Erotica Couple: A Sexy Fictional Short Story


“Hi,” I say, hugging Tom as he comes in the door, and before he can even hang his dress coat on his locker hook. “I’ve been waiting for you,” I say as I bat my eyelashes at him. “I played around made and stocked a fuck fort for us.” I flop the tied loops of my laced-up black bodice as I give him a chin down coy look.

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He smirks. “I’m so ready. Let’s play.” He nods as his mouth stretches into a satisfying grin. “You look amazing. You’ve given me a nice boner already with that.” He fingers the tied laces, then gives me a tickle poking his fingers through the laces to reach my cleavage. “I’m going to enjoy untying this.”


woman in black laced up bodysuit

He rotates his finger indicating I should spin. I flash him a naughty grin and raise hands to my shoulders, palms open and up, elbows bent as my ta-da. I spin slowly, so he can see the bodysuit up my ass crack like a thong. He stops me mid-spin and gives my ass one spank.

He says in a lusty voice, “So this is the new one you ordered. I fucking love it. It’s hot as all hell on you. Nicely showcases your perfect ass.”

I giggle, finger a blond curl, twirling it around my finger as I shift enough to stick out one hip as I finish my spin to fully face him. “Thanks, Tommy Boy.”

He chuckles heartily. “Ain’t no boy left in me. I’m all man.”


I lean in to his chest and touch my front fully to his suit jacket, crushing my boobs against him. “All the man I need, as long as you keep giving me your dick and that mouth, Tommy Boy.” I tap my index finger to his pouty lips.woman in black bodysuit erotica couple

He says, “All yours, baby girl. All yours.” He finally hangs up his coat and takes off his suit jacket.

He removes his shoes and undoes his belt buckle, then swiftly unthreads it from the loops. After hanging up his belt with his suit jacket on the hook, he pulls me close and we kiss with lips only at first, then he deepens it to a French kiss, his tongue lusciously sliding the length of mine.

I rub his shoulders, then pull away from him. I put my foot up on the bench and hook my fingers under the lace of my black stocking that sits at my mid-thigh. I pull it down off my thigh, over my knee, down my shin, and slip it off my foot. I grin at him and stand on the chair, motion for him to turn around with a twirl of my finger.

Tom flares his eyes at me. “Now what are you up to?” he asks, but he obeys and spins.

When his back is facing me, I say, “Stop. Now back up.” Once he is close enough, I place my stocking over his eyes and tie it like a blindfold.

He laughs and says, “Oh, really.”

But he lets me tie it snugly on the back of his head.

He says, “I’m okay with this, but I get a turn doing it to you too.”

I giggle. “That’s fair.” I slip off the chair and grab his ass cheeks with both of my hands. “Nice butt presentation in these dress pants. Got enough room up in front with that raging boner of yours?”

He scoffs. “Not really, you made them kinda tight now.”


Erotica Couple Fort Fun

I press my belly against his butt and reach around to his front. I undo the top button of his pants and unzip his zipper.

“Well let’s give that boner some breathing room then. I’m going to pants you now. Pants on the floor, baby.” I do a partial squat as I pull his pants down. I grab both his ankles with each of my hands and he flinches, so I giggle. I help him step out of the pants. Then I run my hands up his shins, over his knees, up his thighs, ending at his groin where I slip his cock and balls out of his underwear causing him to try to grab for me. I dodge him, then cup his balls with my hand before doing one stroke up the bottom side of his boner with my two pre-licked index fingers.

“Fuucckk,” he says, elongating out the word like a groan. “I can’t wait to see this fuck fort. I get to see it, right? Not blindfolded the whole time?”

I walk my fingers from my right hand around the base of his cock. “No, not the whole time.” I snatch the precum off the top of his cock and spread it down his shaft.

“Mmmm,” he says. “Yeah, because I’m blindfolding you too.”

I give an evil laugh. “My turn first, ya fucker.” I put both my hands into his underwear and push them down his legs. On my way back up, I lick the length of his leg which causes him to shudder and squirm, then I kiss the bottom curve of his left ass cheek, which makes him wiggle.

He sighs then says, “You are giving me shivers.” He shimmies his shoulders as I drag a finger up his spine, which causes him to shudder again “You are in big trouble, Jenna. You know that, right? I’m gonna destroy you when it’s my turn.”

I scoff. “Have at it, you fucker. You are mine now. That’s all that matters.” I walk around to the front of him and swirl my tongue all around the tip of his dick. He lurches as I do it, his hands search blindly for my head, but I step back so he can’t grab me.

I dip down low, soundlessly, then lick his boner from balls to tip on the bottom side.

He jerks and tries to grab me, but I’m too fast and dodge his attempt. “I will get you and you’ll be sorry for teasing me.”

I giggle and say, “What? This is just some fun foreplay.” I tiptoe to the back of him again. I run a finger down his ass crack, causing him to grimace.

“Hmmm. Oh, Jenna, baby girl. You are so toast. I’m gonna get you so good.”

I grin a giant naughty grin even though he can’t see me, I’m grinning for myself. I give an evil chuckle and then fall silent as I carefully step up on the chair. I suck his right ear lobe, then jump back as he tries to grab me again but fails. I wet my finger and stick it in his ear and swirl it around. “Wet willy, wet willy,” I say with a laugh.

He jerks to the left to get away from my finger. “I have a wet willy for you, and it ain’t going in your ear.”

“I hope you do. You better.” I slide off the chair and creep to the front of him again, his cockhead has a drip of precum on it. I take the tip of his dick into my mouth after swiping my tongue to slurp up the swollen bulb of his precum. I suck him and this time since I stay sucking him. His hands find and grasp my head. He tangles his fingers into my hair as I take more of his cock into my mouth. I stroke his shaft with my hands as I suck.

He moans. “Ah, yes, baby girl. Mmmmm.”

I back off of him, to ensure I edge him and not make him cum.

“Good girl,” he says through a grin. “I don’t want to cum yet. We have lots to do.”

“Hell yes we do,” I say as I grab him by the cock and drag him towards the living room. “Our fuck fort awaits.”

He comes along with me as I have his cock, he has no choice. He says, “Mmmm. You like my handle, do you?”

I giggle. “Oh yes, I do. You gonna make it handle me?”

He lets out a low chuckle that makes me raise an eyebrow. “Oh, you just wait, baby girl.”

I bite my lip as I drag him along behind me like I’m pulling a wagon.

Once we reach the living room, I remove his stocking blindfold so he can see what I built. I twirl my stocking in the air in a circle above my head, then toss it on top of the fort. The fort is made of sheets draped over kitchen chairs, the couch, and one recliner. The fort is mostly rectangular in shape with the front close-pinned open like a door in the shape of a triangle.

I point to my sheet tent and say, “Inside I set up a lantern, candles, a bottle of red wine, chilled champagne, a small cooler of cold beer, for our beverage variety, plus foreplay food of strawberries, whipped cream, edible chocolate skin paint, then also, handcuffs, lube, flavored lube, a flashlight, pillows, blankets, massage oil, and our box of toys.” I beam a smile at him, proud of my accomplishment. “Oh, and the new sex pillow I bought.” I do a twirl and raise my hands up in the air. “A fully stocked fuck fort to have a fuck fest in.” I do a little jump, making my tits bounce. “I think I got it all. Oh, and a sleeping bag in case we really want to sleep in the tent after all our fun.”


He grins and sighs. “Jenna, I fucking love you.” He pulls me close and puts his arms around me, his firm shaft like a rock against my front. “I can’t wait to try the new sex pillow. You’re a damn sex goddess, you know that?”

I shrug my shoulders, give him my naughty grin and tap his dress shirt before I say, “Good. Now take off that shirt lover boy so I can put wax on your nipples.” I squirm out of the hug and get down on all fours to crawl into the fort. It’s a tent big enough inside for us to move around and fuck all over the place.

“Nice ass. Any ice?” he asks with a hopeful tone. “Did I mention nice ass?”

I nod with a silent chuckle escaping my throat. I look back at him, still on all fours wiggling my ass that is pointed his way. “Yes. Ice is in the cooler with the beer. I know how you love to torture me with ice so I wouldn’t forget it.” I giggle because he hangs my stocking on his cock. “Nice hanger. Can I play with it?” I ask as I sit in the middle of the fort.

He grins and removes his shirt, then wraps the stocking tighter around his cock, ties it to secure it. Then he gets on all fours himself and crawls into the fort to join me. “Yes, of course, it’s very versatile and can be what you want it to be. And baby, you are awesome, and sexy as all hell by the way. And you smell amazing, what is it you have on your skin today?”

I crawl over to the box I set up in the tent to act as our table and sit next to it. I say, “I took a bath with an essential oils soak I made with Epsom salt and rose hydrosol.” I love that my stocking is on his cock and he’s going to put it on my eyes soon, I have no doubt of that. I hope it smells like him.

“Well, you smell incredible. Love that smell.” He creeps over to me, runs a hand up my right arm. “You’re so soft too.”

I close my eyes and lean into his stroking of my arm. “I love when you touch me, anywhere, and everywhere.” I sway towards him as his hands explore and caress me. “Make me smell like your cum.” I open my eyes and give an intense fuck me look.

He moves towards me and puts his hands on both my shoulders, then runs his hands slowly down my arms to my hands. “Only if you make me smell like yours first.” He intertwines his fingers into mine and I squeeze his hands once our fingers are laced.

“With great pleasure,” I murmur as I crawl into his lap and straddle him, my pussy smashed against his cock still tied up in the stocking.

In a lusty voice, he says, “I want to touch you and kiss you, every speck of you.”

Our mouths smash together. My hands in his hair, his hands sliding up my back. His lips take my top lip between them and he caresses my lip with his, then he does the same to my bottom lip. He pushes his tongue into my mouth, and I willingly open for him as he slides it along mine. I close my lips around his tongue as I stroke his tongue back with mine. We kiss deeply for a few minutes before separating, my desire ramping up high as I suck his tongue.

My tits are hard pellets as I anticipate his next move. Being on the cusp of fucking has me breathing fast like I’m gasping for control that I don’t really want. I want to fucking lose it on him.

He says with a groan, “Fuck you make me so hot.”

He lunges at me and kisses my jawline. I curve my head back giving him full access to my neck. He trails kisses down me that makes me want to roll myself all over his skin until I’m all cozy and wet.

My lust thirsts for his as he covers the mounds of my breasts with kisses, all the way up to the fabric of my bodysuit. He snakes his tongue between the laces and licks my cleavage through them, my breasts still caged behind the laces.

His tongue is swift, and he dances it down wetting my skin along the middle of my boobs. He pulls on the loose string of the bow of the laces and gives it a slow tug with a groan as my breasts relax, dropping apart a little with the loosening of the laces. His tongue nudges the fabric off my right tit to expose it. He’s seen my nipples probably a thousand times, but he still attacks them with his mouth like it’s the first time he’s seeing them. It thrills me to clit jolting tingles when he’s so voracious on them.

I groan as he draws my pale pink nipple into his mouth. He sucks hard, pulling my full areola into his mouth like a baby would suckle feeding on me. I moan, pushing my large breast further into his mouth by arching my back. My hands go into his soft brown hair and I tangle my fingers in down to his scalp. He stays on my tit for several minutes which is making my pussy stream out her juice.

He loosens the laces of my bodice further and pulls the bodysuit off my other breast before devouring that nipple. I gasp as he aggressively sucks my tit and my hand goes down between my legs to push the fabric aside and touch my ever-moistening pussy. I scoop out some of my wetness onto my index finger and my middle finger and bring it to the corner of his mouth as he suckles me. He sucks my fingers into his mouth along with my nipple.

He groans, “Mmmmmmm.”

I slip my fingers out and grasp his shoulders, rubbing him along his shoulders and biceps as he sucks me.

The soft music I set to play on my phone is calm easy listening music. It goes to a commercial, which wakes me up from my pleasure with thoughts of consuming the foreplay food and drink I put in our fuck fort.

I whisper his name to wake him up from his dreamy sucking, “Tom,” I say as I stroke his forehead. “Let’s use our foreplay food and drink. This fuck fort is stocked. We need to use it all.”

He grins at me as he lets my nipple slowly slip out of his mouth. He says, “Yes, let’s slow down. We have much to enjoy here before I ruin it all by cuming too soon.” He reaches for the small cooler. “Maybe a beer.” He pops the lid and pulls one out. “You want one? Or want wine?”

I raise an eyebrow. “You have to ask?”

He pops off his bottle cap, then cups my right breast in his palm and rubs his thumb over my nipple. “No. I know what you want, baby.”

He pulls the cork from the wine bottle. I had opened it earlier today and replaced the cork with a reusable one. I grab and raise the empty wine glass for him to fill. We tap bottle to wine glass in cheers, then we each take a sip. The wine is a deep red, rich and delicious with a hint of ripe berry.

A wave of lust swirls itself in my gut and drives down through my clit in an electric jolt as I watch him make his cock twitch, and the ends of the stocking still tied to his dick flop.

“Fuck, you know that drives me crazy.” I take a sip of wine as I give him fuck me eyes over the rim of my wine glass. I love it when he twitches his dick while it’s inside me.

He laughs. “Why do you think I did it?” He makes his cock twitch again and I let out a low growl. “And do that sound again,” he begs.

I roll my head back and forth and let out a low growl again. Then I say, “Mmmmm. Fucking killer. With that stocking still tied to you, it’s like cock lingerie.” I do a single nod towards him. “And You still need to take that t-shirt off. My boobs are hanging out, so yours should be too.”

He winks at me. “Yes, ma’am. I will comply.” He removes his shirt so we both have nipples out. “But mine aren’t near as sexy as yours.”

“Now we are even,” I say. “So … want to play a game?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely.” He lays on his side, leaning on one elbow.

I close my eyes then slowly lift my lids. “I’ll feel around in the toy bin and when you say stop, whatever my hand is on, that’s the toy we have to use.”

He nods after a swig of beer. “I’m game.”

I cock my head to the right. “Maybe I should get a piece of paper and write sex pillow on it?”

He laughs. “Well, whether we draw that or not, we are definitely using that.” His grin tells all, he can’t fucking wait to prop me up on that pillow wedge and fuck me.

I chuckle. “True. True. Laugh out loud. No doubt, right?” I feel the wine float to my cheeks and heat them.

He downs the rest of his beer. “I’m ready when you are.” He points to his boner.

I bite my lip and flick my eyes at him as I reach into the toy box. I take my time feeling up all the toys, the dildos, the handcuffs, the butt plug, the various vibrators, the blindfold, the little wooden spoon; I linger on that one hoping he will pick it because it gives me the best little clit spanks.

I move to the wand vibrator just as he says, “Stop.” I grin. It’s a strong favorite of mine. I pull it out of the box.

He laughs. “Oh, you got lucky. One of your faves.”

I had it to him with a half-smile. “My magic wand.”


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Lush sex toy Lush 2 and Shibari mini halo wand

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He pushes the on button and it hums. I sneak a sip of my wine as he crawls over to me. I lean back on the pillows and spread my legs open wide. He runs the vibrating wand over my nipples first, which causes them to peak to their most erect points which incite him to give them each a quick suck. I rotate my shoulders as his mouth comes off my tit, but he continues to roll the toy wand over my nipples.

He drags it down my cleavage, riding the laces down to my puffy pussy mound. I’m certainly not flat there, but quite fleshy. He nudges the head of the vibrator at the spot where the cleft of my pussy lips begins. He leaves for a few seconds and I close my eyes in exquisite anticipation.

I moan. Yeah, right there.

He crawls up to the level of my head and I pop my eyes open. He now has my black stocking in his hands. “My turn,” he says.

I grin. I knew he’d take a turn with that, and I’m hoping it’s thoroughly soaked in his precum. I lift my head so he can tie the stocking securely around my head, closing my eyes before he tightens the knot. I feel a bit of wetness against my cheek. Just having a blindfold on makes my heart race fast was water falls off a cliff.

His fingers fumble at the fabric over my pussy and he undoes the snap. He pushes the fabric up on my tummy to fully expose my pussy. He touches the vibrator to my labia lips and I quiver with excitement, hoping he keeps pressing it hard against my clit like I like it to be. The right amount of pressure is everything.

He slowly rides the toy up the outside of my pussy to hover just above my clit. He presses it against my clit, and I gasp, breathing ever faster. Then he pulls it back and I whimper because I want that firm pressure back. I hear him fumbling, ah, fuck, what’s he doing now?

The shock of cold on my pussy makes me cry out. “Oh Gawd, fuck that’s cold.” I grin with a slight cock of my head. He’s predictable with the ice.

He rubs the cube all over my pussy, which makes me twitch and try to thrash away from the coldness. He dips it in my pussy and wiggles it in there, then drags it up to my clit, where he dabs at my clit as I gasp. Then I feel nothing until the coldness is on my right nipple, his favorite one. The cube is dripping on my breast, the drips travel down to drown in the dry fabric of my bodice, which is still just below my breasts.

He rubs the ice cub over my right nipple as I flinch to get away from it, then his hot mouth is on my nipple sucking.

He says, “Mmmmmmm.” He licks my nipple, flicks the hard nip with his tongue, then devours my it fully into his wide-open mouth.

I moan at the pleasure his hot tongue and cheeks deliver to my nipple after the cold ice cube. He repeats it on my other nipple, then brings the ice cube to my lips. The water drips off the ice cube into my mouth and I swallow it down.

“Suck it,” he commands.

I do. It’s so cold I want to draw back from it. Then it’s gone and he’s kissing my mouth, giving me his heat, driving his tongue deep into my mouth, caressing my lips. That’s his thing. He likes to freeze me then give me his hotness. The two extremes so arousing in their distinct stimulation.

He’s back pressing the wand to my clit and it immediately ramps up my body into a rising state, raging towards an orgasm. He presses it down and I moan more, when he lifts the pressure I moan less. He’s figured out the pressure that drives me just wild, that which can make me cum fast. I begin to whimper as he does it so right that I fall into making deep loud moans.

His tongue licks my labia and I let out a very loud, “Oh dear Gawd!” Then as he wiggles his tongue between my pussy lips and begins to dive his tongue into me to pussy fuck me, I all out lose it and get really loud with my moaning and shouts. The pressure on my clit is ramping me up pretty high, pretty fucking fast. His mouth roams my pussy then he tongue fucks me again and I groan and rage into the arc of my orgasm.

I cum hard, like I always do with this technique of his, and my legs draw up bent towards my armpits and my toes curl, my shoulders scrunch, and the cuming release is delicious. He sucks at my pussy and licks as my body fully tenses, then relaxes, just spent. Now my clit is on fire and I can’t tolerate the touch of the wand, so I scream out real loud in a yell when he even just lightly runs it along my clit.

“Too much, too much,” I say with a huge gasp.

He removes the wand and his mouth from my pussy as I pant my way fully down from cuming.

He kisses the insides of both my thighs and asks, “Was that good, baby girl?”

I swallow the saliva that has pooled in my throat. “Yes, oh my gosh, that was utterly amazing.” I shake my head. “That toy is such a solid clit stimulator for me, and then add in your mouth. It’s fucking unreal.”

He removes the stocking blindfold from my eyes. I blink at the brightness of the lantern.

He puts the wand in the box. “Yeah, as I’ve said before, I think it’s the large surface area of the head of that wand that does it for you. Because when I use that other one on you, the egg with the tail, you don’t react nearly as strong and that tail is much narrower than that wand head.”

I nod. I secretly love how he pays so much attention to what drives me wild. “You are such a good lover. You care.” I sit up and hand him the box. “Your turn.”

He grabs the candle from our makeshift box table and plops it in the box. “I do care. I want you cuming as much as you can. This candle should really be in here too.” He grins as he feels around in the box while I count to ten.

Then I say, “Stop.”

He pulls out the soft fluffy fabric-lined handcuffs. “Yes! I love this. And I think it’s time to try out that sex pillow with it.”

I pour some champagne into my wine glass. “You want some too?”

He nods yes, so I pour him a glass. We sip and make eyes at each other.

He licks his lips as he picks up the can of whipped cream. “I’m gonna make you cum again, as my prisoner.”

I get butterflies in my stomach. I love when he eats whipped cream out of my pussy.

He downs his whole glass of champagne and refills it, downs it again.

I laugh at the face he makes. “Bubbly,” he says.

I smile at him over the rim of my wine glass. “I love bubbly.”

He dangles the handcuffs in front of me. “Hurry up and finish that because you are under arrest. And I’m putting your pussy over a pillow, your ass up for your punishment.” He looks at the pile of pillows. “It must be that dark blue one, huh?”

I crawl over the giant mound of pillows and dig out the new dark blue sex pillow. It’s shaped like a wedge with a slight ripple in it. I toss it to him and crawl my way back over the pillows to be next to him, my boobs jiggling as I crawl.

He watches me the whole time I’m crawling, so I exaggerate my hip wiggle as I go along. When I reach him, I kneel and he hooks his fingers into the laces of my bodice and loosens it so he can push it down over my ass and over my thighs to the ground. I sit on the carpet and push the bodysuit off my feet so that I’m fully naked now except for the one remaining stocking on my leg.

He twirls his fingers in a circle indicating I turn around. “You want me to run and I chase you this time or are you already in my possession?”

I do love to be chased and taken by him, but I feel I’m really ready to lay on that pillow. I turn around and give him my hands behind my back. “I’m yours already.” I drop my head in mock defeat, but I’m smiling big as fuck under the curtain of my hair. I say, “You won me already.”

He secures the pink faux fur-lined handcuffs securely rendering me helpless to fight him off in any real way. He places the pillow in front of my thighs and pushes me forward, so my pussy mound is positioned squarely over the middle of the pillow wedge, my cuffed hands resting on my lower back.

As I lay on it, my ass is slightly elevated up, presenting it nicely to him. He gives my ass three light spanks, then he spreads my ass cheeks. The air snakes in between my buttocks as he presses each cheek and the air bathing my exposed asshole feels erotic. My pussy lips twitch and my clit zings with an electric jolt as his hot breath nears my pussy, his nose nudging my right butt cheek.

He does one lick from my clit up to my asshole causing me to take in full deep breath filled with a low groan. Then I hear the whipped cream can being shaken. He spreads my ass cheeks again and squirts the cold whipped cream all along my ass crack as I flinch from the cold. He continues to fill my crack with whipped cream and all over my asshole, then all the way along my labia lips filling my the outside of pussy, ending at my clit. He presses the cold can to my thigh as he situates himself along my legs, preparing to eat the cream off of me.

The sensation of the cream resting and melting against my skin is intoxicatingly erotic as it seeps into all my crevices, waiting for his tongue to slurp it out. A shiver travels my body as his tongue swipes across from ass cheek from my right hip to my ass crack. He laps the whipped cream from the top of my crack. With his head near my cuffed hands, I tickle his forehead. He licks my wiggling fingers then returns to eating the cream from my ass.

He delves his tongue in deep along my ass crack and I can feel my pussy just drooling, my juices most likely mixing in with the fluffy sweet cream. His whispers enticingly tickle my skin as he licks me.

He moans out, “Mmmmmm.” Then says in raspy voice, “Fuck, you are delicious.”

I shudder as he dives his tongue all around my asshole, tickling my ridges, crevices, and folds of skin. He continues to eat the cream off me as I moan with pleasure as he makes his way down my round ass towards my pussy, licking me, sucking as his mouth travels my genitals getting ever closer to my wanton clit.

I moan loudly as he licks and sucks my pussy lips, devouring every river of cream that’s dripping off me. As he tongue molests my vaginal opening with his hot mouth and agile moves, I groan out my pleasure, squirming on the wedge pillow. His mouth follows me as I wiggle, then he holds my hips still and I just gush out my pussy as he ravishingly eats me out.

As he reaches my clit, he licks her and then wiggles his tongue against all my folds to get her to rise fully erect. He sucks my clit, covers every speck with his mouth sealed and he just destroys me and I moan, losing all control, and I ride high then crash into cuming hard again. I’m gasping in shock with how strong that orgasm was as he massages my thighs and hips. He continues to tongue lap my pussy.

“Ah, my pretty girl. That’s a good girl. You gave me your cum and juices with the cream, what a fucking treat that was.” He must have put massage oil on his hands because they slide over my muscles so deftly and exquisitely that I’m in utter heaven.

He’s pleasured me speechless.

He makes a yummy sound.

I finally find my voice. “So, do I get a turn with something from the box on you, or do you want to ad-lib now?” He’s massaging me so hard, my chest and facial cheek are rubbing on the ground, which lusciously feels like a full-body orgasm.

“How about one more round, then we just fuck,” he suggests as he massages my ass checks and that delicious spot right before my ass crack starts, which when massaged feels like a slice of heaven itself. “I love your dimples here.” He drips and massages the oil all over my dimples and ass, pushing and rubbing my cheeks all over them.

He crawls over my to whisper in my ear, “How about we leave these cuffs off for your turn?” I relish the feel of his boner on my back.

I laugh, my boobs rubbing the carpet as I giggle. “Ok. I’ll try. But no promises it will be good if I don’t have the use of my hands.”

He helps me sit up, then sets the pillow aside.

“Saving that pillow for when I shove my cock into you later.” He does his low growl. “I like that pillow a lot. It raises your ass up to me more just perfectly.”

I smirk. “Yes, and it feels blown up quite firm so it will give good resistance. Seems like a very good design. They know what they are doing I guess.” I seriously can’t wait to lay on it and have him fuck me. It’s gonna be scrumptious.


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I smoosh my lips to the side in pucker before I flatten them back to normal, then say, “Umm, how will I pick a toy without my hands-free?”

He takes one hand wipe along his cock and props himself against several pillows that butt up to the couch. “I bet you can still do it. You are highly talented, babe.”

I roll my eyes but still smile. “Okay, I shall try.” I stand, then get hunched over like an ostrich about to shove her head into the ground as I try to get my handcuffed hands into the box. I glance at him and he’s totally silently cracking up at me. “You fucker. You are enjoying this aren’t you?”

Now that I’ve seen him, he lets his laughter rip and he loudly cracks up. ‘Hell yes, I am. I love seeing you contort that beautiful body in all different angles and directions. I could watch you all damn day long.” He pauses. “Happily. With a boner.”

I sigh as I squat further to get my hands on the toys in the box. “Very funny, jackass. Now start counting. And make it quick. This is hard.”

He laughs. “You are making me harder, just watching you squirm while cuffed.”

I grunt. “Count now you … big poop!”

He just cracks up at me. “Okay, okay. I will. I’m doing it.”

I feel the candle, which I want, but how will I do that with cuffed hands? My hands roam the rabbit vibrator, the butt plug, the bottles of lube, the bullet vibrator, and as they find the jar of edible chocolate body paint, he says, “Stop.”

“Ah, you lucky fucker, you,” I say as I try to pick up the jar with my wrists stuck together. I get glass jar picked up, but it’s too heavy and it slips out, falls back into the box. “Okay, since I’m cuffed, you have to help, or uncuff me.”

He sits up with a full grin. “I’ll help.”

I shake my head with a smirk on my face. “Figures. Okay. I got the edible chocolate body paint, and you will need to warm up a bit of it in the microwave.”

His face lights up. “Ah, fuck yes! I hit the jackpot.”

I grin. “Well, really for both of us because I get to eat chocolate now.”

He crawls over and grabs the jar from the box. “Off my big hard cock.”

I nod and sit. “Can you give me a drink of wine?”

He grabs the glass and gingerly leans it toward my face so I can drink. Then he dumps some of it and it trickles down my chin, dripping on my breasts. “Oops, now I need to lick you off.”

I just laugh. “Good thing I lined the tent with a big absorbent pad. I knew we’d get messy.” I scoff. “Convenient though since you love to suck my titties.” He gives me a shocked look. “But I’m not complaining. But, hey, give me another sip first before you give me a tongue boob bath.”

He tips the glass again and nicely, gently, gives me a good swallow of wine. He presses my shoulder to get me to lie back. Then he proceeds to lick wine all off my chin, neck, and tits. My skin feels wet as before as he started as after he finished with first being covered in wine, then his saliva.

He sits up straight after taking his mouth off my breasts. “Now, for chocolate. And, I’m going to modify and call this both our turns so we can sixty-nine and eat chocolate off each other. Then our fuck fest will get it’s grand finale as we finally fuck.”

He undoes my handcuffs and my hands are finally free. I go right to refilling my wine glass. He crawls out of the fort with the bottle of chocolate and I watch his ass go. I sip wine and enjoy the music while I wait for him to return.

I hear him in the kitchen, all those classic kitchen sounds. He swears and I giggle. He’s not the best in the kitchen, even when it’s a simple task like microwaving, he even has been known to heat the food to cement or even burn toast. I hear the microwave going and he’s whistling some tune I can’t make out. The microwave beeps and I hear him open the door, then shut it with a slam.

He appears in a flash at the doorway of the fort, little bowl of melty gooey looking chocolate in hand. I pick up the little brush, fully ready to paint his engorged cock in yummy chocolate.

I wiggle the brush at him. “You taste test it to make sure we won’t burn our skin here?”

He gives me a look. “I’m not an idiot in the kitchen you know?”

I scoff, and say, “Well, that’s up for debate, Mr. I-burnt-the-toast-yesterday.”

He frowns at me, but I know he’s joking by the look in his eyes. “Okay, Picasso, paint me, then I’ll paint you and we can enjoy chocolate while pleasuring each other. I really can’t wait to eat this stuff off you.”

I say, “Me too.”

He leans back on a pillow before saying, “And leave that one stocking on, it’s kinda naughty hot to me, like you are in disarray. Wish you had stocked the fort with your high heels too.”

I gasp. “Oh! I did bring them. Let me look.” I crawl on all fours and begin searching for my heels in the pile of blankets and pillows.

“Oh, take your time looking, I like the view.”

I glance back at him and he’s looking very comfy with a pillow under his upper body, and both hands laced behind his head, cock standing proud and tall, ready for me to paint him.

I find my black heels and crawl back over to him, edging along with a heel in each hand. I slip both heels on and sit next to him at his waist level.

I give him the lusty gleam in my eyes as I dip the little brush in the chocolate. He twitches his cock, which is gloriously standing tall as I chase his dick with the brush. I giggle and grab it to make it stay still. “Stay,” I say as I begin to paint his dick in the melted chocolate. I bend down and lick off what I just put on.

He says, “Hey, not yet. I want to paint your pussy too.”

I shimmy my shoulders and say, “Sorry, it just looked delicious, I had to try it. It’s pretty yummy stuff.” I laugh. “I’m sure you forgive me.”

He raises his eyebrows at me a few times. “Oh, I do. I do.”

I continue to paint the chocolate all over his cock and balls, my pussy drooling in anticipation as I fully coat him. He lets out some moans as I stroke it on him.

“That actually feels pretty erotic, having you paint it on me. The paintbrush bristles and the warm chocolate.”

Once I have him all chocolate covered, he motions for me to lie down.

He says, “Now, you.”

“We should dip some strawberries in it if there’s any left after you paint my pussy.” I lie back and spread my legs wide open for him.

He nods. “For sure,” he says.

He dips the little brush in the chocolate and smears a splotch of it across my pussy lips. I moan because even the warm oozy chocolate and the little brush are bringing my pussy moist pleasure.  He keeps spreading it across my pussy as I moan out. Geez, that coating with warm chocolate is enough to push me almost to an orgasm.

He grabs a strawberry and paints it in chocolate. I love that it’s touched both our genitals before coating the strawberry. He brings the chocolate covered strawberry to my mouth and I take a bite.

“Mmmmm. That’s delicious,” I say licking my lips as I chew.

He takes a bite to finish it off, then grabs another strawberry and paints it too. We share it and then kiss, making it a delicious and sensuous kiss that flares up my desire for him even further.

Tom places the little brush in the bowl and then says, “Ready to 69, baby girl? My cock can’t get any harder. But I don’t want to cum so I might stop you if I get too close.” He naughty grins. “I wanna fuck that pussy. Just pound you.”

I nod very enthusiastically. I don’t want him to cum yet either, I want him to fuck me on that pillow too. “You want me to do bad sucking so you can last?” I suppress my laughter.


couple kissing


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“I don’t think there is such a thing as bad sucking, so impossible. Anytime your mouth is on my cock is fucking amazing.” He nods. “But, yes. Edge me baby, and edge me only. And I’ll help notify you by slapping your ass.”

I roll my eyes. “Classic.”

He lies on the ground and I turn my body the other way so we can sixty-nine. I slowly lower down as his hands welcome me into the position with my pussy at the level of his mouth.

He licks me first and I roll my eyes back in my head as I take his cock head into my mouth. The chocolate flavor is yummy and I love the feel of his full head in my mouth, taut and hard as a rock. I imagine it entering my pussy as I suck his dickhead. It’s like an erotic dessert as I suck the chocolate off his cock and I moan as he slurps the chocolate off my pussy. He sloshes his tongue all over my pussy lips, licks them, then seals his full mouth over my clit to suck.

I shudder as I suck his dick head, then run my tongue down his shaft to lick him balls and suck them. His hands grip my hips harder as he smashes his face fully into my pussy. I suck his balls into my mouth, then lick up his shaft several times to lick off all the chocolate.

We eat each other. The sounds of our mouths and lips smacking so hot. Our moans makes me hornier as we both work our tongues and lips thoroughly.

I sigh. Best idea I’ve ever had to make this sex fun tent. Our fuck fest in the fort, a joyous series of acts that will live in my brain forever. Nothing compares to skin on skin, tongues on each other’s genitals, loving, licking, sucking, pleasuring in a mutual delicious symphony of eloquent foreplay, unequaled by none other. It’s like a dream.

Both of us are moaning, then he slaps my ass. The stop signal has been given.

He suddenly pushes me off him and I allow his cock to leave my mouth, only because I want him to fuck me too.

He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. “That was close. I almost lost it.”

I grin at him and he smiles back. We’ve cleaned each other off successfully so we are ready to join our genitals.

He sits up. “Now for the finale, a final fuck for our fort fuck fest date.”

We come together and kiss. Our lust and familiarity with each other make our union complete as we kiss deeply and with the full contact of our open mouths. We kiss in a writhing sensual mouth fuck of caressing each other’s tongues and lips, tasting remnants of chocolate and precum from each other, the pure sweet intimate connection we share is better than gold. It almost brings me to tears how deep our connection goes, like we are caressing each other’s libido’s and souls. We just get each other, which is the best spiritual gift ever.

“Pillow,” he says with a hand motion.

I know. I crawl over and grab it, lay my lower abdomen across it, my ass risen as the highest part of my body thanks to the pillow. My vagina drips in anticipation of him penetrating my pussy, the delicious kind of touching we both desire.

He loves my ass and likes to look at it. I’m good with that, it turns me on. I love him penetrating my pussy and fucking me hard and fast, I love the feel of him slamming into me. I spread my legs a bit, practically shaking in anticipation, inviting him to come inside me and have his cock taste the strength and power that is my pussy, an ever-eternal dance that nature just got right.

There is no anger in me that I am the woman; but there is glory and pleasure that he can give me, and I can give him. It’s literally perfect. I want to use his body as much as he wants to use mine, and that’s okay. It’s beautiful.

Sex is beautiful.

He nestles behind me, I feel him arrange himself between my thighs, I know his boner is above my ass.

I wait.

He taps my ass with his boner, then tickles my pussy with the tip of it.

I moan as he enters my wet pussy, the kind of luscious impale like no other sensation in this world. He pumps into me, hands on my hips. He enters me slowly at first, then speeds up. I spread my thighs a bit more. The pillow is nicely rubbing above my clit so much so that I’m starting to climb real close to the peak of orgasm. All this foreplay has had me riding the edge of an orgasm so much that I’m about ready to plunge into cuming already.

I moan and he groans. We fuck. I lift my upper body up on my elbows and he notices, leans forward while thrusting to play with my tits, squeeze my nipples. He slams into me and I rage into cuming with a giant moan.

“Ah, gosh, oh my gosh,” I exclaim as I cum.

He’s pounding me so fast I know he’s ready to just blow his cum in me, just paint my pussy walls with his cum. A low groan snakes out of him and he pounds me so hard I know he must be close to climaxing.

“Uh … uh … uh… oh fuck yes,” he says in voice that sounds like a long drawn out groan. “Oh, fuck. I couldn’t hold off any longer after all that.” I feel the usual gush of extra wetness inside my pussy. He collapses on me and I reach back to touch his head.

“No worries, it was fantastic. And I’ve cum multiple times anyway. I’m beyond happy with all of that.” I giggle. “That was really a fuck fest marathon. And totally awesome.”

He rolls off me and I snuggle into the opening he’s made for me against his chest with his raised arm. He pulls me close and I rest my head on his chest. He kisses the top of my forehead.

“Kiss,” he says.

I lean up and we join our lips in a simple peck kiss.

I snuggle back into him, put my hand on his chest.

“That was beyond amazing and you are a genius for thinking of this, babe. And that pillow, that’s the best buy yet.”

I nod. “Agreed.” I sigh, fully satisfied, and beyond satisfied really. “It was epic. And we’ll have to do it again.”

He nods. “Yep. Tomorrow.” He slaps his belly. “Right now, I need food. That all made me ravenous. What do we have? Or should we order a pizza.”

He knows what I’ll say. “Pizza for sure.”

We both get on all fours and crawl out of the tent. I kick off my heels and stand up. He heads to the kitchen and I follow, both of us naked and cum-soaked, happy.


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