I’m so thrilled you are here! I’m sharing the best sex external sex toys for female pleasure! There are many ways to provide sexual pleasure to a female, a feminine person, a human with a clitoris and vulva, but for the majority, the clitoris needs to be involved. Every female is different in how she likes her external and internal clitoris stimulated, and what type of stimulation will make her orgasm. These toys are targeted on the external portion of the clit or the head, often called “the bean”.

The orgasm gap, which is the difference in the time it takes a person with a clitoris to climax versus a human with a penis is well known, and it’s very real. It needs to be paid attention to and attended to, both partners’ sexual needs matter. In sexual relations, very often the person with the penis tends to climax faster leaving the person with the clit still waiting. Using his/her tongue, fingers, or sex toys can help close this gap and bring pleasure to both partners. Many sex coaches suggest getting the female to climax first, then proceed with relations. Pleasure, desired pleasure, should be the goal of the sexual union. I’m sharing in this post the best sex external sex toys for female pleasure to help people meet the sexual needs of a woman (person with a clit).

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Best 6 External Sex Toys for Female Pleasure

Best 6 External Sex Toys for Female Pleasure

I have several toys I recommend, some on my list are ones I already own so I have tried them out, but a few are ones that are on my bucket list which I intend to buy when funds allow. I’ll tell you which ones are which. I mention them because I’ve gotten so many recommendations from others, sex coaches, sex therapists, and erotica authors that they are amazing, quality toys worth purchasing. Therefore, they are on my list!

Sex Education

Sex education in most countries across the world is seriously lacking, including in the United States. Many people don’t understand the power and function of the clitoris. The clitoris is the only human organ whose only function is to deliver pleasure to its owners, and pleasure to partners of clit owners who enjoy pleasuring their partners.

A hard fact for many people to accept … are you ready? Here it is…

Many people, well most, with clitorises do not come from penetration alone. I’m not going to speak for the entirety of the world, only to say studies show that the vast majority of women don’t climax from just penile, or toy, vaginal penetration. It’s just not enough stimulation to reach climax for many women (clit owners). They must have clitoral stimulation at the right place, for the right length of time, at the right pace, and with the right pressure to reach their orgasmic heights. Also, it may not even be possible for some clit owners to come from manual manipulation alone. But there is a solution. They may need an external sex toy involved in the sexual play, or at the very least hand or other stimulation of the clit.

Sex toys are tools. Use them.

1. The Zumio

The Zumio is a toy I found recently from a recommendation from an acquaintance. I purchased the toy to try it out. I loved it so much that I’ve promoted it and became an affiliate. It’s a very targeted external clitoris toy. I fully recommend it. What I love about this particular toy is the intense pinpointed stimulation it delivers. The head of the toy is very small, but it delivers a strong vibrating sensation. There are many levels so the intensity can be catered to the clit owner’s desire. That’s a good thing!

zumio sex toy best clitoral stimulator

Best toy for clitoral stimulation I’ve ever tried!

The Benefit of the Zumio Sex Toy Can Also be a Downfall:

The downfall of this small targeted head is that it’s easy to fall off the clit, which will stop the stimulation, which in turn blocks the rise to reaching the climax. For many, the external head of the clit is quite small so it can be a challenge to keep the toy in the right spot. While this toy is ideal for personal masturbation use, it’s less ideal for partner-controlled usage because of this small area of stimulation. That being said, it really closes the orgasm gap because the rise and completion to climax can be very quick with this toy if it’s in the right spot that is. I can reach climax in mere minutes when I control this toy on my own.

There are three models of the Zumio out at the time this article was written. I have only tried one but I love it. I’d buy it again and if it breaks, I’d buy a new one. I like it that much.

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Other things I like about the Zumio

I like how it doesn’t even look like other sex toys. It looks like a big pen so the sight of it doesn’t even give away its function. This can be very helpful if you are not wishing to advertise your sex toy usage but need to charge it. It sits upright in a little cup to charge. It even has a cap that covers the head of it. It’s very slender so it easily fits in a pocket. So, overall, it’s very inconspicuous. It’s also very lightweight.

I like the purple color and that it’s easy to hold being of a slender design. I also like the simple control that is shaped like a figure eight. The buttons are raised so I can even adjust the strength of the toy while I’m using it, which is a definite bonus if I desire it to stay in contact while I change modes.

It’s easy to clean and care for and dropping it in the charger cup is very easy and convenient.

Things I don’t like about the Zumio

I’ve already mentioned one. It’s that with a small area of contact, it can easily slip off the head of the clitoris, which interrupts the climb to the orgasm peak. The other issue I don’t like is that the length of time to charge the toy is quite long. So, in order to deal with this issue, I make sure I charge it up plenty ahead of time before I intend to use it. I basically charge it right after use.

2. The Ruby Glow

This sex toy is a very unique sex toy. It was invented by a friend of mine. I interviewed her on my podcast. Her name is Tabitha Rayne. Here is her interview on the podcast.

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Her sex toy design is unique because it’s a grinding toy. It’s placed on a hard surface, like a chair, and the clitoral owner rides it, or grinds on the toy. I have over forty sex toys and none of them are like this toy. It’s a one of a kind! For those clitoral owners who love to grind, this toy will make you very happy! I like to call it a pussy saddle. I just plop it on the chair and can enjoy the ride. It’s great for use while you are working in the privacy of your home. Listen to the podcast episode to hear about how she created the toy for her own needs, then released it for the sex toy market to share with the world.

The Ruby Glow

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3. The Ruby Blush

This sex toy was recently released on the market so I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s on my to-buy list! It’s amazing! It’s a two-in-one toy where the wand can stand in the saddle and it can be a ride-on toy, a grinding toy, or the wand can be removed and used separately. Genius! What an amazing system this sex toy creator has invented! It’s sure to please you whether you want to coast the waves of the wand while it sits on a chair or if you want to wield the unit with your own hand. This toy literally has got both types of play covered. It’s also created by the creator of the toy listed above.

The Ruby Blush

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4. The Womanizer

I’ve talked with so many women, sex coaches, sexologists, and the like who adore and recommend this toy. This toy is also on my wish list. It clearly is a top choice because most women pick it as their top favorite. And this really makes me want to get this toy like right now!!!

Womanizer Sales

Womanizer’s Bestsellers

Starlet 3 by Womanizer

Classic 2 by Womanizer

Inside Out by Womanizer

Womanizer DUO

Womanizer Sex Toy

Womanizer DUO Starlet 2

Womanizer Starlet Sex Toy

5. MysteryVibe

These toys are utterly amazing! I interviewed the CEO of MysteryVibe on the podcast. He is an engineer as well and he talked on the podcast about how their toys are designed to mimic the human hand. When I found out these toys were bendable like real human fingers, I was honestly blown away. They also offer an amazing toy that helps the man maintain an erection while also stimulating the woman’s genitals. These toys are on my to-buy list.

To listen to this podcast episode with the CEO of MysteryVibe, click here:

Ruan Willow interviews the CEO of MysteryVibe.

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6. The Rose Clit Sucker

I have this toy and absolutely love it! This is one of those pulse air toys and it’s so easy to hold given its petite cup structure, its attractive looking, and the opening at the top for the sucking action is a perfect size. I have this toy and I’m a huge fan of it. It really gets the job done very well! There are many models on the market but here are two of them. It’s very easy to charge, but a bit of a challenge to clean with the folds. But it’s a very attractive and easy-to-use toy.

The Rose Clit Sucker


Other Sex Toys for Female Pleasure I Recommend:

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Another favorite toy of mine is the dual-action inside and outside of the OG.

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We named our company Tracy’s Dog because we wanted to design toys that are loyal to your intimate desires, safe to try in any way you want them to perform, and always ready to “work”. Besides, we love our customers and we bring lots of joy to them!

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I hope you have found this post on sex toys for female pleasure helpful! Get out there and harness your pleasure, use those sex toys and enjoy your sex life to the max!

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