was coming.

I flip to my stomach and raise up on all fours, my ass up higher than my head as I bend my knees, scooting them up closer to my hips, my head hovering closer to the bed.

He grabs a wad of my hair and presses his boner into my pussy from behind. Mmmm love it when he fucks me doggy.

I moan and whimper as he pulls my hair to ram himself into me. My eyes roll as his other hand lays firm on my hip. I raise my torso off the bed and force my elbows into the mattress. I’ll help with the doggy fuck of me. And I know it pleases him, so I do it. My mouth falls open as I whimper, drool leaks out. I swipe it with my tongue. Fuck, I want his fast pounds! The faster and the harder he thrusts into me, the better.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah,” I beg.

My ass cheeks shake and jiggle as his abdomen slams into them, deliciously body-spanking my sore buns. He fires off a barrage of hard thrusts. A burgeoning scream threatens in my throat, and a luscious tingle, that oh so sweet contrast of pain and pleasure on repeat, is raising me up as I climb to my climax once again. Please don’t stop, Sir Daddy, Daddy Sir.

“Mmmm. Fuck me Daddy Sir,” I murmur. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

He pumps into me so fast and I soar into another orgasm. Crashing hard into coming, my body quivering itself into the shakes.

I let my whimpers leak out into the silent room as he continues to pound me through that agonizing sensitive phase once more.

He lets out a low man-growl.

Primal as fuck. Pride at making you about to come hard swells in me, in this delicious euphoria I’m swimming in. This is why I married you, Dane. This and how you make banana pancakes and vanilla flavored coffee on Saturdays, with cheese sticks on the side. You just know me. You get me. You touch me deep inside where I can touch myself.

“Fuck, yes. Mmmm, fuck,” he murmurs in a voice that sounds somehow deeper, like he has a cold. “Uh, fuck.” He shoves himself in me with several more grunts. His cock luscious rubbing my inside walls, slamming my clit.

His strong rapid thrusts cause me to squeeze his cock with my pussy.

He lets out a deep moan.

I groan as he slides out of me. Damn, I want more, I shouldn’t have squeezed. I bite my lip. What a sexual glutton vixen I am. So, yeah, I’m a nympho. I let a chuckle slip.

The slosh sounds of him hand-pumping his cock fast fills the air, sounding so super wet. I really want his cum on me, in me, somewhere.

His satisfied sounds peel out of his mouth as he comes, further stirring my want for him to fuck me again. “Fuck!”

Then silence.

The Mardi Gras Unmasking: Fulfilling her Secret Desire

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You can connect with Lacey here: http://author.to/laceycross

Carnal Knowledge by Patricia Ray book link https://books2read.com/sftb3
Connect with Patricia here: https://patriciarayauthor.info/

Fantasies: Punishing the Babysitter by The Secret Submissive book link https://books2read.com/b/31YrA7
Connect with The Secret Submissive here https://thesecretsubmissive.com

A Promise Renewed by Sabrina Oyinloye book link https://books2read.com/u/47NRw8
Connect with Sabrina here: https://www.amazon.com/Sabrina-Oyinloye/e/B085XMXJ9K

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