Exploring the Daddy Dom Dynamic: A Conversation with InMyHandsAudio

Join Ruan Willow as they delve into the world of erotic audio narration with their guest, InMyHandsAudio. In this episode, they discuss the Daddy Dom dynamic, the importance of trust in DS relationships, and the need for education and communication in the kink community.

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Journey into Erotic Audio & Being a Daddy Dom

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We’re all about exploring sex and sexuality on the Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow Podcast, and this episode we’re diving deep with InMyHandsAudio. We’ve been connecting online for a while now, but this is our first real conversation in person! So much fun! It’s an exciting moment for us all! InMyHandsAudio shares his journey into the world of erotic audio work after his music career ended. He found his unique voice and started posting on Literotica and Patreon. He’s also launched a new podcast called the Daddy Dom podcast, exploring DS relationships. It’s amazing how social media can lead us down unexpected paths!

TLDR: In this podcast episode, Ruan Willow interviews InMyHandsAudio, a narrator of erotic audio content. They discuss topics such as the Daddy Dom dynamic, trust in DS relationships, and the importance of communication and education in the kink community.

Exploring Erotic Audio with InMyHandsAudio: From Music to Literotica

Introduction to InMyHandsAudio

On the Oh Fuck Yeah with Ruan Willow podcast, host Ruan Willow invites her guest, InMyHandsAudio, to discuss his work as a narrator of erotic audio content on books narrated with her (scroll down for links to the books) and for his own erotic audio content (connect with him with links at end of article). InMyHandsAudio shares how he got started in this field after finishing his music career and wanting a creative outlet. He stumbled upon ASMR erotica on Twitter and decided to reach out to someone in that community. From there, he continued to explore and develop his narrating skills over time.

InMyHandsAudio’s New Project: The Daddy Dom Podcast

Power exchange with FULL consent can be a very sexy and fulfilling role play to engage in!

One of InMyHandsAudio’s latest projects is a podcast called The Daddy Dom Podcast. He explains that he chose this particular theme because it reflects his personal journey and growth as a dominant figure in a DS relationship. Through this podcast, he aims to share his experiences, mistakes, and lessons learned while providing insights into the Daddy Dom lifestyle. InMyHandsAudio also emphasizes the importance of understanding the diverse nature of DS dynamics and encourages listeners to educate themselves before passing judgment.

The Challenges of Exploring the Daddy Dom Arena

Ruan Willow engages in a conversation with InMyHandsAudio about the challenges and misconceptions surrounding the Daddy Dom dynamic. They discuss how some people outside the kink community may have negative views or misunderstandings about this type of relationship. InMyHandsAudio highlights the importance of trust in DS relationships, emphasizing that the sub chooses their Dom and that without trust, a sub will not submit to their Dom. He also addresses the need for open communication and education to dispel misconceptions and foster understanding.

Common Misconception: Who’s Really in Control?

The sub is the one with all the power in a DD relationship. As stated by InMyHandsAudio, “The sub chooses their Dom.” It’s not the other way around, but of course, the Dom would have to agree to be chosen, or there would be no relationship to have. Plus, the Daddy Dom has their own limits, wants, and boundaries just as the sub does. The submissive is the one who is in control though because they give their consent; they grant the Dom certain privileges they are comfortable and want. Many people think it’s the other way around, but the sub is the one who determines the relationship with their consent of what happens in the relationship, in the bedroom, and with sex.

The Diversity of Daddy Doms

InMyHandsAudio and the hosts acknowledge the diversity within the Daddy Dom community. They explain that Daddy Doms can range from being more disciplinarian and BDSM-oriented to being more focused on pleasure and caretaking. The key is to find a dynamic that works for each individual couple or relationship. InMyHandsAudio emphasizes that being a Daddy Dom is not about control or dominance, but about providing a safe and supportive environment for their subs. Full enthusiastic consent is an integral part of this dynamic DD relationship and an absolute must! 

There are different types of DD relationships including, but not limited to: DD/lg, DD/good girl, and DD/girl. The Daddy Dom is a leader in the bedroom, but it can also extend to other parts of the relationship as well, depending on the desires and goals of both members of the relationship. Some DD/sub relationships include sex, others do not. There is so much variation and diversity to this dynamic relationship and much to explore. Please keep an open mind and explore it further if desired, but never assume anything, ongoing communication is 100% key. Debriefing after sexual relations is also of utmost importance to keep the trust solid and the mutual interest alive.

Praise kink is a common thread for both the Dom and the sub. Other types of relationships include punishment, BDSM, orgasm control, and “little” role play.

The Impact of InMyHandsAudio’s Podcast

Ruan Willow expresses her admiration for InMyHandsAudio’s podcast and its positive impact on listeners. They share stories of individuals who have reached out to them, expressing how listening to InMyHandsAudio’s podcast has enhanced their own relationships and sexual experiences. InMyHandsAudio humbly acknowledges these messages and emphasizes that his goal is to provide a platform for learning, growth, and understanding within the kink community.

Overcoming Mistakes in DS Relationships

The host inquired about recovering from mistakes made in DS relationships. InMyHandsAudio shares his own experiences and offers advice on how to navigate through mistakes with care and communication. He highlights the importance of acknowledging one’s own inexperience, being open to learning, and approaching the relationship with humility. InMyHandsAudio emphasizes that mistakes should not be dwelled upon, but rather seen as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Tune in to the Daddy Dom Podcast to explore the world of DS relationships and gain insights from InMyHandsAudio’s personal journey as a Daddy Dom.

Books Narrated by InMyHandsAudio and Ruan Willow:

The Itty Bitty Vixen Series of books written by Lacey Cross. Narrated by Ruan Willow and InMyHandsAudio. At the time of this post, only the first two audiobooks have been published. There are five in all.

Sharing His Adventurous Wife: First Time Wife Share https://books.ruanwillowauthor.com/sharinghisadventurouswifefirsttimewifeshareittybittyvixen

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Get the book Sharing His Gift Twice: Used by Two Men (Itty Bitty Vixen): https://books.ruanwillowauthor.com/sharinghisgifttwiceusedbytwomen

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Decadent Erotica

Decadent Erotica Audiobook: https://books.ruanwillowauthor.com/decadenteroticaaudiobook

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