Dance Pole for Home Sexy Short Story

“I bought a pole for you,” you say with a grin.

I enter the exercise room and walk over to the pole. “I cannot believe you put this in!” I run my hand up and down the shiny brass pole, savoring its hard, smooth shaft with my fingers. I hang onto the pole with my right hand and swivel my body around it. I giggle. “How will we explain this to family and friends?” I press my cleavage against the coolness of the pole. Fuck, I’ve always wanted to be a stripper dancing on a pole. I grasp a strand of my blond hair in my fingers and flip flop it back and forth.

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Dance Pole for Home Sexy Short Story

You adjust your pants over your raging cock. “Who the fuck cares. It’s our sex life. And I wanna watch you dance on a pole. So … ” You give your cock a rub making a wet spot of precum splash through your jeans. “Besides, it’s our exercise room, who will be coming in here anyway?”

I point my bubble butt ass towards you and shake it. “True.” I glance back at you over my shoulder, my sheer red button-up top slipping off my right shoulder as I undo a few buttons between my tits, further revealing the pillowy softness of the tops of them. “I don’t have a bra on.” I tease as I wiggle my ass towards you.

You laugh. “I pretty much noticed that with those giant hard tits of your staring at me all through dinner.” You shake your head. “How could I not?”

“I can’t believe you didn’t mention it until now.” I glance down, yep, the girls are pointy as fuck. I naughty grin as I spin around the pole again, slithering my body along it once I stop spinning.

You grab the exercise ball and sit on it, bouncing up and down. You scroll on your phone, I’m guessing looking for a song for me to dance too. I gaze at you trying to catch your return stare as I shake my ass.

“You keep doing that and I’m gonna start smacking that ass.” You don’t even look up.

“How would you know? You aren’t even looking at my ass.” I shake it harder, making my cheeks jiggle the way that I know drives your cock to enrage to its most engorged. I close my eyes and grab the metal pole with both hands. I want its hard coolness on my pussy. I smirk. Eyebrow raised. It’s a plan.

“You planning on ever taking those pants off? I want to see some pussy and your butthole shaking between those big cheeks.” You clear your throat then chuckle. “This was the best idea ever installing that pole. I can’t fucking wait.” I watch you run your hand over your goatee. “I have my own pole for you after that pole.”

I give you fuck me eyes as I slip my hand into my yoga pants, my pussy is sopping goopy already.

You tap your phone to start a song and I giggle as the singer belts out her delicious lyrics. Ah, the Divinyls. I love this fucking song. I hum to it … “Touch myself,” I whisper sing as I run my right hand up my hip, down into the dip of my waist, fingering along myself up to side boob bulge. I swivel my head and stare you right into eyes as I smooch the air.

You grin. I gasp internally, feel my soul dance inside at the hot desirous look in your soft and horny brown eyes. You inflame me. You lick your lips, yeah, baby, I know I’m yummy, I almost say it out loud. I hold in a giggle as the corner of your mouth crawls into a smirk. I want to lick that cheek scrunch the smirk makes on your face.

I hum and dance. “Think about touch … ,” I sing out of sequence against the song. “Only want you,” I chant sing along. I swivel around the pole, my ass facing the wall mirror and I shake my tits for you, the sheer fabric of my shirt raising my nipples to peak hardness under it like strawberry tips. “Remember the last time you played this song for me?” My pussy drools in agreement. Fuck did I love that night.

I wrap my body around the pole and writhe against the hard length of it, hump it, the hard metal giving me its unforgiving hardness against my hip. I’m gonna hump it for you once I’m naked. Smear it up good.

You scoff. “Forget? I will never forget that for as long as I live. The way you played with your tits, twisting saying titty twister and giggling. Then running your hands down to dip your fingers in your wet pussy, dragging them up to dip in your belly button, to invade that delicious space between your tits, up your throat, over your chin to your mouth where you sucked your own juices off yourself.”

“Hmmm …  keep going. What else did I do?” I slip my right arm completely out of the shirt and while I hang onto the pole with one arm, I lean my body away from the pole and grab my breast with my free hand. As I spin around the pole, I massage my boob, travel my hot fingers up to my nipple to pinch it. It’s still a bit moist from when I loaded my breasts up with coconut oil before dinner.

I moan as I spin, pinching my tit, pulling it as you give me your roughest man growl, which zings a jolt right through my clit like a shock.

“You taught me how to make you cum better with the clit spank fingering move. And … oh, the smell of you that night. I’m getting a whiff of you now, too.” I eye you up as you reach inside your pants, force down the zipper to pull your boner out. “Your smell loads my cock.”

“Ummm … yes … delicious.” I slip my other arm out of my shirt. Something fucking hot about being shirtless but with pants still on. It’s just naughtier somehow. I shake my tits at you, grab a breast in each hand and drop both tits at once in a boob drop. They bounce as you make yummy sounds.

“Mmmmm I am not gonna make it much longer with you doing that. I want my hands on those big tits. And my mouth.”

I shake my head, then my wag finger at you. “Oh no, not yet you don’t. I’m not anywhere near done with this pole. I just started.” I spin around to stand behind the pole and lean my cleavage against it. I rub against it, letting the pole titty fuck me as I hold it with both hands above my head.

“Then you started to shove the new vibrator in you and I’ve never heard you make such sounds, I almost came just watching you play with yourself. That was the best toy we’ve ever bought.”

I finish pole titty fucking myself and moan out my answer, “I know, right? But this might be in the running for first place for sex toys, this hard, giant fucking pole you bought me.”

You scoff. “I pretty much think I bought it for me,” you say with a laugh.

I gaze into your eyes with a direct fuck me look, and say, “Nope, it’s for me.” I gyrate against the pole, rippling my body against it, savoring its unforgiving hardness against my body in a hump that starts at my cheek, rides down my throat, whirls through my cleavage. I swivel my torso back and forth slapping the insides of my tits against the pole.

“Fuck. That sound is hot,” you say as you rub your enraged to red cock that’s peeking out of your pants.

I pirouette my stomach and hips along the pole further pound-humping it, then I slip my pants down just enough for you to see my smooth pussy mound. Then I spin and roll my ass cheeks along the pole, close my eyes and slip the pole along the crack of my ass. I naughty grin and hump the pole with my butt. My gyrations send shocks through my body, filling in my hungry lust.

“Aw, fuuuucckkk,” you moan out as I ram the pole at my butthole.

I pop my eyes open, turn and slip my pants a few inches further, which I have to tug down hard a bit as these yoga pants are shockingly tight. I wiggle, restrained against my pants as if they are tying me up. I dance to the song with my legs bound you as restart it again. I spread my thighs as much as I can, then squeeze my fingers in, rub my clit to circulate out more of my juices, squelching my two fingers repeatedly into my wet cunt as I moan and whimper, closing my eyes. My pussy’s making a squishy sound like walking in wet mud. I’m already damn near coming.

Efficiently edged, I point my ass at you and bend over as I slip my pants down to my ankles. I glance back at you around my right thigh as you stand and start towards me. You can never resist me bent over. I shake my finger at you.

“Put your ass back on that ball, little boy. This dance ain’t done yet. I’m having too much damn fun for you to end me yet.”

You make a humpf sound as you return back to sitting on the big ball. You bounce as you rub your cock, the sloshing sounds your hand is making with the precum against your hardon drives me to rub my clit rampant with my fingers. I stay bent over with my ass facing you as I ride my slit with the length of my forefinger, up and down, backward, slithering my hand towards my anus. I tap at my butthole with the tip of my forefinger and you groan out.

“Please, please, I need you,” you moan like a little baby.

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dance pole for home erotic story this is a man with a goatee

Photo credit:  Ståle Kvale


I love driving you wild with desire. I purr, “Not yet, baby. Not yet.” I tap my butthole again and whirl to face you, slipping out of my pants as I spin. I scoop them up with my toe and fling my yoga pants at you.

“I love you commando, but next pole play you need to wear underwear so I can watch you take it off, or I can take it off with my teeth.” You sniff at the inside crotch of my yoga pants and sigh.

I smirk at you and give you a smirk as I wrap my right leg around the pole and moan out, “Yes, baby, I will obey.” I close my eyes, press my wet hot cunt against the cool metal of the pole and moan as I ride it up and down, smearing my juices all along its thick substantial hardness, masturbating on it like a big long cock. I grin as I rub my labia and slit along it, hug the pole against my clit. I moan against its rocklike hardness. I open my eyes and stare directly right into your horny eyes. “Fuck you are a genius for buying this pole.” My eyes roll back in my head as my clit is climbing its way up an orgasm.

I fuck the pole with my vaginal slit, rubbing my pussy along its rooted unshakable mass, warming it with my pussy and body juices. I groan, it feels fucking amazing.

You’ve had it and you bounce of that ball like a shot and charge towards me, making a beeline. It makes my pelvis lurch with excitement. I allow you to run your hands over my hips, then I step back and raise my foot to rub your cock, steadying myself by holding on to the pole.

You moan as I give your dick a tiny little foot rub. I wrap my foot around your hardon and slide it up the shaft and off, glazing the bottom of my foot with your precum. I raise my foot to your belly and give you a little shove back towards the exercise ball with my toes.

“You go sit down and wait your turn. This is my turn.” I giggle and point at the ball behind you.

“I’m getting ready to just spank you into submission.”

I laugh. “Good luck with that one. I think I need heels.”

“You are enjoying edging the fuck out of me, aren’t you?” You grin. You sound cheesed off, but I know you totally love this.

I give you a nasty grin while narrowing my eyes. “You keep that cum in you. Ya hear?”

You crack up. “Fuck me, are you asking for it or what?”

I shiver at the sound in your voice knowing full well how you devour me. And I can’t fucking wait. The thought of it is making me shudder in a frenzy. I race off to the bedroom in response to my sudden impulse for heels, my tits flapping as I jog. I want my black heels with the rhinestones I wore for Jenna’s wedding. I fly past the windows hoping there isn’t a neighbor walking by who could see my naked body streak past the window, but sort of hoping my neighbor Sam is out walking his dog. The thought of him watching me run by a window naked soaks my pussy a bit more. But I’m not going to tell you that. I chuckle.

I stride into the room completely naked, but for my heels and I strut over the pole, grip it with both hands, and lick it feverishly where it’s coated with my pussy juice.

“Hey, I wanted to do that,” you complain with a grin while you sit on the exercise ball bouncing, your hands under your ass, your cock pointing straight up at the ceiling with a bulb of precum sitting on the top of your penis. I watch waiting for your bounce to spill it off the head of your dick.

I prance in my heels, shaking my ass as I dance my way towards you. Some random song is on now as you’ve flipped it to an easier channel that’s just streaming. Less maintenance that way.

I bend at the waist and stick out my tongue, hover over your dick and take one swipe across the top of your cock head to claim that drop of precum for my tongue.

The stimulation makes you groan and roll your head back as I turn and dance back to the pole with extra ass wiggles.

Back on the pole, I allow my eyes to roam you as I swivel my hips. I hold your gaze, making love to you with naughty eyes as my gaze caresses down your hair, draws along your strong jawline, bumps over your lips. I drag my eyes down your goatee to dive below your chin as my gaze slides down your neck.

I grasp the pole with both hands and bend myself around it as I continue my eye fuck walk down your chest, to your abdomen and finally to that delicious muscle that dives down to your cock like a triangle, the base of your dick at the pointy tip of the triangle. I stare down your boner, my eyes fixed on your hefty dense penis. I run my gaze up and down your thick shaft as I rub my tits and nipples against the pole.

I’m ripe as fuck.

I lean against the pole and slide one high heeled foot up the pole as I lean back, arching my back as much as possible, a movement much yoga has gifted me with. I return my foot to the ground and I wrap my ankles around the pole, so both my feet are wrapped to the front of the pole.

I slowly lean my entire body along the pole, my deep cleavage smashing against the cool pole as I jerk my torso, my cheek resting aside of it as I hug the pole. I grasp both of my nipples, each to a side of the pole, and I pull on them. Twist them in circles, tugging my nips into hard pink nuggets.

I finger curl towards you, and you spring off the ball and charge at me, your boner bouncing on the air as you speed walk over to me. You slam your body against my backside and grind your cock against my ass, your hot mouth sucks my neck, kissing up and down and on up onto my earlobe, which you take into your mouth and bite gently as I moan. You sink your teeth in a bit too hard and I whimper against our teeth on my fleshy lobe.

You take a step back and slap your hand on my ass.

“A few spankings for you, naughty little girl.” I can’t see your eyes, but I know the lust is there from the sound of your voice. I shiver against the built-up sexual agitation I hear threaded throughout your words.

You slap my ass again causing my body to rock into the firm pole. Then you grip my hips and walk my ass backwards as I wobble on the heels, back and back until I’m completely bent over at the waist. I grip the pole, bracing for impact, hugging the pole to my neck. I’m quivering with the intoxication of our impending fuck, just shaking in anticipation of you penetrating me. I can’t stop shaking as you spank me once more, my body wavers back and forth on the heels, which are starting to hurt my feet already. I’ll leave them on for a bit because I know you like fucking me when I have heels on.

“I’m gonna tease your ass now, bitch.” The last word comes out mad as hell, which makes my clit throb.

You dance your dickhead along my ass cheeks, at my butt crack and hole, then just barely let it touch my pussy.

“Oh, please, fuck me,” I say, my voice dripping with concentrated want. “Please, fuck me hard. Please.”

You chuckle huskily and say, “Nope.” But I know after all this you won’t last long before you ram your dick inside me.

I glance backward at your ass dancing wildly in the mirror. You slow your shaking hips so you can dribble your precum along the underside of my wet pussy, making me even wetter than I was before. It won’t take much for me to climax once you are fucking me.

You crawl your fingers along the outside of my pussy lips, then, you steady my hips by gripping just above my spanked-warm right ass cheek, and you pump two fingers of your left hand in me so rapidly it causes my pussy to make sloshing sounds. I moan because it feels so fucking amazing. I moan a series of alternating lusty and whimpering sounds as I cum against your palm as you spank my clit.

“Ah, that’s a good girl,” you say as you keep slapping my clit after I cum, I mewl as your touch is almost too intense for me to tolerate after having cum hard. Shivers travel my legs and my toes curl in my heels.

As you slow your slapping, I descend my climax a tiny bit only to mount it again as you keep finger fucking me with increasing intensity. You lay on my back and pull your fingers out of my vagina so you can grab at my tits. You squeeze both and then press them together with both hands.

“My head is crying out for your mouth,” you whisper in my ear, the last word coming out of your hot mouth fluffing a strand of my hair.

I nod. I want that too.


man and woman being intimate dance pole in home erotica short story

Photo credit:  Ståle Kvale


I stand and swivel to kneel in front of you as you lean against the pole. I take your cock in my mouth and suck your head like I suck the extra avocado off the pit, not missing a speck of its creaminess, then I drag my tongue up and down your shaft all before again taking your head in my mouth. I suck your round fat bulbous head, licking my tongue in wiggles in the crevices because I know that drives you crazy. You confirm it with your deep groan as your grasping my long blond hair. I suck for a few more seconds but stop to edge you some more.

You pull me up to stand, snuggle me close to your chest and suck my upper lip into your mouth. I pull it out and then we kiss for several minutes; it’s like I’ve fallen into a warm bath.

“Doggy pole,” you say in a loud whisper so laden with lust and power, I quiver as you swivel me, put a hand on my back to bend me over.

I grip the pole and hug it once again against my neck.

You tickle your cock about my pussy again, then place you place the tip of it ready in line to pussy fuck me. I moan out as you enter me, your sturdy cock dives in slow motion into my pussy, widening it as my vaginal walls suckle your hardon with each thrust in.

You make love to me from behind as my cheek and shoulder rubs the pole. I grip it hard to stabilize our fucking as you grip my hips firmly, your nails pressing against my skin. You bang me from behind, making my ass cheeks jiggle. Our skin slaps against each other, our genitals making wet sloshing sounds. I rise into another orgasm as you dick blast my cunt and I groan into it.

You pull yourself out of me just in time, I can see that in your eyes as I stand and face you.

“Almost, huh?” I ask with a wry smile.

“Yeah, almost lost it there.” You’re breathing so heavy, I’m not far behind even though you were the one whacking my ass in wild gyrations.

You lie on the ground and I squat over your cock and slowly lower myself down. You raise a hand and hold up a finger.

“Just give me a sec here or it will be over.” You take a deep breath in.

“No round two in you today?” I cock my head and stick out my lip in a pout.

“Not sure yet, love.” Your breathing is slowing as you tuck a hand under your head. You nod at me.

I lower myself onto you and just bounce, causing my tits to flop up and down rapidly.

You can’t take it and you sit up and thrust your dick up into me, fucking me from below as we sit, fitting together like the sides of a tulip jiggling in the wind. I wrap my legs around your waist as you fuck yourself up into me.

We kiss and kiss, our mouths hot tangles of tongues, lip smacks, and hard lip sucks.


male and female about to kiss dance pole for home story

Photo credit:  Ståle Kvale


“Bash me, thrash me,” I whisper into your ear.

Our code for missionary. I want it bad.

You swivel me to my back, and my hands grip your thick biceps and I squeeze my message of pleasure to you. I lay back, my legs flat, bent, wide open and you slam my body into the exercise mat, most likely permanently denting it. My mouth falls open to release my climbing moans as you pound me so hard I cum again, giving my thighs robust shakes once more.

You take a moment to suckle both of my tits as I descend from coming, and I love you for that.

You slip your cock out, it glistens soaked wet from my cum in the bright lights. You bring my legs together and line them straight up against your abdomen, the backs of my shins resting on your chest. You grunt as you pump into me, my body wiggling while in the shape of an L. I love how this position slaps my ass. I twist my head to the side in a moan and within seconds you cum with a long giant groan. You pump into me past your coming as I feel you then shrinking inside of me, but it still feels luxurious to have you slapping into me, the pleasure keeps going until you stop your thrusting.

You fully lay on my chest, your whole body resting on mine, and whisper, “The fucking pole.”

I giggle and say, “Yep. Our fucking pole, best addition to the house yet.” My clit is still throbbing, slowly calming its core.

You kiss the pillowy top of each of my breasts and give me a peck on the lips.

You grin and say, “But next time, underwear.”

I laugh. “Yes, I know you love underwear, next time, I promise.”

You roll off me and place your head on your bent arm, lounging on your side. “No, I love you commando, I just like to take off your underwear.”

“I have just the thong to wear. It’s new.” I smile, enjoying the total look of satisfaction on your face.

“Oh?” you ask. “Wear it for round two.”

“You get the robes, I’ll get the drinks, and I’ll meet you at the couch in five.”

We both stand. Your mouth drops open as if you are about to say something.

“And I’ll get my thong.” I nod.

You give my left butt check a backhanded swat that only grazes my skin because I skitter away from you.

I realize a better plan. “Maybe I’ll get the robes and thong, and you get the drinks.”

I wink as you smirk at me as we walk out of our exercise room, which now I just want to call the pole room.

I hope you enjoyed this dance pole for home short erotic story.

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