Couples Toys Delivery for Hot Quarantine Sex


I run to the door giddy, practically running in my rush, pausing only to watch the delivery man walk down our front steps through one of the long windows flanking the front door. He turns to wave after I unlock the front door. He gazes up at me, his eyes very friendly over the top of his blue face mask, and he gives me a wave with his blue gloved hand. I wave back as I glance down and realize I’m still wearing my see-through purple lingerie, and my robe has fallen open. Ah, that’s what caused that look in his eyes.

I snicker as my boyfriend approaches. “Oops, he got an eyeful.” I run my finger over my right nipple that is poking out the mesh fabric over my breast. “If he only knew all the couples toys he just dropped at our door, then he’d really grin.”

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Couples Toys delivery for hot quarantine sex an erotic short story erotica

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“I know you don’t mind any of that, you naughty little girl.” He gives me a devilish grin as he strips my robe off my shoulders, lets it falls to the floor with a thump.

I laugh and swat at his shoulder, but my hand gets only air as he leans back just as I swing, a giant grin on his face, nestled blatantly within his overgrown goatee, a product of our isolation.

“And neither do you, jackass, since you like showing me off.” I twirl so the little sheer jacket of my lingerie jacket flies up behind me, I stick my ass up as my backside passes by him.

“I’ll get that ass soon, my sweet cheeks.” He opens the front door and bends over to pick up the box.

I grab his ass as he does, firm buns in his jeans. I reach around the front and stroke his boner through the rough fabric. “I want this package.”

“Hey,” he calls as he stands up, brown box in his hand. “It’s all yours, every inch, after I open this fun box. I hope this is our box of couples toys. I’m so ready for some hot quarantine sex with you … with something new.” He raises his eyebrows several times in a row before he starts to rip into the box with his bare hands.

I fidget with the purple fabric rose between my boobs on the bodice of my lingerie. “A little excited, are you?” I finger the little green leaf hanging off the rose as I watch his strong hands rip the tape off the box

“Hello, hell yes. I can’t wait to see what you picked out. Next time I’ll order and surprise you.” He pulls out the clear plastic blown up packaging and tosses it to the floor.

“Sounds like a fun game to me.” I follow him as he carries the box to the couch.

He sets the box down on the cushion and reaches in. “Best remedy for boredom I’ve ever heard.”

“Oh, I’m ready.” I sit on the couch next to the box as he pulls out the items I ordered.

He takes out a plastic encased something. “What’s this?”

I take it from him and turn it over in hands. “Not sure, but it might be the sex pillow. It’s a wedge and it has to be blown up.”

He nods with the naughtiest grin ever. “Nice one. To raise your ass up to me, opening up your pussy hole for me to enter. Oh, I can’t wait to try this one out. Where’ the pump?”

“It’s in the basement. I’ll go get it.” I hop up and he reaches for me, but I dance away from his lunge with a flirty grin.

“Oh, don’t tease me or you are getting it.” He gives me an intense gaze that makes me quiver a bit as I know how strong his sex drive is and how strong he really is, which makes me shiver with delight many nights.

I shudder and my nipples harden as I imagine him manhandling me in a hot moment of sheer lust, like last night when he grabbed me in the middle of the night after I peed and ravaged me on the bed, fucking me like a wild animal. “Maybe I want it.” I pull my sheer lingerie down exposing a hard tit to his hungry eyes.

“That’s going in my mouth in a few minutes so hurry. My dick is hard as hell right now.”

I skip down the stairs, half-running, almost tripping in my excitement that we are going to fuck and use all those toys I ordered. In moments like this, when we are forced to stay home rather than go out to the bars or a restaurant, I’m actually thankful for the quarantine because we are fucking more.

I dig through the box in the utility room, chucking flat air mattresses behind me as I search for the electric pump. Touching these air mattresses reminds me of fucking on them last summer when we went camping. It was awesome to be pounded into an air-filled mattress, getting royally fucked to the sound of birds chirping, or crickets creaking, or frogs fucking in the woods around us, lightning bugs bumping about with lit up horny butts wanting to copulate too.

The black cord of the pump appears as I pull a pillowcase out of the box. “Aha,” I say. “Gotcha you little fucker.”

I run up the stairs with the pump in my hands, imagining the look on his face as he empties the box of the furry pink handcuffs, of course, I picked pink, strawberry-flavored lube, chocolate body paint, nipple clamps, a small rubbery paddle, a crotchless bodysuit that laces up the front, and an egg vibrator with a tail called Lush 2.

He has them all laid out on the couch, I can’t help but grin as I approach. He raises his gaze up to me meet mine, his bright blue eyes ablaze with lust, practically eating me alive.

His mouth is hanging a bit ajar. “I fucking love you.”

I giggle as he takes the pump from me. “You like?”

“Do I like? Oh, my God. I think this quarantine might just be the best thing our sex lives has ever been given. You’ve never brought up some of this stuff up before, I never would have thought you’d be into some of it.”

“Well, I’m feeling adventurous lately,” I say. “Maybe it’s being home couped up that’s got my mind wandering to things I’ve never tried before.”

“I’ve wanted to do most of this stuff with you since we met, but I’ve been hesitant because I didn’t want to scare you off.”

“Well, I guess we need to talk about our hidden fantasies more,” I say with a tilt of my head and a smirk. “I can’t wait to see what you pick out when you do order your box of goodies.”

“Oh, baby, I’m doing it in the morning, not waiting. And can’t do it tonight because we will be busy with all of this new fun stuff. We going to order that pizza later, right? So we could get playing with all this now?” His eyes are hopeful, puppy-dog-like.

I nod and his eyes turn to lusty pools of suggestion as I mutter heartily, “Fuck yes.”

“Is this one of those remote-control vibrators?” he asks with bright excited eyes holding up the pink egg vibrator.

“Yes. It can be controlled by a button on the tail, by a phone app, or even a laptop if we are ever separated for travel. Not that any travel is happening any time soon with this damn quarantine. So, we are stuck at home … to play.”

“I’m kind of liking the quarantine status now.” He flops the tail of the egg vibrator back and forth. “This looks like a mini whale with its tail up. I can’t wait to shove it in you. C’mere.”

I skip over, because, fuck, I‘m excited to try it too. “I wonder if it’s charged?”

“Well, they’d be mean fuckers if they sent it without some sort of charge in it.” He rubs the smooth pink toy with his fingers. “It’s very smooth. This shape is going to get you right on your G spot.”

I laugh, giddy as I’m lying down on the couch and spreading my legs. I twirl a long strand of blond hair as he moves the lingerie bodysuit off my crotch. He plunges a finger in and I’m instantly wet.

“Fuck, so wet, baby. I love how you are just wet even at the first slightest touch.”

We kiss. Our mouths collide and he slides his tongue along mine. He sucks up upper lip and I clasp mine to his. He pushes his tongue into my mouth, and I suck it. Our lips caress each other as our hands roam about each other’s skin.


kissing lips couples toys



He pumps his fingers in and out of me quickly making wet squishy sounds as I close my eyes, moaning with pleasure, riding the mounting rise of an orgasm already. The egg vibration sounds hit my ears and the humming of it sends an excited shiver throughout my body. He slips it into me easily, lining up the vibrating tail along my clitoris, causing me to release a sigh.

“Oh, my Gawd,” I murmur as the egg vibrates inside my pussy, hitting my G spot like a killer.

I writhe on the couch with my eyes closed, moaning. The fucking toy is amazing. He rubs my clit with a finger slipping beneath the little toy’s tail, and I yell out as he strokes. He grabs my chin between his thumb and forefinger to tip my face towards his.

“Open your eyes baby, look at me. I want to see you.”

I obey and pop my eyes open as he rubs my clit more aggressively with his thumb, pressing it then stroking. I move my legs back and forth and squeeze my thighs together over his hand at my crotch to force his hand down hard onto my clit. Mmmm. He knows hard pressure on my clit makes me cum. Fuck. Bless him.

“Oh, yes!” I scream as I writhe my legs against his fist.

“Mmm, yes, baby, yes, you cum for me, keep going. Fuck yes.”

I am climbing that orgasm arch to the point of no return and I give in to the curve of it and fall, until I feel a gush.

“Yes,” he murmurs. “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

My clit is hypersensitive. He licks my labia and vulva, moaning, then my clit, causing me to lurch and cry out.

He lets out a low man growl. “Oh, sweet baby, yes. I’m gonna make you cum again.” He leaves the vibrating toy in me and nudges his hard cock at the opening of my vagina, and pushes his cock slowly and all the way into me, his engorged hardon nestled beneath the toy. Never done this before.

I moan loudly as I acknowledge his cock and the toy in me at once, the toy vibrating against my G spot, my clit, and his cock thrusting into me. I thrash back and forth, my moans mounting.

“Oh, yes,” I mutter. “Please, fuck me, yes, please. Mmmmm.”

He pounds me harder and I’m about to cum again, and he just stops. My lip comes out in a pout.

He chuckles as my eyes find his.

“Well, we can’t finish yet, we have too many toys to try out.” He sits back on the couch, his cock turgid, glistening, pointing straight up with its luscious ever so slight curve towards his abdomen.

Bewildered, and annoyed being pulled into needless edging, he needs it, I don’t. I can cum over and over again and keep going. He’s a one and done for a bit. I shed my attitude and almost giggle watching him touching the new toys. A boy and his new toys, his eyes are lit as he unfolds the sex pillow.

“Let’s pump this up. I can’t wait to see your ass propped up into the air on it. And will you go put this on, please?” he begs, tossing me the crotchless bodysuit. “Go do it where I can’t see you, then parade in it for me. I want to be surprised. And I’ll pump this butt pillow up.” He grins. “Get ready for some spanking, little girl.”

I run out of the living room, the shiny bodysuit in my hands, gleefully padding my feet along the hardwood floor, my pussy juices wetting my inner thighs as I scurry along. I bite my lip as I imagine what he will do to me next. I can’t fucking wait.

In the bathroom, I examine the bodysuit. It’s a shimmery black with laces all the way up the front, thankfully already laced or I’d be in here forever. I slip out of my purple lingerie and pull it on by stepping into it, threading my toes in first, which are painted a deep red almost black, they glide along the fabric first. I pull it up over my legs, noting I need to shave again. Oops. Oh well. I smirk at myself in the mirror. I pull it up over my ass and hips, smooth it up over my tummy, and secure it snug around my breasts. The damn thing almost doesn’t fit around my breasts as they bulge out, threatening to spill over the top. I tighten the laces and make a hard bow, so I don’t pop my boobs out as I breathe. Though he might like that. I chuckle.

I reach my hand between my legs to feel the opening there, the crotch is completely open exposing my pussy, part of my buns, and asshole, thin fabric lines each side of my pussy to keep the bodysuit in place. Designed for access to holes clearly. I laugh with delight. Well, this will be interesting.

I touch the sides of my abdomen, my fingers loving the luscious smooth fabric. I prance out of the bathroom, even though he can’t see me, I swing my hips. Fuck, I feel sexy as hell in this bodysuit. I sashay across the kitchen, tick-tocking my hips back and forth to the sound of the air pump. Being home so much has sure given us time to really spend lots of time together, and it has made our relationship so strong, which it could have easily gone the other way if we drove each other nuts. I’m thankful for this time actually.

He turns the pump off and tosses the sex pillow in the air straight up with a grin, catches it, and gives me a naughty look.

He sets the pillow on the carpet and pats it. “Put your belly here, baby. I wanna see your ass propped up for me.”

I smile and take in a deep breath. His eyes have got me quivering inside, shaking on the outside I’m so turned on.

“Fuck me,” he says. “That bodysuit is fucking killer on you. Wow. How did I get so lucky to get you?”

His cock sways enticingly as he moves into a kneeling position next to the pillow.

I lay on the pillow, my lower belly flush to the scalloped blue velvet bumps, my ass propped up on the thicker part of the wedge. This position opens up my pussy to the air, she moves as if breathing herself.

“Oh, sweet fuck,” he says touching the hem of the crotchless area near my pussy. “This is the best thing I could have ever hoped for. Seriously.”

His fingers meander the entire hem of the opening, his fingers dipping to my skin at times as he traces the opening around my vagina and up to the humps of my ass cheeks. Then he slaps my ass with his hand, and I cry out, as I didn’t expect that yet. I smile as he does it again. Saucy fucker that he is.

He rubs his cock between my ass cheeks next, moaning his delight, shoving his dick head beneath the fabric near my lower back. I grab at the carpet, but there’s nothing to grip so I entwine my hands into my own hair for something to touch. He’s pumping against my ass, sliding between my butt cheeks so fast as he grunts, his strong arms on either side of my abdomen. I reach back to stroke his arms, his thick hair bumping under my fingertips.

He climbs off me and disappears for a moment. I peek back to see what he’s doing.

“No peeking, you naughty little girl,” he says as he runs a finger down his strong jawline.

Oh, now I’m naughty again. I silently chuckle.

Whap! My body recoils from the slap of the little rubber paddle. He slaps my ass again and again until I feel I could be red-cheeked. Damn he likes that little paddle.

“Oh, this is making my cock so hard, baby.” He kisses my ass and licks it all over, traveling his tongue over my butthole as I squirm. “Flip over,” he murmurs between licks.

I do as he asks and now my pussy is the highest part of my body due to the pillow. He licks my pussy, a full lick from anus to clit. I grasp at my breasts, squeezing, running my fingers over my nipples which are hard beneath the taut black fabric.

He leans back and grabs the little paddle. He slaps my pussy and my whole body jerks as it sends shock waves. This simple toy that sends jolts of electricity through my clit. I gasp as he does it again. Holy fuck.

“Oh, fuck,” I murmur. It’s all I can manage to say with how overcome with pleasure I am. Yeah, this is going to make me cum if he keeps that up. Holy fuck the fuckity shit fuck.

I grasp at the air, but that fails to satisfy, so I grab my breasts again and squeeze. I moan and groan as the clit slaps shove me towards climaxing. He stops and begins to give me oral. I whimper as his mouth devours my clit, he holds her in a solid constant suck as I scream out a moan.

“Fuck,” I groan out as I shove my fingers into his hair, pushing his head hard into my pussy so hard he actually snorts and smacks his mouth against my skin. “Oh yes,” I moan.

I’m about to tip into cuming as he slides his tongue into my pussy, tongue riding my pussy before open mouthing my clit again. One of the things that thrilled me first about him sexually was his obsession with eating my pussy. He told me but I didn’t fully grasp what he meant until the first time we had sex.

I lurch into the rising top of my orgasm, I whimper, my lips purse, my legs draw up bent, my arms bend too, my toes curl as I ride my inevitable ejaculation. I imagine my creaminess coating his tongue as my clit goes into the hyper-sensitive mode.

I whine against the extreme feelings radiating to my body out of my clit. He comes off me and I breathe heavily, slowly descending from cuming hard.

I am speechless.

“Mmm,” he says. “You taste so damn good.”

I run my fingers down the rounded laces of the bodysuit, from my cleavage down to my pussy until I touch the smooth skin of my shaved pussy mound. “Wow. That was fucking unbelievable.”

“Good. Now flip over again. I’m gonna cuff you and fuck you from behind, with that beautiful ass of yours presented to me. Like the fucking gift you are to me.”

I obey, wondering if he’s forgotten about the nipple clamps I bought. I’ve never used tittie clamps before, but I sure as fuck like it when he pinches and pulls my nipples, so that’s why I decided to try them. My friend Amanda swears by them, but I just haven’t ever bought any. So, being home, now is the time. I’ll mention them later as he has his plan set now and I’m ready to enjoy the fuck out of that.

My stomach growls but food can come later. I wanna get fucked.

“I hear that tummy, we’ll order pizza soon, after I ravage you from behind.” He chuckles at his own words.

“Mmm, sounds good to me,” I moan out.

He grips my ass cheeks and squeezes, then runs his hands up my sides from my hips up to my armpits, then back down, lingering only over my sideboobs. He does this several times as I wiggle against the hug of his two hands straddling my abdomen, makes me feel cuddled and lusciously massaged.

He drags his hard cock head along my pussy lips, teasing me so much I almost cry out for him to shove it in me already. He knows what I want as I hear him let out a low chuckle. I know that sound, he loves driving me wild with want, the fucker.

I can’t help it and say, “Um, please, please, please fuck me.”

“With extreme pleasure,” he says, his voice full of giant packed lust. I imagine his horny eyes getting an eyeful of my propped-up ass and it sends shockwaves of want through me. Ah, this pillow was such a good idea.

Fuck. I just want him to slam into me, make my butt cheeks shake, drive against my clit like a fucking jackhammer.

He drags his cock tip along my butt crack, hesitates for a second for a tiny push against my asshole before sliding down to my moist pink pussy, and he enters me slowly. We both let out groans.

He does a few slow pumps, then beats his meat into me wildly, rapidly, pounding himself as far into me as he can.

I raise up on my arms, reveling in his excitement so much that he forgot to cuff me. I arch my back and tip my head towards him.

“Oh, fuck, yes. Please. Please fuck me. Yes.” It’s all I can get out as he pussy fucks the shit out of me to the point I feel like his ragdoll.

I’m groaning and he’s moaning, his cock hard against my pussy walls, slamming into my clit fast and hard like I like it. Then he slows his pumping and leans down over my back, his breath sending shivers that start where his breath lances between my shoulder blades, grabbing with his meaty hands for my tits. I raise up a bit more giving him full boobie access. He wiggles his big fingers roughly, clumsily, beneath the bodice. I find the clasp for the shoulder strap and release it, one side then the other, then push the bodice off my breasts, they fall and bounce away as the fabric releases them. His hands grab my full mounds as he deeply groans out, his fingers close together to pinch and twist my nipples as he pounds his cock into me.

I give a hearty grunt as we use each other.

Touching my breasts must have triggered his thoughts of the nipple clamps as he suddenly rises off my back, pulls himself out of me and leaves.

I glance over at him as he’s examining the toys on the couch. “Like a kid in a candy store,” I say with a giggle.

“Damn straight.” He gazes at me with a naughty gleam in his eyes. “You know, this quarantine has been the best thing for our sex life. We’ve fucked so much, and it’s got us experimenting more.” He strokes his rigid cock that sways as he moves. “I’m edging myself fucking crazy too.” He taps his full rosy red lips with his index finger. “Nip clamps or handcuffs?” He cocks his head at me, raises an eyebrow, clamps in one hand, handcuffs in the other.

“Both?” I ask.

He grins. “Oh, that brain of yours. Love your naughtiness.” He shakes his head. “We’re gonna need to buy a toy box at this rate. Give me your wrists, little girl.”

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I laugh and drop my head to the carpet, my hair falls as a blond spray across the beige carpet. “You gonna make me, officer?”

“Oh, you bet your ass I am.” Of course, he smacks my ass.

He grabs for my wrists roughly, just the perfect roughness to give my clit an electric jolt. He secures the soft cuffs on my wrists, then rolls me over, belly up. With my arms behind me, my tits are pushed up towards the ceiling, making my chest appear to be burgeoning like mountains pierce at the sky.

He grins nodding his approval. “Nice. Fuck me this is fun.”

He takes a turn suckling each of my nipples, making them wet with his spit as I release moans in response to him mouthing my areolas and tips. I close my eyes as he mouth fondles me, raking my nipples lightly with his teeth, each boob getting her full luscious turn with him.

He sits back and grabs something off the carpet. Holding it up, he opens the clamp and lets it go over my nipple like a tiny claw grabbing my nipple tip, causing me to yelp as the two sides slam closed on my tit.

“Oh,” I exclaim with a tiny body jerk.

Then he secures the second clamp over my other nipple, smiling the whole time. I’m relishing being his fuck toy as much as he’s loving it. He tugs on the clamps and I moan. This slight pain pushes me into an erotic zone that gels in my visceral gut.

“Oh, my Gawd. Fuck,” I say twisting as he manipulates the clamps.

Since I have no use of my arms, he rolls me over and places the wedge pillow under my hips to raise my ass up, presenting me to his pleasure. And really to mine as well.

He gives me a few spankings with his hard cock then rubs it all over my ass, I’m missing his precum on my tongue, but that can be for next time. I try to grab at his cock with my cuffed hands but fail, much to his delight as he chuckles.

“Can’t catch me,” he chants.

He backs off of me and I wait as he does nothing to me. It’s sheer agony waiting. My heart is pounding against the walls of my chest like it’s trying to leave my body. My hair has fallen across my face but I’m helpless to move it off with my hands cuffed. This helpless feeling solidifies me giving him full control and it’s driving me into a level I’m never treaded into before with a lover. I’m terrified and exhilarated at once.

What the fuck is he doing? Looking at me? Assessing his plan of attack?

I writhe and wiggle as I contemplate sneaking a peek back at him, that is until his mouth lands wide open on my pussy. He shoves his tongue into me repeatedly tongue fucking my pussy before sucking my labia lips each into his mouth, wetting my already wet pussy lips with his saliva. He licks his way to my clit and full mouth relentlessly sucks her as I moan. He’s driving me hard with his mouth so much so that I actually scream.

I writhe trying to comprehend the combination of his licking me, my nipples being squeezed, and falling helpless to his whims while being handcuffed. I have never in my life done this and my lust is screeching out of me into the air in full-blown yells. My pussy wets herself into his open mouth.

“Mmmm,” he says as he slurps up my wetness.

I’m really close to mounting another orgasm but just when I’m about to crash-dive into cuming, he moves off my clit. I’m breathing fast, my clitoris heavy with her little hardness, ready to burst as he licks my right leg from my butt cheek all the way down to my feet. He rounds my heel and quickly runs his tongue down the bottom of my foot as I squeal.

“Fuck, that tickles,” I say trying to squirm away from him, but he’s got my shin pinned to the carpet with his hand so I can’t move much.

He sucks each of my toes which sends zingers up my legs to tickle my clit, which I’m dying to fondle. Moving to my other foot, he takes each of those toes into his mouth for a suck, then rides my left leg up from my foot, over my shin, to my knee pit and on up to my thigh to my left ass cheek. He sucks on my buttock so hard I imagine a hickey will be there by the time he’s done.

He comes off my ass and grips both of my ass cheeks with his big hands to give them each a hard squeeze, then spreads my cheeks to expose my asshole. He licks it and I squirm. I cringe as he drops a wad of spit onto my butthole. He pokes ever so lightly into my butt with his drool-soaked index finger while still licking all around my puckered hole.

He knows my limits and I know his wants, I know his limits and he knows my wants. We are trying to please and satisfy each other, much to both of our delights. He wants anal and I don’t, but he respects my hesitancy as I told him I might work towards it a bit. Maybe. That was enough for him.

Mutual respect for our wants and trying to satisfy, what more can I ask for? I might just have to marry this man.

He feels up both sides of my abdomen, crawling his fingers from my hips to my waist, sliding his fingers up to my generous side boobs, then hooks his fingers under the bodice of the bodysuit where it rests under my boobs, and slips it off my body to make me fully naked.

He strokes his hands down my curvy sides ending by rounding the bulge of my hips. He pushes his hard dick into my pussy with a groan that rivals my own moan. Sliding in and out of me slowly at first, then faster as his lower abdomen slams against my ass cheeks making them bounce on impact, skin on skin slapping sounds join our moans as he slams into me hard.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moan arching my back as he slaps my ass while riding me.

I’m so close.

My clitoris is on the edge, tettering near the top of the hump near climaxing, just skirting the edge of it as I can feel its delicious release is within my grasp. I flood the air with my whimpering moans as my body swallows me into cuming, my body curves into a gyrated clench, my arms curling against the cuffs, my legs drawing up as they twitch and jerk. Lips pursed as I whimper-moan. My toes curl as I plunge the rest of the way into my finish.

Holy fuck, delicious! Repeats in my head, swirling about as I try to collect my thoughts into some actual words.

He pounds a few more times, then I feel the gush of him wet me inside, his cock starting to shrink, pulling more of our cum out to wet my pussy lips with each slowing pump.

I sigh, my body fully slumped, spent from being fucked, from cuming so hard, from being pinched, ravaged, cuffed, sucked, spanked, licked … just all out fucked.

He collapses to lay next to me on the carpet and we are both silent for about a half of a minute.

“Wow,” I finally manage to say. “That. Was. Amazing.”

“No shit.” He sighs. “The best fuck we’ve ever had.”

“I know. Same for me.”

We both just breathe as our breaths slowly try to calm down to a more normal pace.

“Can I be free now?” I ask with a smirk across my lips.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry,” he laughs as he frees me from the cuffs then removes the clamps from my nipples. “These do anything for you?”

“Oh, yes. They sure did. Really heightened everything for me. I think I even squirted.”

“Well, it sure got wet in the end there.” He rakes a hand through his damp hair, a sexy satisfied grin on his ruggedly lovely face.

“Yeah, it really did. That was so awesome. I like got lost in it all, like I was so overwhelmed with all this stimulation that my body was just reacting.” I sigh. “Wow.” I snuggle into the crook of his armpit, place my cheek on his chest.

I place my left palm on his wet sweaty skin and watch it rise and fall as his breathing still is heavy.

“Yeah, we’ll be repeating all that again,” he says with a tone of absolute assurance.

“Definitely,” I say as I smoosh my breasts into the side of him, drape my leg over his, his leg hair tickling my smooth skin. “I can’t wait to see what you pick out. And we didn’t even use all the toys I bought yet.”

“I know, right?” He smooths my hair off my face, tucking the strands behind my ear with his fingers. “I’m ready for you to taste that strawberry lube on me. Tomorrow that’s your breakfast appetizer.”

I laugh. “I’ll put it by the bed tonight.”

“Fantastic.” He sits up. “Now let’s order that pizza. I’m famished.”

“Me too,” I say. “Wish we could ask the pizza delivery guy to join us.” I give him a naughty half-smile.

“Oh, really?” he asks. “More new ground for us perhaps?”

“You never know,” I say hopping up to go grab my phone to order the pizza, my boobs flopping as I scurry. “You never know.”

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