Erotic Short Stories: Cheating story at the campground

I peer into the darkening night air hoping to see him as I walk by his campsite. He’s hot, so hot as fuck. My heart pounds as I search for a glimpse of him. He has these … amazing piercing green eyes, pouty full lips, and a shock of thick dark hair I want my fingers in, feeling his scalp all sweating from fucking me. My heart rate is zinging towards the moon above with a rampant pace at that thought. My pussy lips are sticky, rubbing together as I walk, but ever moistening as I imagine catching sight of him. I’m commando in case … well … in case, oh I don’t know why. I hang my head, rub my eyebrows and forehead with my thumb and forefinger, being careful not to smear sunscreen from today into my eyes.

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Cheating at the campground Erotica Story for Adults


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It’s wrong to want him, but fuck …  I totally do.

There is someone moving around beside the screen tent on his site, then I hear a rug being shaken.

I shove a lock of my blond hair behind my right ear to clear my view as I scan his campsite, hoping for even a tiny peek of him. But I only see his wife, or girlfriend, or whatever she is, and she’s wringing out some wet towels that she is stacking in a big wet towel pile. She looks nice so I feel bad that I want to fuck her man.

I sigh. Kick a big rock down the gravel road in front of me. It flies, lands, skips, tumbles before it finally stops moving.

But with the looks he’s been sending my way these past couple of days, I can tell he wants the same thing I do.

I slow my pace and finger the spaghetti strap on my tank top as I peer around their camper as I slowly creep by. I’m a damn stalker.

My heart is pounding, and I can’t breathe properly. I want to see him so bad. We’ve bumped into each other at least five times over the past few days and each time we’ve locked on each other with the most intense fuck me eyes. The intentions are unmistakable when you make that kind of sexual energy connection with someone. It’s only happened to me once before in my life, that draw, that intense feeling of needing, wanting so bad it almost flings me into a crying fit upon sight of him.

I’m nervous as fuck. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve never slept with anyone else … never … cheated. But I’ve never been so tempted before either, not in this relationship anyway.

I told my boyfriend I was going for a pee to the bathroom, but, really, I’m hoping to fuck that dark-haired man tonight, or at the very least, before we leave this campground in two days. What if he leaves before I get to show him how bad I want him? The thought strikes a terror in me that he could be gone forever without us fucking and I feel tears pushing behind my eyes. I need him in my pussy, in my mouth, his body cloaked on me pounding me like an animal.

I can’t even believe I’m having these thoughts? This isn’t me. But … I can’t get him out of my head.

I saw him without a shirt on yesterday, his chest wide and thick, rampant with muscles, the perfectly smooth skin taut against his pecks. His nipples were dark brown and erect. He was walking across the beach and I couldn’t stop staring at his pecks, his abs, those muscles that make like a V going down to the groin area in men. FUCK! That drives me crazy!  I was practically drooling in the heat of the sun as I pretended to be chewing my sandwich. My boyfriend barely looked my way, so he wouldn’t even notice if I stared down this man all damn day long.

I pass the last tree on their campsite but still don’t see him. Damnit! I secretly was hoping he’d see me and follow me to the bathroom, jump me from behind a tree, pull me into the woods, and fuck the shit outta me. Just give me the best primal fuck of my life, like I’m his whore. I need a fuck really bad, it’s been twenty whole fucking days since my boyfriend has bothered to stick his dick in me. A wanton lump forms in my throat and I can barely swallow over it as tears fill my eyes.

Damn, I need cock.

I can smell my pussy, like it’s giving off extra scent, or maybe it’s just being commando frees the smell of my sex more, but it’s overwhelmingly strong even to me. I take a deep breath, inhaling my brand of musk as I pad my feet lightly along the gravel road towards the bathroom building, the big pebbles feel like hard nubby protrusions into the soles of my flip-flops. Like erect nipples. Damn, I’m horny, everything is akin to sex.

Maybe I should have worn a thong. Is that sexier? No. Commando is easy access. That’s what matters.

The wind comes up from behind me and fluffs my hair a bit. It shines in the lamplight above as I near the main campground road. I can now see the full bathroom building. A woman and her daughter bounce out of the bathroom, pajamas on, toothbrushes, toothpaste, a hairbrush collected in their hands as they giggle and sprint across the grassy lawn.

Fireflies light up the field, lighting it up with flares of their horny butts. I wish I had a flare to light up my ass to tell that man I’m horny. Why didn’t people get equipped with such an obvious I’m horny signal? Or maybe we did, and that’s why my pussy smells so strong right now. Sometimes I think civilization has fucked up the natural triggers of sex, we are losing the primal-ness of it all.

I gingerly step through the grass, hoping I don’t step on a frog as I go, and make my way across the field towards the bathroom. As I near the building, he comes out of the shower room door to my right and my heart nearly stops beating as I audibly gasp.

He comes to a dead stop and stares at me. His hair is wet, slicked back, he looks fresh and delicious, and I want to fling my body on his like a baby monkey. I want to crawl over to him, stripping along the way, and maul him, lick his sexy man nipples, nibble them, give my nipples to his mouth. Surrender my pussy to his every thrusting whim.

Neither of us moves. He has a dark blue gym bag slung over his shoulder and grey sweatpants on, which clearly show he has a giant erection. I take in a sharp breath as my eyes travel down to his dick and back up to his eyes, and he watches my traveling gaze and smirks his acknowledgment of my noticing his hardon.

My cheeks flare. Oh, my Gawd! I couldn’t help but look at his crotch. Fuck! That’s sexy as fuck, him catching my gaze. My mouth falls slightly open like I might say something, but I fail to utter a single word. After a full thirty seconds, a slight moan falls out of my mouth and I’m mortified. But my sound only deepens his grin.

He rubs his left hand across his right peck and hangs his hand on his right shoulder like he just needs something to do. Finally, after what seems like a giant fucking mountain of time, he says, “Hi.”

My mouth is still hanging open. My tongue feels too fat to speak or smile or do anything but almost drool at the sight of this most delicious man.

He clears his throat. “I’m Darren.”

Of course, you are, Darren. Darren to be hot as fuck and fuck me now or I’ll die sad Darren. I almost say that but I’m still just staring at him like he’s a chocolate éclair. How is his voice as sexy as he looks?

He cocks his head to the right. “And you are?”

I stumble, actually stumble a step closer to him. What am I right now? A lovestruck twelve-year-old? What the fuck, Julia? I close my mouth in preparation to talk. Then muster the strength to say, “I’m Julia.”


Fiction Short Story at the Campground by author Ruan Willow erotica

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He widens his stance, which only serves to tighten the sweatpants around his hardon. I know I’m staring at it again and I know he sees me do it, but I can’t stop myself. I imagine peeling down his pants and completely consuming his dick into my mouth, before he ravages my tits, pussy, and then pounds me from behind doggystyle behind those trees over there. I actually glance at the trees then realize he might think it’s a suggestion, which I guess really, it is. My cheeks heat.

As if he’s reading my thoughts, his grin turns naughty as fuck. For some odd reason, it relaxes me as it’s turning me on and my inner horndog takes over. I naughty grin back. I can do this. I give him my fuck me eyes. He returns the intense look.

An older man appears and walks towards the bathroom door. He nods at us. We both nod back. Seeing the man gives me a flash of reality and a twinge of guilt, fuck, I shouldn’t be considering cheating with this man. I feel my face fall into a frown, and he looks as if I actually slapped him as surprise takes over his sexy face.

He doesn’t say anything but takes a step towards me, deepening both my guilty feeling at wanting to fuck him rotten in the wet grass and my desire to just do it.

He takes one more step towards me. He has moistened his lips as they shine a bit below the flickering light above his head. Mosquitos swarm about up there by the light, and I watch one come down to land on him. He swats it away.

I don’t take my eyes off him as I say, “Need bug spray?” I reach for my purse hanging at my side and lift it up. I search in it for my tiny travel bug spray tube.

I find it quickly and look up to find he has taken yet another step towards me. He’s now within hands reach and I can smell fresh rain scent soap and mint on him. He smells like an outside fuck no doubt. Primal and raw like a forest fuck. I haven’t done that since my last boyfriend. He’d drag me all over the place and we’d fuck outside, my dumbass boyfriend now barely even fucks me let alone drives me somewhere to fuck. I stretch my hand out trying to clear those bad feelings from the air around me.

He reaches for the bug spray, but envelopes my whole hand in his large one instead, causing me to catch and keep his intense gaze. “Thank you,” he says. “Need bug spray on to stay outside here.”

Stay? Did he say that? My heart thuds in my chest and I’m sure he must feel its fierceness in my bolting blood that’s raging through me as he holds my hand. I let out a gasp as he reaches up with his other hand. I’m so wishing he would grab me and pull me to him, but he just takes the bug spray while still holding my hand.

He nods as he lets my hand go. My heart sinks at him no longer touching me as I watch his lips as he speaks. “Thanks, I will need it,” he says, with a sexy smile still commanding his face.

I can barely breathe as he actually removes his shirt and sprays the bug repellant all over his chest, stomach, arms, and back. My eyes travel along with the spray, devouring his every movement across every speck of his skin. I actually feel drool pooling in my mouth forcing me to swallow.

He holds up the tube of spray watching my exaggerated swallow. “Your turn. You will need some too, so off with that shirt.” The intention of his grin is unmistakably naughty.

I scoff, then giggle. I flare open my eyes at him for that suggestive teasing comment and say, “Wow. No subtle in you.”

“Nope. And while you are at it, better take those pants off too. Wouldn’t want any bites happening on your lovely ass.”

My eyes go wide at that comment and my grin betrays how much I like it. “Well, we’d better go over behind those trees for privacy then because I have no underwear on.” I lift my chin in mock defiance daring him to finish his come on to me. In my mind, he already has my pants off. My pussy feels slick with stringy precum slithering out, no doubt wetting the crotch of my pants.

He raises a single eyebrow at me and cocks his head. “Is that so?” He gives a hearty chuckle that I bet could pull the pants off me in private all by itself for how sexy it is. He points to the trees, even though I was mostly joking, and I think he’s mostly joking, but he says, “After you, my sexy as fuck, dear.”

I try not to let my jaw drop too big so that he has a full view of my tonsils.

He motions his arm towards the trees. Oh, my Gawd! Is he serious? Yes, I wanted this but I didn’t think it would actually happen.

My heart is thudding so hard I feel like the hair on top of my head is vibrating from its pounding. I freeze. I can’t move, react, I can’t even blink as I wait to see if he’s serious about taking off into the trees together.

He takes a step that way, so I mirror him. My heartbeat speeds up more. He takes another step. I copy again. Then he grabs my hand and pulls me along in an all out mad dash for the trees. My heart is beating so hard I feel as if I may have a heart attack. The thought of cheating, of him slamming his cock into me thrills me more than any other promise of a fuck has in my entire life.

We don’t stop until we hit the trees.

Then we stand still, across from other another not moving.

“Your shirt?” he asks, then swipes his hand towards the dark night sky.

I’m frozen in place, afraid to move, until I’m not, and I’m ripping it off. I have a bra on. My pink one with lacy sides. This is so naughty, but I love it.

He smiles big as he takes a step towards me and lightly sprays the full mounds of my breasts with the bug spray. “I love your big tits,” he says as his intent gaze upon them makes me feel like he’s actually touching them.

I watch every move he makes, my breath coming heavy and fast.

He dusts the bug spray across my tummy and my arms. He moves his index finger in a circle indicating I should turn around. He lifts my hair, oh so gently before delivering spray to my upper back. Then he kisses my shoulder, then cackles and spats.

I twist back to watch him. My eyes are wide as the moon above as he spits a wad to the ground. “Damn, guess I already sprayed that spot.” He clears his throat, spits again. “Hazards of campground fucking, bug spray in the mouth.” He nods with a smirk.

I outright laugh. “I know, right?” The realization that he’s going to fuck me sends a wet gush out my pussy as I turn to face the tree again.

“Damn, I wanted to kiss you from head to toe, now I can’t.” He traces a finger from my neck down to my ass crack, giving me the most giant massive shiver.

I gasp as he trails a finger down into my pants, diving deep along my skin between my ass cheeks. “Wow,” I say because I can’t manage anything else after that shiver and the boldness of his touch.

He chuckles. “At least I didn’t spray the best parts, your nipples and pussy, because your bra and pants shielded them.” He gives a hearty grunt as he grabs the waistband of my pants and pulls my shorts down, dropping them to lay at my ankles. “Better not spray your ass either so I can kiss it. Lick it.” He gives an evil laugh. “I’ll spank any mosquitos off that I see.”

I scoff. “Wow! How big of you to offer that.” I glance back at him over my shoulder, but I can’t really see much in the darkness but the outline of his form.

He sprays the backs of legs, ending at my ankles, just above my pooled shorts on the grass. “Besides, your ass is gonna be in motion the whole time, so I bet the bugs won’t bite you. I might though.”

I’m speechless. Motion? And I’ve never been bitten, spanked, yes, several times by several lovers, but not bitten. Fuck, will he really bite me?

As if he senses my nervousness, he says, “Don’t worry, I won’t bite hard. But expect a light nibble or bite, especially on your nipples, which I can’t wait to see by the way.”

My heart flutters like the blinking of the fireflies’ butts I spy flickering about in the meadow to my right.

He presses his hardon against my lower back as he pulls me close. Both of his hands find my tummy and migrate up and under my bra. I lean back against him as he fondles my breasts beneath my bra. He pinches my nipples making them so hard and erect, like the way they get when I’m being fucked hard.

A light breeze washes over us, caresses us with sweet summer night air. Crickets and frogs call out their mating calls and other night sounds into the air giving us a song of primal nature to accompany our primal lust. It’s damn near perfect.

He rubs his boner against my back and the rigidness of his shaft teases me because I want his dick in me, not on me. His head is hovering over me and I twist slightly positioning myself to egg him on to kiss me. I want that mouth on mine, that tongue sliding against my tongue.

It works and he puts his hot mouth on mine. I moan against it as he’s grinding into my lower back and upper ass cheeks, pinching my nipples. He slides his tongue against mine and I suck his tongue hard to try and keep it, but he’s stronger and pulls his tongue out. I feel the grin on his lips as he steals his tongue from my suck. He swivels me around to face him and kisses me proper. I envelope his upper lips between mine and suck hard, use my teeth a little causing him to groan against my mouth.

He kisses me deep with his tongue, caressing mine with forceful, yet sensual jabs. I’m hungry for his mouth and I whine for it back when he pulls away for a second. We mash our mouths together again, hands slipping all over each other, on our backs, shoulders, arms. He slides his hands down my back and cups an ass cheek in each hand and squeezes, presses them, fondles and rubs as he continues to hotly kiss my mouth.

He draws slightly back from me. “I love your ass,” he murmurs during this pause of our kiss.

I whisper back, “I like that you like my butt.”

He grabs my ass cheeks again and grips both firm between his big strong hands. “I love it,” he says with conviction.

He hasn’t even touched my pussy yet, but it feels slick as water on water. If mosquitos are biting me, I don’t even notice as he molests my ass cheeks further, it feels like a massage. I sigh, moan into his mouth again and he grunts, plunging his tongue into the back of my mouth. I suck his tongue as he withdraws it from my mouth, then attack his lower lip in a lip lock.

His hands migrate to my back and unhook my bra clasps. He grabs on one strap and lowers my bra, then tosses it down to the grass. His mouth is on my right nipple before I even take my next breath. He’s devouring it, nipple and breast, as much as fits in his mouth.

He lets out a moan as he comes off my nipple and then he murmurs, “Fuck your nipples are amazing.”

I lean my head back against his arms that steady me from behind and moan as he sucks my nipple hard to the back of his throat. His hand finds my other nipple and he tugs as I groan my appreciation of his obsession with my nipples. Yeah, they are big, my lovers have always loved them.

He’s so busy using my breasts for his oral pleasure he can’t moan, so I do it for the both of us. He lightly bites my nipple and it sends shivers into me. His tongue is so frisky and swift it annihilates my composure and I yell out loud. He releases my nipples because he can’t suppress a laugh.

He says, “Gotcha going here, don’t I?”

I can’t even speak so only a moan escapes my lips. He’s back on my nipple pulverizing it, molding it into the hardest point. He moves to other nipple and I shove my hands in his hair, play with its silkiness between my fingers as he further consumes my boobs.

He trails kisses from my breasts down my tummy to my pelvic mound and I wonder how much bug spray he got in his mouth, but I see no cringing. He kneels on the ground and licks my hairless mound, wiggling his tongue into my cleft. I groan as I massage his head, continue to play with his hair as he licks me. He reaches up and tugs on me, suggesting with his hands that I lie on the grass. I’m completely agreeable as his pussy kisses are making me too weak to stand.

Part of me wants to get up and run from him, obey what’s right and not cheat on my boyfriend, but I can’t seem to pry myself from this sexy man’s mouth. The grass is cool against my hot skin, it tickles me as I squirm as he continues to eat me out. My moans are coming louder and louder. I grab grass on both sides of me and arch my back as he begins to tongue fuck my pussy.

My groans are so loud I fear other campers will hear me. He doesn’t shush me, as my boyfriend would, but sucks my clit with his mouth sealed all around it. I am riding a high now, raging into a climax of an orgasm. I gasp loudly, let out rapid whines as his sucking me forces me into the throes of coming hard, harder than I have in literally months. I whimper as he kisses my clit, even his light kiss is almost too much touch for me to tolerate after coming. He backs off my pussy and my breathing and whines slow down to a low purr.

He stands and holds his cock in his right hand, giving it a stroke, making it shake up and down in the air. I take this as he wants a blow job. I rise off the ground to kneel in front of him and take his dick head in my mouth. I seal my mouth around it and run my tongue along the edge of his penis’s head. I stroke my tongue up and down then take more of his shaft into my mouth as I suck him as hard as I can. My hands grab his lower shaft and I give him a handjob as I mouthfuck his boner.

His hands play in my hair, which I enjoy because I love my hair played with any and every day. He groans as I pleasure him, his precum drenching my tongue, and I don’t stop until he gently pushes me off of him. My mouth makes a pop sound as I slide it off him.

He lets out a low chuckle. “Better slow down for a second here, baby.”

I catch his drift and don’t touch his dick. I touch his shoulders instead and we kiss without our bodies touching.

He takes his mouth from mine and kisses down my neck, making me lean into him. He absorbs my right nipple back into his mouth again, I notice he spends more time there so it must be his favorite. This makes me smile because it’s kinda cute, he has a favorite one already.

He comes off my nipple for a second, but attacks it again, his fast lusty motion making me gasp. “I want you on your hands and knees,” he says once his mouth is away from my nipple.

I move to place my hands on the cool damp grass, position my ass as high as I can, presenting it to him the way I know men love. He gently pushes my head to the ground so that the grass blades tickle my cheek. So sweetly he asks in my right ear, “Is this okay?”

I nod my head against the soft grass and let out a soft sigh that was trapped in my throat while he pushed me to the ground. My heart is thudding so hard I’m sure he must be able to feel it through my back as he strokes it several times, then runs his hand a few more times down my sides feeling me up from armpits to hips.

He murmurs, “Mmmmm I love your curves.”

I finger a few blades of grass between the fingers of both my hands as I wait patiently for the first push of him penetrating me. He spreads my ass cheeks, I presume to peek at my asshole and I suppress a giggle at his curiosity.

Again, he says, “Mmmmm.”

He rubs his hard boner head against my pussy and I let out a sigh that ends in an audible moan.

I say, “Yes, please, put it in me. I want you to fuck me now.”

He pushes himself into me and my wet pussy accepts him like butter succumbs to a hot knife. He groans out a delicious man growl causing me to release mine, melding my moan to his in the air. We both moan as he begins slowly pumping himself into me, then with ever-increasing speed he pounds me repeatedly and I whimper-moan my pleasure.

He backs off and gives my right butt cheek a slap.

I shudder as I didn’t expect that.

He clears his throat. “Sorry, there was a bug,” he says. Then he slaps it again. “And another.”

I laugh at his explaining away his desire to spank my ass. “Sure, there was,” I murmur against the blades of grass.

He’s back thrusting himself into me for another few minutes and I lift my ass up as much as I can. He leans forward and plays with my tits and I moan for him to show him how much I love it. He whispers, “Let’s do missionary now.”

I’m so agreeable to that because it’s my favorite position because the thrusts usually hit my clit perfectly right for me to reach an orgasm.

I roll over and spread my legs open wide for him. He grins and lowers himself to me.

“My fuck, are you sexy,” I say as I grasp his muscled biceps as he prepares to enter my vagina.

He shakes his head. “No, you are the one who is sexy as fuck. Been watching you for days, wanting to shove my cock into you over and over again, fuck you til you scream.”

He enters me slowly, rubbing his hard cock into me gently.

I laugh. “Pretty sure I already did that a few minutes ago.”

He lets out a low growl again and it stirs my clit to twitch. “Mmmm, yes, and watching you at the beach that day made my cock twitch like it was having seizures.”

He begins to slam into me so rapidly I let out a long series of whimper moans. He’s riding me so hard, hitting my clit just right that I’m already at the summit of another orgasm. His thrusting depletes my resistance and I cum hard again and I feel the extra moisture of my cum surround his cock, the wet sounds of us fucking delicious in the silent black air.

I travel my hands all over his shoulders as I descend from coming. I spread my hands open wide, rubbing my palms against his hardened nipples. He likes this and moans more. I lean up and kiss his nipple, sucking it and nibbling it with my front teeth.

He groans and lets out a loud, “Fuck yes.”

So, I do it more. The harder I bite, the louder he groans so I keep nibbling, biting, sucking. Then I move over to his other nipple and repeat as he slows his pounding of me slightly, throwing his head back, mouth open causing his groan to be extra loud.

I see movement off to the left and I make out a form against the tree. It looks like a man and his arm is moving quickly. I almost gasp as I realize someone is watching us and jerking off.

He begins to pound me hard again, too hard for me to keep up the nipple play. I groan and moan and can’t seem to shut up. I dig my nails into his back and he let’s out a sharp grunt, so I repeat it and trail my fingers down his back, digging my nails into his skin. This makes him pound harder, groan louder, so I repeat it for a few more strokes down his back. I stare up enjoying the gorgeous star-packed night sky as this wonderful man fucks me under them.



Erotic Short Stories Cheating story at the Campground night sky by trees

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He’s getting louder so I know he’s close to coming. He pounds me so fast I feel dizzy and it’s the most delicious feeling, I don’t ever want him to stop but he tenses, groans loudly, says, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.” Then his body relaxes.

I feel the gush of his cum wet my insides and his boner goes squishy inside me. He collapses on me and I feel a bit odd about the desire to kiss him, but I kiss his cheek anyway.

In the dark night, the moonlight still allows me a view of his grin he raises his head. “That was a nice kiss.” He pauses and kisses me on the nose. “And an absolutely amazing fuck.”

I rub his arms and back. I glance over where the jerking off man was and he’s now gone. “A man was watching us from over by that tree and jerking off.” I nod over towards it.

He looks sharply over there. “Are you serious?” He lets out a laugh.

I giggle. “Yep, guess we must have looked hot. He’s clearly gone now.” I smile. “I’m glad our fucking gave him a good self-fucking. It’s so hot to be watched. And, three people satisfied.”

He leans on an elbow and rolls off me. “How kind of you. But I got all the good stuff from you directly.”

I run my hands over my temples and through my hair smoothing it back. “Yes, yes you did. I’ve been trying to send you fuck me eyes for days.”

He says, “Yep, I noticed, and I did my best to send them back to you.”

I take a chance and run my hand over his bare chest. “Yes, and I loved it. I was terrified you’d leave the campground before fucking me. That would have devastated me.” I circle his left nipple with my fingertip. “Thank you for that. I really needed a fuck.”

He turns his head towards me and says, “Yep, me too. My wife won’t fuck me anymore. Not for months now. Not doing so good.”

I drop my jaw. How could she possibly not want to fuck this man’s brains out on a daily basis. “Seriously? I’d fuck you every damn day.”

He returns his gaze to the stars above. “Maybe we can arrange that. Where do you live?”

I blink and consider the possibility of this turning into an affair. I can easily leave my boyfriend, but he’s married. I say, “I live in Janesville. You?”

He lets out a yummy sound. “Hell yes. I live in Mills City, only about three hours from Janesville.” He pauses. “We could meet and fuck anytime.”

The thought of an ongoing affair with him is just too scrumptious to pass up. “I’d really love that,” I say in a soft whisper.

He turns to face me. Leans up on his elbow, sits and takes my cheeks in both hands before he says, “Then it’s a date.” He kisses me with a peck on the lips, then dives in for a deeper kiss. He pulls back and says, “We’d both better get back before they notice we are gone.”

I nod. We both dress in the dark.

He takes a step towards the road but stops. “Wait, you go first. I will follow you to make sure you get back safe in the dark. I don’t want you walking alone.”

I melt a little at the sweetness of that. “Thank you.”

He nods and grabs my hand. “Of course.” He rubs his chin. “Let’s exchange phones and put in each our numbers.”

I open my phone to contacts and hand it to him. He hands me his. I type in my full name and phone number and hand it back. He does the same.

I walk ahead of him, his feet hitting the gravel road as we both walk. As I reach my campsite I turn and give him a wave.

And just like that, I’m in a hot affair.



Erotic Short Stories Cheating story at the Campground campsite

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