Announcing my erotica novella, The Mardi Gras Unmasking!! Woohoo!! I’m so excited to share this story with you! This sexy story is a romantic delve into the loving partnership of a Dom/sub relationship where sacrifice is a part of their love as fulfilling a sexual fantasy becomes their focus. In this gentle gangbang, reverse harem story, she gets brought to new heights of sexual pleasure just as he does, but he’s not the only one. This is a multiple-partner BDSM erotic story that will push your limits and tantalize your lust to grow ripe, swollen, and titillatingly fling you into their fantasy where you too can explode along with their sexual bliss. Follow the story as the reader gets the imitate details of Kara’s thoughts as she lives out this mystery plan for a fantasy sex night her husband Dane creates for her. She gets pleasured within an inch of her life. Oh, you will love it!

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Erotica Novella The Mardi Gras Unmasking

This is an excerpt from the book, The Mardi Gras Unmasking. Join in the fun to find out what Dane has planned for Kara. I also read this excerpt on my podcast, Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow. Links to the podcast are in the sidebar or simply search in your favorite podcast app. The podcast is also available on Amazon Audible.


The Mardi Gras Unmasking: Fulfilling her Secret Desire

The Mardi Gras Unmasking, an excerpt from the Erotica Novella

I crush myself against the wall by the window like a half-naked thief. My heart jitters out hasty beats. I nudge the curtain aside and peer into the dark night, looking for people having sex on the street. I scan the street up and down. There must be someone fucking.

A crowd of people stroll under the streetlight. They yell. Music blares from somewhere. Sparkling masks and shiny beads catch rays from the streetlights and make people glow. I spy two people deep kissing. Their combined silhouette thrashes against the light streaming from the magic store’s window. A lone saxophone sweetly drones from a nearby balcony. Around the bend, many are likely seeking the sexy temptations blooming on Bourbon Street. If only I could see them too, or join in.

The pulled curtain has lit the room a bit. I glance at the door to see if he’s coming back yet before I adjust my pale-pink camisole. I bite my lip. I want the lace at the top to lay across my breasts evenly over my mounds while still showing generous cleavage. Must look sexy for Dane, using every fiber of my lust and my body and the sheer openness of my mind. Hell yes. I draw in a deep breath and slowly release it as I cup my breasts and squeeze. I’m so ready for this sexual mystery of his to roll out. My evil grin rages in the darkness. Only he knows my secrets. Such a good Dom Dane is turning out to be for me.

I finger the feathers flowing off the top of my mask, taking extra time to feel up the pink one that matches my camisole as if it’s somehow different. I play with a large blonde curl that has flopped onto my breast. Today was a good hair day. The door clicks and my breath catches. The air chokes me as I grasp the wall with my fingertips.

Should I hide better? I love it when he finds me, his hard cock swinging, eyes full of lust, strong hands overpowering me, picking me up like I’m a doll. Wearing this mask, camisole, and thong all night at his request. Now I’m a skeptical little girl with an impatient, swollen clit. And oh yes, I’m ready to be rubbed enough by Daddy Sir to spill a flood.

“Kara? You here, baby?” Dane asks in his tender voice.

I let out a sigh as butterflies claim my gut. “Yes, I’m here.” I step out from behind the armoire, the tallest feathers on my mask bouncing above my forehead as I creep forward in baby steps.

“Oh good.” He moves quickly across the room with his long-legged stride. “You’ve followed my instructions.” His voice is thick with approval.

Mmmm. I like it.

He grabs both of my biceps and squeezes, lifting me slightly off the ground, enough to make me tippy-toed as he brushes his full lips along mine.

He smashes my tits to him by pressing hard on my back. I gasp. Seriously. I can’t move. I blink and blink. The strength of his hands melts me. My gut feels like warm putty. I open my mouth to speak but can’t. I force out the words. “Claim me, Daddy.”

He pries my lips open with his tongue and fondles mine.

His cock is a rock against my tummy. And I want it in me right fucking now.

He tugs my thong up my ass crack with a devilish grin. “There. All better.” Even in this dim light, his eyes twinkle.

“I want you,” I whisper into his mouth. “Please, fuck me. I need you in me now. I wanna be your Mardi Gras whore.”

His devil mask covers most of his face, but leaves his beautiful pouty mouth visible, his strong chin, the horns covering his waves of lush brown hair. “I so want those lips and your tongue on my clit.” I run my finger over his wet lips, our mutual desire almost palpable. The new song coming from the living room makes me want to dance. I shimmy my shoulders against his strong grip.

He steps back and releases his hold, then he tips up his mask to show me his face unencumbered.

I get his full naughty grin in tune with his lusty eyes. Delicious.  “Fuck me,” I whisper.

“Oh, you’ll be my whore, alright. And get my lips all over you. That and more. I just need to go tend to a few of the guys. They wanted me to make them a martini. I’m a bartender slut at the moment. Then I’m all yours.” He replaces the mask and hops back from me as I lunge for him. He walks to the window and peeks out, then pulls the curtains closed snug darkening the room once more.

He whips his fingers in the air and closes them quickly. “I’m doing everybody. I’m the master bartender with a perpetual boner.” He chuckles but sobers when I frown. “Sorry, I’ll be back in no time, kitten. I just wanted to check on you. You’re being a very good girl, coming in here and staying just as I asked you to do. I noticed you followed the plan to the very second even. That’s my good girl. You’ll be rewarded for listening to Sir. Daddy is quite pleased with you.”

I shove my lower lip out in a pout, but my smile slips out. “But I was having fun at the party, and it’s still going on, so I really want to go out there. Or you just stay here and fuck me. They can make their own drinks.” I grab for him.

He jerks back. “Don’t you worry, baby girl, I’m going to take care of all your needs. I want this night for you because you want it.” He cocks his head at me, a finger tap to his chin. “You being in here at the start of it all is imperative.”

“Only I don’t know what the ‘it’ is.” I hook my thumbs in the front of my thong and sag my shoulders, but the thrill of not knowing also excites me. My pulse races. My clit blissfully twitches. I can’t wait. If I clap, he will punish me.

“Now, none of that moping. I won’t be gone for more than five minutes, and then I’ll be back to ravage you senseless, wring you out with fucking until you are limp and a useless treasure for me to covet in my arms.” He leans over to pet my hair. “Now, remember the rules?”

“Yes, yes. I do. Please hurry back. My pussy is soup-gushy, and she wants to spit on your hard cock.” I run my thumb down my groin. “Fuck I’m horny.”

“Yes, kitten. Now get on the bed, ass up, face in the pillow, and wait.” He turns away.

I ogle his round, firm ass as he heads out the door. “Always ass up,” I mutter in barely a whisper as I climb onto the bed. I curl up on my side, wistfully listening to the laughter and music wafting through the crack in the door as he shuts it behind him. I want to be in both places. My heart pounds. A tear wells up in my throat. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I’ve had way too much wine. Chill Kara. I will get him to myself soon.


I twirl a spiral curl around my finger as a tremor travels through me. I’d better get my ass up or I’m going to get spanked for not following the plan, for real. But…I wanna get spanked, but…I kinda don’t. I naughty smile as I nestle my face into the soft pillow barely in time as the door clicks open. Ha! I made it into position in time. Whew. That was too close. My heart pounds as I pant.his night is something he wants for me that I need. Hmmmm. What could he have planned? I’m dying to know. I just need his cock in me, that’s what I need, pounding me to the submission of multiple orgasms loaded with many contractions each. Yes, please. I slip my finger past the soft fabric of my thong and into my pussy. I’m so wet and I haven’t even been touched on my pussy by anyone but myself in hours. Hmpf. I stick my lip out. I sit here waiting for some cock from the man who promised to always give me some when I wanted it, for life. So where is he? I slam my fist onto the bed. He’d call me a brat for that and slap my ass. No doubt. But that’s why I do it. And I’ll do it again and again. I chuckle.

He’s upon me fast, like a damn panther. His beer scent is strong. He slides his hand along my right hip.

I jerk to the left, only to be reined in by his hand on my left hip. I grin against the soft pillow. It’s always so delicious when he fixes my position.

He warns me with two rapid grunts.

I’m not going to do it. I’m gonna test ya. I grin as I lower my hips, making me slip out of his large hands.

He grips my hips harder and pulls me back up into position.

His correction makes me naughty grin again. Fuck. I want him.

I hold my breath, waiting for the slap for being an “insolent brat”, as I bite my smile back. I tense as his right hand leaves my hip. I want to lean to the side, but I wait.

I wince. OMG. Slow down, heart… I might have a panic attack. My chest is heaving, pressing my breasts into the bed with each inhale as I arch my back. This sucks ass. I don’t want to be still. His grip on my left hip tightens. I gasp.

Here it comes …

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