Going on a trip? Plan to have lots of fun sex with your partner on your trip? That’s part of what makes a vacation fun is having the time to indulge in sexual pleasures! Taking these 9 essentials for a sex vacation and tips for how to pack them will make your plans a success!

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9 Essentials for a sex vacation and how to pack them

9 Essentials for a Sex Vacation and How to Pack Them

Packing for a vacation can be tough when you are trying to fit everything in your suitcase. You need to pack clothing for daytime, evening, and bedtime. You need to pack shoes for all your activities. Hey, shoes are important because you need those sandals, slip-on shoes for the pool, dress shoes for dinner/going out, and tennis shoes for walking. You need all your bathroom toiletries and products, underwear and bras, socks, and often you need a swimsuit or two as well. And all that doesn’t even touch anything for sexual fun on your trip! Let’s get to the saucy fun stuff like lingerie, sex toys, lube, and other sexual paraphernalia to make your vacation as “hot” as it can be! Here are my top 9 essentials for a sex vacation, including tips on how to pack them so they not only fit in your suitcase but also pass security.

1. Pack Your Favorite Clitoral Sex Toys

My favorite sex toy for the clit is the Zumio X. It’s a clitoral sex toy that was made by women for women. It’s such a strong toy that produces climactic effects within minutes! This little pen-like toy is slender so it won’t take up much room in your suitcase either. This leaves more room for other fun sexy items. This toy can easily be paired with a dildo or other internal clit/G-spot toy for her. I absolutely 100% recommend this toy! I can’t get enough of all the adventures and heights it sends my body into! This toy is also great for fun on the go while on your vacation because you can easily slip it into your pocket when sight-seeing. Be daring and try it!

I have the X but I can’t wait to try all their other models.


How to pack it:

I recently took this toy on a trip and I simply wrapped it in tissue paper to protect it. Bubble wrap is also a good option to protect this toy. It does come with a cover, but I wanted to pad it a little more so tissue paper worked great because it’s thin and lightweight, yet protective. Don’t forget to pack the charger cup, charger cord, and base. This little charger is great to just leave on the dresser or bathroom counter and you can simply slip it into the holder once you are done with it. It can even sit out and charge and it’s unlikely hotel housekeeping staff will even know it’s a sex toy.

Listen to my podcast review of this amazing mind-blowing toy right here: Zumio review on Ruan’s Podcast Oh Fck Yeah with Ruan Willow

2. Pack a Dildo for her Internal Clit and G-spot Pleasure

My recommendation here is to pack a toy that works both in close range and with a remote. I recommend the Lush from Lovense. Why? Because this widens up your opportunity for fun because it can be used at close range like when in bed, and with the remote. The remote functions are controlled with an app on your phone. This is great because it could be used out on a date out to dinner, while lounging on the beach, or even in bed together! The toy has a button right on it for control without the app. And the other great thing about the Lush toy from Lovense is that it’s waterproof! It can be used in shower fun, either when showering together, or if your partner is lounging in bed.

And it’s perfect for the beach! Tickle her sweet spot while she’s jumping ocean waves!

The other beautiful thing about this toy is that it’s kickass to use with the Zumio! Oh hell yeah! Pack a double punch and get her orgasming at maximum by using both the Zumio and the Lush!

The other great thing about the Lush is it’s small and compact so you can easily sneak it into your suitcase.

Want to know more about the Lush? Check out my review: Lush Sex Toy Review Remote Controlled Vibrator

I recommend Lovense toys! Lovense Sex Toys

To listen to this podcast episode:


3. Pack a Sex Toy that Stimulates both his and her genitals!

I recently interviewed the CEO of Mystery Vibe on my podcast. I was really blown away! He was so amazing to talk to and their sex toys are mind-blowing in their versatility, function, and uniqueness! Mystery Vibe has three sex toys and one that not only helps his erection last longer but stimulates her vulva and clit called Tenuto. Wow! That’s a double win there! Both sexes get their sexual stimulation enhanced at once with this amazing sex toy! Plus, since it helps erections last, the sexual fun can keep going for maximum pleasure for both him and her! Fill up all your leisure time with as much sexual pleasure as possible!

Tenuto - The Wearable Smart Vibrator for Men
Tenuto – The Wearable Vibrator for Men by MysteryVibe!

Check out my interview with the CEO of Mystery Vibe: Podcast interview with CEO

How to Pack it:

I’d wrap this one in a cloth or tissue paper as well just to protect it. If you are embarrassed that the airport staff will see it, pack it in a small pouch. Hopefully, they will not unwrap it and touch it. If you are worried about germs, if your suitcase gets the dreaded full search, simply wash it before you use it. There’s a toy cleaner recommendation below, or pack a small bottle of liquid soap in your suitcase for cleaning your sex toy. Some people recommend just water to wash sex toys, but I usually use water and a dab of mild liquid soap. Don’t forget to let your sex toys thoroughly dry before you put them away so they don’t foster bacterial growth.

4. Lasting Spray! Help His Erection Last Longer for More Fun!

There’s an amazing delay spray on the market for men that helps him keep his erection for longer without any numbing effect spreading to his partner. It’s topical so not being a systemic product means it doesn’t interfere with medications or body chemistry. It’s super easy to use because it’s a metered spray so the right dose is delivered each time (men will vary in how many sprays are needed for the desired effect, so have some sexy fun figuring that out!). Look also for their wipes that work for this effect on the go too. This is awesome because the little package fits very nicely in a pocket. Can you say beach cabana quickie?

I also interviewed the CEO of this company and it was a stellar talk full of great advice. To listen to this podcast episode, click here: Ruan’s Interview with the knowledgable CEO of Promescent

Get Promescent® Delay Spray
Find all premium sexual wellness items at Promescent’s online store.

They sell other great products for travel too such as the cleanup wipes and the small bottle of female arousal gel (another favorite of mine!).

How to Pack it:

The bottle is very small so it will easily fit in with your bathroom essentials. This little bottle has a closing cap so it won’t accidentally spray out. But putting it in a sealed bag is always best. If you pack the wipes, this is an easy no-brainer and could be packed easily in a carryon (quickie bathroom sex?) or slipped into a suitcase pouch. Being that the packet is sealed, it’s a great travel option.

5. LUBE! Don’t forget some lube because no one wants sore skin on vacation!

Lube. Our bodies naturally lubricate when we are turned on, but sometimes we need a boost for moistness. No one ever regretted having lube handy. Here are a few options I love:

Looking for lube? Click here to find your favorite and new favorite brands at incredible prices.

This Durex lube smells and tastes amazing, plus it’s a gel so it’s not drippy so it’s less messy. With being a gel, it’s thick so it sticks where you put it better than other drippy lubes. Plus, it doubles as a massage gel so you get two uses from one product! Now that’s a smart way to pack!

I’ve purchased this Durex gel one multiple times and will continue to do so.

I also am enjoying the Promescent aloe vera lube and their water-based lubes which you can find here: Buy Promescent® Organic-Based Lube
Buy Promescent® Organic-Based Lube

How to Pack it Travel tips for lube:

Buy a small bottle for your carryon, such as a 1-ounce bottle, this is allowed on most airlines.

If it’s a flip-top bottle, don’t forget to place it in a sealed bag so that if it gets squeezed, it doesn’t ooze all over your clothes.

6. Sex Toy Cleaner

You might find it challenging to clean your sex toys while away from home. A hotel bathroom has soap and water of course, but another option that works great is a sex toy cleaner. This is also a great option if you are taking your toys out on a fun sexy outdoor sex excursion. Hey, you should totally do that! Forest or beach sex anyone?

Enhanced Male sells a great sex toy cleaner.

7. Lingerie for your “Hot” Sex Vacation

Packing lingerie adds to the hot sexy fun of a vacation! Now you have the time to really enjoy each other, why not add some really sexy lingerie pieces to make it even hotter! I love this idea because lingerie is small, so you can easily sneak it in your suitcase next to your underwear. I really love Avidlove lingerie. It’s the softest lace I’ve ever felt and it’s stretchy, not stiff. Lace has a nasty reputation for being itchy and scratchy. Not Avidlove’s lace! It’s so soft, in fact, it’s soft enough to sleep in, if you don’t sleep naked that is!

Avidlove has so many designs and colors to choose from, plus even actual sleepwear. It’s very reasonably priced too, which is important if you are saving money for your trip. The Teddy Lingerie one piece below is one of my favorites!

Or get a fun sexy robe to lounge on your hotel balcony in! I have this one too and love it.

I love this sexy outfit also because it has crotch snaps. Oh fuckyes!



8. Pack some sexy audio erotica to listen to together on your sex vacation!

Plan to take in sexy content together while on vacation. It’s the best foreplay experience ever! The best way to do this is to not pack anything at all but load it up on your Amazon Audible app! I’m an erotic audiobook narrator so I know sexy audio! This won’t take up any room in your suitcase and you have it everywhere you go with your phone. Try out audible today!

Want to try out my erotic audiobooks? You can find them here: Ruan’s erotic audiobooks
Adding erotica ebooks to your Kindle app is also a great way to spice up your sex vacation too because you can read to each other. What an intimate sexy way to spend time together by reading to each other in your own voices, adding inflection to what you find to be the hottest parts of the story!
I love my Kindle because I have books available wherever I go! Plus, they take up zero physical space.
Or listen to my free erotica and sexuality podcast which is on all the major podcast apps: Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow Podcast free on podcasts apps
Or play it here:

9. Pack Kinky Stuff

Going on a “HOT” sex vacation is extra fun if you pack new sex paraphernalia to try out. Maybe you want to try a little BDSM and pack some rope or a paddle. Perhaps you might want to try handcuffs or some other restraint. Whatever you decide to do, on vacation might just be the perfect place to try out that new kink you’ve been thinking a lot about. You are in a new place, so it might be easier to try a new sex act or toy. There are so many to choose from just pick may one that might turn you on, you never know until you try!

How to Pack:

Definitely pack these in your suitcase, not in a carryon. Of course, these look weapon-like so sticking them in a suitcase that will be checked is your best bet. Some of them are slender so lay them flat on the bottom of the suitcase before adding any clothes to protect their integrity. If you pack them on top, they have more of a chance of getting bent.

I hope you enjoy your sex vacation!

There are so many toys to choose from to enhance your vacation. Please share your favorites in the comments below to give others the benefit of your favorite expressions of sexuality while on vacation.

Bon voyage!


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