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Erotica for Couples

Photo credit:  Ståle Kvale

Couple Erotica: Playful Living Room Sex

I’m a for sure thing. I’m naked as I run to the kitchen to pull my thong from the cupboard. I hide, put it on for you. I hope you will use your hot mouth to remove it from my ass crack.

couple erotica woman in thong panties

I smile devilishly at you. I intend to blow your mind-fuck rotten hard, lush, infused with erotic fucking.

I crawl, naked but for my thong, into the living room.

You naughty grin your approval.

I creep like a male panther stalking you like my mate. I take your engorged cock head in my mouth. My tits mount the space between your thighs. You grab them and squeeze my erect nipples as I suck you, trying to taste your tongue by sucking through your cock. If I focus, I can taste your saliva I’m sucking you so hard.

You push me off your dick because you want to begin our fucking.

I’m begging you to fuck me with my eyes, then it spills out my lips, “Are you gonna fuck me hard?”

Your grin is so sharp, it makes my clit twitch, a shiver travels down my spine, ending at my ass cheeks which I hope you slap with your stomach as you fuck me from behind. You tongue my thong off, swiping it from between my pussy lips, then you pull it down with your teeth.

I want you ramming my wet pussy while I’m on my back. I want to ask but you are already gripping my hips, swiveling me. Either way, I will ride your boner like a cowgirl at some point, that I fucking know.

You ride me like a cowboy as I moan against your brilliant packed cock slamming into me, balls to my cheeks. I moan, arch my back, tuck my head to my shoulder. I want to bite into your earlobe. And I will, in 60 seconds cause that’s all I’ll let you go.

I wiggle out of your grip, only because you are caught off guard can I slip out of your hands, I’ve never left you mid-doggy fuck before. I scramble, panic seething out of me as I’m crawling across the carpet, I rotate my hips, lay on my back quickly. You charge me as I spread my legs wide as my hips let me.

couples erotica naked man

Photo credit:  Ståle Kvale

couple erotica topless woman

Photo credit:  Ståle Kvale

You slide into me as you say, “You ain’t getting away that easily my sweet cunt.”

I say with a grin as I grip your shoulders, “I just wanted you to chase me, you fucker.”

You inhale me. I feel you steal my scent as an orgasm ravages me and I begin the plummeting of my cuming.

“Ride me like I’m your ocean,” I whisper into your ear before I sink my teeth into your earlobe.

You yelp into the air, bucking my mouth off you as you arch back. You slam into me harder. A punishment I fully want.

I feel my pussy gush against your cock as you pound me. I moan. It’s exactly what I want. I taste blood. Oops, I bit you too hard.

You slip me your long pointed tongue. I yearn to suck it with my short, wide, blunt one. We both groan, sucking while you are fucking my hard clit. You pull out of me.

“No, please,” I beg.

But, you crawl backward with a huge smirk, so I grin.

You are going to suck my clit. You attack her, making me quiver. Shake me, lover, like flower petals in a crisp fall breeze. You suck me like a legit suckerfish, baby. You finger me to push my cum out of my pussy. I am sinking.

couple erotica about to kiss

Photo credit:  Ståle Kvale

I’m dying, I’m your prisoner as you eat me. Powerless as a dandelion puff in the wind. I gasp. Guide me into a fountain of my cum leaching into your moving mouth. Yes…

I can only move once you quit sucking me. I eventually jump up, push you back into the carpet with my foot. You naughty grin your excitement as I reverse cowgirl fuck you, ram slam down. You spank my cheeks and I steal my orgasm again from your boner as I ride. I run my fingers over my wet clit, ensuring she’s milked barren.

‪I crawl off you, find the nearby corner crawling on hands and knees naked. You follow me and pin my head to the corner and penetrate me. We both moan.

You shudder beneath my thighs as I allow your cum to paint my insides. I curl forward as you finish pumping your cum into me. You pull out, swivel yourself to spoon me. We fall asleep naked.

Your cock, now soft on my back, tender and sweet. I can’t wait until the morning, to wake, feel it pressed like a hard rod on my back, begging, no demanding like a hairless demon to taste my core again. I will let you because our cum sings the best songs together.

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